Do You Own a Black or White iPhone?

My folks recently purchased iPhone 5’s for themselves, and on my recommendation, they purchased white ones. See, I bought a black one myself, and now I find myself wishing I had bought the white instead. Of course, my mother now regrets getting a white one, so I have that parental guilt over my head. So that’s fun.

What about you? Did you buy a black or white iPhone? It doesn’t matter whether it’s an iPhone 5 or a 3GS, which color do you have for your iPhone? Let us know in the poll to the right!

  • Han

    I bought white 3G and loved it but went for black 4G because the white 4G’s are ugly and make the tiny screen look smaller.

    incidentally I went for black galaxy note when I ‘up/down graded’ because it made the screen not look so out of place (cross out whichever is inappropriate)

  • Semen

    I have both )

  • iynque

    I bought the white and sometimes I marvel at its beauty, but I have to admit the big black rectangle, the black spot of the front-facing camera, and the black line with the light sensor/IR on the front are pretty ugly. I almost wish I had a black one sometimes.

    …but then I put a perforated white hardcase on it and those little black marks don’t look so bad when they’re mimicked all along the back and sides.

    I still don’t know what color I want for my next one. :(