From the early 1960s, mobile TV viewing was a dream, soon to be fuelled by the Space race, and by the early 1970s, investors such as Panasonic and Sinclair Research began to make it a reality. Fast forward to today and we have a myriad of channels and seemingly unlimited content.

One provider stands out over all the rest, especially in the UK — that of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC). Its content provision has consistently given us quality material, and expert presenting. What, then, of it’s flagship iPhone product (currently only available in the UK), BBC iPlayer? In an era where mobile video content is the norm and easily accessible, lets take a look to see how BBC iPlayer allows the wonderful transition from corner-of-the-room viewing to quality media content anywhere. (more…)

All the cool kids are on Ravelry, if by cool kids you mean the kids who exist in the Venn diagram intersection of people who knit and/or crochet and who actively engage in social media. So maybe not so much the cool kids, as the kids you’d want around during, like, a really bad snow storm or something, because they could totally have you outfitted in a wool bodysuit before you ran out of the choice canned goods and had to move on to those weird, pink sausages.

If you’re one of the cool kids on Ravelry, you’re probably in love with all of the great Notebook tools you’ll find there. But unless you drag your computer with you to the yarn store, all that organization isn’t doing you a lot of good when it comes time to remembering whether you’ve got a set of size 4 double pointed needles sitting at home already. Putting all that good Ravelry info on your phone is Wooly, a Ravelry companion app. We’ll take a look at all that Wooly can do and see if it’s knitter’s best friend. (more…)

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the existence of an “iWatch,” a device that you wear on your wrist that either replaces or supplements your iPhone. It’s the first step in us all becoming Dick Tracy, which is a reference that even I am too young to fully understand.

What’re your thoughts? Would you buy an iWatch or similar device? Let us know in the poll to the right!

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Let’s be honest: When it comes to finding new music in iTunes, Apple could be doing a better job. Their curators for the iTunes store are good, but unless you live indie rock or pop music, you’re not likely to find more than a couple new artists every year. And for some people, that average isn’t high enough. Beyond that, Apple doesn’t promote too many small independent artists. (When I was in a rock band, I didn’t have a hope of Apple promoting me.)

That being said, the great thing about the App Store is that there’s definitely an app for that (or, in this case, several apps). One of my favourites is Band of the Day — a great free universal app that helps you find upcoming independent artists and a few who are starting to break into the scene, with a new group or individual appearing every day. These guys are great curators, but an app is about more than an iTunes link — it’s also about content and presentation. (more…)

Snooker, whilst a fairly niche sport, is one that tends to be recreated in digital form as a game on most platforms these days. Snooker games have long been available on the PC and consoles as real, in-depth simulations of the sport. Mobile versions, however, have always been scarce, and when they are available, tend to be much more arcade than simulation.

This is where International Snooker 2012 steps in. It’s one of the best mobile recreations of the sport available — but it’s not without its flaws. Lets give it a spin after the jump. (more…)

I need another social network in my life like I need a hole in my head. Let’s just get that out of the way right now: there’s no need for another Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr in my life, not when Pinterest, LinkedIn and even the new MySpace want a piece of my time. No, I’m fine with what I’ve got, thank you very much.

Then there’s Vine. At first, my usual “meh” response was triggered, but then I started learning more. Vine was recently acquired by Twitter, giving some legitimacy to the fledgling service. People have also used the service for a wide variety of things, including movies. So what allure does it have for me? Let’s find out. (more…)

Have you ever found yourself between flights in a foreign city with several hours to explore but no idea what to do? It’s easy to be overwhelmed and end up wasting hours standing in line with thousands of other tourists. Avoid the lines and explore the city like a local using Travel Channel Layover Guide with Anthony Bourdain’s favorite places to eat, drink and stay. This engaging app is full of videos, photos, maps and contact information to inspire you and help you plan. Don’t just stand on the sidelines and watch – create your own layover itinerary by adding timelines, photos, notes and mapped locations.

Don’t waste precious time on the touristy destinations during your next layover. Read on to learn more about making every second in a foreign city count with Travel Channel Layover Guide. (more…)

It’s the weekend once more, and we’re glad to be bringing you some fresh and fun new App Store games you can relax with.

This week, you’ll rescue a teddy bear, do some dungeon crawling, fix damaged art, kick cats and build a community, so you had better click through and get started! (more…)

The moment you see the start screen for Temple Run 2, you know something is different. It looks familiar, extremely reminiscent of the original, but with a makeover. It’s like somebody repainted your favourite bedroom and it just looks a little more polished than it did before. And that’s the sort of thing that applies to the visual overhaul that Imangi Studios has given Temple Run with the sequel.

The game retains the same premise as before. But Temple Run 2, like any great Hollywood sequel, expands on the premise with new concepts, characters and more spectacular action. It’s just an endless-runner game, but its prequel was universally hailed as the first and best. Temple Run 2 has a lot to live up to. (more…)

Although social networking has gotten a lot of bad press lately with the likes of Facebook and Instagram, I will admit, I really like staying connected with people. When used properly, it can be a powerful tool to help you to stay informed and yet give you the opportunity to “meet” amazing people online.

One of the things that I love about social networking is to be able to see what other people are into, what the latest and greatest apps are, and what the cool things are that people are buying. There are some awesome tech toys that I own that I never would have known about if not for hearing about it first on Twitter. Another app that has been very intriguing for this purpose, called Mine, came out a little while ago and it has stuck on my first page ever since. It has been able to tie in social networking features in a different way than the likes of Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. Will it get as big as those services? Not sure, but we can definitely take a deeper look at it. (more…)

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