MoneyBook: Keep Track of Your Expenses

If you’re searching for a way to manage your budget and small expenses on your iPhone, look no further. noidentity have created an application called MoneyBook to help you keep a track of your finances and stick to your budget. The application has a very appealing interface and is remarkably easy to use.

It is available on both the iPhone and iPod Touch and it does not require an internet connection. This review will cover the various features of the application with examples of how it could help you save money!


The interface of MoneyBook is both clear, and looks great. The menu is divided into four sections (Overview, Expenses, Recurring and History). On the main overview page you are giving a graphical bar of how much of your budget you have spent, your top spending categories and also a summary of how much you are spending on an average daily basis.

From this page you can also enter a new expense. The icons make it very easy to categorise your expenses and the interface doesn’t look too dissimilar to that of the Calculator app – so you should feel right at home. You can also change the date of the expenditure (e.g. if you remembered that you bought a new shirt yesterday, but forgot to enter it). You can also add a note to the entry for your own records.



Organising your Budget

Setting your Budget

The initial set-up of the application is very easy. You are presented with this window (see below). You can enter in a certain amount if you want, or use the slider.

Setting Up a Budget

Setting Up a Budget


As you saw before, when adding in a purchase, you can choose its category. This is handy so you can start to analyse if you overspend on certain items (if you’re anything like me, clothing and travel expenditures are too high!).

After using the application for a while you will begin to build up a picture of how your expenses are broken down into the various categories. From here a graph can be generated to show you what is going on (see below). To access this graph all you have to do is click on the “Top Categories” title bar from the ‘Overview’ section of the application.

Adding Categories

Adding Categories

Recurring Expenses

This section of the app is very handy if you have any recurring expenses such as mobile phone, internet, rates, water and power. It is automatically billed at the start of the month so you know how much you still have left to play with during the rest of the month.

Recurring Expenses

Recurring Expenses

Your Budget in Review


You can keep a track record of how your budget is going across several months. The graph is automatically generated when you click on the “Statistics” header of the ‘Overview’ section. It is beautifully made and easy to read. It will give you a great overview of if you are spending more or less as the months go by.




The history panel allows you to go back in time and look at your purchases from any given day. This is very useful for tracking against the debits from your bank account. If, for example, you notice a sum of money leave your bank account, but do not know what it is from. You can pick up your iPhone, launch MoneyBook and have a check of what the item was.

Much like the statistics pane, this panel will also help you keep track of your spendings (if they are too high, or too low!).

You can export your history as a .csv file by clicking on the ‘Export…’ button on the top right of the history window.




MoneyBook is a fantastic application for tracking your expenses. It does it very well with basic functionality that looks visually stunning. The app is uncluttered, and doesn’t add any unnecessary features.

The interface is very easy to navigate around and you will be able to use the application as soon as you launch it. If you have the memory to enter purchases as you make them (and alter your buying habits based on what you find out) then this application could really help you stay on top of your expenses.


A beautifully crafted application that is as simple as it needs to be without unneeded features. Works great, looks good and is very easy to use!

  • adego

    Just got this app a few days ago and it’s a big change from my main app ChaChing which I like alot, but I’m going to give it a trial run before completely switching over. ChaChing is great but sometimes it feels like a chore to update it because it’s so cluttered.

  • Appianer

    A great app with an amazing interface!!! The first finance app wich is made the iPhone way!
    I warmly recommend!!

  • Malcolm Bastien

    So right now I’m using iXpenseIT to track all my spending from my iPhone, is this app worth the switch?

  • Dmitry Gorshkov

    I think it’s a ripoff of an earlier app called Pennies:

  • David s

    Look like Pennies, but cool than it. Unfortunately, no income feature.

  • Stef

    I’ll look into it. Sounds like a great little app.

  • Ryan Cash

    I really like the icon and the music used in the demo video – awesome! It’s always hard finding background music for videos.

    Took me a LONG time to find music for the Daylite and Billings iPhone app videos.

  • Jesus Franco

    total rip off of Pennies, everything from the budget ui, to the steps involing looking at the history, and also the expenses, and also the overview screen.

  • Nicholas Outram

    Aw man, it looks super cool but I could never by something which has blatantly “borrowed” another application’s UI.

  • Branden Silva

    Yeah I instantly thought pennies myself, but pennies abandoned it’s user base fairly quickly. I’ll ponder on whether or not I should actually buy it because it does look sharp albeit borrowed heavily off of pennies.

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  • dave

    Who cares if it’s ripped off from pennies.. I seem to notice that pennies isn’t being developed anymore so it can’t hurt. Getting “ripped-off” is general business in the real world, look at the iphone itself… everyone is trying to rip it off.. look at winblows vista & 7 they are trying to rip-off a mac. Point to just about any app out there and I will find what app or site or idea they “ripped it off” from.

    I’m looking for a expense app and pennies is abandoned and this one isn’t so should I be morally concerned? of course not.

  • shalvius

    i don’t know is this app ripped from pennies or not but it works great for me, and i love the interface. thx for sharing!

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  • Willie

    I wouldn’t call it a ripoff of Pennies; I’d call Pennies a prototype for MoneyBooks.

    Clearly, someone from Pennies was involved in both apps. Pennies was probably abandoned because the team developing it imploded. Pennies should never have been released, and it definitely should not be for sale in AppStore. It’s an incomplete app, with plenty of bugs and missing features, and I would love to get a refund as it makes no attempt at being a real app. And whoever got my money on my Pennies purchase “ripped” me off. I’m going to buy MoneyBooks, and hopefully history won’t repeat itself.

  • Roy Santiago

    Any thoughts about Money Book compared to iXpenseIT?

  • evelina

    My favourite app is Track Money. You can track your expenses and it’s very very simple to use. More information:

  • Alex Stone

    I just released a similar app called Monies.

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