Winners Announced: 10 Air Sharing Promo Code Up For Grabs

Winners Announced

I’m pleased to announce our ten lucky winners of an Air Sharing promo code. Congratulations to:

  1. Kat
  2. Joseph Guimond
  3. Romain
  4. Kody Troje
  5. Shelf
  6. Stephen Drake
  7. Keith S
  8. Cindy
  9. Laurence Wilks
  10. Mladen

In our article on How to Use Your iPhone as a Hard Drive earlier this week, we spent quite a bit of time talking about Air Sharing, a popular iPhone application for viewing and transferring files across to your device.

I’m pleased to announce that we have ten promo codes for Air Sharing to give away! Entering is really simple – all you need to do is follow @iphoneappstorm on Twitter, and leave a comment letting us know your Twitter username.

Best of luck, and we’ll be announcing the winners in one week – on Saturday the 17th April. Have a great weekend!

  • Jack Griffiths

    @Kwivia 😉

  • Romain


    My Twitter username is @bellhuey56

    Thanks for your awesome website,

  • Marek

    Hope i win :) twitter name is designmesk

  • zenb

    twitter username: @zenbouw

  • Oddne


  • Cormac Relf

    Hi iPhone.AppStorm! One less step for me, as I’ve been a follower before the website even launched. My username is @osmiridium so fingers crossed!

  • Rohit

    This is a ‘babe’ of an app! I so badly want it! :)

    Twitter: @nite41

  • David


  • traumtheater


  • leesui


  • Oliver
  • skippolo
  • Marcelo Campiglia


  • Will

    @itswlw – – I’d love to have it, you guys are great!

  • GeeksRock

    Awesome, hope i’m one of the lucky winners :)

    twitter username: @GeeksRock

    good luck everyone!

  • SebaSonido


  • Mackey


  • Kat

    @heartcrazed :)

  • Xander

    @Narfyyy :]

  • Swiftman


  • Laurence Wilks

    My Twitter username is @bsdboy

  • malefactor40
  • J.T.


  • Pontus


  • Rob Lawton


    Would love to get this app and have a play! 😀

  • Sebastiaan Swinkels


  • Weston Gallagher
  • Tom Usher

    Great contests and great site! I’m @tom_usher

  • Bob D




  • J.Argonis

    I’m already following. Love it. @jargonis

  • Michael


  • Michael

    @maicki_ {Please delete the post above and the comment in curly brackets}

  • elofland


  • Vo0do00


  • Jon Macchio


  • Ramesh


  • Alex

    I definitely need Air Sharing Pro!

  • Keith S.

    Gimme gimme! :)


  • HBB


  • LOSTman


  • D. Lee Grooms


  • Florian Taltavull


  • Andrew D


  • Joseph Guimond


  • Mac


  • Todd


  • Rob Weber


  • GVB


  • Lucy



  • LaToya


  • Leandro

    My user: @Leech


  • Ricardo Giesta

    I’m @ricardogiesta

  • Branden



  • Matt
  • Chris


    Thanks :)

  • Ron green


  • Fábio Morbec


  • varun dogra


  • fellowweb


    Thank you!

  • Cindy
  • jay

    would love to win this!!

  • jay

    would love to win this!


  • Steve


  • daba


  • Clem



  • Mladen


  • David S


  • Jeremy Duncan


  • Steven

    Been following for a while. @Stupendoussteve

  • Du Song

    Both mac.appstorm and iPhone.appstorm are my favourite source to know good and new software. Tried the lite version of air sharing, very impressive among all http dav sharing apps.

  • Daniel

    No USB stick now

  • Ron

    Just found out about this site. Fantastic site and great content!!! Thanks @steelbolts

  • Kody Troje

    Thank you guys so much for all of the awesome (and useful) giveaways!


  • j0n

    i’m in:

  • Danish wadhwa

    My Twitter handler is @DanishWadhwa
    Hey! It was a great post, and made some small research on that and was willing to buy app. If you are availing us such a good opportunity to buy with addition to promo code I believe we got a great deal now.

    I am a regular visitor of appstorm and all other blogs and marketplace of envato. And a fan of your marketplace themeforest. And a regular customer to buy themes for my business from there.

    All the best to Envato.

  • Devon Govett

    I would love a license! @devongovett

  • David


  • Christian Markley

    Thanks! @cjweb

  • Christian Markley

    Thanks, @cjweb

  • Jakub

    twitter of mine is @jotxjot

  • Rehan Butt

    twitter: Naher94

  • Verex


  • Stephen Drake


  • Josh Raymond


  • John Espino

    Twitter username: @kohnespino

  • Dusse


  • ming

    i hope i win. @mingkymomo

  • Patricia


  • sam1993

    Hey guys,

    Really enjoyed the air sharing article and would loove to get my hands on a free copy.


    Twitter: @samburnstone

  • Kurban


  • isral


  • Dreadreaver


  • Cassio Diego


  • Markus

    Count me in for the Air Sharing promo code drawing.

    twitter-username: neogomo


  • Raj Shah


  • MacAppist


  • Chri DZ


  • donnie


    would be sweeeeeet.

  • Aaron


  • Baffle


  • Shelf


  • Scott Wasserman


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  • Brendon Go



  • Cody right


  • facu Puig


  • Ryan


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  • Joyeria en plata

    Awesome interface and very easy to use.

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