Win a Consume Promo Code

We’re kicking off our first competition on iPhone.AppStorm today, giving you the chance to win a copy of the excellent Consume. This iPhone app from Bjango gives you a visual representation of your cell phone plan – showing exactly how many minutes, messages, and how much data, you have remaining this month.

It supports over 52 providers across 7 countries, so there’s a good chance it will work fine for your network operator.

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment. We have 15 30 promo codes to give out, and the competition will run for one week. Good luck!

  • Drudoo

    Awesome, could use that 😀

  • John Bannister

    Looks perty!

  • Patrick Becker

    i need it

  • Fares

    Count me in, thanks!

  • Jose Padilla

    Awsome, i would really use this app! Thumbs Up!

  • webjuris

    waiting to see how it works..

  • Will Dawson

    yes please! :)

  • maique

    that would be very handy, count me in.

  • Rob Elkin

    Looks good, enter me up!

  • Nicholas Outram

    I’ve been looking for an iPhone app that actually gives me a visual representation of my call and data usage without too much UI clutter or just a horrible interface – I sure I hope I can win a copy!

  • ffffancy


  • Glyn

    Nice, looks so much better than the MyO2 App

  • Matto

    Cool, would be useful.

  • Lex

    Great app, would like to get it. Bjango makes great apps.

  • Jack Griffiths

    I’d love to win this, and in true spirit, I’m sending this from my iPhone :)

  • Byontik

    I would like one :)

  • Lori

    param param

  • Ariel

    would be a great app. Thanks!

  • Nik2407

    Great app, i want one :)

  • Carlos Vargas

    Wow… thats nice!

  • BrianW

    Looks like a very useful app!

  • crkf

    Useful app.

  • Cheryl

    I will like one!

  • Mason Phillips

    Sounds like it could be pretty useful.

  • manel_alves

    Wooow.. im right here.. count me in.. cya

  • Steven

    Sounds good

  • Ricky McMillen

    Pick me pick me :)

  • Windy Phillips

    Ooh, yes please.

  • Vadim

    Want one code!

  • cooper

    hope i ‘ll get one —

  • Chris

    Looks like a very interesting app.

  • aifonit

    Very good app

  • Kostas

    Looks like it could come in handy in many cases. Count me in!

  • Hin Ching

    Would appreciate if you could count me in too.

  • Andrew

    Would love a copy of Consume—thanks for the contest!

  • Vincent

    Nice :O

  • Adam Fairhead

    Interesting app, if it keeps up to date properly then it’s spot on!

  • Brad Parnell


  • Deva

    Nice app to start with your competitions! :)

  • Vicky

    Awesome app by an awesome developer.

  • Myron Glova

    Looks like a great app…I hope to win a code.

  • Chris Courington

    Sounds like a great app!

  • Steve

    Would love it

  • Drew

    Very cool. This app would come in handy!

  • Troy haas

    looks awesome

  • D. Lee Grooms

    Sounds like fun!

  • HBB

    kool. i like to win this app

  • Jason R

    Sounds like a great app.

  • George Peyton

    This looks very useful. Esp to manage multiple accounts.

  • Coxychap

    Nice – could make good use of that!

  • Ben

    me, me. Me. ME. ME! ME!!!

  • Eric Skram

    Looks fantastic – I could really use that!

  • Sze Kiat Ng

    Consume should start supporting carriers in Singapore!!! =)

  • Sandra

    Awesome app. count me in please

  • Simme

    Looks cool

  • Donovan Watts

    consume seems like a great idea for an iPhone app.

  • Alex

    Sounds Great!

  • Brian Lang

    Looks good. I’d like a copy!

  • Sunnykins

    Good morning, dearhearts / comments in haiku are best / consumed with care. ME!

  • Rick

    Wow! You are just starting out and already giving cool things away. This looks promising

  • bakhtier

    I doubt that it supports my country and carrier :(( Can you tell me? country: Uzbekistan

  • Sulcalibur

    I’m always up for a freebie so count me in :)

  • CampSteve

    Sweet looking UI. This would come in much more handy than the AT&T app.

  • Qiming

    This could be interesting :) Seems like a good idea, but fido already offers something – which is quite buggy.

    How does it work with the carriers though? I doubt they signed a contract.. hmm

  • Sidney

    Looks like an awesome app!

  • Marko

    Anyone who’s wondering if Consume supports their carrier, there is a list on Bjango’s site, as well as on the iTunes page.

    Anyway, count me in!

  • Andrew Austin

    Would love to try this out – seems very useful!

  • Nick

    Looks like a really useful app.

  • Eric Fernandez

    I could really use this!

  • edion86

    Great App for consumers :-p Let’s have Fortune for the Fortune Son!

  • merovinqian

    Looks nice!

  • kyle

    Sounds awesome. Would help me from going over on texts haha.

  • Ricardo Giesta

    Very cool app!

  • Daniel Boileau

    First competition, 91st app, maybe first win.

  • Shawn Grimes

    Yay for contests!

  • Michal

    Nice app :)

  • Marco

    count me in 😉

  • leesuiip

    love it 😀

  • Alykhan

    I’m currently using the Fido My Account app, but I’m looking forward to switching to Consume.

  • nicle

    like it to support a lots of A/C

  • Paul Sipple

    I’m in!!!!!

  • Matias Singers

    Sound awesome!

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  • Ivan Tolmachev

    Wow, that’s fast for the first giveaway! :)

  • Twan

    Great competition, I love the Bjango apps

  • Kyle Clerico

    Mine please?

  • elroy

    I, for one, welcome our new, bar graph loving, overlords.

  • Steven

    I’d give it a try!

  • Henrik

    Consume really would save me a lot of head ache… So I’d really be happy if I would get one.

  • David Chetrit

    Nice new website! Looks like an interesting app …

  • Matthew

    I’ve really wanted this app.

  • Jared

    Me want!

  • Alex

    Definitely could come in handy!

  • OSX Boy

    Yes please!

  • millca

    Cool. I haven’t heard of that app. Sounds handy!

  • DANI Z

    Sure could use that app

  • Jonathan Chan

    would love to have this app. :)

  • hcabbos

    Pick me!

  • Kevin

    Consume looks like a great app. Great work!

  • Abe Jellinek

    I want it (a lot).

  • skippolo

    Great! I would try to win a license of this fantastic app ( i’ve job & istat too)

  • Stephen

    Eager to get one.

  • Teryn


  • daba

    i wonder if this works in new zealand, but if it doesn’t, they’ll probably add support for it soon so count me in to win ehat looks like a great app! :) thanks

  • Scott

    ooo yes please. I could really use that.

  • Ron Green

    I’ll take one.

  • Buddy Eades

    looks interesting

  • ArtFaks

    I wantttttt !!!!

  • MattX

    I’ll take it 😉

  • Marc Edwards

    Thanks for the kind words guys.

    We’re adding lots of new providers, including transport and toll road accounts. Please get in contact if you’d like your providers to be supported.

  • Lukas

    Would like to have it.
    Please continue searching cool new apps an review them!

  • Teo

    I’d like to try it :-)

  • Frédéric Soler

    My first comment on
    I hope this first comment will help me to win this competition.

  • gordon

    these promos consume me

  • christyxcore

    This sounds really useful. Count me in!

  • JohnK

    Count me in,Good Luck!!!

  • Hwd

    I want !!

  • Maciek Bielski

    Nice 😉

  • Mikk Pärg

    Hey if theres a contest ill enter! :)


  • Jordan Megahy

    Oooo! Would love to have this app!

  • Damien McKenna

    Looks very useful.

  • josie

    looks like a great app!

  • hobby

    like to win it!

  • Guiiwu

    I want it

  • Lukas

    this app is great !

  • J. Argonis

    You know you would like for me to be one of the 15 winners! Hehe. Please!

  • Caio Zanolla

    i can haz consume

  • Ryan

    This looks sweet! Thanks for the chance.

  • David Torres

    I would like to give this app a whirl.

  • Jeff

    Would be sweet on the iPhone!

  • Evan G

    That looks like a fantastic app. I would love to have that app.

  • ArsenijLeo

    I want it!!

  • Dino

    Sounds interesting!

  • Hernan

    I want a promocode badly!

  • Gasport

    Bring it on!

  • Brian Vanaski

    This sounds great, I would love to give this a try!

  • Adam

    woooo! i’m a consumer!

  • Dewbrain

    I didn’t know this app yet. But it sounds great. Can’t wait to use it (via the promo code, of course :P)

  • Prashant

    Sounds like a useful app, I’d definitely like to get my hands on it.

  • manel_alves

    i want one too 😀 plz *-*

  • kickbutt

    Yes! This is what I want!!

  • Ammon

    Looks infinitely useful.

  • Neutronrocks

    I’m in this will be suhweeeeeeet!

  • Thomas

    Looks very useful !

  • Kevin Castillo

    I’ve been wanting an app like this forever.

  • Brandon Martinez

    Seems interesting :) Is it better than AT&T’s current app?

  • Michael Peay

    Sounds like a nice app. I’d use it. Thanks!

  • BCProducties

    I could use that! :)

  • _jeremyduncan

    I’d like a promo code, the app sounds useful!

  • David

    great and useful app

  • Stich

    Fantastic app. I love to have it

  • Mike Krus

    sounds cool!

  • ChimbleySweep

    Could be interesting.

  • salomoko

    sounds good to me.

    how does Bjango have access to this data? 52 different APIs?


  • Kevin Spellman

    I could use one!

  • Nic

    mmmmmm . . . . could do with this !

  • Marc Edwards

    “how does Bjango have access to this data? 52 different APIs?”

    We use APIs where possible and load webpages everywhere else. We use “Recipes” to ensure things keep working, even when the website or API changes:

    • salomoko

      cool. thanks for the tidbit!

      good idea man!

  • knox

    sound great for my iphone!

  • Jarred Trainor

    Sounds awesomely useful, count me in!

    Good luck to all the other entrants.

  • Matt Cross

    Word! In fo sho!

  • Felipe Latorre

    Bjango rocks! I’d love to use Consume. 😀

  • Josh Schumacher

    I love Bjango apps. I use iStat on my desktop and iPhone all the time. Darkness is a pretty sweet app too. Consume looks a lot nicer than the AT&T app, I would love to win a free copy.

  • Benny

    I really would need one of these, my iPhone bills keep having overdrafts

  • andy76sz

    Me! Me!

  • Braden Keith

    I’ll claim my prize now. And the girl mentioned a check? 😉

  • Ana

    I want it 😀

  • Gaspar Garcia de Paredes

    I’ll give it a shot

  • Aerendyl

    Great giveaway. Good luck all! :)

  • Shaun

    would love one!

  • Nazgul

    Let’s try 😉

  • hazim

    I tried a similar app previously, unfortunately it wont work with O2 business accounts. Let’s see if this one is compatible by any chance, since it’s not stated.

    Good luck to everybody, and Happy New Year.

  • ArtFaks

    i want !!!!

  • Bruno Moniz

    Hope to get it :)

  • Paul Sipple

    Awesome app! Count me in! Thanks…

  • Rick Hein

    Looks like it could be useful.

  • CampSteve

    I tried for it in the last giveaway. Hook me up with Consume! I’d use it for sure!

  • Narayan

    Cool app, could use that!

  • LaurentR2D2

    It would be nice to have this app to be ready when I have the IPhone I deserve :)

  • Oscar

    Thank you for the promo :)

  • Danté De Rycke

    I really would love a piece of that cake…

  • Niels

    Looks like an interesting app. Pick me! :-)

  • Indra

    I dont mind using new apps… 😀

  • Robert Villaluz


  • Peter

    Somthing i can’t do without.

  • Filippo

    Hi guys!! I hope to win the app!!

  • Leo

    Please :)

  • Jeff Schaffer

    Can’t wait to get this one. I am closing in on 1000 apps on my itunes.

    • David Appleyard

      1000?! I’m impressed :-)

  • Rob356

    I would love a free copy of consume!

  • Robert

    This would be great to have!

  • Diane

    Very cool app!

  • Sjan Evardsson

    I am interested. Count me in.

  • Sze Kiat Ng

    with 15 more, double the chances!

  • Jon

    I could definitely make good use of this!

  • Erica S.

    This looks interesting.

  • Marco

    Not sure T-mobile germany is supported but maybe I could find it out 😉

  • Rinesh

    Yh count me in please, I could do with a promo code

  • chris113

    looks great, count me in

  • chris113

    looks great, get me in

  • windsix

    want it

  • chris113

    get me in

  • chris113

    count me in

  • Chino

    Love your apps, always funtional, simple, and user friendly!

    • Tim


      • asasas


  • Janet

    *crossing my fingers*

  • Dennis

    Very nice !


  • Graeme

    nice! i reckon that could come in handy :)

  • Zdenek

    Great app

  • Deji

    I would love one please

  • Earle

    Well, count me in cause we will all need this when AT&T gets rid of unlimited data on iPhone plans.

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  • David

    Would like that.

  • SebaSonido

    Maybe next win in Your competitions, I hope so 😉

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  • Keehun

    This is great!