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You’re at another conference. You hate these things because you’ve always got to try to pretend like you’re having a good time, even with the knowledge that your boss expects you to meet and expand your network of contacts. As you reach for what appears to be a shrimp cocktail made of some vegetable you’ve never seen before, you hear, “Hello, I’m Jan. What’s your name?”

These types of introductions happen all the time, whether you’re at a conference or just hanging with your friends. Problem is, sometimes it’s easy to forget who you met and when, and that loses you the contact in the process. Evernote Hello looks to solve that problem by giving you a fun and intuitive way to record those interactions, and then syncs those notes with your Evernote account. Is it worth the download? Let’s go meet some people after the jump.

Word enthusiasts will geek out over the visually stunning and educational app Phrase Wit by Ballpoint Inc. Closely related to the developer’s other word-centric app called Word Wit, the Phrase Wit app turns exploring the nuances of the English language into an addictive quiz.

Phrase Wit introduces you to commonly mangled phrases (Think: “to pore over” versus “to pour over,” and “to palm off” versus “to pawn off”) and then teaches you the correct versions. Plus, you’ll learn the story behind some of these old classics (where did the phrase “scot-free” come from, anyway?) and the right and wrong ways to use them. And, if you’re feeling phrase-savvy, there’s a “Play” option that puts your knowledge to the test. Think you know your phrases? Hit the jump and let’s find out. (more…)

I don’t need to tell you that finding a job can be hard. With our economy shrinking by the day and our forced competition with people across the world, finding a decent job that will allow you to support yourself continues to grow difficult. Thankfully, people smarter than myself have thought about this and are doing their best to help us find work.

Authentic Jobs is one such example. Built by Cameron Moll, Authentic Jobs is a job board for creative professionals, connecting prospective employers with a large pool of talented and passionate job hunters. Authentic Jobs has just released their iPhone app, and we’ve got a full review today.


I have always loved apps that make it easier to access what I need when I need it. I am all about efficiency and the more time I can save the better, even if it is only seconds, which then turn to minutes, and well, you know how it goes. One of my favorite apps that definitely helps in reducing my time for the Mac is Alfred, which for those of you that don’t know, is a great tool for accessing all the different things on your Mac a lot quicker and easier.

One thing I never got was the fact that the iPhone never had shortcuts — easy ways to get to the things that I do all the time.  So when App Cubby came out with Launch Center, I just had to try it out to see if it would actually help me in my use of the iPhone. It’s a “one stop shop” where you can access a variety of shortcuts to help you make life a little easier on the iPhone.

Now that your liver has sufficiently recovered from the holidays, it may be time to take stock of how much beer you really drink. Using BeerStat, you can keep track of how much goes down the hatch, out of your wallet and straight to your gut.

If you want to know more follow the jump.


There are a lot of really cool apps available for the iPhone. Hear a song you really like but don’t know what it is? Fire up Shazam or SoundHound. See an actor in a movie but not sure what their name is? IMDb has got you covered. With all these cool apps available, it’s easy to overlook certain ones that you may use often, but don’t realize better alternatives exist — especially if the app in question is the built-in Calendar.

While it serves its necessary function, the Calendar app doesn’t really offer the polish and user experience we’re used to seeing from Apple. Enter Agenda, a minimally designed and dead-simple to use calendar app for every iPhone owner. If I’ve peaked your interest, feel free to hit the jump to find out more.

Now that my wife and I have our first child, we are taking tons of pictures of him and showing them off to friends and family. But the plain old slideshow just gets a little boring sometimes, and I want to be able to spice them up a bit. I could use iMovie, but I was intrigued by Animoto and the ease of use of their mobile app.

For those of you that don’t know, Animoto started off as a way to create easy slideshows of your pictures through a web based interface. Over time, they grew and got more and more popular and launched an iPhone app which really wasn’t much, but this past Dec, they launched 2.0 and it came with some great improvements.

If you’re curious about wine but have trouble deciding what you want, Blush for Wine makes it super easy to find a wine to pair well with a meal, to give as a perfect gift, to make a hit at a social event, or to relax you after a long day.

The app guides you through the selection process using just a few questions, beginning with the occasion and ending with your budget. Then it delivers results that perfectly match your mood and criteria. Could it get any easier? Click through to learn more about how to find wines you absolutely love.

Social news is still a new idea in the realm of social media. Digg itself only launched into popularity back in 2005. Currently it has lost a lot of attention over to the social news community Reddit, but there are still many loyal diggers cascading down the front page. Along with the attentive v4 redesign we’ve also seen a new iOS app launch.

This release still includes most of the functionality you would expect from Digg. It’s easy to log in and start voting on stories, both popular and trending. Unfortunately, we have also lost a lot of content such as mobile user profiles. So is it worth the download?


Having good taste can be expensive. Cost and quality rise at the same rate, and the old adage of “you get what you pay for” remains true. It’s easy to settle for sub-par based on our budgets, but what if you could get some well-designed, quality goods for less than their usual cost?

That’s where Fab comes in. Fab is an invitation-only store that offers discounts on designer items, from custom furnaces and shirts to lamps and chairs and everything in between. They recently released their own iPhone application, and we have the full review.


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