Week Calendar: A Powerful Scheduling App

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One of the great things I love about my iPhone is the ability to stay organized. When trying to coordinate schedules between myself and my wife, it’s so crucial that we know what is going on throughout each day. And now with a baby, it is that much more important that we work together efficiently.

The iPhone calendar app is okay — it gets the job done — but like anything else, I always try to see if I can find something different; something that will do the job just a little bit better. Week Calendar does that and more. It packs a ton of features into the calendar and I honestly believe this could replace the official calendar app. Let’s get into it more after the break.

Calendars and Views

With the advent of Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange we all want to sync our calendars with our iPhone. Week Calendar is no exception. You can still sync your calendars with your iPhone calendar app, and it will also then sync with Week Calendar. Because it syncs with Calendar app, if you already sync your Google Calendar, your calendars will also sync with Week Calendar.

Week Calendar provides you with many different views to choose from — five, to be exact. I personally use List and Agenda view the most because I feel these are the two views that give me the best overall picture of my week.

List View and Agenda View

List View and Agenda View

The other three views — Week, Month and Year — are views that I don’t often use. For one, Week view is a little too cramped for me and I can’t really see what I need to see, and I hardly ever need to see the month and yearly view of my calendar. If you are like me and only like certain views and know that you are not going to use other views, you have the option to turn these views off.


Month and Week View

Month and Week View

A different perspective that you can have in any of the views that I have mentioned above is full screen. When in full screen view you basically take out the top and bottom bar so that you can see more of your calendars. If you want the bars back, all you have to do is tap on the calendar and they will appear again. When you then wait a couple of seconds, the bars will disappear so that you can enjoy full-screen view again.

View with and without the top and bottom bar

View with and without the top and bottom bar

Lots of Features

There are some neat features that are implemented into Week Calendar that separate it from other calendar apps, and one of them is called batch editing. Let’s say for example, you have set three different appointments, but the first one needs to be pushed back an hour, affecting your other two meetings as well. So instead of having to go into all three appointments and change the time, you can actually select all three appointments and change them all at once.

Select all three appointments and you can move them all at once.

Select all three appointments and you can move them all at once.

Another great feature is ability to move or copy and paste an event. If you want to move an event from one day to another or to a different hour, all you have to do is press the event and hold down on it for a couple of seconds. This will create that jiggle effect you see when you press and hold down on apps on the iPhone. From here, you are able to move your event with your finger to another time, day or week. You can also copy and paste an event as well. To do that, you tap on an event and select “Copy,” then tap again on a different date and select “Paste.”

One of the other features that make Week Calendar different than other calendar apps is the custom alerts. With the alerts, most calendar apps let you set an alarm at a specific amount of time before the event. For example, you can set an alarm at ten minutes or two days prior. With Week Calendar, you can set alarms like this, but you can also set it for a specific day, hour and minute that you want the alarm to go off. So if you want to be reminded one day, three hours and five minutes before an event, you can.

You can set very specific alarms with Week Cal.

You can set very specific alarms with Week Cal.

Week Cal also introduces what they call Complex Recurring Events. This is a nice feature to have because as we all know, different people tend to have different reasons why they want events to recur on certain days. For example, with my work schedule, I am in the office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, so with Week Calendar it is easy to set up this recurring event. I can also set this up for something to repeat during certain times of the month. For example, if I want an event to repeat every month on the second Tuesday of the month, I can do that.

Screenshot showing the Complex Recurring Events setting page

Screenshot showing the Complex Recurring Events setting page

Minor Features Worth Noting

There are a couple of other minor features that are worth mentioning. Gesturing is implemented into Week Calendar. You can pinch both vertically and horizontally to see more or less days as well as double tap to zoom in on an area.

One more feature worth noting is called Templates. If you know a certain type of event comes up often, but not necessarily on a regular basis, you can create a template for that event. When you know you are going to create that event again, instead of having to input everything again, you just need to click on that template and all the details get filled in for you.


When I used this app and put it through its paces, I envisioned the power user liking this app and the minimalist not. As you can see, Week Calendar has a lot of features, most of them featured in this review. It is definitely a Calendar app replacement because it does everything that the standard Calendar app does and a lot more.

You can get Week Calendar on the App Store for $1.99, which I believe is a perfect price point for this application. There are many other calendar apps that are out there that have solid features, but if you are looking for one that does just about anything you want it to do, then this one is for you.


Calendar app for the iPhone that has a lot of features that help your organize your busy life.

  • Jack

    it doesn’t show today’s date in its icon. useless.

    • blawbair

      Apple doesn’t allow that for any app.

      You can however use a badge on the icon to show day of the month, day of the year, week number… etc.

    • Pete

      Yes it does if you turn the setting on that allows that: settings (in the app), general, badge, day of the month.

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  • http://talkingtechy.blogspot.com TalkingTechy

    What an excellent review! The best review I could find on the web. It looks like Week Calendar does everything I need. I see you don’t prefer the month view, but I love that you can see everything coming up in the month ahead! Thanks again!

  • http://talkingtechy.blogspot.com TalkingTechy

    Can I drag and drop in “Mini Month” view to copy or move an event? In Week view it seems I can do this, but I can’t seem to drag/drop All-Day events. Actually, how do I copy All-Day events at all?

    Calengoo allows the “drag and drop to copy or move” action. It is very handy. Calengoo is also an iPad optimized app. I may switch to Calengoo if my above gripes cannot be resolved. Thanks for your help!

    • http://talkingtechy.blogspot.com TalkingTechy

      I retract my previous comment! You can copy/move/duplicate rather easy, just not intuitive at first. Simply tap on the event, then hit the middle button on the bottom toolbar (rectangle with an arrow pointing outwards) to bring up a quick menu with these functions. I actually like this implementation, as it makes it tougher to accidentally move an event.

      Other things I like:
      – It automatically loaded all calendars that were synced to iCal. You can then select which ones you want to display or hide.
      – The ability to auto-add icons to events based off keywords (e.g., add a “gift” icon to all events with “birthday” in the title).
      – Subscribe to U.S. Holiday calendar, and select a different color to easily identify.

      I am very happy with Week Calendar, and I consider it

      Great app!

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  • Russell

    I need a calendar that will reoccure every 28 days to help keep my shift work scedual strait, will this app do that?

    • Mo T.

      Yes it will do that real well. My wife uses it to track her 28 day monthly cycle.

  • Noah

    I’m having trouble w/ the alerts for this app, and am wondering if it handles alerts the way I need it to.

    I want to get an audible alert when sounds are on, and get a vibrate alert when sounds are off, AND get a screen alert for both. I also want the ability to snooze my alerts.

    Does WeekCal do this?

    • pradcliffe

      I want the same thing–audible alerts. If they are there, I can’t find them.

  • Roland

    How do you view the calendar for a 28 day period? How can you have an event reoccur every 28 days?

  • Deb

    Can this calander app sync with other users calanders like ms exchange does?

  • James Schumann

    Great review, thanks. And a nice app.
    One question (I’m new to this so forgive me if it’s an obvious question). If I want to sync my calendar using iCloud to my Mac, is there a version of this app that I can download for my Mac so that I can enter everything on my Mac instead of on my iPhone? Or do I have to use Google calendar or something like that?

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