It’s Here: The iPhone 4S

Well it’s official, we have a new iPhone today and it’s called the iPhone 4S. There was a lot of big news that came out of Cupertino today, most of it covered live via Twitter. You do follow us on Twitter, right? If not, hit us up at @iphoneappstorm today.

But if you weren’t there to watch it all go down, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Hit that more button and let’s get into all of the big news of the day.

iOS 5

  • Official release date: October 12.
  • Free upgrade
  • Find My Friends announced — easy way to track buddies with iPhones, but it’s privacy protected and can be done on a short-term basis as well.
  • iTunes Match: $20/year for 10GB; $40/yr for 20GB; $100/yr for 50GB.
  • iCloud official release date on iOS 5 on October 12.

iPhone 4S

  • A5 Processor — dual core, 7X faster graphics.
  • Dual antenna system. Can intelligently switch between antennas for faster download speeds and better call reliability.
  • GSM & CDMA in one phone — It’s now a World phone.
  • 8 megapixel camera — f/2.4 aperture, edit photos right on your iPhone. Watch for a follow-up post on the camera soon.
  • 1080P video recording with image stabilizer and temporal noise distortion.
  • Siri Assistant — voice recognition where you ask in plain English for something, and it does it. Works with email, texts, reminders, etc. You can respond via Bluetooth or headset mic too.
  • Dictation feature for emails and texts.
  • $199 for 16GB model, $299 for 32GB model, and a new 64GB model for $399.
  • Comes out Oct 14, preorder on Oct 7.
  • Now on Sprint in United States.
The iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S


  • New app released: Cards — Make your own greeting cards on your iPhone and then Apple will mail them out for you.
  • Infinity Blade 2 demoed — Amazing graphics, looks like lots of fun.

That’s all of the important details for now. Check back in the next few days as we start to tear into the iPhone 4S and really get to the heart of things!

  • Shss

    Ok what the heck are they talking about “no word on iPhone 3GS update option”?!! They said the update was for all the models affected by the last update! AKA IPHONE 3GS AND IPHONE 4

    • Kevin Whipps

      It wasn’t posted on the Apple site when this post went up, and I didn’t catch it in the live show. I’ve changed the post to reflect that it is available for the iPhone 3GS. Thanks!

      • Annie

        Thank God! I freaked too when I read that at first..

  • Ruben

    Create a poll and check how will buy this “new” (or not) iPhone 4S(IRI), i think we will have a bad surprise.

  • Callum Chapman

    Lol, so cheap in the US. The cheapest version is $799 here in Australia.

    • Matt

      US price is on contract with a telco, Australian price is outright

    • Gray

      That’s the price when you sign a contract not the full price.

    • David

      That’s if you’re buying it outright. If you sign a contract with one of the telcos you can get it cheaper, which is what the $199 prices are in the US. that said, it’s still usually more expensive here overall regardless…

    • Patrick M

      It’s with a two year contract… If in Austrialia it’s 799,- with contract then it’s really expensive.

      Here in Austria the iPhone 4 16gb is currently from € 29,- (depending on the contract) @t-mobile

    • pkirillov

      it’s not that cheap. it requires 2 year contract with a mobile operator.

    • mu

      The fine print for the US prices listed here: “Requires new two-year wireless service contract.” The regular price without contract is similar to your AU$.

    • Jos

      The price listed is what you pay if you get it with an (expensive) 2 year subscription.

  • Chris

    Your line saying “iTunes Match: $20/year for 10GB; $40/yr for 20GB; $100/yr for 50GB.” should really be talking about iCloud Storage rates, starting with 5GB free. iTunes Match is completely different.

  • iynque

    I just got my first iPhone a few months ago, so I am SO relieved that this is the “4S” and not a completely new iPhone 5. 😛

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  • Jobaerul Kaes

    What about the price without any dataplan?

  • Sebastiaan

    Big friggin disappointment if you’d ask me. Sure we all expected an iPhone5, but a 4s that basically has a different camera, new battery and a new processor is nothing shocking and certainly not worth all the fuss.

    I hate Apple for keeping Siri off of our regular iPhone4’s. Their reasoning that the A4 proc can’t handle Siri is BS since Siri already worked on the 3Gs…

    So glad my contract hasn’t ended yet, that’s for sure.

  • John

    Pretty disappointing. If its really ‘all new inside’ then why not give us a new outside (form factor) too?? They’ve had a full year since the iPhone4 was released, and this is the best they can do? For people who’ve been waiting to update for a while now, this sucks..

    I’m a massive Apple and iPhone fan, but I fear with this update that Apple are beginning to fall behind the pack a little. Competitors are bringing out phones that shoot 3D video now, and Apple have only just added full HD… ??

    A company like this needs to innovate year on year.. not update existing stock.

    • Jos

      Eh, did you forget about the 3 and 3GS already? Exact same thing. Why does it need a new look, so you can show it off better?

    • Sarah

      Ok, the 3D thing is just a fad. The only good thing those phones have to offer is the 3D part. The companies put all of their effort into one part, while Apple puts their effort into the whole phone. It’s kind of like how crocs used to be in style, but now they’re just another pair of crappy shoes. Soon enough, 3D will just be another thing to show off with. What good does it actually do?

  • Spartan

    I think this is really good update for the iphone. It’s fine with me that they don’t always change the look of the phone if it still looks pretty good. Prevents you from buying all new docks and stereos and car kits for the new phone.

    Hardware inside is upgraded and what matters the most the software is updated with extremely nice features!

  • joey

    iTunes match is not 20/yr for 10gb. Those prices are for additional iCloud storage.

    iTunes match (which matches music imported into itunes and not purchased through it) runs for $24.99/yr and uses the same 5gb storage that iCloud comes free with.

  • mu

    To those who are disappointed: what the heck were you expecting? Every “rumour” I read had the same specs that were announced. The only thing that was speculated about and didn’t change was the form factor. What’s wrong with current design? Why does every iPhone (or any hardware) release have to include a form factor change? Just for the sake of a change? Just so other people can tell, simply by looking, that you have the latest gadget?

    Just weird, this way of thinking.

    • Ashley Clarke

      Current design is the best design they have had yet!!

    • Dan

      That’s right!

      I don’t care if others now I have the latest i-gadget.
      And I don’t need a new designed iPhone – the current (iPhone4) design is just dope and the best (smart-)phone I ever had.

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  • Ashley Clarke

    SIRI seems good (if it lives up to the demo),
    8MP camera is a good update,
    and sure who can complain about a faster phone,
    but at the end of it all have they really done much or have they just tried to bring out a new phone and are struggling for ideas.

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  • Misha

    I bought iPhone 4 a year ago…and now I think I would have waited for iPhone 4s…:(

  • Canberra driving school

    The 4s was a great incremental update but I really can’t wait for the 5 to come out. At the driving school I own we’re going to be hooking up all of our management team with the Iphone 5 which is pretty cool!

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