Steve Jobs: A Thank You

It’s always hard when a member of your family moves on, and today, that’s how we here at AppStorm feel about Steve Jobs. No, we’ve never technically worked alongside the legend, but because we’ve written about him for the past few years, most of us feel this personal connection to the man that’s been the driving force behind Apple. And it’s hard not to, because he’s been in our lives for so long now.

And now, it’s time that we say goodbye to Steve, as he’s stepped down from the CEO position at Apple, to his new position as Chairman of the Board. But this isn’t Steve’s eulogy. This is a celebration of all things Steve, and our own way of saying thanks to the man who helped us do what we love to do.


In 1976, a 21-year-old Steve started Apple Computer with the slightly older Steve Wozniak, and the personal computer was born. It was named the Apple I, and as the years went on, Apple grew to see more and more success. The Apple II came next, and the company was off and running. Personal computers were still in their infancy, but the two Steves had a plan, and it was going to be big.

Steve Jobs, the early years.

Steve Jobs, the early years.

1984 saw the birth of the Macintosh, the computer that we would all eventually call the Mac, a nickname that’s still found in today’s products. But when sales dipped and tensions flared between Steve and then CEO John Sculley, Jobs was removed from the company that he helped to form.

Steve Jobs circa 1984

Steve Jobs circa 1984

Instead of returning, Steve would do a few things that seem absolutely genius in hindsight. First, he started NeXT Computer, a company that started by doing hardware and software, and eventually transitioned into a software only role. That company would develop an operating system that would eventually become OS X, the operating system found on all Macs today.

Jobs at NeXT

Jobs at NeXT

Steve also bought Pixar back in 1986, but back then it was known as The Graphics Group. Less than 10 years later, Toy Story would appear in theaters and change the way that people viewed computer animation. Eventually, Pixar would be bought by Disney for $7.4 billion.

Jobs at Pixar

Jobs at Pixar

In 1996, Apple purchased NeXT, which brought Steve back home to the company he started. Shortly thereafter, Steve became the CEO of Apple, and soon the company began to regain profitability. Steve brought Apple back from the brink of death, and years later, would help make it one of the richest companies in the world.

Introducing the iPhone

Introducing the iPhone

The products that Steve helped to innovate are far and wide, but in 2001, he introduced the concept of a digital hub, centered on the Mac. This would in turn lead to iTunes, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Today, Steve’s vision of the digital hub doesn’t center on the Mac anymore, but instead it’s all in the cloud. His legacy has evolved, just like the computer industry around it, and he was the guy leading the way.

Medical Issues

In 2004, Steve told his team at Apple that he had a treatable form of pancreatic cancer, a disease that usually kills people in short order. He had the tumor removed, but he was noticeably slimmer in 2006 when he gave the keynote address at WWDC. Now his weight seemed to be a constant topic of conversation, but he was very private about the issue. This was a family matter, and as such, it was going to stay with Steve and his family.

Introducing the iPad

Introducing the iPad

A few years later in 2009, Steve traveled to Tennessee to have a liver transplant, and while he was recovering, Tim Cook took the reins. A few months later, Steve was back and things were good. But something caused a downturn in January 2011, and that’s when he decided to take some time off from day-to-day operations at Apple.

Steve Jobs pictured recently

Steve Jobs pictured recently

Steve made an appearance at this year’s WWDC, and was a part of the big announcements for Lion and iOS 5.

Past and Future Legacies

There can be no doubt here, Steve Jobs changed the game. Phrases like that are usually uttered as hyperbole, but this isn’t the case with him. Name a product that starts with a lowercase “i” and he had a hand in it. This prefix alone changed the way people view personal electronics, and now it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing some kind of “i-something” popping up along the way.

Steve Jobs and his wife. Photo by Lea Suzuki, The Chronicle

Steve Jobs and his wife. Photo by Lea Suzuki, The Chronicle

He brought us the iPod, the digital music player that changed the way we all listen to music. The iPhone, which did the same and introduced us to iOS, followed by the iPad, a new tablet format that succeeded where others have failed. Steve built a company from scratch, was forced out, and then brought it back from extinction and up to huge heights. Not too many people can put anything even close on their resumes.

But more than the products that he helped to create, Steve designed a corporate culture at Apple that is ingrained in every single thing they do and object they produce. Walk into any Apple Store across the world and similar themes run throughout, yet they’re all different and unique in their own way. And that attitude, that way that every bit of his personality and drive is built into the culture and every person with an Apple ID badge, well it’s special. It’s unlike anything else out there, and it’s the reason why Apple is the way it is today.

Thank You

From all of us here at AppStorm and Envato, we just want to take a moment to say thank you, Steve. Because of the decisions you made, we have been able to create an entire business based on your products. We love what you’ve built, and we use Apple products every day because it makes our lives easier. Without you, we’d all be forced to live in a beige box world, and no one wants that, particularly not us.

Steve laughing

Steve laughing

Here’s to you, Steve.

  • Mahmud Ahsan

    Big thanks to him. Love him. God bless him!

  • Mark

    thanks for this piece, was very nice to read, awesome how things have turned, and made it to what it is today.

    if one thing of this while story didnt happen, we wouldnt have those amazing products that are now used by millions of people around the world, and i cannot think of a world without my i-products.

    Thank you steve, best wishes and i hope for the best recovery possible so you can enjoy the future Apple is going to get, good job.

    p.s. Steve Jobs life is an awesome subject for a Movie ^^

  • Andrei Potorac

    Thank you Steve!

  • Jason Kaiser

    Thank you Steve for the many gifts you have given us. Your ingenuity and sense of style is what drove Apple to the top. May you continue to share your knowledge with Tim and the rest of the Apple family as you recover from whatever ails you.

  • Andrei Neamtu

    Thank you Steve for changing our lives. You will always be there at Apple.

  • Aidan Boyle

    Thank you for everythign Steve! I knew I should have tried to make it to WWDC earlier!

  • MeiMei

    Big thanks to Steve. You’ve made our lives beautiful !

  • Imee

    A nice piece. I’m sad Steve had to step down, but at the same time I’m proud and thankful for all he’s done. Let’s see what Apple has next in store! :) I have utter faith that their products will still be top quality, even if Steve is now (so to speak) just behind the scenes.

  • Sebastiaan

    Greate piece people =)

    I thank Steve and Apple for opening my eyes. These days i get to use their products that actually make my job and life easier which allows me to be more productive across the board.

    I hope he will still be doing the WWDC’s though. In my eyes Apple is Steve and vice versa and always will be.

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  • David

    Steve Jobs made the world a better place. A wonderful man and visionary. Rest in peace and may your dreams continue to fuel the future.

  • Ivan

    Steve Jobs, we will always remember him as a man who presented us the world of apple!

  • Ahmar Awan

    Love you Steve, you will never forgotten in the world of innovation and creativity.

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  • NOOR Khan


  • Harry Nuts

    Yes. Thank you Steve for sending all the labor to China to have your POS devices built.

  • nitish

    thanks steve for apple devices