Winners Announced: Win 1 of 10 Promo Codes for Pictorial HD!

It’s official! We’ve sent out DMs to the winners of the Pictorial HD contest. They are:

  • @bioadamsnews
  • @dotANO
  • @xodaru
  • @fiidle
  • @ilumire
  • @craigcpaterson
  • @Finalcross
  • @MacGrrrl
  • @LuckyAliP
  • @omfgjeannie

Thanks to all that entered, and look for more contests soon!

Original Post

A few weeks back, we reviewed Pictorial HD, a fun puzzle game for your iPhone that lets you align the stars to find shapes. It’s certainly addicting, and if you’ve got a need to feed your fix but don’t have a copy yet, we’ve got the deal for you. Details after the jump.

How to Enter

We’ve got 10 promo codes for Pictorial HD, and we want to give them to you. How do you get your hands on one? Super easy, sport. Here’s how:

1. Follow us on Twitter: @iphoneappstorm

2. Post a comment here on the site with your Twitter handle.

3. There is no third step.

That’s right, just follow us and comment on this very post, and you could win a promo code for your very own iPhone. So what’re you waiting for? Have at it!

  • @Sam_lb

    Me Me Me!

  • Adam Jones


  • Andrew D


  • @dotANO


  • dvejn


  • Craig Paterson


  • Rob Weber


  • Finalcross


  • James Crawford
  • Carolyn in Baltimore


  • Linda


  • Kyle


  • Uradox


  • Lucia


  • Ali


  • Nathanael


    If the planets align, perhaps I’ll win.

  • Fiidle

    Woo! @fiidle

  • Poporin


  • Lucien Campos


  • Nisant

    Pick Me Please :) @nisant_T

  • http:/ John Shammas


  • Gustavo


  • Michal Kozak

    We’ve played it a bit (the non-HD version) with my fiancee, and we think it’s great :). Would be awesome to play in on the iPad, too!

  • Jelleke


    Looks very interesting, I’d like to try it out!

  • jeannie


  • Xodaru

    Thanks for the code :)


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