What’s the No. 1 Thing You Do With Your iPhone?

In the process of reviewing apps, I started to wonder how much time I spent on my iPhone. It’s got to be a lot, right? And if that’s the case — which it most certainly is — what do I do the most?

Now before I got my first iPhone I would’ve guessed that talking on the phone would be its primary activity. But now, I’m just not that sure. I spend a ton of time taking pictures and sending messages, plus there’s listening to music and watching videos.

So what about you? What would you guess is the No. 1 thing you do with your iPhone? Let us know in the poll to the right!

  • Melwan

    Reading news? Reeder.

    • http://seanhasablog.com Sean

      Yup. Not quite sure why that option isn’t included in the poll…

      Instapaper, iBooks, and Reeder are my most used apps.

  • http://www.artavenue.de Robert

    Whats about surfing? … i use the browser all the time.

  • Alex

    Checking the weather. You’d think it would be an option.

  • http://christopherdwhite.com Chris White

    Web browsing, news/reading apps and productivity apps would be at the top of my lists.

  • Raffael Erhart

    Why didn’t you include news reading in the poll?

  • Miss Silky

    I love using my phone for texting especially when I can’t talk to someone and it’s the wrong time to be on a phone. I love the quality of the photos when I use my camera. The iphone is great and I love many of the features.