How to Save a Wet iPhone or iPod Touch

You just dropped your beloved iPhone into the pool! Now what? Today we’ll take a look at the best way to ensure that this isn’t the end of your device.

In addition to outlining which recovery methods work best, we’ll also tell you some very important actions to avoid if you don’t want to ruin your phone while trying to save it!

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A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

Like anyone with a modicum of sanity living in the arid desert of Phoenix Arizona, I own a swimming pool. I also own an iPod Touch. You can see where this is going. One day, as I was diligently brushing the walls of my pool, a friend stopped by. Being the polite guy that I am, I turned my back to the pool to engage in discussion.

The problem of course with turning your back on a swimming pool is that you forget that it’s there, which means when you take a step back, your friend has cause to roll on the ground with laughter as you fall helplessly through the air in slow motion with one thought on your mind: My iPod is in my pocket! Splash.

I was drenched, completely submerged. As I scrambled out of the water I handed my phone to my friend to dry off, he managed to suppress his laughter for long enough to comply. At this point, we have an all too familiar situation on our hands. This is no mere $20 mp3 player. This is a significant purchase that has possibly seen its last Words With Friends session.

In this situation there is a right and wrong way to react. Before we get into the steps that you should take, let’s look at one important thing not to do!

Don’t Turn Your Device On

This may sound like an obvious piece of advice, but trust me, it’s not. In fact, when as I climbed out of the pool having already handed my iPod to my friend, I found that this is exactly what he did. He quickly dried off the outside of the device with his shirt and then naturally wanted to see if everything still worked and tried to use it.

This is a fantastic way to fry your device permanently. Granted, it’s likely already on standby and not truly off, but you’re still only going to heighten the risk of permanent damage if you try to increase the electronic activity.

Fortunately, in the end, this action didn’t spell disaster for my iPod Touch, but you might not be so lucky.

Drying Out the Device

As soon as you recover your device from its watery grave, the first step is to get all of the water out that you can. This goes beyond wiping the device off to even gently shaking it to try to free any trapped water inside.

Be Wary of Heat

From here one of the most common ideas is to grab a hair dryer. The problem with this method is that you can do as much damage as you repair. We know that water and electronics don’t mix, but it turns out heat and electronics have a similar relationship.

I’ve talked to and read about people that have successfully saved their iOS devices with a hairdryer, so it can in fact work. However, I don’t recommend it. If you’re convinced that this is the way to go, just be sure to use a low heat setting and take frequent breaks to allow the sensitive components in the phone to cool down.

Silica Packets: Do Not Eat!

You know those packets that come in everything from shirt pockets to guitar cases? These handy little guys are always equipped with a life-saving warning: “Do not eat!” This message doesn’t really help us in this situation but the packets are actually quite useful. As you know, they’re designed to absorb moisture, which means they offer a great method for sucking the water out of your wet device.


Silica packets are awesome for saving wet electronics

What you want to do is fill a plastic bag or tupperware container with silica packets like in the image above and then toss in your iPhone. Next, seal the container and let it sit for a lot longer that you want it to. At the very least, let it go over night. If you’re cautious, 24-48 hours is a safer bet.

During this time, resist the urge to take your phone out and turn it on to see what happens. There will still be some condensation hanging around inside and you therefore have the same circuit frying risk as before. Patience is the key!

Rice: A More Practical Solution

In theory, a bag full of silica packets is awesome, but who really has twenty of those things lying around? If I tear my house completely apart I might be able to find two if I’m having a really lucky day.

When my iPod Touch went for a dip, I was too busy being angry at myself to fix the thing. Luckily, my wife jumped in and took over the situation. Being the resourceful woman that she is, she put my iPhone in a bag and filled it with rice. I was born with an overactive sense of skepticism so I saw my wife’s actions as pure nonsense and started planning my trip to the Apple Store for a replacement.


Rice is a great substitute for silica packets

It turns out though that my wife’s black magic is actually a fairly common practice with wet electronics. The rice acts exactly like the silica packets and absorbs the moisture. In fact, this trick worked like a charm and in 24 hours I threw my iPod on a charger and it came to life. That was well over a year ago and the device still works!

The reason that rice is a less ideal solution than the packets is that it’s much messier. Rice might take the water out of your device, but it can fill it with dust. Still, unless you’re a strange hoarder who happens to have mounds of silica, rice can be a very effective solution.


To sum up, as soon as your iPhone gets wet, resist the urge to turn it on. Next, dry it off as best as you can, avoid heating it up unnecessarily and reach for the silica packets. If you don’t have any, fill a bag with rice, throw in your iPhone and seal it for around 24 hours.

Despite many stories of successful revivals, you’ll likely find that an iPhone that has been completely submerged in water will never be quite the same. Even if it still works, there will be noticeable quirks in how the responsiveness of the buttons, the audio quality, how well it takes a charge, etc. Ultimately, if you didn’t kill it, you’ve definitely brought it much closer to death than it was before.

It’s important to note that Apple has sensors in place that can tell if your phone has gotten wet, so don’t stroll into the Apple Store and claim that the thing just stopped working unexpectedly. Be honest and tell them what happened. You probably won’t get a free phone but Apple should offer you a discounted replacement (often refurbished).

If you’ve ever gotten your iPhone or iPod wet, tell us your story below. What method did you use to dry it out? Would you recommend that to others? Did Apple work with you on getting a replacement? We want to know!

Photo Credits: Scott Brown and Lisa Norwood.

  • Matthew Guay

    Dry rice works amazingly well for drying out gadgets. It got my sister’s point and shoot camera working again after it fell down a waterfall (literally). I was very skeptical, but it worked wonders. Glad it got your iPod Touch back!

    • Margarette Pierre-Louis

      I drop my Iphone accidentally in the toilet and that was a nightmare. Immediately the phone went out of wack. Took it out and shook it gently to take the excess water and called my daughter she said to put in the sun and rice. Of course, I didn’t have rice because I was at work. Put the phone in the car on top my dashboard for about one hour upside down to protect the screen. Went and got the phone out the car, I saw some moisture on the screen but it wouldn’t turn on. when I got home took a bag of rice and put the phone in there, immediately the phone turned on but it wouldn’t do anything else. I let the phone stay in the bag for a little while but I keep taking it out to see if it works and kept calling people by it self. So I put it back in the rice and let it stay overnight and it worked the next morning. I don’t know for how long it’s going to work but it works for now.

      • jeremie leblanc

        my i pod went into the washing machine and i put it in rice it did help and i hope it works a long time

      • lexcia anthony

        i just got a replacement for a crack screen now i just dropped it in the toliet trying to rush n go pee im soooo mad at myself i put it n the rice sooo hopefully it works fingers cross

      • http://USA Abby Montgomery

        I dropped my ipod in a frezzy i had it in a bag of rice for 5 days still doesnt work

    • Stu

      Haha this worked!!!! LOLOLOL Left my iphone in bag with open bottle of Evian….switched and flickered off with a red flashing light next to earpiece – was crying I was so upset – wouldn’t switch on – put `it in plastic tub covered in rice with a sylicon gel sachet out a show box – FOR 1 DAY -1 day later plugged phone in and it powered up as normal LOL. A-M-A-Z-E-D try it it worked for me LOLOLOLOL

      • Ken G

        Never got my iPhone wet. Just the sweat in my palm tripped the base sensor (one) and it was denided repar service. STAY AWAY FROM GREEDY CROOKS.

    • m.h

      hi how long did you put your phone or ipod in the rice.

      • M

        It says in the article that he put it in for 24-48 hours, which is a day or two.

      • Madison Johnson

        I put mine in a bag of rice for 2 days (24 hours) and it worked great!!!!

      • http://Facebook Miguel puente

        2-4 days

    • Vapor Armor

      Or you could just get Vapor Armor for your electronic devices. This nano technology makes cell phones and other hand held devices water repellant!!! check our our videos on you tube….

    • ryan

      i went swimming in a clorinated pool and after 5 minutes i realized i had my ipod in my pocket. i was so devastated i paid 400 bucks for it i put it in rice for 5 days didnt work i plugged it in probrably 4 days later and it worked as soon as i took it off the charger it died so let it sit for a couple of days after rice and dont charge it my advice.

    • maddie

      i did not put my iphone in a bag off rice and it works still i can still do stuff with it but i dropped it in a pot when i was cooking and now it shuts off every 5-10 minutes it happen about a couple mouths ago what should i do?

    • Dussy

      Im so happy to find this article.Today i felt asleep after talking to my bf and i was so tired that i felt asleep holding phone in my hand. Then i woke up on some strange water noise…. look around and my iphone was in my glass of water next to bed!! I quickly dried it with tower and it was all working so i was happy and put it on safe place. Then woke up 2 hrs later and couldnt make it work at all. So did my research online if there is any way i can make it work. Ofcourse i was crying in my head already and thinking where i get 500 to get new phone. Anyway found this page with rice trick , so i brought out my card and placed phone into rice for half day. Then put it into charger and it was working..:) I mean it is working. Just the light on the screen come up every minute even if i dont touch it. Not sure that more rice rest would cure it…any tips?

      • Veerle

        Gosh that it had to fall right into the glass of water! Good luck with it, I would rice treat it a bit longer if I were you.

      • Julia

        OMG, seriously! WHAT ARE THE ODDS that of all the places for your phone to take land is in a cup of water… this just happened to me this morning b/c it slipped out of my hand in the dark & I was out of my bed faster than if the mattress had been on fire. It was submerged for MAYBE 2 seconds, the bull of it is if it hadn’t been on the charger it wouldn’t have fallen in the direction that it did and I had just gotten out of bed a mere hour earlier TO PLUG IT IN. Curses to the forces that had woken me up & made me realize the battery was nearly dead! Anyway, I knew about the rice thing so I’ve got about 36 more hours to impatiently wait it out… and continue fighting the urge to fish it out & see if it comes on. Grrr…..

      • Ed

        Forget the rice. Take off any covers and remove any Sim chips. Use a hair dryer on all the open ports and connections. Keep hair dryer about 6 inches from phone and let it go for about an hour then move to another port. It dried my iPhone 4 in 5 hours after a dunk and swim into a pool!!! Restored back to 100% with no issues

      • gos

        same thing happened to me, with the difference that my iphone was plugged to charger and dropped to glass full of water next to my bed, unfortunelly I didnt hear when that happened. I think my phone spend few good hours in the glass still charging, good nothing worst happened. I placed it in rice, but honestly dont think it will ever work again… will see

    • JMC

      My Ipod went through the washer. When I tried charging it, it went to my lock screen, but I cant type in my code. There is lots of water under the screen and rice isnt helping much, what can I do???

  • Brian

    Rice is a life saver. I’ve brought a Nike+ receiver, and iPod shuffle and a tv remote back to life from water/juice spills. A friend brought an iPhone 3G back to life after a swim in the river. The key is also to not turn it out…agreed!

    • Anonymous

      Ok so I went on a field trip yesterday to this lake kind of place. We where on the dock and my friend kept making it rock so while I was near the water and trying to hold on, my iPhone (Which was only 2 weeks old and had no insurance plan) was inside the front pocket of my jacket. While we swayed side to side unfortunately my phone slipped out of my pocket and down on the wooden dock and I stepped back accidentally kicking it in. All I heard was *plop* and I saw my purple Speck case floating and then sinking. I was like wtf just happened? And No one would come and get it out I was sooo upset. Until this guy came out and took it 10 minutes later. He told me to put it in rice so thats what I did but I’m worried it might not work and I dont have a warranty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • alessondra marie perry

        today nail polish remover spilled and soaked my i pod touch from apple and we put it in a bowl of rice over night and still the inside is really wet and we tried after that letting it sit in the bowl of rice a little longer and i also tried putting it at a heater and we let it and it didnt help just made it worst and now i am going to try it in a bag of rice out in the sun

  • Ahmed

    Thanks for the tips. Looks like I need to go out and stock up on some rice!

  • Yarden Refaeli

    You KILLED me with your story! So funny!
    Thanks for the advices! I’ll try it in the next time I’m making a suicidal run into the sea with the device in my pocket :)

  • Noah

    Oh boy, the old rice myth. Hello, you have to boil rice for 20 minutes to get it tok hold water, it doesn’t just suck it up like a sponge. But the myth continues!

    • Joshua Johnson

      Interesting! I had never thought of this but I bet you’re right that it’s more effective that way. Just plain old uncooked rice did in fact work for me but this might be a better way to go.

      • noah

        But how do you know it “worked”, and that putting it in the cupboard wouldn’t have had the same effect? Next time, just leave in a dry place with airflow and see if it dries up just as fast (or faster). Although I hope you don’t have to :)

    • hembo

      Hey Noah

      I takes 20 min’s in boiling water to make rice eatable, and in that amount of time they absorb 166% of their own volume/size in water.

      If you leave rice in a moist environment, they will absorb moisture – so like the ricegrains will keep the salt in saltshakers “shakeable”, it will also be able to absorb moisture from your eletronic device.

      • Pyronaught

        Good point… the long time practice of putting rice grains in salt shakers is done to keep the salt from caking due to moisture. If it didn’t work, nobody would do it.

    • jim

      your wrong i’m pleased to say.
      my son dropped his iphone down the toilet, 48 hours in a tub full of rice brought it back to life!

    • BEQ

      You’re wrong about the rice, it can absorb without boiling mate. My old guitar got some water damage dring a cyclone and I sed rice to absorb some of the moisture from the wood. Due to the amount of moisture the rice actually swelled a little bit (and stuck to a few parts of the guitar) which indicates that the rice did help but absording moisture.

    • Lisa

      Rice does work, just letting you know. My sister has used it for her touch screen phone, and I have used it now today for my ipod touch. Thank you very much.

    • Amy

      Actually the rice method does work. If you leave an electronic in rice for like a week (occasionally changing the rice) it will dry them out. The product may never work the way it did before, but this is certainly no myth.

    • John Rogers

      One way to find out I will perform an experiment. I will take four dishes, two with one cup of rice; one covered one uncovered. Then two with no rice; one cover and one uncovered. Four equal amounts of water. Then watch and see if there is any d efferent in evaporation rate.

    • Calder Munroe

      Boil the rice for 20 min. that is the dumbest thing you could have said. The rice is not going to absorb any more water after boiling it for 20 min.
      If you don’t believe it put some rice in a ziplock bag and add a bit of water, check it a while later the water will surely be absorbed.

      • ashli bailey


    • Joe

      Your a dumb ass

      • n b


    • Ruth

      Actually, many varieties of rice absorb water without boiling. Jasmine rice is probably the most absorbant, Basmati is another good choice. When we cook it, we rinse it in cold water tioll the water turns clear constantly changing the water. Even in that short 10 minutes, the rice expands..

    • shannon

      Sorry Noah, the rice trick actually does work.

      Try putting a few drops of water into your salt shaker. The salt will never be the same. Put the salt back in the cupboard, leave for a week. The salt will still be ‘soggy.’ Place some rice in the shaker with the salt, and hey presto! it dries right up!

    • Phil McCracken

      you are a moron. of course it absorbs water.

    • Napoleon Dynamite

      you guys are idiots, Noah was being sarcastic, he meant to say if it takes rice 20 min for rice to suck up water, than it surely will not dry out your device…FREAKIN’ IDIOTS!!!

      • Docdoc

        Napoleon Dynamite – you’re an idiot too! Go give your buddy Niah a reacharound!

    • Bernster

      Idiot. It does work! Thanks for proving you’re a complete moron!

    • machelle137

      Put rice in a bowl with water overnight without cooking it and see what it does.

    • Sam

      Hahaha that is so funny – Boil rice for it to absorb the water?? If you put rice in a pot of water that is cold and leave it eventually it will absorb it. It absorbs boiling water quicker because of the heat not because its only absorbs water that is boiling!!!
      Anything that absorbs water like rice or pasta will absorb it regardless of temperature it is just that the hotter the water the quicker it will absorb.

      I just dropped my dam Iphone in the toilet this evening, am really hoping that the rice works although the flash light is stuck on and can’t get it to turn off. It has all my pictures of my daughter since she was born 1 year ago so am really gutted as haven’t backed it up in weeks.

      Hubby says they should be stored on ICloud so fingers crossed if the rice doesn’t work I won’t lose them.

      • Sue

        Sam, did it work???? I just dropped my phone in the toilet Saturday night and i immendiately put in rice I haven’t tried anything yet!! Im sos scared it wont work but I am also going NUTS without my phone!!!

        ~ Sue

  • Jan

    Very good tips! Didnt know that but I’m gonna have to remember this. Going on holiday to a tropical place so theres gonna be swimming pools there to drop my iPhone in ;)

    One thing tho, I imagine you wont be so lucky when you drop it in a sea? I mean, the salt will remain once the water is gone. How much damage will that do?

    • Deeceer

      Re seawater, a very old trick with cameras (as in film cameras – this goes WAY back) was to as soon as possible (if not immediately) submerge the camera in a bucket of plain water and keep it there until you could get the camera to a repair shop. I’d suggest with an iPhone a quick dip in plain water might at least flush the salt. Then go through the rice dryer…

  • Daniel

    Loved this article. Thanks for the tips, I’ve lost many an iPod to pools.

  • Nick

    If I had known then what I know now. I tool fell into a swimming pool with my iPhone 3GS in my pocket. By the time I got out the phone was soaked. I did try to turn it on, but nothing. I was in Florida so stuck it in the garage which is very hot to dry off. I tried turning it on a few times and it did come to life about 48hours later. However for the next few months it seemed to just shut down without warning, and the battery seemed to drain very quickly. In the end I took it to my local store in the UK. I did not know about the water sensors so just explained about the battery drain, they took out a little tool, looked in the headphone socket and declared the phone water damaged and dead. I had no insurance, or extended warranty, however they did off a refurbed replacement for £130. A new iPhone costs about £500 in the UK, so quite a bargain. I took the refurb, and I still use it now. I thought it was really good service to replace it for the price they did.

  • Michelle

    This story brings back memories. My son, now 16, saved all his birthday money to buy an ipod touch for his birthday. The day of his birthday we went to the local resort for a swim and he jumped in the pool with it in his pocket. He hadn’t even had it 24 hours. He cried for days over that. A month or so later we bought him an iphone on a plan so he is happy now. We did try to fix it by drying it out for two days before turning it on, but no luck. Wish we knew these tricks we could have saved it.

    We also could have used this advice a few months ago in Brisbane (flooding and all) but more recently the kids at the local school actually got their phones wet coming home from school when they were drenched in a downpour right at home time :( , they had their iphones in their pockets and in their bags…took them into the local Apple store, they were great by the way… replaced the phones.

    Nice to know that hope is not always lost. Thanks for the info :)

  • Bob E

    A little off track with this one:

    I install wireless internet connections in rural areas
    One day I was ALMOST done with a job when it began raining, 30 seconds from finish
    I did my best to keep my netbook keyboard & screen facing down but it shut down on me

    Knocked battery out immediately and pulled the laptop as far a part as I could, blew it out with compressed air and let a fan blow directly on it for entire weekend

    Monday AM = dead
    Next weekend = dead

    Thru it in donation pile for next trip to Goodwill
    Months later before leaving for Gwill, plugged in power supply & gave it one last shot and IT WORKED!
    Until it slipped out of tool bag while on roof and did a Humpty Dumpty…

  • Christine Wilde

    My iPhone 3G got vodka and red bull spilt on it on new years eve once. The screen went very dark but you could still use it. I threw it in the airing cupboard for a couple of days and it seemed to sort itself out. It was never the same though. The sound quality wasn’t great and sometimes the screen would flicker. I traded it in for the iPhone 4 =]

    • lharvey2797

      I heard it doesn’t work for anything except water.
      If there is sugar in the beverage that just ruins it…..not even rice will help.
      My sister, almost twelve, just got her first phone (not an IPhone) and after having it only 2 weeks she dropped it in the toilet at school.
      I told my mom about putting it in a bag of rice to absorb the water.
      She did it when my sister got home from school and the next morning my sister took it out of the rice and it works just fine. No problems since!

  • Hawaii Web Design

    Great article. Another silly thing that you may try that a friend showed me is to carry your iPhone in a ziplock bag and use it if you know you’ll be in wet weather. Better to be proactive than panic.

    It works like a charm!

    • John Paul Bell

      Great suggestion!!!

  • Dania

    haha! This happened to me and unfortunately I learned this the hard way as well. I turned on my device and it never worked again. I also learned the rice trick after it happened. Live and learn!

  • Terry

    I drowned my Iphone 3GS not by jumping in a pool but by placing it carefully in my hard eyeglass case on my bedsidetable thinking it would be better protected from getting knocked off in it; unfortunately I also place a glass of water next to the case and sometime during the night knocked the glass over and it filled up the hard case like a mini tub and my iphone sat it it for HOURS! I woke up in the morning reached for my phone and encountered water! Fighting panic I quickly made sure it was completely off then peeled off the silicone case it was in and wiped it dry before popping out the battery and grabbing a gallon baggie and old nylon and a bag of rice. I slipped the iphone into the nylon (to keep the rice from getting stuck in the battery opening) then placed it in the baggie and filled it up with rice and sealed it shut. Then came the hardest part I left it there for 2 days. After that pulled it out popped the battery back in and turned it on and it WORKED!!! It’s been 6 months since the “episode” and I’ve only had a few issues since then mostly with the camera looking like it has a slight soft focus on it when I take pictures and sometimes the “END” call button is slow to respond when pressed but nothing bad enough to make me buy a new one.

    • Becky

      How did you take the battery out of an iPhone?

      • Robert

        I had the same issue – and even the Verizon tech guy couldn’t tell me (after my Iphone4, 2 weeks old, took a toilet bath). It seemed to come out of it 99% fine, but I am giving it the trice treatment. I saw a video which I’m sure is on YouTube about removing 2 little screws at the bottom of the phone, which allows you to open the back. But it’s a bit complicated to remove the battery, but it IS removable. I am going to see if my phone revives sufficiently; otherwise I have to pay a $199 deductible to get insurance to replace it :(( There are independent repair places that may also be cheaper than the deductible. I love the phone. Never ever happened to me before after 20 years of assorted cell phone useage. Weird

  • Jenny

    Sadly, I just put my brand new iphone 4 through the washing machine. I dried it off ,put it in a bag of rice right away and started Googling to see if there were any other solutions. It looks like the rice is the most common trick out there, even my service provider told me to use rice when I called to activate my old device while I wait these dreaded two days. Who comes up with these ideas?

    Wish me luck!

  • Madison Alnemy

    So my ipod fell in the toilet and I tried putting in a bag of rice. I let it in there for about two days and when I took it out and tried charging it, it turned on but the touch screen won’t work. Also, when I look down the headphone thing I see a white, circle. Is that the water indicator? I dont want to take my ipod apart to make sure. Can anyone help on how to get my screen to start working?

    • P Buddemeyer

      Just curious did your touch screen ever start working? That is the problem with mine right now and it’s still in the rice…hoping for a revival without glitches. Would appreciate a reply…close to giving up. I rely on my phone for my business so this is killing me.

  • George Hammerton

    The bag of rice trick has worked well for me in the past and I’m now collecting every precious packet of cilia gel, just in case :)

    Thanks for a great article, I’ve shared it with a few friends who have dropped their iPhones in the toilet lol

    • j

      i cracked my iphone last summer and ever scince its been really slow, but latley the volume would go on and off and it wouldn’t connect to my computer. I started thinking that there might be to much moisture in it so i got some rince and put it in the rice. its been like 32 hours and i plugged it in to my computer and it worked (slowly but it worked) then i tried listening to music and it worked!!! then i put it back in and im going to leave it there over night! Wish me luck!!! :P

      • j

        I meant 3 hours not 32 sorry :)

    • rob

      dropping in the toilet is very common, my friend sue dropped hers in my toilet after my brother had forgotten to flush his pee away, a week next to a radiator later and she charged it up and it worked fine, I just put a bottle of water in my man bag with my iphone and the top came off durrr i’m an engineer and i did not check i had the top on tight! serves me right you might say!I have just put my soggy phone in a bowl of uncooked rice cos it sounds logical to an engineer ( albeit a stupid one ha ha)

  • Sheila

    Exactly one week after I purchase my 3GS iPhone, it fell into the toilet. I had it in a very short pocket on my jacket. When I turned around I realized it was falling. I followed it right in and grabbed it out immediately (clean water, y’all!!). My son happened to be there and came running when I screamed like a banshee. He turned the phone off immediately and pulled out the sim card. He shook out the excess water and I immediately placed it in a bowl of rice, actually, it was Minute Rice. I started researching online and realized there was hope for my phone. I did not touch it for 3 days and nights. I plugged it in, charged it all night and then turned it on the next morning. The phone worked perfectly, however there was still some water under the glass. I know everyone had said not to use heat or a blow dryer or anything like that. So, I turned the phone off again laid the phone on top of the rice and used my piano lamp. I put it about 8 to 10 inches from the phone and left for work. That night before bed, I turned it on and the water was gone. Took it to work the next day but it shut off within a couple of hours. I took it home and this time I stood it upright in the rice with the back side facing the lamp. Piano lambs can be twisted around to get direct light. I left it there all night and the next day. The phone was fixed. It worked abosolutely perfect for about three months until I updated to the IOS 4.1. That was ten times worse than the water. lol. Whatever you do, don’t get impatient. Live without your phone for a while like I did. iPhones are a lot more resillient than you think and i absolutely love mine.

  • Tom

    I dropped my phone into bathtub, and I took it out right after it fall. and it was playing music. then I turn it off. and put in dry rice like everybody else. after about 8 hours, I turned it on. and it is working, but just now and than it will restart itself. it just happened this morning. I will let you guys know how it goes.

    • Elizabeth

      That is exactlly what happened to me… Worst part is i have had the phone less than 72 hours.

      I think it was in the water for less than a second. when I pulled it out it was still playing the music.

      I checked online and is says for the iPhone for it will show little red spot indicating water damage where the head phones are and where you plug it in to charge.

      After close inspection NO RED spots thank got and the phone was in a case but not a very good one, at least not one that is water tight.

      I currently have it sitting in a bag of Jasmine rice and am hoping for the best.

      Can you let me know how your phone held up? Would love to have some encouraging news…

  • Michelle

    Kayaking today I dumped myself, dog and iPhone in the river. iPhone is sitting in a bag of rice now, hope it works, not sure if I’m covered through AT&T. Damn!

    • JDS

      Same thing happened to me while kayaking. My iphone was in a ziploc, but there was still moisture. I shut it off, and stupidly tried to turn it on later figuring that it was in the ziploc so it probably didn’t get too wet (just moisture). I have it in a ziploc with silicon packs (yes, I do save them). I am trying hard to be patient and hope to leave it in there …for …… a week.

      • JDS

        SO, I didn’t touch it for a week. When I finally charged i,t it popped on and and worked fairly well for about 3 days. Then I saw a screen flash problem and it would randomly stop and shut down, then restart. Sent it in to apple for the $199 water damage replacement plan. They’ve been good. Sadly the replacement has a hardware problem which I did not cause, but they are sending another one. On another note. My old IPod nano also got soaked. It had water under the screen. I left it in a ziploc bag with the anti moisture packs that are used to ship items to you. Yes, I collect them. I let it the entire month without touching it, and it works perfectly!

    • rob

      sod the phone, how is your dog?

  • Ashley

    I was talking on my phone while in the pool like I always do and never drop my iphone (3gs)…. :( but i dropped it today and snatched it out of the water and took the case off and tried my best to dry it off. My friend told me to blow dry it; so I did each end for a while and my phone was still on. It wouldn’t shut off after it got wet. The screen works. I can still do everything right now, but it keeps vibrating and the screen shuts off. I went online after all that and discovered this article. The phone is in a bag of rice. Im going to leave it in the bag for 2 days. I hope this rice thing works for my phone.

  • Michael

    If you need silica packs go to a local pharmacy and ask them for some. I got a whole ziplock bag full of them.. perfect! Also take the SIM card out from the top to allow for better absorption.

    • GK

      Hi all,
      I have a question to ask for those who’s iPhone fell in water; Did it get warm after the fall? Am asking coz mine just fell in water and it is getting too hot even to handle…

  • Rashawnica

    I got in a horrible car accident and my ipod got a little wet from rolling into a ditch and having a trailer land on top of me. I’m not sure where the water came from but the Ipod didn’t get that wet, it was on and playing when it got wet, and I remember it staying on while it was wet. and on Thursday it wasn’t working, I haven’t tried to turn it on since the accident and its been in a cool, dark and dry place since Thursday and I’m scared to try to turn it back on, I have about 70 GB of music on there and not all of it is backed up. I could are less about the actual ipod I will just cry if I can’t have all of my music back. That’s all I want. Are there any tips or tricks other than the rice and letting it dry? Or is my music doomed??

    • Tammy

      Not sure if this works with the touch Ipods. But I washed my 120 GB Ipod once. I placed it in Isopropyl Alcohol and placed it on a very low heat source. In theory, alcohol replaces/repels the water, low heat source evaporates the alcohol. Allow plenty of time, 1-2 days for total evaporation, and only a very low heat source.
      Charged it after 36hrs, it turned on immediately and haven’t had any problems since. Hope this helps.

  • Pat

    One day, my friends and I decided to take a trip to the quarry. All my friends decided to go for a swim but I didn’t feel like it. So I sat there watching them having fun, jumping off the cliffs so I decided I might as well go join. I run, dive off the cliff and as soon as I hit the water it clicked into my head that “omg I didn’t take my iPhone out of my pocket.” I reach down and surely there it is. Good thing I decided to go swimming… Anyway later when I got home I took off the back of the phone and stuck it in a bag of rice for about a day. I plug it into the charger and bam! It starts charging. I have had absolutely noo problems with anything on the phone except the battery does not hold a charge nearly as long as it did before. I will have it fully charged when I go to bed and 7 hours later, it lost about 40% of it’s battery life, when I used to get just about 2 full days of use on one charge. I have since replaced the battery thinking that was the problem, but nope, battery still drains even when I’m not using it. I still havn’t done a restore, so hopefully when I’m back from the cottage I restore it to an older back-up, and it fixes the problem.

  • Taylor

    Last night I’d placed my iPod touch on the arm of the couch and it slipped off.

    Directly into my cup of water. It was only in there for a few seconds before I realized it and it stayed on. I took the case off and cleaned off the water. The screen didn’t seem to have any water under it and it was working for a while after I’d dried it off. It glitched some times though and eventually the only thing that was happening was the sound kept going down until it was completely off and I’d turn it back up but it would just keep going down. I felt safer in this area as I’d encountered that glitch before and the first time it had just started happening with no known cause. I turned it off when I realized the touch screen wasn’t working and turned it back on. It told me to connect to iTunes and I was freaking out. I connected it and iTunes told me it couldn’t read what was on my iPod so it reset all of the original settings for me. It would turn on, but the screen still wasn’t working. I held down the sleep/wake button and the home button for about ten seconds to reset it and put it in rice overnight. This morning I tried to turn it on and it won’t even turn on so I put it back in rice and I’ll probably keep it there all day. I wouldn’t be so worried if there weren’t cracks in the screen, which had never affected it’s working ability before but since they got wet water probably seeped in. I don’t want to take the screen off because I don’t want it to break up and fall apart. I don’t know what I’m gonna do :0 I’ll probably have to go the store and get a new iPod, but I hope it starts to work again. I can live with a few little glitches.

    • Alex

      the same thing happened to me, exept that it fell in the bathtub! Butt it work about perfect. :)

  • Kevin Dolorico

    Just an aside, instead of silica packets from electronics, you can also find crystal kitty litter (about $6 for 4lbs) which is essentially the same stuff.

  • Painlessone

    I soaked my phone for more than one min at the bottom of a pool before it could be retrieved. I blew off the water with an air compressor and blew the air into the headphone jack and water ran out the speakers at the other end.
    Went to Home Depot and bought some “Moisture Rid” which is used to dry out areas that tend to mildew (closets etc) For three dollars I got the smallest package, dumped the Calcium chloride crystals into a tupperware bowl, put down a paper towel and laid my Iphone on the towel. Snapped the Tupperware lid shut and left the bowl shut in an oven with the interior light on for 24 hours.
    Works perfect.

  • mike

    My iphone was in the water a good 5 minutes as I forgot to leave it ashore before swimming. I turned it on after exiting the water, saw the icons light, then go black. (uh-oh)
    I first shook the phone several times and saw water fly from presumably the speaker holes and then the charging hole. I did not do the rice thing. I had a large strong fan blowing in my garage, the temperature was probably about 85 degrees. After removing the SIM card on which I could see moisture–just laid that out to dry in a safe place, no wiping of that (SIM removal is an easy process, Google iphone SIM Card Removal) I placed the Iphone in such position that a strong breeze from the fan blew into the empty SIM card slot all night. Once the SIM card slot is open, air can pass from one end of the phone and out the other end. The first thing I noticed in the evening was the water haze had disappeared from inside the camera lense. The next day about noon, before an intended trip to the ATT store to see about a new phone, I turned the previously wet phone on. (I had the previous day after reading postings here, turned the phone completely off with the 10 second pressing of both startup buttons.) After a few seconds the Apple logo appeared and a few seconds later my icons could be accessed. The only lingering effect that I have thus far noted is a slight mottling effect caused by the water on the view screen, so that photos have some mottling now when viewed. Otherwise, all apps, phone features, texting etc. seem to be working as previous to the drowning of the phone. The fan method–that I haven’t seen listed anywhere–saved my phone and it took less than 24 hours to do so!

  • Carlie Ginn

    I droped my fone in a bucket of mop water and it stoped working soi put it in rice for two days it turned on but the touch on the screen dont work please helppp meeee !!!!!!!!!

  • annabelle

    Well guys dont ever ever ever leave your phone on the floor when ur child is nappy-less and wees on your iphone! because no company will touch it! and it is now BUSTED! no rice can help! GUTTED! new phone to buy now :((((

    • Veerle

      Put it in the washing machine, then do the rice trick!

  • Cammie

    I was at work and had my iphone in my back pocket (somewhere I usually never carry it), I went into the restroom and well… It took a dive into the toilet. :-( I quickly dried it off, started shaking the water out, and held it under the hand dryer. I then googled wet iphones and help… It said use compressed air on the top and bottom, which I did. It also said use rice. I ahd none available at the time. It said the silica gel packs, so I went searching all over my work, found 6 and threw them and the phone into a plastic baggie. I also looked up moisture absorbers and found something called damprid. So, I opened that back and put my baggie into there. It comes on now, but I turned it off to allow more time… We’ll see tomorrow how it is, if my efforts pay off.

  • Marcus

    I bought my iphone 4 and had it in an otter box from day 1. It was in excellent condition until it fell off the back of my commode and into the toilet (clean water :-) thank God). It took about 5 seconds to fish it out. I hit the home button and it came on. I immediately ripped off the otter box components and shook out all the water. I tested it again and it was black screen from there on out. I remembered reading a post that talked about putting a wet iphone in the freezer. I hesitated, but did it. I later got on the internet and found this forum and read everyone’s posts. After freezing it 45 minutes, I decided to pull it out before my glass broke. I took compressed air and blew all excess water out. I turned my home thermostat to fan (not a/c or heat) and put the phone on the floor register and let it sit for several hours to dry out completely. I tried turning it on several times after that and nothing. Finally, I put it in a bag of rice and let it sit for about 15 hours. I tried turning it on the following day (after about 15 hours) and still nothing. I called technicians who work on damaged iphones and the lady told me to plug it up and then try powering it on-in case the battery was fried. I did and it immediately came on! Nothing was wrong with the battery. I’ve only had it going a couple of hours, but at this point, it actually works better than it did prior to getting wet! It moves through websites quicker than before and is more responsive. The lady did inform me that it typically takes 24-48 hours for the rice to work and to just be patient. I just happened to work quicker for me. Thanks for the advice with the rice guys. I really think it works. -Marcus

  • cody

    yesterday morning i was getting ready for class, dropped my iphone 4 in the toilet. i had one of the otterbox defender series cases on it which is water resistant, but not water proof. i quickly grabbed my phone and removed the case and dried off my phone. when it was dry everything was working except the speaker when music played. i turned it off and put it in a bag full of rice. so far its been in there for 36 hours so i really hope its fine when i take it out!

  • Sin

    Tonight I dropped my ipod touch in the toilet. Got it out as fast I could and put it in a jar filled with rice. Now I’m going to wait for a week. My fingers are crossed. Hope it works.

    • Sin

      So, It’s been 18 days and it’s still working like nothing happened.
      I left it in rice for 2 days, and then I bought a package of moisture absorb agents. Left my ipod in a jar along with those for 24 hours and opened it… ta-daa! It works just as normal since then.

  • Katrina Guevarra

    just recently, about 2 weeks ago i went to the movies with some friends and after the movie we went into the toilets and my iPhone 3G was in my back pocket and it fell right into the toilet i was panicking and yelling out that my phone fell in and that i wasnt joking and like five second after it fell in i could see the screen was on in the toilet haha and i kind of hesitated for a bit and then grabbed it out of the toilet and slid it under the toilet stalls to my friend and she took off the case and started to put it under the hand dryers because the ladies in the toilets were telling her to and when i finally got out of the toilet we ran all around the shopping centre trying to find the apple store but we ended up going to optus haha and they took out the sim card and everything and then we went to the phone repairs and there was two girls in the line and they said to put it in rice for a whole two weeks (even though most people say only two days) and we tried it and my phone pretty much worked like how it did before i dropped it. But my iPhone was jailbroken and it was very slow and kept freezing, so i restored it and now i have trouble with dragging things like the slider on the homescreen and it really annoys dad says its working just fine and that im just impatient lol but he said he recons it will work fine later on…hope it does :s

  • Hari

    Can you tell me what exactly happens if we switch on the iphone immediately after it gets wet? Can we still try the ‘rice-thing’?

    • rahul

      Yeah I dint know wat to do and tried to turn it on but the screenw as already black and water logged.I could see a lot of water.I panicked.I aint all dat rich and I had saved so much money over the years.If it hasnt short circuted the rice thing should work.Or u shld try using a thermostat or nail polish remover(it apparenlt worked

  • Bruce

    My wife just dropped her new iPhone 4 in the toilet while we were at a restaurant. She brought it out cursing and still drying it off. I told her to immediately turn it off. It turned off and then it showed the apple sign and turned right back on?! I took it from her and tried to turn it off several times myself and it would just do the same thing and turn right back on by itself… I even tried to do a hard reset by holding down both buttons. Still just turned back on. So I texted her phone to see if it still worked. The message went right through and she received it. My sister told me about the rice thing so we went and bought some. I took out the sim card and noticed that now it wouldn’t turn on. I have it in a bowl of rice right now and we are gonna leave it there for the weekend. I am really afraid that it fried itself by not turning off when I kept trying to get it to. I guess we will see Monday…

  • Bruce

    IT WORKED! I put it in rice for the last 2 nights and then plugged it in. At first nothing. I thought for sure it was dead. I left it plugged in and left te room. I never heard the chirp of when it turned back on so I assumed it was dead. After about 15 minutes I told my wife that her phone was dead and we were just gonna have to get her a new one. I walked back in the room where it was and unplugged it. The thing just turned right on and said it had less than 20% battery life! I am so amazed! I plugged it back in and let it charge all the way. My wife has been playing around with it for the last hour and there seems to be absolutely no problems at all. Audio works great, buttons and apps all work correctly, and it holds the charge just fine! Rice…. Who woulda thought. And I gotta hand it to the iPhones too. They are built pretty dang well to withstand water and still work!

    • Yvette ~ Muy Bueno

      OMG! Mine doesn’t power off either and is sitting in rice. I’m praying it will work. I’ll give it a couple of days. Grrr!

      • Aveen

        same thing happened to mine :( did it work then?

  • kyle fraser

    i was drunk one night, last night to be exact and after i was done my bowl of apple pie i threw up in the bowl. i woke up to see my phone submerged within my vomit… i have yet to see if my phone is alive or not.

  • eric

    just dropped my iphone in the shitter… sitting in a rice bowl with a fan on it. hope it gets the water out. not sure what to do about the poop

  • Cleo

    I just dropped my new Iphone 4S in the pool, its in rice now….hope this works…… will find out today.

  • iLikeHeroes

    PLEASE REPLY ME!!!!!!!!

  • iLikeHeroes

    So here is the story, I accidently dropped my ipod touch into a toilet. IT was been there barely 3 to 5 seconds. Then I wiped out all the water and then i blew in to the speaker and water came out. (I did not use hairdryer) then i checked to make sure everything was okay and everything except the audio won’t play. The ringer tone was working somehow but the songs and camera shutter sounds, lock sounds etc did not worked. So i plugged in my earphone and it worked.( I turned of and turned on and used some apps :( hope its fine) So I searched on how to fix it and repair it then i found this website about an 10 minutes later i think. there was no rice nor package of silica. I was afraid to tell my mom so i ran to the store and got rice and now my ipod touch is in the rice. I don’t what will happen hope it works.
    But another problem i was exaggerated at that time so i pushed my ipod touch into the rice strongly and then there is this piece of rice stuck inside the headphone jack. (Pain in the Ass). I haven’t tried any dangerous things yet, i only tried sucking it up but its still there. (its really close now)
    So I cross my finger and hope it will work.
    So any suggestions on how to pull out the rice out???

    • iLikeHeroes

      Now few minutes ago i checked it and pulled out one rice and then there was 3 more and i removed 2 of them but the last one broke into many species!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!! I can’t pull it out! I REALLY LOVE MY iPOD TOUCH 4Gn and im crying any suggestions please? please help me, my headphone jack was perfectly fine before this happened and now i’m so scared please help me! :(

      • N

        er….vaccum cleaner/hoover

      • rob

        ha ha, thanks guys – really sorry to those of you who have lost your phones altogether, but thanks to those who submitted funny accounts of how you