When working as an editor or writer online, it’s easy to stay behind the scenes and remain something of an elusive shadow. AppStorm is no exception – we have a great team of editors and writers who work really hard to bring you a regular stream of top-notch articles across the sites.

Today, I thought it would be fun to publish an interview with your very own editor – Josh Johnson. He joined the AppStorm team just a few months ago, and is the driving force behind everything that goes on at iPhone.AppStorm.

I hope you enjoy getting to know your editor a little better, and feel free to leave a few questions for him in the comments!


I was a big fan of Envato long before I began writing for AppStorm. One of my favorite aspects of the Envato network is the Envato Marketplaces, where I’ve been an author for quite a while. The Envato Marketplaces serve as both an excellent way for designers, developers and musicians to make a little extra income as well as pick up a few quick resources. This ever-growing network of sites includes ThemeForest, ActiveDen, AudioJungle, VideoHive, GraphicRiver, 3DOcean and CodeCanyon.

As an Envato Marketplace author, you frequently have to stop by a site to check in on your earnings, comments, etc. Recently, Envato released an API for the marketplaces that has led to a sudden crop of awesome apps allowing you to perform this task right on your iPhone. Below we’ll take a look at all the apps currently available for marketplace authors so you can decide which is right for you.


Dropbox is one of the best free tools to ever hit the Mac. Much more than a simple backup utility, people use Dropbox in all sorts of different ways, from hosting entire websites to sharing files with classmates.

The Dropbox API makes it possible for developers to integrate Dropbox functionality into their own apps. The most popular use of this technology we’re seeing on the iPhone is a recent crop of Dropbox-compatible note-taking applications. These apps allow you to create notes on your iPhone and then access them on any computer or mobile device where you have Dropbox installed. Below we’ll take a brief look at a few of these Dropbox note apps so you can decide which is best for you.


In the fast-paced landscape of the App Store, it’s very rare that a game can make us slow down and pause in genuine admiration. Some manage it with good humour or a clever new mechanic, others with the sheer beauty of their presentation. Sometimes the two come together. Among those few titles is Osmos: a game designed for contemplation.

Eschewing hyperactivity in favour of a more patient pace, Osmos offers gamers a gorgeous and fluid environment in which the simple task of growing your single-celled organism is explored through 2 different game modes and 8 distinct level formats for a total of 72 diverse levels. It is one of the most highly acclaimed games on the App Store and, as we’re about to discover, the praise is well earned.


Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting No More Socks. The developer describes No More Socks as “not just another Xmas list app – it’s the ultimate iPhone app for gift planning for Xmas and for all other events, all year round.”

“Store and organise your gift ideas, find & bookmark gifts online and go shopping without leaving the app. There is no other app like it. Add notes, set budgets, specify your first choices, do research, organise, re-organise… or, keep it simple.”

Read on for more information and screenshots!


You may have seen MiniBooks ads here on AppStorm and have wondered what the company is all about. Though we aren’t obligated review the apps of our sponsors, this one is good enough that we wanted to share it with you.

MiniBooks is an iOS compatible app created by Groovy Squared. In this article, we’ll review MiniBooks, highlight the pros and cons of the app and discuss how this 3rd party FreshBooks add-on can unchain your small or medium business from your desk.

Rather than focusing on a single app, we’ll take a brief look into the entire selection from a developer with a solid reputation and great selection of applications.

Today’s developer is Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd, creator of the popular Muji apps line. Muji Apps comprise a applications that are also incredibly practical. Below we’ll check out the three primary Muji apps: Muji Calendar, Muji Notebook and Muji to Go.


As technology progresses, the concept of cash, or physical money, seems less and less relevant with each passing day. With the advent of bank cards, and mobile computing, it’s no longer necessary to carry a wallet filled with bills. It’s not uncommon to see cash registers at stores that don’t accept cash. Every system available now is tailored to businesses, making it easier for consumers to make purchases. But the bank card has a major limitation when dealing with money transfers between two individuals; enter Square.

Square is an iPhone application which serves many purposes. It works for small businesses, and it works for individuals. A free application, that comes with a free Square Reader. This reader plugs into the headphone jack on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and now Andriod device, and requires nothing more than a WiFi or 3G internet connection to work. Empowering anyone and everyone to accept money transfers through the use of credit and debit cards.

In this article, I plan to explain the full gamut of features Square offers, but later I’m going to share a little story that I think perfectly demonstrates why Square is such a powerful concept. As I mentioned above, Square now offers their app on the Andriod platform as well. But in this article we’re only going to be covering the iOS version.


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