Momento: A Unique iPhone Diary

Have you ever wished to bridge the gap between technology and your personal life on the iPhone? Now you can with a new app called Momento. Momento, from D3i, is an app that acts a “digital diary,” if you will. It stores everything from journal entries to Flickr photos into a timeline that is fully searchable based on tagged people, places or custom tags. Momento lets you add photos to your entries as well, making for a nice, media-rich diary.

On top of keeping record of diary entries or “moments,” as the app calls them, Momento integrates itself with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and to create a content-rich timeline. Let’s dive in and check out all the features this great app has to offer and how to take advantage of them.

Getting Started

When Momento is first opened it takes you to it’s intro screen. This displays an overview of the app and how to use the basic features. Notice at the bottom there are four tabs: “days,” “calendar,” “tags” and “feeds.” Momento displays the “days” page the first time it’s opened.



Creating Moments

The main features Momento provides are creating, editing and tagging journal entries, or moments. To create a new moment, tap on the “create new moment” button located in the top right of the screen. As you create your moment you can give it a rating using the stars at the top of the screen.

Creating a Moment

Creating a Moment

To tag people, (who can be imported from your contacts list or just named once), tap on the “tag people” tab. This category is perfect for writing about someone or an event during which a certain person was present.

Momento also allows for tagging of places. To do so, tap the “tag place” tab. What is especially nice about this is that it uses GPS to find your location (it will prompt you for permission) and automatically fills out the form fields. If the GPS isn’t accurate or you want to be more specific you can always fill out all or some of these on your own. Tag as many places as you want – great for writing about traveling or a day of errands.

Places & Tagging

Places & Tagging

Just as the app lets you tag your moments with people and places, moments can be tagged with events as well. By clicking on the event tab you can tag an unlimited number of events.

In addition to those above, you can create custom tags. I like to think of these as keywords that make my moment more searchable. This type of tag can be used for specific things and other items that don’t quite fit into the aforementioned categories.

Lastly, you are able to add photos to your moment. This extends the functionality of this app from diary, to scrapbook. You can add photos from your device library, or, if you’re on the go, take a photo on the fly. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so go ahead and take advantage of the saying!

Adding Photos

Adding Photos

Linking Social Feeds

If you have a Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or account, clicking on the settings button allows you link these accounts with Momento. Doing so injects these social feeds into your Momento timeline.

Each service will take you through the usual steps of confirming you as the account holder and prompt you for your username and password. Flickr actually requires you to sign-in via Safari, but Flickr and Momento have made the process of doing so quite seamless.

Connecting Social Feeds

Connecting Social Feeds

Once you have set up your preferred social feeds they will be shown in Momento’s timeline under the days and calendar tabs. Being able to view all of your Twitter and Facebook statuses, as well as personal diary entries together on one timeline is excellent!

Twitter Feed

Twitter Feed

If you find yourself searching for an entry or status update you wrote a while ago, the calendar tab makes this easy. By clicking on this tab you’ll find yourself with an interface just like that of the Calendar app. Momento’s calendar keeps track and displays (by color code) all of your activity whether it be a Facebook or Twitter update, Flickr file upload or moment added. It would be nice to see this calendar be able to sync with the device’s Calendar app.

Viewing the Calendar

Viewing the Calendar


There are a couple of features Momento has that you should be aware of in order to get the most out of the app. First, you may have heard a ‘popping’ noise after you started Momento or linked a social network account. This sound is notification that all social feeds have been updated and added to the timeline. If you don’t hear this sound or see that recent tweets or status updates aren’t appearing then you’re most likely just not connected to your network or WiFi.

Another important feature is the ability to secure Momento. The app allows for the use of a password which will secure your diary entries (the thought of my younger sister pops into my mind – she actually used have a padlock on her hardback diary) making them accessible only by you. To set and activate a passcode, see the settings menu.




There are a just a few things that would make this app even better. The first being the ability to pull information from or sync Momento’s calendar with that of the iPhone or iPod touch. If I were able to do this I don’t think I would ever use the Calendar app again. Another setback is having no easy way to export all of the data stored by Momento. The only way for this to be done is by exporting an XML file – which for the average user can be difficult and confusing. One last limitation is that the user cannot update Twitter and Facebook statuses from within Momento. Not a big deal, but something to be aware of.

Similar Apps

No app I can find is as inclusive as Momento. If you are looking just to keep a journal or diary, My Diary offers this functionality, but nothing more. It is a simple, text only app that doesn’t integrate with social networking tools or other web apps. Another app, iDiary, offers a few more features, with the ability to tag entries and add photos, but again, no social networking.

Final Verdict

No app other than Momento is as inclusive and makes for such a content-rich timeline. Record a personalized journal, with more than just what you write about. The ability to sync with multiple social networking sites makes this app a true, modern day journal. Sure, there are some limitations, but according to Momento’s website, more social feed integration is to come.

It will be exciting to see what future updates will include. When all is said and done, Momento offers a new, unique approach to keeping a journal and recording moments, and offers more than the traditional, paper journal.


Momento offers a new, unique approach to keeping a journal and recording moments, and offers more than the traditional, paper journal. Linking with social networking feeds makes for a thoroughly useful app.

  • Simon Ljungberg

    Nice review! Seems like a nice app
    The link to Momentos website in the final paragraph is broken though! =)

    • David Appleyard

      Good catch – Thanks!

      • Arraial d’Ajuda

        Oh ok seems that it’s fixed now, thanks!

  • Julia Altermann

    Very nice review! I bought at the beginning of this year (literally) and I am very happy with it.

    I hope the dev’s will implement the ability to export the entire diary including photos at some point. Other than that, it’s a breeze to use and the social network integration very nice if you are taking a look back on what’s been going on so far.

  • Andrew

    Really cool app—just picked it up :) Beautiful, too.

  • LaToya

    bought this app because of your review 😀 been looking for something like this, thanks.

  • Chad

    I’m loving this app. It’s great. I just hope they add multiple accounts and folders in future updates.

  • Jonathan

    I been using this for like 2 weeks and I found it very cool to write down stuff you wouldn’t want to share via twitter or facebook. I love it. Also its design it is very nice and neat.

  • Alex Stone

    Wow, this app is great. Just picked it up because of the review and it’s now on my home page. I plan on doing a lot more this year and I love that this app will just grab all my stuff from the web and keep it all sorted for me to look back on later.

    Great job, so far, guys. Loving the appstorm blog/sites!

  • Apostolos K.

    I am interested in this app – the one thing that concerns me is backup – does this app have any way of backing up other than backing up via iTunes? (scenario: someone gets a hold of my phone, deletes several apps including this one – is there a way to send my files “offsite” via my iphone so I can retrieve them later?)

    • Apostolos K.

      Nevermind – saw that there is a way to backup your data from their KB :-)

  • Chris

    I’ve been looking for an application like this. Thanks for the review- it was really informative and the reason for my purchase.

  • Saddam Azad

    Really nice app. I’ve been using it for a couple of days since reading this review. Love the beautiful interface and it has quickly become an app I use regularly. Fab!

  • Andrea

    Hi everyone, I’m italian and I downloaded Momento yesterday. It’s a very good application, I love it. I use it to fold my photographs and take care about the things I did.

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  • Pixeltoy

    Based on this review I purchased the app and I have to admit that this app is just SUPER.
    Thanks for the review, a useful app that is actually usable.

  • rotterdam

    it is really nice and practical. The exported entries appear as an attachment of email .when I open in iphone, it appear all codes instead of plaint words. If I open it on MAC, then it would asedk me to register an Yahoo messenger account first.

    Anyone can help me out? how can i print out and backup my entries in normal readable files?


  • Pia Berglund

    I use Evernote, because then you can sync it o the web, computer, and mobile i one sec. and you can take photos, recordings and everyting. tagging. geotagging. searchable.
    so, if you have evernote since before, just make a folder called Journal, and just start to write!

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  • Pauline Gomez

    Fantastic Application. Just wish I could sync between iPhone-Laptop-iPad.

  • Kita

    I’m in love! This is the perfect new addiction! The easiest way to capture a day concisely,compile all my creative ideas and daily inspirations and organise my memories to share with others in a really interesting and super styling way! Especially for someone like me who is a journslling, scrapbooking fiend and not too tech savvy! Which leads me to ask could someone guide me pretty please directly to the how to back up or print out section of this page!!! Lol I too am concerned all my most excellent efforts will be lost should my iPhone suffer some terrible fate or my 4 year old neice mistakes it for a game! Someone reassure me it’s possible!! Thanks heaps- I’m very glad I discovered this app- it’s actually helping get the ball rolling on lots lil projects that I never have time to sit down and write for !

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  • Quilling

    Yes, thanks for this.

  • Filmul de 10

    bought this app because of your review been looking for something like this, thanks.

  • Mark Stagi

    Wanted to let you know of an update to our Social Diary iPad app that now includes Instagram support. This app is a great iPad journal that can write on it’s own with your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts and lets you document the full story of your life.  While we might not be able to connect with as many networks as the Momento app you reviewed it’s super easy to use and with the viewing experience on the iPad a great way to view your information.

    Here are a few of the main features of the app:
    • Quickly import all of your social activity into a beautiful diary interface
    • Breeze through your past posts with flip of the finger.
    • Add more details and moments to any day with a custom note.
    • Organize your posts by adding tags to them. Create as many tags as you need, which are all searchable. 

  • Jocuri cu Mario

    i love this site very good

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