What Is iMessage and How Do I Use It?

There’s been a lot of excitement over the recent iOS 5 announcements. A new notifications center, a promising new Reminder app and Wifi Sync are just a few of the awesome features that we can look forward to this fall.

One feature that I’ve been getting a lot of questions about is iMessage. What is it? Will there be two messaging apps now or will it be integrated into the current messaging system? If you’re wondering about the answers to these questions, read on.

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Doesn’t the iPhone Already Have a Messaging App?

The first question that needs to be answered is “What is iMessage?” There’s already a messaging app on the iPhone that handles both SMS and MMS messages. What else do we need?

The answer is one that iPod Touch and iPad owners can be excited about. The general idea is that there are tons of iOS users out there not using a 3G enabled device. iPods and some iPads only utilize Wifi for data. What this has meant up to this point is that only iPhone users get the messaging app and these other users get left out.

Apple wanted to create a way for all iOS users, regardless of device (as long as it runs iOS 5), to be able to quickly message each other in a free and simple way. The parallels to BBM are clear and unavoidable. You have to be “in the club” to utilize it but as we’ll see, you won’t really have to worry so much about who does and doesn’t have it.



What Does It Do?

The features here are pretty straightforward. You can send unlimited free text messages from any iOS device to any iOS device over Wifi or 3G. Technically, you can also send pictures, movies, etc. without being charged but keep in mind that if you are using 3G some data fees may apply (this pretty much depends on your data contract).

All of these messages have associated “receipts” which is pretty much a little line of text with the time and/or date for the message. Unlike with normal SMS messages, iMessage shows you when your party is typing a reply.

Another great feature here is group messaging. You can invite several people to participate in a single conversation and see all the replies in a threaded conversation. This will really save you some back and forth time, assuming all your friends have iPhones.

So This Is a New App?

Many iPhone users are concerned that this will make their lives complicated. Are there two messaging apps now? How will we know if a friend does or doesn’t have iMessage?

Fortunately, it seems that the iOS team did a solid job of integrating this new messaging system seamlessly into the old one. So there’s still only one messaging app, and it looks and works a lot like your old one!

When you’re in the iMessage app, you’ll create a new message just like you do now, only there will be little icons and some color differences to indicate who does and doesn’t have iMessage. You can still message anyone who doesn’t have iMessage, it will just use your carrier’s SMS system instead and won’t give you access to iMessage-only features like group messaging.

Does It Work with iChat?

For those of you who aren’t iChat users, and that’s probably most of you, I apologize for bringing this up again but I’m truly baffled as to what’s going on with iChat lately. Here we have an Internet-powered messaging app that features both text and media that looks like iChat, acts like iChat, heck even sounds like iChat, and yet as far as I can tell, no Lion iChat integration is planned.

This problem is compounded by FaceTime, a face-to-face video conferencing app that exists on both Mac and iPhone. Between iMessage and FaceTime, Apple has chopped up the features of iChat and spread them across two separate apps, neither of which can successfully integrate with iChat.

Back in the day, a lot of the appeal of iChat was that it was compatible with the AIM network, which was where all the IM users were at the time. I can see why Apple would want to start backing away from that in favor of their own initiatives, but why not at least offer integration with the messaging app that some of us have been using daily for the past several years?


They sure look like they can talk to each other!

Apple users now have an awkward trio of iChat, FaceTime and iMessage to handle communication that could’ve easily been thrown into one cross-platform “iChat” application for iOS and OS X. As it currently stands, it looks a lot like Apple is just going to abandon iChat altogether.

Once again, this seems to be a very personal rant as I haven’t talked to a single other person who really gives a rip about iChat. Most of the Mac users I know have never even opened the app. Still, I’ll bet that lots of users will wish there was a way to continue their iMessage conversations on a Mac.


To sum up, iMessage is a new way for everyone with a device running iOS 5 to communicate freely through simple text and multimedia. It’s tightly integrated into the current messaging system so there’s little to no learning curve and you don’t have to worry about confusing the two.

Leave a message below and let us know what you think of iMessage. Is it something you’ll use?

  • http://studentmacreviews.com Phillip

    I have not seen this addressed anywhere, but will iMessage work on Edge? Apple just says 3G and Wifi. So does this mean no Edge support? This could really factor into whether people can actually lower their texting plan if their phone spends a considerable amount of time on the Edge network.

    • http://www.webmaster-source.com redwall_hp

      I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Like most iPhone software, it shouldn’t differentiate between connections; it would see a connection to the internet and use it, falling back to SMS if no 3G/Edge/WiFi connection is available or if the recipient isn’t using an iOS device.

    • http://www.cansurmeli.com [email protected]

      Hey guys.

      I tested iMessage over Edge on the first beta of iOS 5 and it works fine. So NO restrictions on network.

      BUT Apple might put a restriction when iOS 5 officially releases. But I don’t think so. Why would them since it would put them afterwards RIM when they caught a good chance of defeating RIM in their own game?

      • Julian

        I just wanted to know MUST you absolutely need wifi, 3g or edge? Lets say for example i take my ipod touch outside, will I be able to use imessage? please email me with a response

  • http://www.boltbluemedia.com Stephen Grant

    Great post! Clears up a lot of questions I had about iMessage!

    • Chris

      It is an ok post, but it did not answer the second question in the title…How do we use it? Do you know of any documentation that actually shows someone how to use it? I went oin apple’s website and all they have is the advertisment, no instructions. using my phone messaging is straight forward, but iMessage is not.

      • Josh

        It did answer the second question. It specifically stated that it’s fully integrated into the current messageing app and will automatically use iMessage if you AND the user you’re contacting has iOS 5. I will conclude with not knowing or seeing anything relating to group chat, but I’ve only just updated my phone last night.

  • http://twitter.com/sulcalibur Suleiman Leadbitter

    I am really looking forward to this. I didn’t think I would be but I’m starting to really appreciate when messages sync across devices.

  • http://joejoomla.com JoeJoomla

    Just for the record, I give a rip about iChat. I would have preferred Apple evolve iChat to do all these new things. Over the years Apple has dropped some great technology and applications when it has suited their convenience. I find this making me less willing to wholeheartedly embrace new things from Apple. Is it simply a matter of time before something else comes along and bumps these new features? I’m not against change, but why can’t something that looks like iChat, smells like, iChat, and sounds like iChat, simply be iChat – the new version?

    • http://www.coroflot.com/joshuajohnson Joshua Johnson

      Glad I’m not the only one!

      • Mike farr

        I must second the notion: I really wish they had just made a port of iChat. For example, iChat added Jabber support so I can text people in the Google world, who don’t have iPhones, and who work on Macs or PCs or have a Jabber client on their mobile device. I could sent AIM or SMS via phone numbers. It was the only chat app I needed and I stopped using gtalk and Adium. It was a great old fashioned Apple solution: add value by solving the user’s problem.

        iMessage could have done the same but alas no. The only way I can reach non IOS people (and this includes Macintosh people) through iMessage is through SMS, even if they are connected through wifi.

        MS Vista failed because it solved Microsoft’s problems not the user’s problems. Nokia’s music offerings failed because they solved Nokia’s problems. What I’m seeing in Lion and iOS 5 is a worrisome development by Apple: sacrificing existing good user solutions in favor of solving Apple problems.

  • bobo

    “To sum up, iMessage is a new way for everyone with a device running iOS 5 to communicate freely through simple text and multimedia.”

    No, it isn’t?!
    It’s WhatsApp, they just call it differently. the only thing apple did, was to copy that and put it into the OS… so what’s new about it? Nothing.
    And with WhatsApp you can chat with every smartphone users, not only on iOS Devices, but also Android, Symbian and Blackberry free of any charge. It also supports multimedia features like pictures and videos.

    So what’s new about iMessage? Nothing. Like all the other new and fancy features of iOS 5 it’s just a clone of an app that already exists :/

    • derek

      hey look,
      whatsapp is a texting way between smartphones
      message is a texting way between all phones by sms
      and iMessage is a texting way between iOS 5 users only! i mean a friend may have an iPad with iOS 5 but probably not a smartphone, so you can chat thru iMessage who knows! its a good invention apple is one of the best brands ever and steve jobs did a hell of a job with it. RIP steve JOBS he will be missed dearly

      • wonderdragon

        Well, one question is STILL unanswered, and it looks like nobody really knows… international imessaging!
        My niece is in Hamburg, Germany, and I am in the US. She has an iPod Touch with IOS5, and I have the iPhone 4 with the same operating system. I cannot imessage her, or rather I can use imessage to type and send a message, but it never reaches her iPod. We ARE both registered users and have a user ID, so that is not the issue…
        So, then what is it we do possibly wrong, if anything?
        Why does Apple not clearly explain how to make it work?
        That would be really user-friendly, it seems to me!

  • Nathan

    No, blackberry BBM costs money, whatsapp costs $0.99 and it isn’t very reliable, very messy interface, and android may have a free and good solution, but I don’t know of one.

    All in all, yes, it’s a concept that has been used on other platforms, but not like this. BBM is the closest competitor, and it’s a separate app, it costs money but it does work very well. So what apple have done is, combined the two (so more people can use it without getting confused), they have kept it free and very simple to use.

    Win – Win.

    • KW

      I switched from RIM to iPhone 4S and I never had any additional costs for using BBM. Just like iMessage, it works off the data plan or wireless.

  • Judy

    Will you be able to send unlimited SMSs from cellphone to cellphone on iChat without paying for them? Is it correct that you pay for the data and not for the actual SMS. At the moment the cellphone network charges you per sms.

  • NAN

    In IMESSAGE if i want to chat with someone do I have to save his contact number in my mobile phone like it is in WHATSAPP? Or it is like BBM we have to use pin codes?

    • Sarra

      That’s I would like to know too!

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  • Ian

    I have two questions regarding iMessage. Let me give a little background to the situation: my girlfriend is returning to South Korea from the US in the fall while I remain here.

    1. Assuming we both have iOS 5 devices, will the iMessage service be free internationally?

    2. Aside from the usual data plan cost, will iMessage work via 3G for both of us with no additional costs?

    Thanks. I look forward to a response.

    P.S. On a side note, will FaceTime work for free as well as it will be run through wifi?

    • Aneesa

      Yes it should work… U can use whatsapp and viber too.

    • Lynda

      I do not know about SOuth Korea, but Face Time does not work between U.S and Mexico.

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  • Khalid

    iMessage will be a great & main feature of iOS 5….

    Although I find it confusing with iMessage, iChat, FaceTime!, as the writer mentioned (if I’m not mistaking) – I think iChat could disappear, and iMessage spreads more to reach the Mac.

    Can’t wait for the launch soon! ^^

  • The518sean

    Will imessage use your cell number or appleid?

    • Tas

      iMessage used apple ID but seamlessly in conjunction with your existing address book. As I understand, it uses the data network, so will count against your data allocation but does not count as an SMS

  • Mike

    wait, so does iMessage send through your phones data and then is received by the other iPhone through data? Does that means it costs the other person data to receive your message? If the other person only has a small amount of data allowance, you could keep sending them messages and then they would have to pay for them all…

  • Victor Beltran

    I think that iMessage is a great opportunity to reduce SMS cost for those of us that have limited SMS on our plans. But I also think it’ll be
    Nice if apple integrated on to mac os x for keeping chating on the Mac. I have use very little iChat and I’m not very interested on using it. But I wonder if apple really lisent to their customers. Why they don’t take away apps like iChat that almost nobody uses and remove apps like front row that many people misses? I’ve been a little disappointed whit Lion because even it does have very awesome new features, the cost for them comes very high because they remove important stuff out from snow leopard like PowerPC apps support, java platform, frontrow (windows have its windows media center), and so on.

    So I think apple needs to rethink their customer feedback programs.

  • Anna Bean

    Loving the new version 5 on my iphone 4 but 2 questions, 1st is how to put emoji back on, I’ve tried adding it to my keyboard and then rebooting my phone but this doesn’t work and 2nd is character counter on text again set up to work but doesn’t……please HELP

  • Uri

    Question about the iMessage. If I’m overseas with no wifi will the iMessage still work? Cause for example if I disable my overseas Internet access I can’t use what’sapp, is there any difference?

  • shanice

    does imessage work on iphone 4 but with the ios 5 software

    • Tas


  • Gurdip Singh

    It’s a bit confusing. How to be sure you are in iMessage mode when sending a message to another iPhone user.

    • iPhone god

      Thr bubble is blue instead of green and it says iMessage before u type in the empty space

      • sww

        The “blue” sort of message seems to take forever to deliver, if it does at all, while the “green” sort of message almost always goes directly through. Is there a way to make the blue sort disappear forever and ever from my phone, so that it stops interfering with normal texting?

  • Tyler

    Will iMessage show up on other family members phones if they are all under the same apple i.d.?

    • Tom S.

      Yes, all the conversations will sync to all iOS devices on the Apple ID.
      So you cannot talk to someone with your Apple ID.
      It has to be
      Apple ID 1 to Apple ID 2
      Apple ID 1 to Apple ID 1.

      • trader2

        Careful iMessage text messages show all of your message to each phone on the same plan. Why? Because using the same apple id is like having 4 phones with the same text messages. Basically its like setting up your email account on every phone in the family (everything can be seen). So if you value your privacy you might want to think twice about this. if you don’t mind everyone having a log of all your text have fun!

  • http://www.BigParticle.com Digital Marketing Strategy

    I noticed the message icons turn to blue today and was please to know that I was sending free texts :) Thanks again Apple for a nicely integrated experience!

  • VideoGuy

    Does anyone know if this will work internationally, I see this was asked a few times but no response so far.

    • Frank

      Yes. It works all over the world – the same way as mail in the internet.

      • Kris

        Hunh… I’ve been trying to text the UK from Canada and am only able to send a text not an imessage – wondered if it had anything to do with the +44……

  • Niki

    Guys I am lost. Does imessage only work if I am on a dataplan or connected to wifi? (cause I did not think so), but I have no way of toggling between sms and imessage, which sucks.
    How can I choose between the two options?

  • Diana Manashirov

    I am confused. When i activated my phone it said that i need to clear some of my text messages in order to receive my sms, why is that? I have plenty of room on my phone. I also don’t see anything that indicated the difference between an iMessage and a regular text message …

    • http://itsmythoughts11.wordpress.com/ Aneesa

      Normal texts show as green
      iMessage shows up as blue

  • Clare

    My sister sent me a test MSG on iMessage but it didn’t recieve it. It then suddenly changed to a text MSG. I’m a bit confused as we both have updated with IOS?!

    • Robert

      Check your phone settings. imessage must be turned on under messaging.

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  • Bart

    so iMessage is a clone of Wastsapp ? the only difference is that it only works for apple users (unlike watsapp that works on iphone, BB , nokia …) and it is integrated in the main message app.

  • http://www.fifthavenuecollection.com/jnewton Jo

    Hi – fantastic info on iMessage – just started using it yesterday and what I’ve read above explains a few things that I was wondering about! Really appreciate the time taken to explain it all – exciting – I like these new easy to use features – even better to understand them! Thanks again :)

  • Jenn

    I think that the concept of iMessage is a good one, however, it sounds like its using data instead of txt pkgs. That could present a problem with those of us who have unlimited txting and are limited on data allowance. If all carriers of the iPhone allow users to go back to unlimited data this would prevent a lot of problems, until that happens there are going to be a lot of complaints.



      • Wayne Ellison

        iMessage is useless with a small data plan.! They say it is free but it is not. When iMessage is on, it uses data instead of regular SMS.
        It is only worthwhile for limited texting plans when you switch and use WIFI. Go to settings/messaging/ turn iMessage OFF

  • Jules Bolton

    My service provider has terrible coverage in country Victoria (Australia) but by logging into the wifi at the motel I’m staying at, I am able to stay in contact with home even though technically I have no service.

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  • Jamie

    You told us what it is but not how to use it. I am on it, my friend is on it….how the heck to we send each other messages…my friend’s apple id, (email address) says they are not on imessage, but they are.

    • Robert

      Go to settings, then messaging, then turn on imessaging. (must be turned on on both phones.) Then imessage will work automatically as long as you have a data connection.

  • Franko

    one of the very smart things that apple does that i don’t feel they get enough credit for is what i call the “half-step”: they introduce something in a small way (like gestures) and then after we’re all used to it, introduce some HUGE, industry-affecting implementation of that thing. i am wondering if iMessage is a half-step to merging iChat, Facetime, and iMessage into some huge thing later on.

  • Frank

    Yes. It works all over the world – the same way as mail on the internet.

    • wonderdragon

      Sorry to say, no, it does not. Like I wrote further up in this thread, my niece uses it in Germany with friends around her, but so far, after several tries, we have not been able to send an iMessage from the USA to Germany, between my iPhone4 and her iPod Touch. Maybe somebody knowledgeable on here could help explain what it is that is required to achieve this?

  • http://itsmythoughts11.wordpress.com/ Aneesa

    Its a great idea… My family have all done their updates and I’ve got the new iPhone 4s and it works fine.

    Just text as normal and it will come up as iMessage in blue. It’s everything in one place.

  • Christina

    I have unlimited texting anyway, so is there a way to just make text messages so it doesn’t use my data?

  • Xtine manuel

    My question is can you message people
    Internationally? What if my friend from another country has the imessage? Can we talk to each other????:)

  • Steve

    I just want a simple APP that detects when I have no mobile signal and instead routes my message through the WiFi that I am connected to preserving my original mobile number at the destination. Then coming the other way if I receive an SMS when I have no mobile signal but am on WiFi I want it to ‘poll’ and collect my messages over the WiFi rather than me having to wait until I get signal again to collect them.

  • Apple fannnn

    Is it possible to like…use Bluetooth to chat so like if there was alot of people on the bus and I wanted to talk to my friend who was at the back while I’m at the very front of the bus?? It would be soooooooo useful. Just saying :)

  • Sunnyway

    I understand imessage uses data instead of sms so does this mean the msg wont appear on your phone bill?

  • Doug

    I have an iphone and ipad and it will not let me use the same email address on both when doing the setup. I dont understand why i even need to enter an email address at all.

  • http://stellarise.com nick

    I use iChat a lot and would love it to work with FaceTime/iMessage/etc… Maybe there are two people out there now who would like this :-/

  • Jord

    Hi I have Synced my IPod but not on yet ????? help

  • China Doll

    Can this function be turned on and off? And can it work one way only? My boyfriend has unlimited messages but only 1GB of internet, so actually he would be better off messaging me using SMS, but I have a limited number of messages and unlimited 3G so this will work better for me.

    • http://toptopgames.com Cyrus

      Honestly, iMessage nearly takes any bandwidth. Unless you start messaging photos and videos. If its all text based their will be very little bandwidth usage maybe 10mb max?

  • Sinead

    Is it free to iPhone users abroad!??

  • Tini

    So. I have been told by my friends with the update that when I send them a text or iMessage my email address is showing up. WHY PLEASE HELP. I AM SO CONFUSED & pretty upset people now have my email address that I didn’t want to give out because I strictly use it for my itunes & information with apple, etc.

  • Emily

    So from what i understand it uses wifi or your 3G to send them so you dont use your text messages but what happens if you have unlimited texts but not unlimited data. I dont want to get my phone bill in and it be outrages because of this new feature.

    • Paige

      I was unaware of the iMessage using part of my 3G. I do not have unlimited data, and after using it for only 3 days (with only one other person), it completely used up all my data for the month. I would not recommend using the iMessage if you do not have an unlimited data plan.

  • Ludo

    Imessage does NOT work on edge. It sends with a Green bubble

  • gregorylent

    have an iphone4s … no effing idea about how to use imessage .. and this post is no help

  • Sara

    So, it seems that imessage (if it is turned on on your phone) will be the automatic default if you are messaging another person with an iOS 5 device. If your friend does not have an apple iOS5 device, your message will be automatically turned into a regular SMS txt message. If you have limited data on your network’s plan, it is best to turn off imessage on your phone (under settings) so it doesn’t eat up all your data. This will send/receive all your messages as regular SMS texts. If you have unlimited data this feature will work in your favor if you are trying to save SMS texts.

  • Jamie

    Why does it sometimes send as an iMessage, and then a minute later, it won’t let me? And I’m sending to the same person, that just allowed the iMessage to go through. It will put a red explanation point and say cannot be delivererd and then gives me the option to send as a text message. Can anyone explain why this happens? thank you~

  • Katie

    So I just updated my phone last night to IOS 5, so now when I am texting someone with the same thing, will it automatically be an iMessage or is this an app that I have to download first? And you say that there is group chatting, but where do I find an optio. To use it? I actually googled my question and found this site…because this morning a friend of mine with ios5 texted me and the message was blue instead of green, and I looked at the top of the message and it said iMessage…the whole thing is a little confusing..sorry to sound so dumb about this! This whole new thing confused me and I appreciate the help.

  • Alaina

    How do I text me friends on this? I just stopped using my textfree app because of imessage but i don’t know how to get a hold of my friends. When ever i type in my friends number i wont send. This is a very stupid question, but I’m not good with technology. Can someone please help me?

    • Alex

      It only works for people that have iOS5 installed on there phones iPads whatever, so u just can’t type in some random number and have it work. If ur friend has ios5 installed and enabled iMessage in there settings then y’all should be able to talk. I swear did anyone actually read the article??!

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  • Anne

    re imessage – I´ve run this by a few who could not answer perhaps you can, how can a txt conversation with one iphone user with ios5 and mine ios5 switch between blu imsg and then the old green , where it just say ´send as text msg ` ?
    before i0s5 all texts was in green – then i downloaded iOS5 and with this iphone user overseas , it is at times blue imessage , and sometimes when i answer a thread some hours later it turns green and says , send as text message ?
    is that because the person is offline , or the phone is switched off , ie say when people are flying ? will a text then be delivered as text msg in green ? why is this ? to my knowledge all texts are delivered no matter what , but the blue one says delivered , green doesn not, only says send as text msg, my end it does not say when the other part has read it in blue either ? and then at times my msg are suddenly send as text , I am on 3G and wify when sending so .. does it matter if the person has you in their contact list , ie connected that way ? are green texts delivered also ? and how come it is not always imsg , blue ?
    best Anne

    • Lala

      Other iPhones who also have iMessage appear in blue. So say you are texting someone who also has iMessage your bubble appears blue instead of green to signify they have iMessage and you have iMessage. If your recipient does not have their settings switched to “appear as read” then it will only say delivered under the blue text bubble. Now if you text someone who doesn’t have the iPhone or the ios5 then you are only sending texts and it will not show as read or delivered because its not supported by iMessage. Hope this helps.

  • http://www.madhornets.com mble

    Going through the post I have clearly realized why people of all walks of life have taken the web as the best source of information and knowledge. Really it’s a ver helpful piece of writing. Thanks! Mad Hornets

  • wtf

    email is going mobile anyway. My android pushes and notifies Whats the big deal? Other than Apple using another carrot/stick towards the itunes shop somehow.

  • Lala

    Does it charge you if you use iMessage internationally? I’m gonna be going to Dubai, Paris and London and wondered if I can still iMessage from overseas without it charging me or the recipient.

  • Lillian

    How many characters can I use with iMessage in my iPhone 4S? Sometimes it is 70 and sometimes it is 160, why is it that my friends tells me that the messages she receives from me are cut into 2 or 3 different messages? How can I fix this?

  • alannah

    hey, um i have been looking for this answer for ages now but i cant seem to find it!! how much data does sending these text use??! can someone please help

  • wonderdragon

    OK, so from reading the entire thread, my only conclusion (and I had a hunch about this even before) is: this entire iMessage thing sucks. Period. It either eats people’s entire sms allotment or sky-rocks their data plan allowance, and there is no way to control it. You can turn it off, that’s it. What a poor option for a “solution”…
    This seems to be part of the i-whatever culture, and it seems to me that many users don’t mind being so tightly controlled? I hope I’ll never get used to this, it is no good!

  • Cebos

    You are quite dum borderline extremely stupid if you cannot get the concept of this in a matter of seconds, sorry, but stupid internet based questions annoy the hell out of me.

  • Jeric

    Just a Question.

    What if the reciever of the message doesn’t have internet or 3G present will he be able to recieve the messge?

    • Alex

      How is he supposed to receive the messages then? By using entennas made of tin foil!? Like Jeebus Christ no he won’t be able to receive the messages cause he’s not connected to THE INTERNET or a WIRELESS CONNECTION, all phones need to be connected to one of those to receive data like comeon

  • Lisa Podd

    Ok makes sense except when I try to instant message a friend on my iPad that I can instant message on my iPhone, I get a red exclamation beside their name saying they do not subscribe to iMessage and I can’t send to them from my iPad??

    Still confused

  • Kirsty

    imessage is terrible. As soon as I upgraded to this software, my iphone decided it would start deleting all my old messages (only from other iphone users though). I reset the phone, did everything I could to stop this from happening but it still happens.

    It’s incredibly frustrating as I will decide what messages I delete, not apple. So now every time people send me a text, their oldest message gets erased. I regret the day I upgraded.

  • weq

    iMessage is a new “feature” that doesn’t seem to work well at all. It’s also a new feature that is COMPLETELY IN FAVOR OF ATT ( and other carriers now ). If you use iMessage, you’re taking load off the ATT servers that you are paying to have access to. Why allow your carrier to NOT carry your traffic so they can save money by using a “feature” that works only intermittently? Why?

    You’re just lining the pockets of your carrier even more than normal by using iMessage and by using WiFi hot spots instead of 3G/4G data.

    Turn the stupid, non-working iMessage “feature” off and while you’re in there, disable WiFi so that you actually use the data you pay for!!!

    Stop letting Apple and ATT continue to dump crap on you that saves them money at the expense of your own frustration.

  • Gina

    Works great here, none of the ‘eating text’ things and I love using it internationally as those texts were expensive no matter what! Thank you for your thorough information!!

  • sarah jdhkgq

    This interveiw makes no sence it should be put in simply english so would someone please explain to me what imessage is and is it like free to send a message from one iphone 4 to another using imessage ?

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    Thank you for your thorough information, of course it helps if you have no experience, so my case, thanks, great article.

  • Steph

    I have iMessage and I love it!!! It’s so nice to me able to see when the person I am talking to is typing! I just wish everyone had iPhones!!

  • Christine

    I have a person who I blocked from texting or calling me, but they go through to me via iMessage and it was very disturbing. I called ATT and was told it was not blockable. That is a huge problem for me, as my only solution was to turn off iMessage completely. That will exclude everyone else in my world from iMessaging me. Not user friendly in my case/

  • rbruhl

    do you have to have service to recieve text messages back if you are hooked up to wifi and are using imessage?

  • http://gallery.me.com/paulbrainerd Grafton Reed

    Just stumbled across your article. Very well written. So glad you added the much needed historical perspective and evolution of these apps to fully understand its purpose and intent. Thanks so much for the insight. I’ll be back!

  • James

    Yes I would use it. New I phone user, miss bbm

  • amina

    my iphone4s is updated to the latest but wont allow me to use imessage how would i go about it and fix it i want my text to go blue too please help me i’ve tired alot of things including restarting iphone

  • Tyrina Ruda

    I am pretty impressed with the iPhone, but the messaging application works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem? Thanks.

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  • Alex

    Boggles my mind how many idiots are commenting on this article. But anywhoosies think it’s pretty neato and a great tool for ppl with txt messaging limits and for people with iPods and iPads that wanna be able to txt and such. Ppl with really low data limits should def be warned that using iMessage not on wifi will run up there data a lot since that seems to be a pretty big issue a lot of peeps are havin. But either way think its pretty
    Cool to save txts messages and stuff if you don’t have an unlimited plan to be able to use th another time. But really y’all need to read the article more thorough and read the comments.

  • Franz

    What are the main causes of imessaging failure?

  • john

    so ok I’m new to this iPhone 4 thing and I’m still confused is iMessage free or used data cause i have a friend over a different carrier but same brand iOS 5 iPhone i don’t want to conflict our bills by this.

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  • Deepika

    Hi i am using Imessage application on my phone. i am having internet connection on my cell as well. Does it cost me if i do imessage to my buddy who is residing in Australia.

  • Cloee

    How do you get iMessage on the iPod touch ?

  • Cloee

    Can you get iMessage on the iPod touch ? If so how ?

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  • jan

    hi just wanted to know if i am on contract does this meen that i have to pay for using it or is this totally free to use

  • Stu

    Is there any way I can switch to send a normal SMS to iOS users? The iMessage option does not seem to work here in Thailand for some reason – sometimes tourists that I need to contact are using a local SIM card without internet access but if they have an iPhone then my phone automatically sends iMessages. Which, if they do not have a data plan or wifi do not get through.

  • Maurice Tate

    Typical Apple. Take a perfectly functional protocol like SMS/MMS and leave it off the iPad because it might interfere with iPhone sales. Instead, let’s route all messages through our servers!



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