Winners Announced: Win 1 of 5 Copies of ScreenDIY!

Well, it’s been a few days, so here are the winners of our ScreenDIY competition!

  • Stevie Xie
  • Jeff
  • Matt Katawicz
  • Ammon
  • Linhy

Congratulations to all of the winners! They’ve all been notified via email, so please check your inboxes and look for that code. Thanks to all that entered, and look for more contests soon!

Original Post

You’ve got your fancy iPhone 5 and you want to differentiate it from the rest of the iPhone users out there. What do you do? One option is to customize your screen using ScreenDIY. This app has tons of custom wallpapers, including custom shelves, icon skins and amazing Retina display quality images that’ll set your phone apart from the crowd. Plus, it’s customizable with even more options!

Want to get a copy of ScreenDIY for free? Lucky you — we’ve got 5 promo codes to give away! Hit us after the jump to find out how to win!

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How To Enter

So you want one of those free copies? Here’s the scoop, and we’re going to make it real easy this time around.

Step 1: Comment on this very post (make sure you’ve got a working email on there too).

Step 2: Wait for us to announce the winners!

That’s it! We’ll be announcing winners soon, so keep an eye on this post for updates. Good luck to all that enter!

  • John

    Heyo guys!
    I want my ScreenDIY copy!

  • Bigggggy

    I’d like a free copy :O

  • Alberto Jauregui

    Howdy, It’s a great app that I’d like to win.

  • Teo Farro

    Let’s have it

  • Ct

    I want one please and thank you!

  • Joe Serrone

    Nice program – when do I get my free copy?

  • Matt Katawicz

    I’d love a copy of ScreenDIY!

  • JesusFreak

    Would love to grab a copy! Thanks mate!

  • Aamer

    I love your site and visit regularly, and I’d love to win a copy of this app! :)

  • Linhy

    Hey Kevin, it’s actually my birthday tomorrow, so if anyone deserves a copy… :)

    • Linhy

      heh heh, thanks for the bday gift Kevin and Softease Tech :P

  • Poporin

    I want it!

  • Jazuule

    I never win anything, I’d like you to make me a liar.

    BTW does it work with iPhone4s?

  • Chris

    I would love to have a play with this app.

  • Stevie Xie

    I hope this works with iPhone 4’s! I have one of each, and I was hoping to make the best of situations.

  • Pittn8ve

    i want to be different and would love a copy of Screen DIY

  • Luis T.

    the app looks cool :)

  • Julian

    I WAnt a copy lol

  • Jeff

    Wouldn’t mind winning this. Just got my first iPhone this week. Love the site too!

  • Dr. Ritalin

    Thank you for nice tips and tricks you learn us.

  • Chronodiem

    Wow! When I get an iPhone….:D

  • exiter

    GIMME! LOL! I really don’t want my iPhone5 to look like everybody else’s!! :D

  • Ammon

    One free copy of ScreenDIY, please!

  • Martha Fauber

    This looks fantastic! I am coveting this app. It will take my phone to the next level. Who wants the same’ole,same ole’ when you can . . . DIY?

  • Mike Breaux

    DIY is watched all the time in my home. Helpful info for the actual homeowner. Solved many issues with diy

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