Take Better Voice Notes with iTalk Recorder

When it comes to voice recording on the iPhone, there are quite a few options. There’s the built-in Voice Memos, which not only works well but is free, then there’s apps like Dragon Dictation which even transcribe recordings into text.

But for the past few years, one app has been steadily adding features and making improvements, making it one of the better options for making a recording on the go. It’s called iTalk Recorder, and some of its features are pretty impressive. So why would you want to download iTalk Recorder when you already have Voice Memos built in? Hit the jump to find out.

The Basics

Once the app is on your iPhone, fire it up and you get a giant red button that says, “Press to Record.” Choose your recording quality, give it a title if you wish, and then push the button so that you can start it up.

Recordings and uploads made easy

Recordings and uploads made easy

Looking for more? Well let’s talk about personal experiences. I’ve been conducting phone and in-person interviews for several years now, and I live by one rule: Always have backup. After all, you never know when you’ll run out of batteries in your recorder in a critical situation, and lose the interview you need to order to hit a deadline. Once iTalk Recorder came out, I decided to give it a shot, working in tandem with a Sony digital recorder. More often than not, iTalk made a better recording than the recorder, and that Sony was expensive.

What Makes It Better

First off, having this thing on hand at all times makes it one less device I have to carry to and from an appointment. Since I always have my iPhone handy, I’m always ready to make a recording. That means that if I have to do a surprise interview and I don’t have my Sony digital recorder handy, I’m still able to get the job done.

Manage Your Recordings Anytime

Manage Your Recordings Anytime

One nice thing about the Sony was that I could plug it directly into the USB port on my Mac and download the files right away. Fortunately, iTalk makes this process even easier by giving you three options to get your recordings to your Mac.

The Three Options

First, there’s iTalk Sync, the free download from Griffin. Just download the app and connect both your Mac and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network. Once that’s done, fire up iTalk Sync and watch the magic happen.

Once Your Mac and iPhone Are On the Same Wi-Fi Network ...

Once Your Mac and iPhone Are On the Same Wi-Fi Network ...

...all of Your Files Become Available For Download

...all of Your Files Become Available For Download

Now you can just drag and drop your files onto the desktop, then play them via preview or add it to iTunes.

Option 2 is e-mail. Although it’s not very fancy, just click on a file and export the thing to whoever you like, just like any picture or PDF. Then, there’s the next option, which is the biggie.

Option 3

So far I’ve talked about adding a program to your Mac to allow for downloads over your wireless network, and e-mail, both of which are very convenient options. But like many people, I spend a lot of my time working out of Dropbox. It’s a convenient place for me to keep files that I’ll need when I’m on the go, whether I’m using an office computer or just out with my MacBook Pro trying to get things done. Now, via a $1.99 in-app purchase, you can get DropBox support for iTalk Recorder as well.

Link and Unlink Your Dropbox Easily

Link and Unlink Your Dropbox Easily

This works pretty much in the way that you’d expect. Simply touch the file you want to upload, and then share it via Dropbox. Just like that, it’s on your Dropbox account and ready for sharing with friends or to be transferred to another computer. It’s that easy.

The Verdict

You may be wondering why you’d want to download yet another app for your iPhone when Voice Memos is already there. Just remember that iTalk Recorder is like Voice Memos on steroids. There are recording quality options, syncing options, and more importantly, the ability to easily transfer the voice files in a number of different ways.

Sure, you can e-mail or text message your files in Voice Memos, but syncing with Dropbox or even downloading directly to your Mac is well worth it. Besides, the app is free. If you’re like me, you can put it in a folder with your other dictation apps (Voice Memos included) and pull it out when you need it.

If you’re someone who needs to take notes frequently, record interviews or meetings, or just likes to have an audio notebook for their day, I think you’ll find that iTalk Recorder offers something that not many others do: Flexibility. It’s that flexibility that makes the app worth it to me in the long run, and one that’s stayed with me through all of the other changes. So is it worth it? In my opinion, definitely.


Record notes, meetings or presentations with your iPhone, then send it to your Mac wirelessly.

  • Drdul

    Option 4: Use PhoneView, transfer files from iPhone via USB. Then, write Giffin and ask them to add iTunes sync.

  • Frank

    The software sucks. It only allows 2 meg output then it lock you and thus your recording are their hostage unless you purchase thier premium product

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  • Peter

    Buy the app cheapo. What do you think, that some kid wrote that software in a day?

  • My Better

    My best app to record is squaRecorder. An original way to organize your life. It is based on audio notes.

  • miliu

    Thanks for this introduction. I come across this article because my son’s iPod’s connector is broken and can’t connect to computer anymore (it still charges slowly), but he got some files on iPod he’d like to transfer out. One option you mentioned is email, however, there is a limit of up to 2 MB (not GB) per file. I’m surprised you didn’t mention this limit. Also, the free version doesn’t support Dropbox. I’ll try the Pro version tonight to see how it works.

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