Weekly Poll: Would You Buy an iPhone Game Controller?

There’s been a lot of complaining around these parts (mostly by me) about games being ported to the iPhone that are ridiculously difficult to control. It’s just the inherent nature of holding a small phone in your hands and controlling things by touching a glass screen, but it could be improved upon.

Well, looks like someone has gone ahead and made that mythical controller that I’ve been dreaming of, the only problem is there aren’t many games for it — yet. It’s called the GamePad, and it sells for $49.99. It seems to solve most of my problems, but here’s the thing: Is having a game controller for your iPhone worth the money?

It’s your call, people. Vote in the poll to the right and let us know!

  • http://drperil.com Dr. Peril

    So there isn’t an option for “I already own some” but if there were, that’s what I’d have to choose.

    I got the thumb sticks for my iPad and iPhone ( http://bit.ly/AE2the ) and for the games with compatible controls I love it — CoD or BIA for example.

    I also have a few of those iPhone cases with the bluetooth &/or 30pin connectors. The selection of compatible games is not a great, but it’s hand for the ones that do support external pads.

    Finally I’ve also been using Apps like WifiPad and (my favorite) Joypad (http://getjoypad.com/) to turn my iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch into controllers for the Plex box at the house, which also hosts a collection of Mac games etc.

    Finally, the new Real Racing for Mac allows you to use an iPhone for a wheel, and I love it.

    The (often) lack of tactile feedback from these devices can make adjusting to them difficult, but once the transition is made being able to carry a small peripheral, or just use for your, to play a game is wonderfully convenient … and it kind of feels like the future 😉 all in all a much better experience than the frigging NGage or PSP-frankinphone…

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  • http://physicsgrad.com Taylor F

    If you had the option “No, trucking around a video game controller defeats the purpose of portable gaming” I would have picked that one.

  • George

    It would need to have dual joypads for me to buy one – then imagine using that with the Parrot AR Drone………….. if only.