How To Shop Savvy With RedLaser

If you’re a savvy shopper and like to compare prices before making a purchase, nothing is better than knowing you are getting the best deal. When I am shopping for anything, saving money is a big priority. And really, who doesn’t like to save a few bucks these days?

I have always used my iPhone to do a quick google search to compare prices on larger purchases. But what if you could do this on nearly every purchase you make using only the product’s barcode? RedLaser from Occipital LLC is a very handy app that lets you do just that.

How RedLaser Works

RedLaser uses it’s advanced scanning technology and your iPhone’s camera to find information about nearly every item with a barcode. When you launch the app and press the scan button, your iPhone will display RedLaser’s scanning interface. Hold the iPhone still and align the arrows with the barcode you are trying to scan.

The arrows will turn from white to green when the barcode is in the correct position. RedLaser will then instantly scan the barcode and make a sound just like you are checking out at the store. Barcodes may also be entered manually in the rare case that the scanner won’t work.

If you are wanting to scan multiple items without viewing info, move the slide to the multiple position and start scanning away.

Scanning Your Product

Scanning Your Product

There are a few rules to scanning that need to be followed in order for RedLaser to work properly. The barcode must be upright and be either eight or twelve digits for UPC labels and thirteen digits for EAC labels. It is also recommended that you avoid glare and shadows.

After The Scan

After scanning the product’s barcode, RedLaser will do a Google product search and display a list of retailers and prices. You can select your chosen source from the list and purchase the item directly on the apps built in web browser. RedLaser will also let you view local results using your iPhone’s built in GPS capabilities so you can pick your item up at the store and save on shipping. Products you scan are then added to your list of scanned items for future viewing.

Browsing Your Results

Browsing Your Results

While RedLaser is great for books, movies, electronics, etc. it is also a very useful tool for grocery items. You can compare prices of food and drink items using RedLaser, however the most prominent feature would be the health and nutrition information it provides.

When a grocery item barcode is scanned you have the option of viewing nutrition facts and allergen information using the built in browser. This is a great feature for the person trying to watch their weight or someone with food allergies.

Smart Grocery Shopping

Smart Grocery Shopping

Editing Your List

When items are scanned, they are added to your list of items that are viewable upon opening RedLaser. To delete an item simply slide your finger across the item in the list and the delete button will appear. You can also use the edit button and do a mass deletion of your list using the clear function.

If you have certain items you want to keep but want to clear out the majority of your list, you can select “favorites” by tapping the star next to the particular item. When the clear function is used, favorites will not be deleted with the rest of the items.

Managing Your List

Managing Your List

What To Do With Your List

RedLaser gives you the added bonus of being able to email your list to yourself or a friend. This way you can view your items on your computer as opposed to the small screen of the iPhone. It even attaches your list as a text file so you can edit and save your list later.

Emailing Your List

Emailing Your List

How Accurate Is It?

RedLaser’s iTunes description reads “impossibly accurate barcode scanning.” I have to agree after testing it out. I must have tested over fifty barcodes and only ran into one that RedLaser couldn’t detect. However, if RedLaser is unable to find the product they give you a feature that lets you take a photo of item and submit it so the developers can add it to database.

No Result Found

No Result Found


It’s not too often you come across a utility app that is worth the money, let alone one that will actually save you some. RedLaser is an accurate, dependable solution for saving money while shopping.

Simplicity and easy to use features combined with advanced technology make RedLaser definitely worth giving a try.


Red Laser is a barcode scanner app that lets you create a list of products and find the best price around using local and google search results. It also finds health and nutrition information for grocery items.

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  • Aaron Goodmiller

    You’re sleeping on Pricecheckah. It uses the great RedLaser barcode scanner, but gives you results from Amazon, eBay, walmart, overstock, as well as Google. It even let’s you put in your own stores.

    And at only 99c.

  • Jake Marsh

    I’m a developer for Big In Japan, the company the makes the FREE iPhone and Android app called ShopSavvy. I love appstorm but to be honest I take personal offense to this article.

    We (ShopSavvy) provide superior local and web price results and our app is free. Our user base is in the millions and IMHO we offer a much superior product. Somehow we are not even mentioned, not even in the footer of an article such as this, futhermore, in what seems like an almost blatant attempt to insult us, you’ve used our apps name and what anyone who knows both apps would consider our brand, in the TITLE of this post that is blatantly promoting RedLaser.

    My question to you is, how much cash did Occipital slide you guys to write this article, (if you even wrote it yourselves) and what would it take for ShopSavvy to get a similar write up?

    Feel free to contact me directly, [email protected]

    Thank you.

    • Amatatomba

      If it wasn’t for your immature reply to this article, I might have checked out your app. I wasn’t aware of anything called ShopSaavy, but I was of RedLaser. If you had simply said “Hey, I work for a company that provides a similar product” and then laid out the benefits of your product, I would have checked it out. Instead, you acted like a baby and lost a potential customer. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • pamela jaquez

    You used another business’s name to advertize Red Lazer. Not only is what you did blatantly illegal(ask any JUDGE), it weakens any possible value red lazer may have had in the marketplace by showing it cannot stand on it’s own merits. Shop Savvy’s reputation speaks for itself.I would sue your ass off, if you were of value:)

  • Bradley Joyce

    The article is fairly well written and seems to be a decent review. However, using the name of a major competitor who provides the same, if not more, functionality for free in the title of this post is pretty poor taste.

    This is the first time I’ve come across appstorm and currently left wondering if there aren’t some shenanigans going on here. If this is supposed to be a neutral review of a product and not some underhanded deal, it sure doesn’t come across that way.

  • Benoit Maison

    Try pic2shop, it is FREE and it reads barcodes quickly and accurately on all iPhone models (even Original, 3G). It searches local stores and thousands of online retailers. Even public libraries!

  • Bryan Shields

    As the author of this post, I can assure you this was not done intentionally. Until reading the above comments, I had never heard of the app “Shop Savvy.” This article was meant to be a how-to guide for using Red Laser, not a typical review in which I would have drawn an unbiased opinion comparing the competing applications. I did however (in the last couple paragraphs) give my personal opinion of this particular app, which I found to be outstanding.

  • dave

    I can’t believe these responses…

    I use red laser and it works great and along with the author I had never heard of the other two. As for the other authors claim of being superior I don’t know but as a consumer in the app store I put a lot of judgment into the user reviews:

    red laser: 4 stars
    Pricecheckah: 2 stars
    pic2shop: 2 stars
    Shop savvy: 2 stars

    Clearly the users favor red laser, whether or not the other developers agree or not on which is better red laser is kickin you’re a** and instead of bitching about it find out why. Having more features isn’t always “better”, having a product work right is.

    “Not only is what you did blatantly illegal(ask any JUDGE),”
    Ok I will ask any judge and he will laugh at you. You can use a common word that fits within the phrasing as this does, if anything shop savvy just got some free advertising and which could give possible earning and no lost earning you’d have a very short time in court before it got thrown out.

    After your outburst I would never consider using your product, very poor business tactics. You could have just casually mentioned your product and left it at that but instead you come off as the kid who didn’t win.

    • Mike A.

      I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with RedLaser. The app never seems to work. I’ve had much more success with ShopSavvy, but even better success with Scandit.

      Unfortunately, I do have to say that I find it kinda fishy that the terms “Shop” & “Savvy” were used as the title to the post. I dare say it would be a bit naive to play the “I didn’t know” excuse. I’ve been using scanning apps with my phone for two years, and downloaded both apps within days of each other. I would say that it was either Cali Lewis on GeekBriefTV or Revision3’s Techzilla or Appjudgement who talked at length about these apps a few years ago.

      Hell, you even posted this to your twitter feed on June 6th despite the knowledge posted above.

      Sure, responses could have been a bit more professional… and I promise that I carry no water for anyone in this debate. I would never accuse one of bribes in this case, but passing this off as mere coincidence doesn’t fly.

      • Mike A.

        And also, a simple search of “barcode scanner” in the iPhone App store shows both RedLaser and ShopSavvy right next to each other in the search results.

      • Mike A.

        And one more thing, as a follower on your Twitter feed, the whole reason why I clicked on it it was because, due to the title of your Tweet and blog post, I assumed that it was a comparision of the two apps.

        Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with just highlighting one app, but the title was misleading and goes to the BigInJapan developer’s point about a misuse of brand. You wouldn’t say “You’re in Good Hands with State Farm (Allstate slogan)” or “The King of Burgers is Wendy’s”, etc.

        That’s all I got…


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  • David Appleyard

    Thanks for all the interesting discussion!

    Firstly, this review is impartial, not sponsored in any way, and the title was chosen by myself having no knowledge of a competing application called Shop Savvy.

    Jake: If you’d like to insinuate we’re taking bribes or payments for reviews, you are more than welcome to get in touch with me via email: [email protected]. I won’t dignify your accusation by discussing the idea further here.

    Dave: Thank you for your no-nonsense, common sense response!

    I won’t be changing the title of the post, as it’s an accurate description of what the application does, and was chosen without us having any knowledge of the competitor.

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