What Do You Think About iTunes 11?

I think we all can agree that iTunes isn’t exactly the easiest thing to use, particularly if you have a mammoth library. There are lots of different components to the system, and it can be a bit unwieldy.

But now we have iTunes 11, a new version of the software that claims to be the best ever. Is it? Or does iTunes still need a little bit of work? Let us know in the poll to the right!

  • A Mac User

    Where’s the option for “Worst. iTunes. Ever.”?

    Most bloated piece of software apple has released recently. superfluous and shitty.

  • Andrea

    How can I see the “random order” ordered in a list? They put only that little icon to know which are the next songs. I didn’t find the way to look at the random order directly in the list: if I click on the track numbers (the tracks of the list, not of the album) nothing happens… Or, well, happens something I still haven’t understood.
    Always the same thing with Apple: they change mind and they do not add, the delete and add the function in another place… Wrong way, sorry.
    In the way I use iTunes, this one is worst than its predecessor. 4/10

  • http://unkardinal.com shaun kardinal

    after a day of use, i find it perfectly easy to navigate. my only gripe is when you’re clicking around and you leave the album you’re listening to, it doesn’t remember that you only wanted to listen to that album and continues to play whatever is after it (in whichever view you were in when you clicked play on the album). even if you click back to the area (ie: playlist) the album was in, it doesn’t remember that you selected it, so you have to re-select it. hopefully a simple thing they can reinstate.