Keypoint: Stunning Presentations on Your iPhone

Ever wished there was a quick and easy way to craft a sharp-looking presentation on-the-go? Well Keypoint might have the answer. This newly updated app from Bert Timmermans is a fast way to create PowerPoint style presentations, right within your iPhone.

It allows you to create, publish and share presentations on the move while keeping everything simple and avoiding clumsiness. If you need to add punch to proposals or make a short presentation clearer and more memorable then Keypoint may be the app for you!

Getting Started

Staring up and using Keypoint is really straight-forward. Once you have downloaded it from the App Store you can immediately make and show presentations. It does make sense to also sign up for a free account with Keypoint so you can begin sharing your presentations as soon as possible.

Creating an Account

Creating an Account

Design & Interface

The overall design of the app is simple and effective. The layout is intuitive and everything is where you would expect it to be. It takes less than a minute to become familiar with how to make presentations, add slides and share the results.

The interface is perfectly suited to use on the iPhone – everything feels well laid out, looking good without being overly fussy or distracting. The creator has clearly recognised the importance of making apps attractive, alongside the need for functional design. While not the most beautiful app in the world, it’s certainly pleasant to use.

Creating Presentations

Making sharp looking presentations on Keypoint starts with the simple press of the plus sign in the top right corner of the main screen. The first thing to choose is your theme; of which there are ten. They are all kept relatively basic, but this means they are versatile and perfectly useable for a range of different tasks.

Creating a Presentation

Creating a Presentation

One criticism might be the inability to design or customise your own themes, combined with the relatively small pool of built-in themes. One of the key selling points of Keypoint, however, is simplicity. A larger pool of themes or the ability to design themes might have compromised this aspect of the app.

The second thing to enter is your title, which will be the name of your presentation. Finally you must select an animation style for your slideshow. The default setting is no animation, but there are seven possible options to choose between. These offer a simple way to add interest to your presentation while keeping it free of garish gimmicks!

Selecting an Animation

Selecting an Animation

After perfecting your presentation’s style, it’s time to begin adding slides! There are three format options for your slides: title/subtitle, title/content and content.

Keypoint also gives you the option to add notes to your slides, which don’t appear during the slideshow but can be seen if you go back to edit the content.

Creating Slides

Creating Slides

One minor criticism of the slide creation process would be the inability to rotate the iPhone and type in landscape view. It has always been my preferred way to type extended sections of text on the iPhone, and is a seemingly obvious oversight.

Sharing your Slideshows

While presentations can be played on your iPhone in landscape, most people will want to quickly export their presentations to be played on a larger device and Keypoint makes it unbelievably easy to share and export presentations.

You must be signed in to share and export slideshows – after that it is simply a question of selecting the correct presentation and selecting either ‘Share’ or ‘Export’.

Sharing Presentations

Sharing Presentations

Selecting share gives you a multitude of options including:

  • SlideShare
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Mail
  • Weblink

If you select the ‘Facebook’ option, for example, Keypoint asks you to sign in and then publishes the presentation to your wall. Unfortunately it takes you to the full size Safari version of Facebook to sign in which can be a little clumsy. It is perhaps easier to share using either the ‘Mail’ or ‘Weblink’ option.

Mail and Weblink

Mail and Weblink

As shown above, the ‘Mail’ option simply opens an email with the subject as the title of the presentation and the content as a link to the presentation itself. Selecting ‘Weblink’ allows you to bookmark an online link to the presentation.

Choosing instead to ‘Export’ your finished presentation allows you to export to either a Keynote or PDF file. Selecting either of these options takes you straight to a prepared email that has a link to the chosen format included in the body of the email.

Keynote and PDF

Keynote and PDF

Keypoint certainly gives you plenty of options for utilising your finished presentation! Some of them are certainly more useful than others, but the sheer range of options gives the app a much-appreciated versatility.

Final Thoughts

Keypoint is a very well made and adequately functional app that does exactly what it claims to. It makes it easy to make sharp presentations on-the-go, and share these with friends or colleagues.

It is well priced at $1.79 and, while its appeal certainly isn’t universal, it could be a useful iPhone addition for anyone who needs the flexibility that creating presentations on the move allows you.

It is perhaps lacking in text formatting options and could have a slightly more refined interface, but it’s one of the most versatile applications available in this genre. The huge degree of flexibility in sharing your finished presentations is appreciated, and it’s a solid app for crafting presentations on your iPhone.


Keypoint is the perfect tool to create presentations on the go. You can use one of the 10 high quality themes and 7 animations to create a new presentation in no time. Afterwards you can choose from a number of different options for export and sharing.

  • Will

    Did you find the fact that it is a web app to make the app feel slightly off or sluggish at anypoint while using it? I am curious about that…

    • David Appleyard

      It’s actually a native app, rather than a web app!

  • Joseph

    It is a web app so to speak – or rather its a JQTOUCH app, so yes, it does feel slightly sluggish. Certainly still usable though.

  • Knowlicity

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