Starbucks: No Wallet Needed

Yes, I admit, I love my coffee. But even more so, I love my Starbucks. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not the type of person that needs to go and get a Starbucks coffee every day. Trust me, I would, if I could afford it. Regardless, I definitely love a good cup of  joe.

Call me a coffee snob, I don’t care. But, what I think I like just as much or even more, is the Starbucks mobile app for the iPhone. Have you checked this guy out yet? It’s loaded with tons of features and best of all, you can pay for your drink and meal with the app! Check it out after the break.

Home Screen

When you first open the app you will find on the home screen that there are many different things that you can do to interact with the application. One of the main features is being able to connect with the different products that Starbucks has to offer, mainly the food and drinks. When using the different “apps” — for a lack of a better word — you can create your own drink and see the nutritional value at the same time. You can also browse the different types of coffee and food that are offered. It’s basically Starbucks’ way of letting you know what is on the menu when you go to one of their stores.

Snapshot of myDrinks and information of a drink

Snapshot of myDrinks and information of a drink

There are a couple of more apps on the home screen. One of them is titled simply, Jobs. Here you can scan the different barista jobs that are open across the United States as well as other careers within the Starbucks corporation. Lastly, you can also scan different items in a Starbucks to see the price of the item. Not sure exactly why you would want to do this as I cannot think of anything in a Starbucks that doesn’t have a price tag on it already, but at least you’ve got the option.


Another thing that the Starbucks app keeps track of are your Stars. These stars are earned every time you order a drink, and if you get up to 15 stars then you get a free drink coupon sent to you in the mail. This is a great way to keep up and see when that next free drink is coming. One thing I wish they would do to improve this aspect of the app is that when you get to 15 stars and you earn your free drink, that you would then get a coupon code within the app. That way you don’t have to wait for it in the mail, plus it saves Starbucks paper and postage from having to send out so many coupon cards.

Stars earned so far

Stars earned so far

My Cards

This is the bread and butter of the Starbucks app, in my opinion. As many of you know, Starbucks has a gold card as well as gift cards that you can load money on to purchase your coffee. Before, you had to bring your card with you and use it to pay. Now, Starbucks has gotten into the mobile payment space with the iPhone app.

Gold Card

Gold Card

You can register your gold card or your gift card on the mobile app. Whenever you go to any Starbucks from then on, you can use your iPhone to pay for that next cup of coffee. The app also keeps track of how much money you have left on your card, and it even allows you to put multiple cards on the app and use whichever one you want. There are also options to reload the card manually and automatically with money as well as see your recent transactions.


Speaking of gift cards, not only can you use them on your iPhone, but you can also create and send one to someone. You are given a handful of designs to help make your eGift card look good, then you customize it with a message and you can send it to their email or post it on Facebook. It is a great and easy way to send someone a gift card to use at Starbucks.

Customize your own eGift card

Customize your own eGift card

Store Locator

As we all know, in most major cities you can find a Starbucks. But sometimes you just want to know where one is and how to get there. That is what you can do with the Store Locator on the iPhone app.

When using the app, you can search for stores that are close to you as well as stores that have specific amenities that you are looking for. You also have a couple of options on how you want to see where the stores are located, whether on a map as well or maybe in a list. In both options you can click on a store and see the hours they are open, get directions to that store, the amenities they offer, as well the phone number. You can also share your location when you are at a Starbucks to Twitter, Facebook or someone in your iPhone contacts.

Searching for the nearest Starbucks

Searching for the nearest Starbucks

Well Rounded

That is the one word that comes to mind when using this app. Nowadays, a lot of times apps have a component or two missing and are not feature rich at all — or, they have too many features. This Starbucks app does everything you need and want without being too much. From finding the closest store to paying for your cup of coffee this app does it all, but doesn’t go too far, either.

Overall, this is a great app, and there isn’t a whole lot I can find wrong with it. If for nothing else, other than being able to pay for things with the app, it’s worth it. Every time I use it, I long for the day when I can just go to a store to pay for something and not worry about bringing my wallet around; maybe someday. For now, head on over to the App Store and go download this app for free.


Pay for your coffee with the official Starbucks app.

  • Jenn

    Great article – though just have a question. Did they update the Canadian app to have all the payments gifts, etc? The last time I downloaded it, we could only look at a menu and ad in our cards. We could not pre-order or do other items like the US version does.

  • Dee

    Does this app work outside of america ie England? sounds amazing!

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  • Rick

    I’d rather throw a $10 out of my car window while driving than waste it at Starbucks!

    Don’t you people know you can make the same or BETTER coffee right at home YOURSELF for just pennies?? (Okay, $.40 cents if you want to spray some whipped cream on top!)