It took me way too long to write this review. That’s because every time I opened the app to reference something I’d get sucked back into the game. But I couldn’t help it — there was just so much to be done in my town! I needed to review proposals; read up-to-the-minute headlines about my decisions; and check on my construction projects.

See, Run That Town is a strategy game grounded in reality: You are put in charge of a neighborhood in Australia and must use real Census data to decide what will be best for your citizens. Your actions will determine whether they applaud you — or chase you out of office. Click “more” to see what it’s all about. (more…)

When I was in my third year of university, I became a professional procrastinator. By that, I mean that I had no work and no reason to find work because I was too “busy” with school and prepping for exams. And what that really meant was that I was too “busy” playing Flash-based games on an old MacBook. This was back when Facebook gaming was still a popular thing.

In that day, I was completely hooked on a game called Solitaire Blitz, which now has a universal iPhone/iPad app and is available for free in the App Store. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pick up the game and try it out again, and see how I felt about it a couple years later on a different platform. And how well can a free game filled with in-app purchases designed for a mouse translate to a touchscreen? Read on to find out more. (more…)

Summer is here and swimsuit season is upon us. Whether you’re ramping up for a detox diet or just looking for healthy recipes that taste delicious, you’ll find plenty of inspiring recipes in Everyday Raw Detox. Based on a book by award winning raw food chefs, Matthew Kenney and Meredith Baird, this app is a unique approach to the raw food lifestyle. Recipes aim to detoxify the body one meal at a time, and there is plenty of guidance for raw food newbies.

Keep reading to learn the true meaning of detox and how to get just as much pleasure from healthy meals as you do from a bag of potato chips. (more…)

I love movies. In fact, I used to write about movies all the time on my personal website before that writing started landing me freelance work. As a single male and an aspiring screenwriter, I love movies so much that I’m practically dating my film collection. (Note to self: That could explain why I’m single. I should look into that.)

My problem is that my film watching has always been inherently isolating. I tend to watch movies alone because most people I know don’t share my taste: I enjoy hidden gems like Brian de Palma’s Blow Out more every single viewing, but I could skip movies like Pain & Gain altogether (and do). It’s hard for me to find people with similar taste, but Limelight has a solution: it’s making my movie watching social. (more…)

It was a big morning for Apple, what with the launch of WWDC and all its goodies. So what’s new in the world of Apple and what do you need to know? Let’s find out. (more…)

Collaboration is a tough nut to crack. Even on the web and the desktop, frictionless collaboration with a team hasn’t come to fruition yet. It isn’t because of lack of trying though. There are many different collaboration and team communication solutions that have tried to help people communicate, share and stay productive together.

Still, there is no silver bullet for effective collaboration, but a combination of tools can help you get things done. When it’s an uphill task to ensure easy collaboration over desktop and the web, one can understand the difficulties of achieving the same on a smartphone. Kibits promises to help you interact and work with your team on the go. Let’s take it for a spin! (more…)

There was a time when I found productivity to be a laser dot gliding along the floor and I was the cat bounding after it, desperately hoping to catch my prey. I’m never as productive as I’d like to be, but I’m much more productive today than I was even a year ago, which is the result of embracing the much lauded Things. However, Things is an app with a single focus on getting things done. To cover my productivity bases, I also use Evernote in concert to keep notes on my various projects.

While I find comfort in utilizing this approach, productivity works differently for each individual and often requires a different approach. For instance, instead of relying on multiple apps to create notes, lists and to-dos, some individuals prefer using a single app for all three tasks. If you find yourself in this camp, Listacular may just be the app you’re looking for. (more…)

I’m a man of simple tastes, which is precisely why I’m pretty much married to my iPhone. I love its simplistic design, its fantastic range of apps and the fact that whatever I want to access is only a couple of taps away. And it’s precisely this love of simplicity why I fell in love with Moneywiz. There’s a whole range of money management apps out there on the App Store, all with a huge variety of features, but sometimes I don’t want to spend a couple of hours learning about an app before I actually start using it. My ideal app is one where I can just pick up my iPhone, launch it and immerse myself in it.

Moneywiz, from the developers Silverwiz is a personal finance app available for iOS devices and OS X. It’s not a universal app (boo!), unfortunately, however the different versions do keep in sync with one another thanks to their Sync Everything! service (which is free) and for personal finance apps, it’s well worth checking out. (more…)

Job searches are tough, man. Not just the searching, because you know what — I’m a whiz at Google, but it can be hard finding anything that pays reasonably well for decent work. That’s disheartening as all get out. Once you do find a handful of jobs to which you want to apply, you still actually, you know, have to apply to all of those jobs. Without a good system, that’s not an easy task.

Proven is an app that tries to cut through all of the headaches that come with a job search, connecting you with more job sites and putting some pretty nice tools in your phone. It’s a given that anything has to be better than those forty Craigslist tabs you have open, but we’ll take a look and see just what Proven has to offer. (more…)

Welcome back to Game Friday!

Grab your iPhones and get your thumbs ready for some exciting new titles including some brain teasing games, some puzzling block fun and a little spaceship combat. (more…)

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