Win The Little App Factory’s Suite of Apps

We’re kicking off a bumper competition today, to win every single one of the applications created by The Little App Factory. We have three packages to give away, each worth over $60.

Here’s what you stand to win:

  • iRip – Easily transfer your songs and media from an iPod/iPhone back to your computer.
  • Ripit – The fastest and simplest solution for archiving your DVD movies to your Mac.
  • Evom – This is a free app but certainly worth mentioning, letting you convert and transfer your favourite movies onto your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.
  • Rivet – Stream your music, movies, and photos to your Xbox and Playstation 3.
  • Ringtones – Last but not least, Ringtones creates high-quality ringtones for your iPhone straight from your own music.

Read on for more information about how to enter, and find out how to double your chances of winning by entering over at Mac.AppStorm as well!

How to Enter

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, suggesting one thing you’d like to see change on iPhone.AppStorm. It could be a new feature, or a request to see more (or less!) of something we already do.

You can also enter over at Mac.AppStorm to double your chances of winning, so be sure to head over there and have your say about our Mac apps site.

Best of luck, and we’ll be announcing the randomly chosen winners on Thursday, 18th February!

  • Thomas Britton

    More in-depth reviews off apps more often, maybe game guides..

  • Mike

    I would like to see more givaways directed to me. Lol

  • Caneco

    I would like to see tuts for making iPhone Apps… no?

    • David Appleyard

      This is probably something more suited to one of Envato’s “Tuts+” sites – we’re more focused on actually using them!

  • Lori

    I would like to see some more articles about accessories which made for apps :)

  • Benjamin Reid

    It would be great to have a users review section (on the app’s you cover) or some selected user reviews that would go onto the bottom of your reviews. Know it could be a pain moderating, but ‘ey. (same suggestion on MacAppstorm but this still applies here) :)

  • David

    Not a fan of the black background!

  • Caneco

    I would like to see tuts for making iPhone Apps.. Even if it was just the easy ones.

  • Davide85

    Wow! Love this site, expecially RoundUp section! Keep on updating with RoundUps!

  • Drudoo

    If possible some tutorials on programming?

  • Craig Paterson

    I agree with Caneco, some tutorials on the creation of simple iPhone apps would be really nice.

  • Andrea B

    Some tutorials a little bit more technical, like Objective-C, Cocoa, Cocoa touch, etc…
    I’d also love more giveaways! And a section of free apps of the day!

  • Seed

    more iphone games reviews!

  • Alex C.

    Tutorials or walk throughs for building your own app. Maybe not programming heavy but ideas as to design interactions, and places to get started.

  • Rob Fedson

    Please keep the music apps coming!!

  • JacobMose

    Would like to see more reviews of the more expensive apps. Navigon, TomTom and so on.

  • Eric Fernandez

    Video Tuts and video reviews for Apps!

  • John MacAdam

    My suggestion would be to focus on more lists. Collaborating products already reviewed into lists comparing with similar products. Or just good old “top ten apps for ….”

    And you need this site to be iPhone optimized!

  • Federico

    I would like to see more in-depth How-Tos and maybe a weekly podcast.
    It would also be interesting to read articles regarding the current trends in interactions or growing patterns for iPhone apps

  • Thorsten

    Same as I said about Mac.Appstorm…I’d change the black background to something lighter

  • Sir Cake

    Please review more of the lesser-known, less popular apps. There’s 100,000 apps out there and I would love to find some needles in that haystack that everyone else doesn’t already know about.

  • Robert in SF

    How about “now that’s we’ve used it for a while” followup reviews? To show how apps hold up over time…

  • massa

    I`d love to see more options for users. I don’t even see where/if i can create an account :/ Anyone please help me!

  • Rob Weber

    Resources for aspiring iPhone developers?

  • Daren Yeow

    More reviews of mac/iphone apps!


  • TechieTownMayor

    Sir Cake stated it well. Reviews of the obscure applications.

  • Ellen

    Would love to see a white background, just easier to read.

  • Okan Esen

    – More reviews of apps, which aren’t so popular.
    – More comparisons of apps.
    – More giveaways of INTERESTING apps (maybe not every week but every 2 weeks a good app would be great)

  • Eric

    Same as Mac.AppStorm:
    I would love to see articles where (the same sort of) apps are being compared.

  • Sjan Evardsson

    I will second Rob Weber – developer tips, resources, news, etc.

  • Mahmoud Abouelenein

    Perhaps it might be worthwhile to consider iPhone/iPod accessories along side the software. I think it will give users the opportunity to evaluate and comments on the products which could be used later as rating model for the products (software/hardware).

    Thank you,


    • David Appleyard

      We’ve got something brilliant along these lines coming next week!

  • Wes

    I’d like to see an iPhone-friendly version of the site, so I can read the articles while I’m bored at work.

  • Joshua Bailey

    An app of the week.

  • Matthew

    I’d like to see profiles of the teams that create the apps. I’d like to read interviews regarding their processes (design and development) during the creation of an app.
    It would also be interesting to see marketing techniques employed by app developers.

  • Ritchie Loney-Anderson

    I love the website overall, but I do think that a forum would be a wonderful addition.

  • Tristan

    iPhone appstorm is already great, the only thing would be more reviews.

  • Mark Hewitt

    Love the site and just purchased several apps due to a review I found on this site for iphone apps. Love to see what others think about a certain app. Also, like to see comparisons between apps that do the same thing…. why is one better than the other.

    I hope I will this bundle :)

  • Weston M Gallagher

    I would like to see more polls on what apps everyone likes best for different types of purposes. Like I like Filemagnet over other file management apps

  • jfen

    I’d like to see more ‘creative’ uses of the iPhone. Like ‘how to automate your life….’ type stuff. That could be fun.

  • Joshua Kemmerling

    I would like to see more apps that can edit images.

  • Johan Delfs

    Some programming-tutorials would be nice 😀

  • kyle dre

    I would like to see some part of app reviews (if just a small part) dedicated to the performance of games when used on older iPhone/iPod hardware. I still have a 1st Gen iPod Touch and it would be nice to see if there is any significant difference in performance before I lay down the money to buy an app.

    Other than that, LOVE THE SITE!

  • Vince Tran

    Videos of the apps running would be nice.

  • breelee

    maybe more info on pre-installed apps, to get the most out of what we have?
    accessory reviews?

  • Larissa Herbst

    Good apps that are new on the App Store! :)

  • Ibai Asensio

    I think maybe video screencasts of the tutorials would be nice.
    Your posts are great and very very useful but screencasts are just easy and visual so, much more comfortable to learn.
    And also easier for the people that follows you from outside and has not the best level of english (I’m from Spain for example :D).
    Nothing more, congratulations for the web, quite interesting!

  • Hector Lee

    Something on the advanced features of the iPhone. I never quite understood the Especially the deeper nested menus.

    Photo galleries of the apps like a flicker gallery for each app would be nicer to get a better understanding of the new apps.

  • Veronica

    More reviews and app comparisons. =)

  • BigSuperHappy

    More iPhone game Reviews.

  • Alox

    App comparisons are great, roundups is the way to go, it lets us see which way to swing. The contests are also a great way to advertise and to let us yearn for them.
    Screencasts for tutorials would be a nice addition, but generally the site is doing great.
    Keep up the tweets as well. :)

  • Andy M

    More pass time apps. Love the site though!

  • Neal Sachar

    More apps for just wasting time would be cool.

  • John Espino

    I would love it if there would be (1) an archive page and (2) a list of every post for specific categories [this is in relation to the archive page I mentioned in the first item].

  • Senly

    Im in !

    I’d like more apps test and more games review :)

  • Adam

    More in-depth reviews and comparisons. I still have absolutely no idea which is the best to-do list application for me. Also, maybe a weekly best of the app store?

  • Josh B

    Looks like a sweet list of apps. I’d love to try them out!!!

  • Ethan

    I’d like to see roundups of categories of iPhone apps. As in, a comparison of the best arcade games, or the best travel apps, etc. I don’t mean individual reviews of all of them, but a discussion of similarities/differences/benefits/disadvantages, and whatever else you could come up with.

  • Jonathan Snyder

    I’d like to see more reviews of apps. Esp. would like to see more comparisons of similar apps.

    Plus a list of top ten apps under 1 dollar.

  • Shawn Johnston

    some reviews on the apple specific apps and how they integrate with the native apps on the Mac

  • don

    I’d say more app reviews for the ipad newer apps and maybe get interviews with app creators and designers

  • Erik

    More batch-reviews, that compare different softwares that are in the same category.

  • Joseph

    More expert tips on certain apps – especially the popular ones. The reviews are sometimes superficial and there can be a lot more to them.

  • Artfaks

    A little bit more …. App of course…

  • Damol

    I would like to see more Roundups.

  • Chris Olson

    I would like to see profiles on designers doing web apps for the iPhone.

  • ted

    Please, for us jailbreakers, provide some reviews for apps gotten in jailbreak

  • teddy

    Please, for us jailbreakers, provide some reviews for apps gotten in jailbreak!

  • wrzr

    A mobile version of the site! I’m actually on my ipt right now.
    Also some indepth comparisons of apps after some use would be great.

  • wrzr

    I’d love a mobile-friendly version of site!
    Content-wise, I agree with having some follow-up reviews of apps (particularly productivity apps) to see how they stand in the long run.

  • mjstones

    More of… everything!

  • Ethan Wright

    I would like to see some reviews of Jail-broken only apps, and a couple how-tos in that category.

  • Ammon

    More tutorials and how-to type articles.

  • Ariel

    love to see some tutorials on app programming

  • Phil Havens

    I think the site is awesome, no need to change anything

  • Jesse

    Definitely a development section. Or similar functionality to that’d be sick.

  • Jeff Douglas

    Don’t change a thing… :)

  • Masey

    How about some “prize fights” between similar apps… pull them apart and compare them on the basis of GUI, usability, value for money etc.

    Love the site guys!

  • Henry Bennett

    I would absolutely love to see some interviews on here with iPhone developers and the likes, talking about their ideas, design, workflow etc. I believe interviews would be very interesting.

  • Michel

    I’d like to see more comparisons between different apps doing the same thing. It would be really helpful.


  • Alvaro Leon

    I would like to see more tutorials for developers


  • Tigs

    Similar to the mac apps I think instead of roundups or adding to roundups you could add a top ten of all the different categories.

    Like top 10 apps for utilities and top 10 apps for games.

    Hope I win!

  • Matt

    I’d like to see more reviews by categories of apps; for instance divide the site up by categories mirroring the App store and then show us some good but maybe not “Top 25” apps from there. Great work though!

  • arq386

    would be great to always have a TOP10 apps on the web. 😉
    (i want those apps!!)

  • Erica S.

    I’d like to see a category for business apps since I mostly use these apps for business, less pleasure.

  • Tim

    Can’t really complain, the site works for me as is.

  • Marco

    The change I would love to see here is that I actually win 😉

  • Brandon Martinez

    Maybe some tips on putting iPhone apps together.

  • Valter Fatia

    What I would like to see referenced is: Interaction models, acessories and new kids on the block (apps).

  • Jacob

    Ooh ooh! Pick me (please) :)

  • Heather St. Marie

    Great site… great info! There’s not much I’d change. I would love to see more coupon codes or giveaways on all the apps you review.

  • Doc

    I wanna see a more detailed rating e.g. split rating in groups like design, ui, cost-performance-ratio…

    I just want to know why this app gets 7/10…

  • Andrew Lennon

    I’d like to see you focus more on the unique ways people use their iPhones. Like I use mine to study or people who mostly gain or for business purposes.

  • Class

    You could do maybe more guides/tutorials how to change…mod iPhone in general or specific apps, also there are a loads of apps in iTunes, maybe you could make TOP10 lists of games,social app…etc.

  • Anders Adamsson

    Greetings from Sweden! First I would (again) say that the whole Envato-sites in on my RSS-reader because it gives me updates of things I care about and tips on useful Apps.

    What I miss on this section is more free goodies to be found in the AppStore, or the $1 Apps. Also intresting reviews and inside reports from App-making companies so the users can see where these wonderful apps are made. Voting apps in categories with Top-lists to.

    Best regards

  • James Russell

    How about a podcast to accompany the website? That’s be awesome.

  • Ian Harrier

    This is the same as the other site: I really think the search bar should be at the top of the page. And thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Meira

    Tutorials, reviews of specific apps that would make life easier and lists of the best of the best would all be great.

  • David

    I would like to see a podcast and tutorials for apps, as well as more in=depth app reviews.

  • Rohit

    I would like to see more roundups/top 10 lists of apps. Also, when reviewing an app, please add some other related apps (Eg. competing apps). Other than that, it’s cool!

  • Justin Green

    I’d like to see more application comparisons. There’s a lot of apps out there that do the same things, it would be nice to have a side by side comparison to see which is the better product.

  • Samanta

    I would love to see more interviews with the apps’ developer/development team, but without limiting it to technicalities, cause I also wanna hear about what the team went through, maybe something with a humorous edge to it. I just wanna feel like I’m getting to know the community. It definitely makes a different when I know something about the developers of an app, I’ll always be more inclined to buy that one than any other.

  • lickynee

    I would like to see a mobile version of the site! I access this site mostly on my iPhone AND it’s a blog on iPhone related matters! It probably will never happen, but I can still suggest it 😛

  • Ningning Hu

    I would like to see some promotion information.

  • Chris Thomson

    I’d love to see more app reviews focused more on the aesthetics and overall polish of the application. Apps similar to Ramp Champ, Doodle Jump, iBlast Moki, and The Font Game – they have a use (or are entertaining), and they also look & feel magnificently polished and complete.

  • Wseries

    I suggest more competitions like this one. :-)

  • pdud18

    Maybe some hidden tricks of the iPhone and it’s default apps.

    Thank you,

  • Austin

    More…. more…. more… just more iphone.appstorm. More articles, more everything. It’s all awesome….

  • Derek

    I love the giveaways! You could always have more of those.

  • Josh Schumacher

    I would like to see some articles/profiles on the developers behind popular apps. Maybe an article that includes information on their offices, desk setups, software setups and interviews with them on what it’s like developing iPhone apps.

  • [..’]

    I would have the size of article title reduced to about 2/5 of current size.

  • [..’]

    I would like to have the size of article titles to 2/5 of current size. it’s too big.

  • Alex Gibbs

    More. You guys are great at what you give, we just need more of it. More. More. More. (if that’s not too greedy of me)

  • Kody Trojé

    iPhone development tips and tutorials would be awesome, I’d just like to see basic coding principals explained, sometimes Apple’s documentation doesn’t always provide the best viewpoint. Maybe some light OpenGL ES tidbits here and there?

    Maybe video reviews of iPhone apps?

    You guys are awesome, I’ve gotten so many of my apps from your reviews!

  • Aprozz

    Your site is great, thank you for the good work.

    I would suggest a user rating system, where we can give stars (* * * * *, like in the appstore). To reflect a more sophisticated user opinion.

  • Peter

    Maybe make it more personal for each registered user, hooking up to their iTunes account seeing what apps they have and maybe recommending similar ones that have been rated or reviewed already on iphone.appstorm. Too similar to appspace maybe?!? i donno :)

  • Cheryl

    Let users rate the apps. Would love to learn how to make an iphone app too!

  • goldfish300

    hey 😀 well the site looks very good compared to others and ya i think we need more free applications and tips and tricks .

  • Arno

    I’m in to win :)

  • Vasilis

    Good luck everybody!

  • Danielw

    I would love to win this…
    I would really love a air appstrom site, know that it was planed some time ago but now i looks like it was dropped again too bad.

  • K4k4du

    Ok, i just saw it got already mentioned, but I’d love the gadget-thing too. 😉

  • jaryre


    Would love more reviews of super cool apps!!

  • Simon

    More how-to’s

  • Clinton

    I would like to see a greater breakdown in the reviews. Eg points out of ten for interface design, usability, launch time etc. so I can gauge which similar products are better. To make a more informed decision.

  • Sebastien

    I love your iPhone, Mac and Web AppStorm sites, you are doing well but if I had to say what you could do more is reviews.

    I hope I win something.

    Thank you.

  • Dodie

    Interesting bits of information about what’s what’s happening in the Apple Store World

  • Katie VanderPloeg

    Maybe smaller Article Titles…they are a wee bit too large.

  • Alex

    I would love to see more scheduled things like “App of the Week” or “Freebies of the Month”. :)

  • Terence

    I really like RipIt, and love to actually win one of these competitions.

  • Avi

    I hope I win!
    I would prefer if you do more reviews of awesome free mac apps.

  • anonymous ‘pert

    The site is the tops. My only beef is the orange. Not very iphoney. Hah, iphoney. I crack me up.

  • Thomas

    Great idea, I would like to see more finance apps.

  • traumtheater

    I would like to see more featuring of free but still great iPhone Apps. There are surely many free gems in the Appstore. Same for Mac Software.

  • Cormac

    I loved the great interfaces showcase, and I think there could be a weekly feature of an app or two with an amazing interface.

  • Maxabillion09

    This is such a great website! I think you should do a separate newsletter for the best free applications!

  • CBI

    I would like to see some video reviews for apps. Your written reviews nail it on the head, but the screenshots aren’t enough for me. It always leave me wanting more! I think it would be great when you do ‘Game Fridays’ to make a video mash-up of all the games featured, just so we can all get a feel for them!

    When looking to find more info on an app, I would usually go on YouTube to see if there is a video demo available (other than the one on the apps website) to see how the user reacts to it. I must say, it works for me everytime!

    Just my two cents…

  • Andreas Heiberg

    Hi I would love a tutorial about making your own iphone app.

  • Othmane Benkirane

    Hide comments by default. This will save bandwith.

  • Stu Greenham

    I think video screencasts of you guys using applications / games would be great, once thing that annoys me with the app store is you can’t try the app before you buy! Seeing it in live action would help loads!

  • Simon Jones

    I’d like to see more spinning globes, animated gifs, pop-ups, and embedded Taylor Swift song clips added to this site. The site is far to sleek for its own good, and being a man of the 90’s I want to return to he good ol days when style meant H1 and italic tags. Never mind this trendy CSS nonsense! :-)

  • Chris

    I’d like to see more user profile controls. I might be missing something, but I don’t see any way to modify a profile. I also would like a “delete comment” button in case one double-posts accidentally.

  • Rob

    Would love to see some more finance iphone apps.

  • Teryn

    I’d love to see more comparisons between similar apps, so we could choose which one best fits our needs.

  • dario

    i find that when you review a app, i like to get a link and rating sooner rather than at the end of the review (much how reviews mac apps (not iphone apps)).
    Whenever i read a review here, i can’t seem to find a link to the app or a rating, because the retangle at the bottom looks to similar to the ads on the page.

  • dphille0

    Personally, I’d love to see a rating by the appstorm community members. A (optional) feedback would be nice, but probably with a character limitation to keep it short.

    The rating(s) could be repeated at the top of the article as the above user suggests.

    The dark design is great though. I find it keeps the focus on the content and
    embellishes all visuals in a simple and elegant manner.

  • Nick

    I would like to see a more in depth breakdown of the individual aspects of an app. Visuals, interface, usability, load time, etc… Video reviews would also be a nice addition.

    Good luck to all.

  • CF

    Hi. I’d like to see a category added to the categories called “Social” – easier to find all the social networking-related apps. Also like to see more contests! :) They’re fun! I like “Game Friday” and the “Best of AppStorm” at the end of every month. These showcases help us to keep up with the newest/best releases.

    More complex/advanced tutorials would be great, too!

  • Zack the Mac

    More reviews! I really appreciate you guy’s walkthroughs of new software and more would definitely be better.

  • Jamie

    Not much to improve. Maybe just more reviews and tutorials. Maybe even more freebies too 😀

  • withoutink

    More reviews!

  • Aaron Bazinet

    Maybe it would be cool to have a rating system. On each review page, there could be a “rate this” option, which would give visitors a chance to participate without having to leave a comment, and at a glance what the other readers think of the reviewed item without having to read through all the comments. You could rate from 1 to 5 lightening bolts. 😉

    And as far as the black background goes, I like it as it is. For those asking for a lighter version, than perhaps a theme switcher would be cool.

  • hito

    Maybe more contest like that :)

  • maximilian guy mcnair macewan

    I too – love the setup here. The site is a please to visit. It works great through my RSS reader too…

    Love the design.
    Love the no-nonsense, useful and clear reviews.

    I especially like the collections of apps – such as the valentines collection.

    Basically, keep it up.

  • Todd

    Fewer Games More “Tools for Living”
    There are too many game sites already.

  • daren

    Features that I like to see at iPhone.AppStorm are:

    1. Comparison between similar iPhone Apps so that I can make the right buying choice.
    2. Each post at this site should have twitter or facebook integration so that I can share the ‘goodies’
    with my friends.
    3. The fonts for each post are too big. It will be better to make them smaller so that it look more professional as well as can squeeze more content within 1 page.
    4. More sponsers so that we can have more giveaways.
    5. Forums for people to chat so that if you don’t want a giveaway, you can give it away or trade it.

  • Raj Shah

    More iPhone reviews!!!!! I want to see what apps you guys consider worth buying!

  • Raj Shah

    More iPhone reviews!!!!! I want to see what apps you guys consider worth buying!!

  • MacAppist

    More freebies/giveaways.

  • choise

    more infos about iphone stuff via twitter, that are not worth enough for a blog post but still cool :)

  • Dan Palmer

    I would love to see a review of Dayta!

  • Thomas Offinga

    I’d add some kind of premium review each week, styling the entire site after the style of that game when you view the article.

  • Fariad Umar

    I would like to see more indepth info on free apps + also a top 10 every few months so we all know which apps that are being release are worth having

  • Bruna

    More tips, tricks and little iphone secrets

  • Markus Dirnberger

    More reviews!

  • Vicky

    More iPhone app reviews,especially productivity apps.

  • Tyago Neres

    The site is great, I really enjoy the how-to’s, so there could be more of those…keep up the excellent work! And more giveaways, of course…

    Greetings from Brazil

    Tyago Neres

  • Tyago Neres

    The site is great, I really enjoy the how-to’s, so there could be more of those…and more giveaways, of course!

    Keep up the excellent work! Greetings from Brazil

    Tyago Neres

  • Chaotic4life

    I would like to see more reviews on lesser known apps … something I wouldn’t necessarily stumble over by checking the Appstore.

  • Adam Fairhead

    Love where the site is going thus far. One thing I would like to see, is reviewing of iPhone optimised web apps too. There’s still a lot of them out there, and they’re not really covered here (I know they aren’t native apps, but an “iPhone app storm” doesn’t necessarily restrict to natives, since they’re still built for the iPhone? :)

  • Brian G

    More ads please

  • Ross Howard

    Awesome giveaway!

    Would love to see some app development tuts, I know its a big area but I’m well keen to get started though don’t quite know where to begin

  • Marius

    It would be cool to have kind of Productivity Suite Bundles being presented, e.g. how to manage everyday-work with specific Apps in combination.

  • holeycoww

    Maybe more catagorised apps. Such as:

    Apps for web designers
    Apps for travelers
    Apps for photographers etc


    ROCK ON!!!

  • holeycoww

    Maybe more catagorised apps. Such as:

    Apps for web designers
    Apps for travelers
    Apps for photographers etc

    Then within those have apps that would help/assist or generally entertain people within that ‘sector’


    ROCK ON!!!

  • holeycoww

    I’m sorry it entered twice, It was saying that I couldn’t post, so I went back and re done it and now it is showing duplicate !

    My bad – I wasn’t trying to cheat 😀

  • Michael

    Awesome site, I don’t know what to change.

  • Stephan H

    The only thing I would like to see is a “app of the week” featuring an app you find worthwhile.

  • Aiden Tailor

    an app of the week/day?

  • David

    a feature which lack I find annoying is the abbreviation of articles in the Feed.

    My Google Reader page is filled by the articles, while even in the home page there’s a Read More link to expand the desired article.

  • Josephs

    I would suggest a top 10 app deals of the week, or top 10 free apps.
    Perhaps even a few tutorials on jailbreaking or converting video and syncing.
    Also, an iPhone optimized site for a site about iPhones? 😀

  • Kevin

    Video reviews for apps.

  • Mhaddy

    More giveaways would be sweet!

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  • emailextractor

    What about the others?

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  • Bryaun Skinner

    I would love the collection.