Do You Want More Console Games on Your iPhone?

You can go to the App Store today and buy hundreds of games for your iPhone. And although we’ve had a few console games make their way to our pockets (Sonic the Hedgehog and the Grand Theft Auto series come to mind), there are still some juggernauts that have yet to make their appearance. Our favorite Italian plumber comes to mind, but so do a lot of other characters from the Nintendo universe.

So how do you feel about console games and the iPad? Do you think we should have more of them, or do you like having your games be iOS exclusive? Let us know in the poll to the right!

  • Leonick

    Let’s put it like this, if Nintendo decided publish some games on iOS I might get some depending on which ones, I’d gladly buy any Mario Kart as long as it’s 64 or newer and I’d gladly pay for one of the New Super Mario Bros games too but things like GTA ports on the other hand, meh.

  • Sean Lewis

    I think that with mobile gaming becoming more and more acceptable platforms to the masses, I think console games should be made for all smartphones.

  • Brandon

    App Store has several good platform games, Incredible Jack, for example :)

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