The iPhone 4S has been out on the market for a few weeks now, and even though it’s flying off the virtual shelves, not everyone is convinced if it’s a good purchase or not. What do you think?

Sure, we could make this complicated by bringing in contract info and all that, but let’s just make this plain and simple: Is it worth it? Forget about whether your contract is ready to expire. If all things were equal, is the iPhone 4S worth the purchase or does it just not hold enough allure for you to buy one? Let us know in the poll to the right.

The notification system on the iPhone has been made fun of for years now, and many people considered it broken because it wasn’t as cool as the alternatives. Admittedly, I fell into this camp myself, mostly because I was interrupted by a text message too many times while playing Infinity Blade, causing me to get cut in the neck and die. The system needed to change, and it did. Thankfully.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped people from continuing to complain, which puts us in the position we are today. Now we have “too many” options for our notifications, and some people are even finding them to be too confusing to work. In reality though, the new notification system in iOS 5 is a step above the previous model, it just takes a few tweaks to get things perfect. Want to find out what they are? I’ll tell you after the jump.

The big feature in the iPhone isn’t the better camera or the faster processor, it’s a piece of software called Siri, and it’s very popular. Just by hitting a button you can speak whatever you want into the phone and get your answers in just a few seconds. “What time is my next appointment?” “How do I get to mom’s house?” “Where can I get a piece of pizza?” It’s quite the amazing piece of software.

But with any type of new technology, there are a few hiccups in the road. Siri isn’t perfect at answering every question, but that’s not even the most important part. Frankly, you can kind of look like a douche using it.

So how do you avoid looking like a jerk while still using the service? And is it useful enough to use every day? We’ve lived with Siri for a few weeks now, and we’ve got some answers.

Travel Blogging is great in theory, but often hard to actually accomplish. After a long day of sightseeing abroad you dutifully sign on to your hotel’s patchy Wi-Fi and try to upload images and correlating text for your travel blog — or you are like me, and after sightseeing you “dutifully” patron the hotel’s bar instead. Suffice it say, your travel blog (and mine) is not what you had hoped for.

But it can be. TripColor, a new social travel blogging app has made it mind-blowingly simple to create and maintain a legitimate travel blog.

Learn about the app that will make you a travel blogging pro after the jump.


Now that the new iPhone 4S is out on the street, it’s no surprise that many acclaimed iOS developers are releasing updates and new titles to make sure we’ve got great games to show off with.

We’ve gathered a few of these titles for you, so hop in and have a look!


Have you ever given much thought to the designs that end up on a T-shirt? No, not the standard T-shirt that everyone and their dog owns but the unique designs that make you think, “Dang, why didn’t I think of that?” If you have, then Threadless is going to be the app for you.

The app, which allows you to vote on designs submitted by the Threadless community, gives you the power to determine which designs get printed, as well as some of the power. You can also browse the online store, order something from the shop and have a bit of fun with the Doodle Pad and the Festasizer. I’ll cover all these features plus some of the less exciting in-between bits after the jump.


When the iPhone 4S was announced, Apple also introduced quite a few other products including Cards, which made everyone tilt their heads slightly to the left and say, “Huh?” It didn’t make a lot of sense to most people, but to me, I got it. I tweeted this right away:

New Cards app for iOS. My mother will buy this today, guaranteed. Make your own greeting cards on your iPhone.

Apple has sold greetings cards for a long time now through iPhoto, but this will take it up to the next step. Get ready to see lots of Apple cards in your mail this holiday season.


Whether you are renovating, buying a new home or just redecorating, it is not uncommon to spend dozens, if not hundreds of hours poring over shelter magazines, books, websites and blogs. Not only is interior/exterior design information and photos scattered (and oftentimes costly), it can be utterly overwhelming.

Houzz, which is touted as the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN, consolidates everything from finding home improvement professionals in your area to gathering inspiration into Ideabooks, all in just one app.

And that’s not the half of it. Learn more after the jump.


I prefer applications that provide some sort of syncing service. This is pretty advantageous compared to other apps, since you don’t need to worry about backing anything up in case you restore your iPhone (or if you lose it), and you can use the same information from different devices and even different services. For example, you can use Wunderlist from nearly any device or computer, even a browser, which is a lot more comfortable than just having your tasks on your iPhone.

Considering the advantage of having an app that syncs with any service, here’s a list of approximately 40 apps that have this functionality.


I’ve talked a little bit about how single-function apps help me manage the different aspects of my life, and how utilities can be extremely beneficial and excel at one key aspect. Dialvetica is one of those apps.

What can Dialvetica do for you? Well, that depends on what you want it to do. The possibilities aren’t quite endless, but this utility is one of the favorite apps that I’ve added to my iPhone. Why? Read on and find out.


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