How Do You Wake Up?

It wasn’t until relatively recently that I used my iPhone for an alarm clock. I had debated it for years, but after hearing about people having issues with time zone changes and all that, I just figured that it was best to use the old standby that sat on my dresser. Eventually, I changed my mind and went the iPhone route, and that’s been that.

Recently, however, I’ve thought about how I wake up. Usually it’s with a start, which isn’t the best way to begin your day for sure. I’ve started looking at different alarm clock options, and wondering what our readers use when they want to get out of bed.

So what’s your story? How do you wake up? Let us know in the poll to the right!

  • Steve

    I use Yocto clock, it has volume fade in or fade out.

  • Slag

    Sleep Cycle monitors your sleep phases and wakes you while in REM.
    It’s by far the easiest transition from sleep to waking I’ve come across.
    Only drawback is that your phone must stay plugged in and placed on your mattress. A bit inconvenient, but I’ve never had trouble with it falling or anything.