One of the biggest reasons why I love my iPhone is that it can be used for so many different things if you are willing to push its limits. Since becoming a teacher, in the last few years I have started to experiment with using iPod Touches, iPhones and other mobile devices in the classroom. I love to show kids how they can use their smartphones for more than just texting their friends and actually learning something.

One of the main things that we use the devices for is to not only consume content, but to make content that they can share with me and other classmates. There are a variety of apps out there that can do this, but I had my students try out Backspaces for a bit, and they seemed to really take to it. The more that I started to use and play with it, the more I saw why they liked it. (more…)

Music streaming services have grown in popularity, with Rdio being one of the most popular options in the United States until Spotify jumped across the pond in July 2011. Since that date, Rdio and Spotify have been two of the biggest contenders for monthly subscriptions.

The reason I keep coming back to Rdio is that it seems to be a better fit for how I want to manage my music. I want a true iTunes-in-the-cloud solution and Rdio provides that. Even though Spotify is planning to add a collection feature and to help in music discovery, I am really liking Rdio’s innovations. With version 2.0, though, it is not just about a new coat of paint; Rdio 2.0 features new and innovative features, which positions itself in a good spot for competition of monthly subscription revenue. (more…)

When I’m sharing pictures on Instagram, I often want to add a caption of some sort, and while I can insert my own comment below the picture, it’s not always enough. I want my text to be a part of the image to create as much of an impact as the original picture and all my fun Instagram filters.

With that in mind, Overgram is bringing captioning to Instagram. Sure, you could always caption an image, load it into Instagram and share it with your friends, but Overgram is making that process seamless. From start to finish, it has Instagram in mind. Does Overgram have what it takes to replace some of those extra captioning apps? (more…)

Being that my job has a lot to do with Apple products, I usually find one or two underneath the tree during the holidays. This year however, it was my wife who found herself with a new iPhone case while I had other types of gifts to open. It even extended out to my other family members, as well all received an iTunes gift card in one denomination or another.

What about you? Did you get an iPhone or iPhone related goodie during the holidays? Let us know in the poll to the right!

I have task management apps and shopping list apps and calendar apps, all in an attempt to keep me and my husband on the same page. The sheer number of apps we use to do all this almost guarantees someone’s going to get crossed wires somewhere. Avocado is putting all of that and more into a single app, designed for couples, to organize the business of being together. Is there enough in Avocado’s one app to keep us rolling, or are we going to end up driving off the rails? (more…)

I wasn’t one of the guy who latched onto the Grand Theft Auto series when it first hit big in the late 1990s. Instead, I came along in 2002 when Grand Theft Auto: Vice City first was released, and I burned away my 20s trying to get 100% completion on the console title as well as all of its sequels (and eventually, GTA: III). Man did I love that game.

But the GTA series on iOS has been a bit more finicky for me. GTA: III was too difficult to control, and I never saw the appeal in Chinatown Wars. At the time, I chalked it up to my awkwardness with a virtual controller combined with a faulty UI, but Rockstar promised that all that went away with the 10-year anniversary release of GTA: Vice City on iOS. Did they succeed in making the classic game fun to play on a touchscreen device, or is it just more of the same? Let’s find out after the jump. (more…)

There was one person ahead of me at Starbucks. I caught a look from the barista. Was she staring at me or my trembling hand? I stared quickly back down at my iPhone and saw the balance on my Starbucks card in Passbook: $0.11.

Something wasn’t right. I had just topped it up on my way out the door! I had foolishly left my wallet at home, trusting Apple would take care of me on the open road. And here I was, seconds left before I would have to turn away from the till in resignation.

Then I did something stupid. I don’t know if I had mad trust in my supernatural ability to just fix the issue, or if I thought it would be resolved if I just offered to wash my dishes. The barista asked what I wanted, and I ordered anyway. (more…)

If the iOS’ clock capabilities are too bland for your tastes, then you just might appreciate Radio Alarm Clock. This app is an all-in-one featuring a sleep timer, a shake-to-snooze option and has an old-timey antique display, among other features. It will also alert you that it’s time to wake up with nature sounds, radio stations or various other sounds of your choosing.

Can this flashy timepiece get you ready to take on the world in the morning? Find out more about it after the jump. (more…)

So, how’d it go? Did you get everything you asked for? We sure hope so — and if you’re sporting a brand new iPhone and looking for some fun games to test it out with, then you’re in the right place.

As the App Store closes up shop for the holidays, we bring you some of the best recent releases to make it out for this last week of 2012! (more…)

Beat-’em-up games have sort of a base appeal. While playing them, you essentially keep hitting things until there are no more things to hit. Along the way, you might integrate strategy to achieve this task faster or find ways to hit harder, but the formulas found in these games — especially when it comes to enemy attacks — keep them mindlessly simple, unrivaled fun that probably encourages violent behavior in the real world.

Ah, well.

Several games surround their brawls with heroic stories of saving the day and rescuing enslaved denizens of fictional cities. Not Beatdown. The premise in this punch-packing bout is all about revenge. If you’re ready to take out some aggression, Beatdown might just be the game for you. Find out why after the jump.


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