Win a RedLaser Promo Code

Winners Announced

Congratulations to our three lucky winners. You should already have a license code waiting in your inbox!

  • Jaye
  • Erik
  • Mhaddy

We reviewed the excellent RedLaser earlier this week, and found it to be a useful application to have when you’re out and about doing the shopping. Capable of scanning almost any barcode you encounter, RedLaser quickly downloads pricing information for the product from different sources across the web, ensuring you receive the best price possible.

I’m pleased to announce that we have three copies to give away to a few lucky readers. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment, letting us know one item that you would like to scan with RedLaser – it could be anything at all!

We’ll select the three winning comments at random in one week, on Saturday 3rd April. Best of luck, and enjoy your weekend!

  • Zack the Mac

    A new iMac!

  • Michael

    My iPad :)

  • SebaSonido

    I wiil use it to unknown prices.

  • Ali Al-Abkari

    iPhone 4G

  • Yifan

    Programming books!

  • Erik

    I would scan some of my duplicate DVDs, to see how much I could potentially sell them for.

  • Lucius

    I would scan a pair of Fruit of the Looms briefs! Who wouldn’t want cheaper underoos.

  • Doug

    I would use it on the purchase of my New iPad. Yeah!

  • cjmegatron81

    Xbox 360 games

  • Antimeme

    My Tesla roadster. Assuming I had one.

  • j0

    i would scan all things in my room.

  • George

    A simon cowell face mask so I could judge all them apps!

  • Vitor Hugo Maia
  • Josh

    An iPad!

  • florianlionel

    I’d scan a new MacBook Pro which should come soon!

  • Ron Green


  • Mason Phillips

    I would use RedLaser on items I’m price checking at Sam’s (I was wondering if this app would be what I needed for that a few weeks ago. Now I know it would be perfect.)

  • Jason Wang

    Tea is the best choice

  • James

    Books and electronics.

  • Mladen

    I want to win a copy! Really useful app – and I could it review on my Website for iPhone Apps

  • Jack Griffiths

    I’d use it to scan hydrogen and other abundant elements.

  • Mario

    Great app in a world dominated by bar codes!!!!

  • Hayden Evans

    College textbooks so I don’t have to pay a ridiculous price!

  • David S

    Books, most scan for right price

  • Chris

    I’d scan groceries.

  • Tim


  • McYukon

    Everything in sight!

  • Jaye

    I’d like to use Red Laser to scan skimboards. It’s about that time of year to start catchin waves.

  • Rafael Nascimento Sampaio

    Will be nice have this app in my iPhone, Hope I win.

    • Rafael Nascimento Sampaio

      BTW I wanna scan books in the bookstore, even thinking the bookstore people will be mad with me, huahaua.

  • inspirationfeed

    Fruit! lol

  • Tanner

    I want it! ill scan some books, ill probably even try to scan myself!

    thanks appstorm

  • Geoffrey Woitt

    I want to scan video games when I’m out shopping for something new to play.

  • jeannie

    hrmmmm.. maybe urban decay’s 1999 eyeliner XDD

  • seth


  • Baturalp

    I’d definitely scan a brand new espresso maker.

  • @MikeCase

    I’d love to take it to a book store and scan a bunch of books I’ve been wanting. Mostly because I can find them online for much cheaper. But it’s still nice to be able to flip through the book and have a feel for it in hand before buying it online.

  • paul

    one of my Stickybits barcodes… that’d stump ’em

  • Ethan G

    Lost Seasons 1-6, as soon as Season 6 comes out on DVD. Best. Show. Ever.

  • Connor Crosby

    I will use it on items I think are cheaper elsewhere

  • traumtheater

    I would scan a Playstation 3 :)

  • jfen

    Mac ‘n Cheese. :)

  • Alykhan

    I would use RedLaser to scan the textbooks I have to buy, then compare all the prices to those in the iBookstore and hopefully save some money! 😀

  • SteveO

    Hmm…EVERYTHING! I’d scan it all!

  • Nix

    My next iPhone!

  • leesui

    Count me in

  • Patricia


  • Anthony L

    I would use it on a barcode. lol 😉

  • Brian

    some toys for my niece.

  • Jason

    a buddy’s bar code tattoo!

  • Mhaddy

    Books, definitely books.

  • Scoop

    My local supermarket always has missing prices. RedLaser would save me hunting down grumpy sales assistants!

  • Stephen Snow

    That “omg, I gotta have it” gadget.

  • George

    everywhere on my shopping ….. have it with me like a mobile …..

  • pawel

    My shadow…why not!

  • Chris

    An iPad!

  • Yan Yi Goh

    Everywhere where there are barcodes!

  • Mike

    I was out shopping the other day and forgot about this app. When I got home it came up in conversation and I realized how useful it would have been at the store!

    I would love to win a copy!!!

  • Cyn

    macbook speakers and iphone earphones