Pastebot: Your Beautiful iPhone Clipboard

When Apple came out with copy/paste functionality for the iPhone earlier this year, it received a warm welcome. Users were now able to have the basic ability to copy and paste text. But what about copy and paste functionality plus the added benefit of a clipboard that stores everything you copy, including images?

For users in need of more than the basic copy/paste you may want to consider Pastebot. This review will take a look at the functionality this wonderfully designed app has to offer.

What is Pastebot?

Pastebot is an app that allows you to store not only text, but images to a common clipboard. It then lets you organize, tag, share and sync all of your clippings. This article will go over how to navigate through the app from installation to execution and even see how it works when we sync with our Mac.

Getting Started

After you install Pastebot and open it for the first time you are presented with a set of five steps that introduce the app and how to use it. Read through these as its always good to take your time when getting the most out of a new app.



When finished with the introduction you will be taken to the clipboard. When you copy something to the iPhone clipboard then open Pastebot, the clip will be stored here. From here you can edit, organize and name everything you copy. You can also create clips (text and images) from within the app. Notice that the clipboard isn’t empty – Pastebot provides you with a few samples upon install. Tapping on a clip triggers a dropdown menu that provides character count for text and dimensions (in pixels) for images.

Getting Started

Getting Started

To the right of each clip is an arrow. Clicking this will allow you to go in to edit the clip. Pictures can be cropped, converted to black and white, sepia and more. Text can be edited, wrapped in HTML tags, have it’s case changed, or various other manipulations.

Editing a Clip

Editing a Clip

There is also a “dashboard” area within the app. Consider this the app’s home screen if you will. Here is where you can manage folders and settings. To create a new folder, tap the edit button at the top of the screen – now you can add, edit and delete folders.

I Have All These Clippings… Now What?

In addition to supplying you with information for each clip after being tapped, this you have the ability to:

With Pictures

  • Paste to Mac
  • Save image
  • Send as email
  • Move to folder

With Text

  • Paste to Mac
  • Search via Google
  • Send as email
  • Move to folder


Searching & Tags

One thing to make your Pastebot experience more productive is to add meaningful titles to your text clips and images. In doing so, you are able to treat the title word as tags and search for these tags from the clipboard screen.

Search & Tagging

Search & Tagging

Desktop Syncing

Another fantastic feature Pastebot offers is its ability to sync to your Mac. All you have to do is download Tapbots’ Pastebot Sync app on your machine. The app is free and lightweight. After downloading and installing Pastebot Sync, you can fire it up and connect the two devices. Simply enter the passcode that Pastebot generates into your Mac and you will be connected!

Setting up Syncing

Setting up Syncing

Unlike most programs that require a wired connection or sync everything only at your command, Pastebot runs wirelessly in the background. Copy some text from Safari or TextEdit and, instantly, it appears in Pastebot’s clipboard on your iPhone. The same goes for a picture. Copy a picture while surfing the web and in a matter of a few seconds you can have it on your phone!

The fact all ‘syncing’ is done in real time with no scheduled intervals or the need to tell the program when to sync, makes it a great app. As long as you are within range of WiFi, the clipboards will sync.

You can also send a clipboard item in reverse – to send an image to your Mac, tap and hold an image.

Reverse Pasting

Pastebot’s Limitations

Something to keep in mind is that a WiFi network is required to sync between your Mac and iPhone. This means even if your phone is connected to the carrier’s network it will not sync.

Also note that data transmitted between your machine and handheld is insecure. While Tapbots is working to add encryption, they recommend avoiding sending sensitive data over a public network. When syncing over a private network though, such as your home internet, you have all the security you need.

Similar Apps

Here the word similar is being used quite loosely as many copy/paste apps don’t come close in user interface quality to Pastebot:

Clipboard – Copy and Paste Now, by Xtremize software, has similar features but a much less user friendly and “Mac-like” interface – not to mention it has a 2 out of 5 star rating at the App Store. One advantage this app has over Pastebot is its 256 bit SSL encryption.

Clipboard Pro, by Permeative Technologies is another copy/paste app but again, comes nowhere close to Pastebot in terms of features and user-friendliness.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Pastebot is an excellent app that provides wonderfully enhanced copy/paste functionality. The fact that you are able to quickly and easily save multiple text clips and images to a common clipboard makes this app well worth the price.

On top of this, Pastebot allows you to quickly sync with your Mac and share snippets of text and images with ease. Take your iPhone’s copy/paste features to the next level, and give it a try!


Pastebot is a powerful clipboard manager that stores text & images copied from your iPhone/iPod Touch. Desktop syncing is remarkable, and the design fulfils the outstanding reputation of Tapbots.

  • Benjamin Reid

    I love, love, all the Tapbot’s UI’s, they’re so polished and this one is no different. Thanks for the review, as @ first glance it didn’t seem to have much use but It looks really good now.

    The sync’ functionality looks really handy. If you build an Mac app’, you need an iPhone baby brother and vice versa.

    Nice writing style also William.

    • William Mengers

      Thanks, and yes a very nice interface indeed.

  • Rick Nunn

    I love this app, I use it daily for so many things. It’s also the quickest way to get a photo from your iPhone to your computer I think.

  • Josh

    This actually looks like a pretty neat app, I’ll check it out later.

  • Adam Fairhead

    Just downloaded and installed. Very nice interface.

  • Sir Cake

    Kind of cheesy that they raised the price to $2.99 after this review came out saying it was $1.99.

  • Brad Parnell

    I have this app and absolutely love it, it’s come in handy several times from pasting from my mac to iPhone, or iPhone to mac, and the interface itself is just breathtaking and inspiring. another win from Tapbots!

  • Ryan Cash

    Love this app, does everything you’d expect and more.

    Sometimes I use this app just to hear the sounds it makes.

  • Jordan

    Where was this app when I needed it months ago?! I was in the hospital for awhile and the only thing I used to browse the internet was my iPhone. I don’t know how many websites I came across that I had wanted to save an image, bit of text or something.

    I think my favorite part about the Pastebots app is being able to email it. I rarely go back to a bookmark on my iPhone itself. So being able to access it on my desktop is preferred since usually it has something to do with a project I’m working on.

    As far as the UI goes… I love all the work that Tapbots has pushed out thus far. Gorgeous apps that other developers/designers need to consider.

  • William Mengers

    Hey all, I have to add that any of you have downloaded the app and have a Mac do yourself a huge favor and download Pastebot Sync!

    If you think the app is great for the iPhone, you’ll love PB Sync.

  • Glyn

    Got this app, its pretty sweet wouldn’t mind seeing some mac to mac clipboard management stuffed in there, making it an all device clipboard solution! I messaged them about this and they said they have no plans to implement it.

    Made sense to me?

  • Alex
  • Pixeltoy

    Based on this review I bought ‘Pastebot’. Apple inc why haven’t you included this app as standard?
    This app is well worth the $3 Aus.
    Thanks ‘appstorm’ for the heads up!

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  • gianah

    will it work on ipod touch?

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