Dayta: Keep Track of Almost Anything

Sahil Lavingia has created an application called Dayta (in a week!) that allows you to track almost anything! The app gives you the freedom to choose the unit of measurement for your data log, leading to an almost endless variety of potential uses for the app.

Dayta is a unique application to the App Store because it doesn’t focus on tracking just one item. The only limit to what you can track is your imagination. Participants in the test group tracked data such as days absent from smoking, kill to death ratio in Call of Duty and even how many words they have memorised in Japanese.

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at how to set the application up, and how the process of inputting and tracking your “data” works.


It is very easy to set up your data log in Dayta. You simply click the ‘+’ button on your dashboard – much like you would do with any app. From here you fill out the name, icon and unit that this data will use. For example, for my car milage data log, I used ‘Distance Travelled’ for the name, a tyre for the icon (Dayta comes packaged with a large array of icons) and Km’s for unit. Once you have added in your data log, you can start inputting your information right away.

New Data Log

New Data Log

Once the data log has been set up, you can drill down into some more ‘advanced’ options. You can rename, change the icon, or even the measurement of unit that you put in before. In addition to this you can clear the data log immediately, email it off in a text format or in a .csv (comma-seperated values) file – used for Excel, and Numbers. If necessary, you can set it up so it resets to zero daily, or even consolidates all your data by day (e.g. if you drive around a lot and want to log your hours per trip, but want it all calculated by day).

A great feature of Dayta is the ability to add in a goal for yourself. We all have goals, and all know the power behind how tracking a goal helps us to improve. Think of it as a simple way to keep yourself motivated and raise your skills in Japanese?

Data Options

Data Options


Once you have added all your data logs you will see them on your Dashboard (the first page the application opens up to). From here you can add, edit or glance of your data.



Once you have tapped on your data log, a new window comes up with a very nice interface that allows you to add in your information very easily. You can tap the + or – buttons, or if it is a large number, swipe across and enter it in manually. As data is added, it goes to the recent history table beneath. If you want a full view, simply click on the arrow to the top-right of it.

Data Log - Sleep

Data Log - Sleep

If you click on the Visualization button beneath it, you can see a graph of your progress. You will notice it has a very simple, similar style to that of the Google Analytics graphs. The goal that you set will also come up as a red line across your graph so you can have a visual representation of how you are going.

Viewing as a Graph

Viewing as a Graph


Dayta is very flexible and allows you to track a lot of data. It is great to use as an all-in-one tool for measuring distance travelled, sleep had, weight lost, etc. It has a simple and beautiful interface and is utterly amazing for just one week’s development.

At the very cheap price of $0.99, it is definitely worth checking out to see what data it can track for you. I’d love to hear what you use it for, so please feel free to comment below!


Dayta is an application that is bound only by your imagination. Who needs multiple apps to track data when you can use just this one?

  • Sahil Lavingia

    Thanks for the view. A 9/10 is just awesome. 😀

    • Sahil Lavingia


    • Matt Hamilton

      No problems man – It’s a great app!

    • salomoko

      one week. seriously?

      there’s no way you started from applicationDidLaunch()…

      or did you :-\

  • Luke

    I just bought this, looks great so far!

    Anyone want to suggest some more things to track, all I have so far is Hours Slept, Hours Worked, and Steam Games purchased.

    • Randy

      What about coffee? And how many jumping jack you did?

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  • Alex Stone

    Holy crap! I’m buying this (as well as colorstream, which I just discovered and totally need).

    I love stats and it would be great to keep track of tons of custom data in one great app instead of like 10 apps.

    Can’t wait to get into this app.

    • Sahil Lavingia

      Thanks for your enthusiasm. I hope you enjoy it :)

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  • Randy Cram

    I followed along this during the week you made it and bought it as soon as it was available in the app store and I must say while I personally do not have a use for it besides tracking my sleep hours I do enjoy it. Wonderful app good for tracking anything for that price!


  • @MikeCase

    I too kept track of the progress over the week and was impressed how much was completed in only a week. Amazing!

  • Nick

    Looks like a cool app! Hope I’m a winner :-)

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  • Robert

    Does it give a running total? I can’t see it anywhere…

  • Jason

    I was going through my RSS feeds (been awhile since I did so) and came across it, sounded like a great app so purchased it today. Very bad idea.

    Sahil’s site hasn’t been updated for almost 5 months. With iOS4 I found the app very buggy, and incomplete. It crashed a lot (i.e. trying to add a Goal and other random crashes), the Visualization chart isn’t updating, etc.

    It seems like a great idea for an app if updated, unfortunately this one seems to be dead. Just posting to help others avoid purchasing it like I did (and for a $1.99, a second price hike… was free for a day I think… and no updates since it came out). Couple bucks not much to me but still going to contact Apple and see if they can reverse the purchase.

    • Lao DaGe

      Hey thanks for the warning!

  • superflex

    Me too!
    The app has not been updated in a long time. It’s very buggy on ios4. Crashes when I slide for manual entry and goals. Also there’s no feature to overlap data. The whole point of personal informatics is to compare data. For example fatigue vs. sleep vs. coffee.

    • Sahil

      Just updated it! Check it out, fixes a ton of stuff and adds even more!

  • Doug

    Hey does this app score “Pomodoros” for timed tasks (Pomodoro is a time management tool for measuring uninterrupted blocks of time on a task with short scheduled breaks). I would REALLY like that function and it would probably make this the best time management app.

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  • Samuel Onesimus

    Great app. . But has not been updated since 2011. I downloaded a similar app called Track+. You can track tons of custom things.

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