Case or No Case?

Like many people, I use my iPhone as my alarm clock. The other day, the alarm went off quite sharply, and I grabbed my phone to turn it off. Problem was, the charging cable caught on my nightstand, and my iPhone 5 took a tumble onto the tile floor, marring the corner nicely. Oy.

Understandably, I was pretty upset. After all, I’ve used cases on all of my iPhones up until the iPhone 5, and I don’t know why I changed my mind. Was I lazy? Did I just keep putting it off? Did I want to show off the iPhone 5 goodness? Whatever it was, I now have a scratched and marred iPhone to show for it.

What about you? Do you buy and use a case for your iPhone or do you just let it sit about naked as a jaybird? Let us know in the poll to the right!

  • Michael A. Vickers

    I went caseless with the 4S. It helps me not to idolize the thing :)

  • James Bailey

    I haven’t dropped my iPhone since the 3G. But I use a pouch so that my iPhone 5 doesn’t get scuffed in my pocket. This is the best of both worlds as far as I’m concerned. When I’m stationary like at my desk, the iPhone is uncovered but it easily slips back into a protective case when I’m on the move.

  • Alex

    I’ve not had a case since I moved to apple for the 4s. I’m careful with my things and traded in my 4s for the 5 and still got $250 after 16 months of use. I finally just freed my iPad 3 after months of it in a case. I think they take away from the true experience they were intended for. Unless your in a job that demands it, go case less (unless you have Samsung lol)!

    • Judy

      Who did you see your 4S to…..

  • Dash

    I got the Rocketfish clear soft case from BestBuy for approx $22. On the whole, I’m very happy with it.

    It is thin and clear, so it detracts minimally from the iPhone’s styling.

    It is made of TPU so it is softer than a hard plastic case yet smoother and more rigid than a silicone case.

    I feel the back and all 4 sides/corners are adequately protected.

    My only concern is the front glass. There is a slight lip all the way around the front. When placed on a flat surface, the glass will not touch. But the gap between the glass and the flat surface is less than the thickness of a dime.

    One other minor annoyance is, like any case, it will gradually accumulate lint and cruft under it. But because it is clear, it’s quite visible. Every couple of weeks I have to take the cases off and clean the phone and cases with a microfiber cloth.

  • Terence

    I have an Otterbox defender case for my 4S and had one on my 3G too. It is well worth the cost, as I drop my phone quite a bit, and havn’t had an issue. My daughter has one on her Iphone too, but unfortunately when she was running with the phone and did a face plant, the screen on the phone broke. I was able to replace the screen though.

    • Judy

      Your daughers screen broke in her Otter Box case??

  • Nakul

    I am a big fan of Bookbook for iPhone. I used one with my 4s.
    On the iPhone 5, I fell totally in love with the aluminium back and decided to go case free.
    I got my iPhone fallen down 3-4 times and got all the corner marred.
    Thankfully, I discovered an issue with the earpiece and Apple replaced my iPhone for that.
    Now I got a Capdase case for iPhone and am taking good care of it. 😀

  • Jeremy

    I’m not clumsy, not case for me. Ever.

  • Graphic Designer in Abuja

    Case is definitely the way to go..if u wanna use ur phone for quite a while

  • PeterH

    Overall it’s a design flaw on Apple that their phone is so sensitive it needs protection. But I bought a case from and love the thing.

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