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Let me get this out of the way: iOS 7 is great. I love it. But it’s not perfect. There’s a million fantastic improvements, but there’s also a few things that Apple still hasn’t gotten around to improving. I’m not talking about design problems (although there are a couple of those), but rather about some of the little quirks that still drive me crazy.

With that in mind, this is my attempt to keep a small log of the things that really bother me. Consider this is a wish list of tiny things I wish Apple would get around to in iOS 7.1.


Today’s the day, folks: a brand new generation of iPhones to be had. Don’t waste any time getting those shiny new devices equipped with some terrific games you can play.

This week’s collection of App Store highlights includes a wild variety of experiences, from farming to tank battles, and an important public service announcement. Have a look…


iOS 7 is the biggest UI overhaul Apple’s mobile operating system has seen since the original iPhone OS was released 6 years ago. Under Jony Ive’s direction, iOS has gotten brighter, lighter, and animated, with translucency, layers, and 3D effects making the OS feel far different than before.

If that wasn’t enough change for one day, developers have quickly jumped on the bandwagon and crafted beautiful new apps that take advantage of the best of the new design and features of iOS. Whether you upgraded to iOS 7 or not, you’ll noticed tons of updates in the App Store for everything from Facebook to Kindle, sporting new features and in many cases radically new UIs. But the best app upgrades are those that require iOS 7, since they’ve been built around the new animation and text rendering engines in the OS.

So whether you’re excited about upgrading your existing apps, or looking for new stuff to try out to see the best of what iOS 7 has to offer, here’s the apps you should be using. They’re all absolutely great.


The original Reeder was widely regarded as the best feed reader on the iPhone, something we wholeheartedly agreed with. Unfortunately, Google Reader was shut down earlier this year which not only forced its users to find a replacement platform but also had developers scrambling to update their apps.

Silvio Rizzi, the developer of Reeder, wanted to ensure that any update to one of the most popular RSS apps wasn’t just a rush job, taking the decision to release one last update for the iPhone version to provide support for services such as Feed Wrangler and Fever, something to tide us over until an all-new Reeder would appear.

Well, Reeder 2 is now in the App Store with an all-new app for both iPad and iPhone. Does absence really make the heart grow fonder or has Reeder been gone too long? (more…)

It’s blockbuster week in the App Store games section, it seems, with several high-profile titles making their way to iOS in style.

Click through for a brand new Call of Duty game, a car lover’s dream, a giant boulder and even some Star Wars fun! (more…)

Happy September, friends! Luckily, we’ve seen a great influx of new titles to help assuage the pain of returning to school, so come on in and pick out some games to keep you occupied in the downtime between classes … (more…)

There goes August. Whether you’re starting school, coming back from holidays or just forging ahead at work, it’s always nice to keep a fresh supply of new games to enjoy.

This week, we have an eclectic assortment that will have you dealing with everything from space travel to censorship — come see! (more…)

Let’s be honest: you’re already out there, deeply addicted to the new Plants vs. Zombies 2 now that it’s finally out. But just because it’s the most newsworthy title of the week, doesn’t mean it’s the only one worthy of your attention.

We’ve got a handful of wonderful new App Store arrivals to show you, so hop in and gear up for the weekend! (more…)

Boasting not one but two legendary comebacks, this has been an exciting week in iOS gaming.

Come on in to test your skills at adventuring, piloting submarines and even performing surgery! (more…)

Every so often, a week comes along where so many amazing games are released that it takes me almost as long to narrow down my choices as it does to evaluate them all. This was one of those weeks.

After the jump, you’ll encounter strategy, music, arcade addiction, monsters and the end of the world. Probably worth a click then, right? (more…)

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