AppStorm iOS Wallpaper Pack #1: The Garden

Today we bring you the first post in a new series of free wallpaper packs for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

These photographic backgrounds are exclusive to iPhone.Appstorm and have in fact been captured by yours truly. They look beautiful on both the lock screen and home screen and have been sized to the appropriate resolution for your device.


A preview of one of the images on an iPad

Theme: The Garden

This first set is the result of a nice stroll around my backyard. The five images included can be seen below:


The images in AppStorm Wallpaper Pack #1


Click the appropriate link below to start your download. If you use the images for anything other than a wallpaper, just be sure to link back to this post!

Download iPhone Wallpaper Pack: Click Here
Download iPad Wallpaper Pack: Click Here

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  • Adam Fairhead

    Thanks for sharing, cracking set! I’ve just recently made an iPhone pack of icons myself, just the other day, too! Encase anyone’s interested:

    • heart attack

      This disk is genuinely appreciatable and dissonance modify. Mostly the vistors duplicate appointive set of assemblage. In shortsighted it is so awing. I one it truly whatsoever. Thanks for the writing.

      • I love you

        I correspond and measure the communicator’s blogs. It is so overnice and hirsute to qualify for everyone. This is really dread…

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