Winners Announced: Win a Copy of Dayta for Your iPhone

Winners Announced

Big congratulations are due to our five winners, chosen at random from the comments:

  • Sebastian
  • Sam Anderson
  • Henry Bennett
  • Brendon Go
  • Zack the Mac

I’m pleased to announce that we’re kicking off another competition today to win a promo code for Dayta. We reviewed this app earlier in the week, and it provides a brilliant way to keep track of almost anything you could possibly imagine – mileage, coffee intake, running progress. You name it, Dayta can keep keep a log of it.

We have five promo codes to give away, and entering is really simple. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post. We’ll be picking the winners in one week, on Saturday 6th March.

You might also be interested in a competition running over at Mac.AppStorm to win a thoroughly funky audio recording app for the Mac!

Best of luck!

  • maique

    count me in πŸ˜‰

  • Keith S.

    I’ll take one, thanks! :)

  • Ares Starcic

    Hi, I typed something here & now expect to win the app πŸ˜› So I can measure my coffeine intake πŸ˜›

  • Andre Kradolfer

    This is such a good idea for an app. The design is probably the best part. Awesome app, hope I win!

  • Jason

    Oh I really love ths idea of this app — I live 70 miles from work and I’m always using a piece of paper and measuring and tracking mileage and gas consumption and trying to figure out the best and cost effective way to work. I also am trying different driving techniques as well, like going faster or slower, trying to save on gas. I’d love to get this app and I would be willing to even post my results some place for others to use it.

    I’m a stats geek and would totally get tons of use out of this!!!

  • Gary Sims

    Looks like I am the first to comment… But like so many things in IT the first aren’t necessarily the ones who last (or win in this case).

    Have a great day!


  • Ares Starcic

    ep, I’m in too. Just hoping not to get some spammers along way πŸ˜€

  • Jason Fincanon

    Did I win? πŸ˜‰

  • Ares Starcic

    Yep, I’m in too. Just hoping not to get some spammers along way πŸ˜€

  • Nazgul

    It’s some kind of an useful application, but it cost only 99 cents. It’s not big money πŸ˜‰

  • Carlo Laitano

    Dayta! #iwant

  • Myron Glova

    This looks like a useful app. Hope I get a code.

  • Zenimot

    Love the looks of that app. Should be very usefull too.

  • Barry Wiseman

    This looks like a very useful and versatile app!

  • Sam Anderson

    What a great idea. Looks like a very useful app.

  • Garrett Calcagno

    Wow, this looks awesome. Need this type of app for myself. Hope I win!

  • Jorge

    Seems like an amazing app. Hope I win.

  • telonaes

    Would like to get one. :)

  • Erik

    I love statistics, so this looks like my kind of app!

  • Vasili

    This looks like a fun app to play with. I’d love a copy. πŸ˜€

  • jamy015

    Me! Me! Me!

  • Matthew Loberg

    I want one!

  • Zenimot

    Love the looks of that app. Should be very useful too.

  • Pontus Lundgren

    Count me in!

  • Giordano Bruno Bertagnin

    Let’s try!

  • Mac

    i want it, count me in

  • HBB

    i am in for this app

  • Katharina F.

    I’d really like to get a promo code! πŸ˜‰

  • Yannik

    Only 30 minutes since this post was created and already a lot of comments. This app seems to be really cool! Count me in too!

  • chr1spy

    I can haz Dayta!?

  • WilhelmR

    Looks like an amazing app. Love the interface :)

  • ChristianK

    Cool, I want it! =)

  • Jay

    I would love to be able to keep track of data on almost anything!!

  • Sahil Lavingia

    Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. It would be totally awesome if you could tweet about the app.

  • Zack the Mac

    Hey sounds good!

  • Craig Paterson

    Looks to me like a very, very useful app. I’ve been looking for an easy to use app which allows me to track what I want to, and not what I am dictated to.

    In short, if I don’t win, I’ll buy.

  • Mike Kemp

    Count me in.

  • Stephen

    Sweet! looks like a killer little app.

  • Philip Davis

    Looks like a nice app!

  • Danielw

    Count me in :)

  • Adam Gammell

    Sounds good :)

  • Danielw

    Count me in as well :)

    • Danielw

      Sorry for the double post… got error every time

  • snwau

    The OneWeekApp project was such an interesting idea, I followed it with great interest. It provided a good insight into another developers development cycle (albiet greatly accelerated). I didn’t learn too much from a coding standpoint, but learnt a lot from a UI development aspect. A great project, with a great result.

  • Luke Barnes

    Looks like a great app! Count me in! πŸ˜€

  • Jdubs

    Let’s do this

  • Ced

    Can I join in?

  • Mike Abasov

    Finally, what I was looking for!

  • Search Master

    Oh. I’d like one please :-)

  • Andy M

    Looks cool. I could definitely use this. *Fingers crossed*

  • Search Master

    Oh. I’d like a copy please :-)

  • Matt

    I already had put it on my wishlist, glad I waited to win this copy!

  • BurningAngel

    Thanks for the chance to win a really neat app!

  • Clinton

    Looks really helpful. Would love a copy!

  • i_pinz

    Hello, cool stuff, looks like a great app. Would be glad to have it on my iPhone :-)

  • hito

    I’m on in πŸ˜€

  • David

    Looks really cool!

  • Sebastian

    Uh, here, here, here! I’ve been using Bento in my Mac for a long time, but unfortunately their iPhone app sucks, so Dayta really got my hopes up, it looks gorgeous!
    I finally want to be able to track expenses, mileage, nutrition, exercise, etc. on the go!

  • Ares Starcic

    Just hoping not to get some spammers along way πŸ˜€

  • Scott Zeller

    yes please

  • Sjan Evardsson

    I’m in.

  • Joseph Hughes

    Ooh, yes please!

  • biship

    Great, hope to win

  • chris

    count me in, please

  • Aleksi

    Sounds great! I am a huge coffee junkie so I really need it πŸ˜€

  • dan

    Wouldn’t mind that! Contemplated buying it before

  • Johan Jensen

    Count me in! πŸ˜€

  • Rob Weber

    I’ve been watching this one… Very nice! …and now a chance to have it!

  • Travis

    I want in!

  • Max

    I want to win a Dayta Promocode!

  • nicle

    Want to win this awesome code

  • manfred

    i would be proud if i get one :)

  • Manfred

    i would be proud to get one :)

  • Yvonne

    I love stats & graphs, and this app would be really useful on the iPhone (i.e. on the go!).

  • Henry Bennett

    Sounds great! Thanks!

  • Stephen

    looks good. would like to put it through its paces.

  • Vo0do0

    I Hope i’ll Win πŸ˜‰

  • Carlos Antonorsi

    Looks like a great app, even greater if it’s free! πŸ˜€

  • Vicky

    gorgeous UI

  • Per

    Sounds like a fun app!

  • patendude

    I want it!

  • Michal Kozak

    Would make a great use of it :).

  • Zenimot

    Love the looks of that app. Should be very useful.

  • Nicholas Outram

    It looks quite useful πŸ˜€

  • Justin G

    comment goes here!

  • Jon S

    Awesome app!

  • Meira

    Sounds awesome! Count me in!

  • Geraldine

    Count me in! Sounds absolutely awesome! :)

  • Buddy

    sounds great !

  • M.

    Would love to win this app!

  • Windsix

    Look like awesome app

  • gio

    looks like a useful app to have. :) clean icon as well.

  • gio

    hope this is as useful as other similar data apps. will this promo code get the full app version? i’m not familiar with promo codes for apps πŸ˜›

  • gio

    will this promo code get the full app version? i’m not familiar with promo codes for apps πŸ˜›

  • @MikeCase

    Good luck to everyone! But hopefully more luck to me! πŸ˜€

  • pkev

    since a few weeks I don’t sleep so well. I started tracking a few things with pen&paper but this app would be awesome =)

  • Christian

    Dayta looks like Analytics for the real world. I’ll get one πŸ˜‰

  • Christian

    Dayta looks like Analytics for the real world. I’ll get one :) Thanks

  • Christian

    This App looks like Analytics for the real world. I’ll get one :) Thanks

    regards, Christian

  • Chris

    This App looks like Analytics for the real world. I’ll get one :) Thanks

    regards, Christian

  • Josh

    yes please, would be v useful

  • Tho

    please, please, please! give me a promo-code for dayta!

  • Damol

    Of course I’m in! :)

  • leesuiip

    Great giveaway, thanks

  • Knox

    love this beautiful app

  • Francesco

    lets see if i can win this time

  • GVB

    Too bad I already bought it… :/

  • Dave

    Yup, I’ll take one.

  • Dan

    I’m a statistician, so collecting data is like porn to me. Count me in!

  • haddock

    can this app help me loose some weight? hope i win =)

  • FrΓ©dΓ©ric Soler

    Ok, it seems to be a great app…
    I want it !

  • Alex

    Plz pick me πŸ˜›

  • Nick

    I’m in!

  • Nick

    Hope I’m a winner!

  • Hoot

    I love data and I love winning.

  • Rick

    Yay more app give aways

  • Tanner Smith

    I would love to have a copy of this app, seems very useful.

  • Josh

    This could be useful.

  • Eric

    Great, thanks!

  • jfen

    I am indeed very curious.

  • Swiftman

    It looks great. If I don’t win it, I’ll be buying it.

  • Rafael nascimento Sampaio

    If dayta was free i won’t will need this promo code. But as nothing is perfect i hope I win.

  • qbattersby

    Do want, I followed the blog when it was being built too!

  • hobby

    Great app, would like to win

  • jeannie

    i want!

  • Brendon Go

    Oh Cool a new app! I hope i dont dont win

  • traumtheater

    I really love this site and all the promo code giveaways :)

  • Synthetic Tone

    Hmm… looks interesting. I would give it a spin for free.

  • Ariel

    looks really cool. thanks

  • Pawel

    Oh, cool! I would love to have a track of how many cup of teas I drink a day and how many bars of chocolate I eat! …maybe I eat too much or drink too little …and the running mileage! Can it keep a track how may time I think about my girlfriend?

    I could have great statistics!

  • Al

    Awesome! Defintely in!

  • LiliAceIzzi

    Ok AppStorm….I heart U!
    How could life get any sweeter? Look forward to any chance of winning the app….
    :) smiles!

  • Jonathan Miller

    Looks like a really cool app, I’d very much like to try it out.

  • Dapper

    Great would love to win

  • Xendo

    It’s really interesting!

  • Dade85

    Hope to win!

  • QLIQ

    Dayta – Ooo, Dayta Oooo, Dayta come and I want to go home… sung to the tune of “Day-ooo” by Harry Bellafonte

  • Mhaddy

    Count me in :)

  • nate

    I want to win this one!

  • Branden Silva

    Love the functionality and look of Dayta.

  • Thomas Offinga

    Awesome, would love to win one of these!

  • BurningAngel

    Thanks for the chance to win this app looks great.

  • Jerry D

    Count me in

  • Miguel Wickert

    How much time would I waste tracking my every action? Any action? Well, sounds good to me.. I’d love a copy! :) Cheers!

  • Yan Yi

    Hope to win, cool app!

  • Mary

    Just found your site (via HogBay). Psyched. And thanks!

  • Michelle

    This app looks awesome. Would be psyched for a promo code.

  • Eugene Gordin

    Dayta looks amazing – would love to use it thanks!

  • Enzydayexhady

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  • envincTew

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