Weekly Poll: What’s Your Favorite New Feature of iOS 5?

This week we all watched as Apple unveiled its next round of amazing software products at WWDC. For you iPhone fans, there is a ton to be excited about. The next iteration of iOS is definitely the most major update yet and it brings about lots of great new features to drool over.

Today we want to know which new feature you just can’t wait to get your hands on this fall. They’re all pretty amazing but for some of us, a certain feature stands out as something we’ve been waiting far too long for. Which one is it for you?

After you vote in the poll, leave a comment below and let us know where iOS 5 disappointed you. Which new feature have you been waiting for years to see still hasn’t made it onto the iPhone?

  • Leonick

    I’d say all the tiny things Apple didn’t really mention at WWDC. So other.
    But out of the things listed I’d say WiFi Sync, I would have said notifications but I am not happy with them, upcoming calendar items should show in the list (like lockinfo does) instead it will only show alerts.
    Hoping some jailbreak developer will do a notification list widget that show upcoming calendar items.

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  • John

    One of the features i like the most is that you dont need to turn on auto correction to use spell check anymore! :). Reminders app is cool too, but should be a part of the calendar app.

    • John

      … Also the new safari! Tabbed browsing is great (altho the pages often reload when you switch tab on ipad 1). And as a web developer I’m stoked that they finally added fixed positioning and scrollable areas.

      Sry for double post..

  • medopal

    iOS 5 is definitely the most major update. One small thing they didn’t make yet is Bluetooth Transfer.
    I’m not sure why they are not making it or why it’s not so important in the US, but outside we use BT transfer a lot, maybe because we don’t have internet plans. Snapping a photo and sending it to your friends via BT is a must for any mobile!

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