Every app on your iPhone syncs with iTunes, which means it also resides on your Mac. Unlike the iPhone, our wonderful Macs are fairly open and make it easy to dig around in important files. Put these two statements together and you get the realization that you can use your Mac to tear apart your iPhone apps to see what’s inside (no jail-breaking required).

Today I’ll walk you through the basic process of breaking into an iPhone app in addition to discussing why on Earth you would want to do such a thing.


It’s that time of day again, when I like to kick back on my bed and watch the latest episode of “The Big Bang Theory” on Hulu.  The only source of illumination now is the glow of the monitor sitting on my desk across the room.  It is all quite nice until the neighbor’s dog starts barking and I need to get up and out of bed, walk over to the computer and turn up the volume.

My first solution to this dilemma is the obvious one- bring my bluetooth mouse and keyboard to bed with me.  This is fine, but without a surface for the mouse it can be cumbersome to manage and the keyboard seems superfluous when all I need to control is the volume.  If only there were some way I could control the mouse, the volume, the play/pause functions and when the show ends, put my computer to sleep… What!?! TouchPad for the iPhone/iPad can do all of that and so much more!?! That’s great!


For many, the holidays are a time of family get togethers. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case that getting the family together leads to a good time! Why not help out this year by breaking out some hilariously fun party games? No you don’t need to pack a bunch of boxes and pieces that you’re sure to lose, all you need is your iPhone!

Below you’ll find over ten great party games that are sure to make you a hit with your friends and family.


Have you been frustrated by simplistic text editors and note apps for iOS? Whether you’re a dedicated writer or a code monkey who can’t quit pounding out code even when on the go, you’ve likely found that most office and note apps don’t quite cut it.

Nebulous Notes is a notepad-type app that aims to solve these problems. It includes tons of options to tweak so you can get your editing environment working just like you want, and even includes macros to help you enter common text or special characters without navigating through all the available keyboard layouts. Let’s look at how this app can help simplify your writing or coding on the go.

Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Okinawa Game: Keep your Vitality!. The developer describes Okinawa Game: Keep your Vitality! as “a new type of casual game, an entertaining way to unlock the secrets of a longer life! “Okinawa Game: Keep Your Vitality!” takes the Okinawa island diet, exercise and lifestyle secrets and packages them into 1 game that anyone can enjoy. Join Master Ki as he teaches everything you need to know about living a healthier life through 4 addictive games offering numerous levels and in-game rewards.”

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Way back before iPhone.AppStorm even existed, we did a few iPhone app reviews on Mac.AppStorm. The original Put Things Off application was one of the rare apps that made it in during that time period. It was an attractive and extremely unique task manager that we really enjoyed using.

Recently, we were thrilled to get our hands on the newest iteration of the app, Put Things Off 2. Below we’ll take a look at the beautifully upgraded interface and walk you through the apps features. This is one review you won’t want to “put off” reading!

If the vast information repository that is the Internet were a solar system, Wikipedia might just be the sun (with Google being the rocket ship that takes us there). It’s the central element to most of our every day knowledge hunting expeditions. Any time you have a question to ask of the all-knowing Internet, there Wikipedia will be, sitting quietly near the beginning of your search results, holding the answer to your question.

Today’s app answers the question, “What if Wikipedia weren’t just an answer to our questions?” What if this great storehouse of knowledge could be transformed into an enjoyable daily reading experience that we visit for educational entertainment? Enter Discover — Wikipedia in a Magazine.

If there’s one big advantage that Android has over iOS, it’s arguably the lock screen. Although it’s neat to customize the wallpaper on your lock screen with images of your uncle’s weird gun collection, it would be nice if you could see what you have to do for the day or check out a quick reminder. Well it turns out there is a way to do that via a quick workaround, as well as a way to have handy reminders on the lock screen.

It’s called Sticky Notes Pro, and it’s a cool little app that lets you do all that and more. It even comes with a handy video to show you all of the nuances of the program. So is it worth the low price? Good question. Fortunately, we have the answer.


It may be hard to believe, but there are in fact plenty of people out there who still own a phone whose primary function is making calls! The rest of us have fully embraced the world of mobile apps and are possibly on our second, third or even fourth smartphone purchase.

So what we want to know today is what the last smartphone operating system you used was before switching over to the iPhone. Were you a faithful Android user, a BlackBerry addict or maybe even a Palm Pre fan? Obviously, despite these being the most popular choices, there have been tons of other systems to choose from, especially in the pre-Android days! Since there is far too many in this last category to list, we’ve included an “other” category for you to write yours into.

After you cast your vote, leave a comment below and let us know the specific handsets that you’ve owned and whether or not you’ve been happy with the switch to the iPhone.

So there you are making your list, checking it twice, and trying to remember where in the garage you put the Christmas decorations. Life is tough. And while they may not solve your problems (or find your snow globes), these new titles from the App Store game section may restore you to a happy seasonal mood!

Also in the spirit of giving, please keep sending us your tips — we read and enjoy them and try our best to follow up with each.


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