30 Gorgeous iPhone App Interfaces & Icons

With over 100,000+ apps in the App Store, and the numbers growing fast, it’s much harder to make an impact on iPhone users in the iTunes store. Some mobile designers are spending more time designing high quality looking applications to create buzz and get recognition for their work.

Here is a list of 30 apps that are well-designed and worth their purchase from their exceptional design skills and zealous attention to detail. If you love good design, beware – you may end up spending a few dollars if you read on!


Pastebot is the easiest way to manage your clipboard clippings on your iPhone. It sports subtle gray gradients and ambient glows throughout the app. The designer, Mark Jardine, always makes his app icons look cute and friendly and they match well with the interface.

tapbots.com | App Store Link



Awesome Note

Awesome Note goes above and beyond the default notes application on the iPhone. Awesome Note has been featured by Apple as one of the best Apps of 2009. It’s not hard to notice why when you see the dark wood and detailed textures throughout the app that grab your attention of quality work.

bridworks.com | App Store Link

Awesome Note

Awesome Note


Convert took other complex converters by storm by under doing the competition and making conversions function simple like a calculator. The unit icons make it very easy to recognize what unit you are dealing with and the app icon meshed with the app perfectly.

taptaptap.com | App Store Link



Air Mouse Pro

Air Mouse Pro is a remote / trackpad app that allows you to control your PC or Mac remotely. Air Mouse Pro has a very sleek black look with subtle black gradients and large buttons, it’s simple interface hides it’s diverse features.

mobileairmouse.com | App Store Link

Air Mouse Pro

Air Mouse Pro


Outside makes checking the weather fun and exciting again. With high quality icons, background drops of the weather and overall simplicity, it makes it a worthwhile gem for your iPhone. The app icon is boasting a good looking illustrative landscape.

robocatapps.com | App Store Link




Thing is a popular task manager that got famous for it’s simplicity and usability on the mac. The app icon has a 3D look to it, the app uses very subtle colors, and they use well-designed icons throughout the entire app.

culturedcode.com | App Store Link




Cellar makes managing your wine collection sexy and worth the effort. The app uses great drop shadows and has ambient lighting almost everywhere. The details on the wine bottles and glasses is exceptional and hard not to notice.

cellar-app.com | App Store Link



Rebate Tracker

Rebate Tracker tracks those pesky mail-in rebates we all love to hate but somehow seem to accumulate and lose over time. The app uses a nice wood background, drop shadows, lighting, and detailed elements to bring realism to the app.

reactivegears.com | App Store Link

Rebate Tracker

Rebate Tracker


With Groups, you can manage your contacts easily with this great looking tabbed interface. A wide range of colors makes the app interesting and eye catching. The icon is 3D and easy to distinguish in the store.

guidedways.com | App Store Link




Ego lets you stroke your ego by tracking your site, social, and feed statistics. They use a nice blinging icon and we know how people love shiny things. The app uses a variety of colors and has a trendy background that’s grown in popularity in the store.

ego-app.com | App Store Link



Tea Round

Tea Round is Russian roulette for those wanting to sort out who fetches the tea at the office for the day. The design elements used in the app are gorgeous and subtle detail like the steam, make it a real winner.

tearoundapp.com | App Store Link

Tea Round

Tea Round


Classics brings some of those favorite classic books a couple taps away on your phone. Page flips make you feel like you are dealing with a real book and the nice cream color is easy on the eyes. The sexy icon makes me wonder why I don’t have these books on my shelf at home lined up like this.

classicsapp.com | App Store Link



Night Stand

Night stand brings an alarm clock in an assortment of different skins. The quality skins make this app feel at home on your night stand. The icon is pretty self explanatory, which is always nice in an app.

spoonjuice.com | App Store Link

Night Stand

Night Stand

Delivery Status Touch

Delivery Status Touch helps keep track of those packages that you’re expecting in the mail. The app uses nice subtle gradients in a table-like structure with a variety of unique colors. The icon resembles a 3D package and makes you giddy knowing your new item(s) will be showing up soon.

junecloud.com | App Store Link

Delivery Status Touch

Delivery Status Touch


Facebook is probably one of your favorite social networks and it’s easy to see why. Facebook pays attention to detail and uses it’s notorious blue color so people can recognize it. It has some great detail in the icons and resembles very closely to the actual web site in terms of functionality.

facebook.com | App Store Link



Convert Bot

Convert bot is another useful convert utility from the tapbots crew. The app icon matches the interface well and it uses those subtle gray gradients and dark drop shadows that they are known for. The unit icons are easy to make sense of too.

tapbots.com | App Store Link



Jamie Oliver

The Jamie Oliver app has 55 recipes and is designed to help you cook some delicious meals in 20 minutes or so. They use a darker wood and have great paper textures throughout the app. The fonts and colors go very well together and makes the app seem user friendly.

jamieoliver.com | App Store Link

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

Tweetie 2

Tweetie is a popular Twitter client on the Mac, and Tweetie 2 is the mobile app that continues it’s legacy. Blue glows and subtle details like the favorite tweets star make the app feel polished and functional. The app icon is simple and effective at displaying a sexy chat bubble.

atebits.com | App Store Link

Tweetie 2

Tweetie 2

Twitterrific Pro

Twitterific Pro is another game changing Twitter client for the iphone. Just from the app icon alone, you can see the detail like the feathers, which really makes the app stand out in the store. The great use of dark pixel work, shadows, and glows makes the interface jump out and a pleasure to use.

twitterrific.com | App Store Link




Beats combines a BPM counter with an advanced DJ metronome. The icon looks sharp and identical to the interface. The use of diagonal lines and purple colors makes this app stand out among the other apps in the music category. The dial pad / turn wheel looks very realistic and makes you feel like you have a nice stereo system at your finger tips.

bjango.com | App Store Link




Hipstamatic brings back an analog look to your digital photographs. The camera, lenses, and flashes in the icon and interface have great detail. The overall interface has a very grungy look, which is very different from other apps in the store.

hipstamaticapp.com | App Store Link




Voices is a nice voice morphing app that brings some silliness to your iPhone. The icons in the app have a lot of detail and provide some cool characters to the app. The red carpet and wood are great looking and make you feel as if you are on stage as you tweak your voice to your hearts content.

taptaptap.com | App Store Link




Groceries is a nice looking grocery shopping list app. The cork looking background and paper provide realism. The detailed app icon features quality soup cans, which is sure to catch some lookers who are in need of an app to track their groceries.

sophiestication.com | App Store Link



iHandy Level

iHandy Level is probably one of the sexiest leveling tools in the App Store. With it’s great use of realistic wood and brushed metal, along with a detailed bubble. There is no wonder why I no longer need a leveling tool from the garage anymore.

ihandysoft.com | App Store Link

iHandy Level

iHandy Level

Where To?

Where To? is a point of interest app that allows you to easily find restaurants, banks, etc. The app uses a great black turn wheel with a blue glow for highlighted items. The app uses a leather texture, which is a change from the many types of wood textures other apps use. The app icon is easily recognizable too if you are familiar with exit signs on the roads.

futuretap.com | App Store Link

Where To?

Where To?

Time Tuner Radio Alarm Clock

TimeTuner is a full-featured radio alarm clock. It uses more muted looking colors with a nice looking scale for a sleep timer to mix it up over other apps. The app icon serves as both a clock and depicts radio waves, which is subtle but recognizable.

dreamsurface.com | App Store Link

Time Tuner Radio Alarm Clock

Time Tuner Radio Alarm Clock

I Am T-Pain

The I Am T-Pain app is a voice recorder which uses the popular auto tuner effect from T-Pain. Although the icon isn’t that fancy, it does make good use of curtains, lighting, a grungy texture, and a good looking ticket stub that makes you feel like you are a V.I.P at the show.

smule.com | App Store Link

I Am T-Pain

I Am T-Pain

Ghostly Discovery

Ghostly Discovery is a mood-based radio station, which helps you discover songs based on your mood. It has some great looking dial knobs. The color wheel looks great on the dark gray background and the icon is different enough to easily be remembered.

o2creativesolutions.com | App Store Link

Ghostly Discovery

Ghostly Discovery


Reeder is an RSS feed reader, which syncs with your Google Reader account. The app icon looks great with a hint of orange and the popular RSS bars. I think what makes it great is the simplicity of the app using a gray color. With tiny little icons representing the news source and it’s ability to focus on the content, it make the app stand out from other bloated readers.

reederapp.com | App Store Link



My Desk

My Desk is an app you can fill up like your desktop at home or work. The app makes great use of different graphical elements and has a nice looking backdrop shadow. Other textures are used throughout the app to provide some variety for your eyes.

metabrain.com | App Store Link

My Desk

My Desk

Share Your Favourites

Do you use an application that you think is particularly well designed? Feel free to share in the comments!

  • http://codeaplus.com/ Aleksandar

    All good choices, with possible exception being Groceries. Somehow it does not click well with me, probably because of that awful font. Also those wooden bars don`t really work with plain non-textured white rows. Could be only me, but I it`s a turn off.

    My recent favourites (that are not listed above):

    Movies Now! – http://www.kodu.co.uk/
    iSaidWhat: http://www.tapparatus.com/isaidwhat/
    Guitar Toolkit: http://agilepartners.com/apps/guitartoolkit/
    PanelFly: http://panelfly.com/

    I must enjoy the UI to use any app on a daily basis, so I design my apps according to that. Thus some self promotion (I would love to hear comments on the UI):

    Run Mate: http://codeaplus.com/runmate/
    Quickie ad-hoc to-do: http://codeaplus.com/quickie/

    • lora

      I must enjoy the UI to use any app on a daily basis,

      agreed. and i also agree with not being a fan of the grocery design

      re design on websites i think iCasestore has got a nice logo,


      oh and its hard to go past the design of facebook imo

    • http://killericons.in Mike

      Hi, Icons are one of the important part of UI. This article was an inspiration for me, when i started designing a specialized Icon kit .


  • http://broadersheet.com Peter Clark

    I’d like to nominate our iPhone app, Broadersheet, you reviewed it here: http://mac.appstorm.net/reviews/internet-reviews/broadersheet-your-customized-iphone-newspaper/

    • http://twitter.com/mlwry Matthew Lowery

      Would definitely nominate this. One of my favourite apps.

      I’d also nominate Classics and Keymote.

    • http://www.brandensilva.com Branden Silva

      I do like Broadersheets app icon and would have proablyadded it to the list if I had spotted it earlier.


      Classics is included but I did like Keymote as well.

  • http://www.albrecht.me Simon Albrecht

    I would like to introduce our iPhone application called Stage, which lets you share your favorite music with your friends online. It has an extremely beatuiful Interface! More info: http://dev.iphone360.ch/stage/

    • Justin

      I already use Spotify thanks.

  • Oli

    You should add Reportage, the interface is awesome!

  • http://painteddigital.com Matt Reed

    Wow! I came here to look at the visuals, but I’m leaving with about 10 more apps in my pocket. I had no idea some of these existed. Nice list!

  • http://codeaplus.com/ Aleksandar

    Some of my favorites, not mentioned in the post.

    Movies NOW! http://www.kodu.co.uk/
    iSaidWhat http://www.tapparatus.com/isaidwhat/
    Guitar Toolkit http://agilepartners.com/apps/guitartoolkit/

  • http://adrianclement.com Adrian Clement

    Birdfeed’s UI shits on Tweetie and Twitterific.

    • http://www.brandensilva.com Branden Silva

      I like all three. Birdfeed’s icon rocks tho!

  • http://codeaplus.com/ Aleksandar

    Not sure about Groceries though, somehow the combination of the wood bars and plain white item rows is putting me off. It does not clicks right, but could be only me.

    Forgot my own two apps in previous comment…
    Run Mate http://codeaplus.com/runmate/
    Quickie to-do: http://codeaplus.com/quickie/
    I highly value pleasant looking and usable UI, so build my apps according to that.

    • http://www.brandensilva.com Branden Silva

      I digg the apps Aleksandar. Definitely usable and clean looking. Thanks for sharing.

      • http://codeaplus.com/ Aleksandar

        Thanks, very glad to hear that.

      • Brant

        I think those look alright. The running mate has some typography issues and the running icons are a little…well…gross. Nice set up though.

  • David

    Is that the right web link for Groups? Seems to take me to some Search and Read Quran site? (unless I need to find it on there somewhere?!)

    • http://www.brandensilva.com Branden Silva

      Yeah unfortunately their main site is funkadelic like that. I included just the root links of the sites so it would provide some exposure to other apps that the companies might have, that look good. Here’s a better link for you:


  • http://www.tapparatus.com danny

    What about “iSaidWhat?!”

    • http://www.ekindesigns.com Jeff Broderick

      I agree. iSaidWhat?! has one of the best UI I have seen so far.

  • http://www.cuby.co.nr Henry Bennett

    Fantastic collection of apps! Thanks for sharing!

    As for others, I love the design of Convert from Polar Bear Farm… http://www.polarbearfarm.com/convert/

    • http://www.brandensilva.com Branden Silva

      Yeah they do have a decent app and I like the clean look. I may have included them but I was already including 2 other convert apps and wanted to make it functionally diverse so it wasn’t chalked full of the same types of apps. Thanks for letting us know.

  • http://moneybookapp.com Sandro

    I would also like to introduce our app “MoneyBook” :)
    I think the UI looks beautfiful and sexy…


  • http://twizzleapp.com/ Sahil Lavingia

    I would nominate one of my own: http://colorstreamapp.com/

    • http://www.brandensilva.com Branden

      Looks great Sahil. I may just have to get this so I can mash some web projects together on the go.

  • Sylvia

    I’d suggest LEDit (which is pretty fun also): http://wessley.net/LEDit

  • Krishna Kotecha

    I’m shamelessly nominating my own goals tracking app called “Choice by Choice”: http://logiccolony.com/choicebychoice

  • Steve
    • http://www.brandensilva.com Branden Silva

      Nice one Steve. I use this one myself.

  • Sean

    I’d suggest checking out the FanGuide applications. The icons are great and really distinct for each location and the UI is really easy to use.


  • JackMcLean

    I would like to share the app and GUI for it that I made, Rapid ID.
    Its the first GUI I have made a my favourite iPhone icon which I have made.
    Hope you could have a look at it!

    http://www.visialsoft.co.uk/RapidID_Promo/screenshots/main_view.jpg (screenshot)

    http://www.visialsoft.co.uk/RapidID_Promo/screencast.mov (screencast)

    http://www.visialsoft.co.uk/VisialSoft/rapidid.html (website)

    http://bit.ly/4vjLFB (iTunes link)

    I can get you a promo link if you would like a look at the app more in depth

  • Grouik

    This cute shopping list is worse the try : http://itunes.com/apps/bigpapoo/quickshop

  • Jared

    Grocery IQ is great b/c of the coupon feature and the UI is simple and easy. Also X3 browser instead of using Safari. It lacks the bookmark feature but I hardly use those anyways.

  • http://www.harmonistinc.com/ Jack

    These guys are pretty big fans of the UI picker view, some of the apps are pretty basic utilities, but it’s weird, a lot of times the more complicated the app the less they get used (for me at least). DrumPro’s interface isn’t anything amazing, it looks more like a real mpc, but the sound quality was incredible

  • DW

    I really love the EA’s Spore Originsinterface. It was one of the first games to use the accelerometer interface well. It feels like one is tilting a microscope slide.

    For generative music, Bloom is super simple. Trope added features but the mucked up the beauty and simplicity of Bloom. The related Air simplified but just isn’t elegant, thought it sounds like endless variations of Music for Airports – and that was the point.

    Perpetuum Is beautiful, simple to use and useful. It’s simply a program to show the moon phase. It is really simple yet elegant.

  • DW

    iSkream changes audio, but it has a fantastic old-school look with toggle switches and knobs, all with audio. It takes digital audio and gives it the analogue touch with fine details. The VU meter’s needle even giggles if you jar or shake the iPhone. Lots of detail for a fun little

    The image is deep linked to the developers website, /Caldera Studios.

  • SteveO

    If you’ve got time we’d love you to check out our App Beermap. Real ale review app with a UI we think you’ll enjoy!

  • http://cookmateapp.com Robin

    How about Cookmate guys? :) http://cookmateapp.com

    • http://www.reactivegears.com Branden

      Cookmate looks awesome. I would of included it if I had spotted it before I had written the article. Gotta keep this talent streaming in.

  • http://www.paulbain.co.uk Paul

    Yeah BeerMap’s UI is awesome. You guys should check it out!

  • http://www.vowbox.com O

    I’d like to nominate one of ours called Vow Box.

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  • http://www.nouveller.com/ Benjamin Reid

    Luckily I already own quite a few of these app’s so I won’t spend too much but check the UI on Beats, it’s smexy.

  • James

    iStudiez Pro (www.istudentpro.com) deserves to be in the list.

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  •  Big Mac 

    i realy love the design of jamie oliver’s app and the apps from tapbot, like pastebot, convertbot and weightbot.
    an other app, that has a very nice interface is i-gun

    • http://www.reactivegears.com Branden

      Yeah I really like the amount of detail that has gone into those weapons, but this particular article was more geared towards utilities. Either way, thanks for sharing.

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  • http://www.cliqcliq.com/ Brian Westphal

    What do you think about cliqcliq Colors 2?

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  • Tom

    I nominate “Umbrella”


    Saved my skin a few times…

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  • http://twitter.com/The_Swiftman Swiftman

    Grades: http://grades.tapity.com/

    Great app & it looks amazing.

    You all might want to do another one of these posts… It seems to be a hit.

  • Mike Fish

    I am looking for skilled iPhone familiar designers to make an icon for an iPhone App that will be published in the iTunes App Store.
    If you’re interested, please reply with samples of other App Store icons you’ve created (looking for really nice & vivid work).

    • http://www.tech-active.com Andrew

      Hi Mike,

      Please have a check on our website at http://www.tech-active.com

      I look forward to receive more details.

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  • http://www.syinaction.com syarip yunus

    Great!!! Awesome icon.

  • http://www.otadesigns.com/ Hawaii Web Design

    I love the list, especially the detailed screen shots. I will definitely try some of these apps. Thanks!

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  • http://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/visit-singapore/id399627023?mt=8 Ludmal
  • http://www.tech-active.com Andrew

    Apple Much More Advance Launched 4.2 Already and 4.3 Due in December.

    iPhone / iPad Apps – iPhone application developer london

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  • http://www.torrentgamez.com/ apsinthos

    The icons are great and really distinct for each location and the UI is really easy to use.

  • http://www.china-clothing-manufacturer.com/ clothing factory

    especially the detailed screen shots. I will definitely try some of these apps. Thanks!

  • http://www.jim-nielsen.com Jim

    I created a gallery showcasing great icon designs for iOS. Check it out:


    • ZQ1989

      Great website!!!aaaaaaawesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.indurasystems.com AnneMarie

      Jim, Your icons are really really nice!!!! aMw

  • http://iphone-icon.com iPhone icon

    glad to see our work in this list! Thanks!

  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ilogfitness/id431518506?mt=8 Luke

    I think this one is amazing!

  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ilogfitness/id431518506?mt=8 Luke
  • Razibul Hassan

    A really impressive list and example. Any iPhone developer will get some inspiring exaple at this page. Thanks for the post.

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  • Razibul Hassan

    According to this article the number of iPhone apps on the iPhone store is over 100,000 but the iPhone store says the number is now more than 500,000. The article should be updated. I’m sure this great article gets lots of traffic and updating would make it more informative. Please, place some new application interfaces that’s been added to the iPhone store after the publication of this article…

  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mytymz/id427875515 Firuza Shukurova

    I would like to share our application called MyTymz with you. MyTymz is you private multimedia journal where you can save all your life moments by notes, pictures, videos and check-ins.

  • Firuza Shukurova

    The download link for MyTymz is http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mytymz/id427875515

  • http://www.cigarettespub.com/ Free cigarettes

    The Dictionary.com app is simple, free, and doesn’t need Wi-Fi for all of you iPod touch users. It includes Dictionary.com’s entire word repertoire with dated etymologies plus a pretty good thesaurus (that’s right, the word dinosaur), a history of the words you’ve searched for easy reference and a randomly selected word of the day. All-in-all I end up using this one every day.

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  • http://brantdaydesign.com Brant

    I think this is a great list of apps that have some nice UI. I feel you were wise in your choices in that a lot of the apps you chose innovated the UI in some way, or at least tied it into a concept. Many of those interfaces are a lot different than the standard interfaces that are being suggested here on the site currently. What I’m saying is that just because your interface looks clean, animates nicely, and works without bugs, does not make it a good interface by any means. Yes you get points of course, I’m not trying to downplay that point, however if you look at, for example, the conversion bot. The layout feels almost like a scale that you would stand on to weigh something. Already the interface has spoken to our natural physical inclinations about what we see and use around us. Thus the interface becomes recognizable and we begin to make connections about how to use it. The icons themselves are simple, bold, and the user has the choice to replace them with name values. The creator made the different choices rotate and he set it up in a circular shape so that we automatically understand the motion through our known affordances of the circular shape.
    Again I think the author of the blog did a good job at choosing app interfaces that were created with some interesting innovations and changes in how we look and interact in a digital touch environment. It takes more than the normal conventions that apple has set up to really make a great UI. I’m not advocating that everyone just go out and try to innovate something, often times the simple choices and UI’s are what works, which the author showcased well. However there must be definite thought, testing, and good design choices.

  • http://Www.kayakcreative.ca Randy

    http://www.cocoabox.com/ makes PenUltimate! For iPad. THE BEST APP EVER. Let’s me sketch, wrote, note take, etc. very pro-level. Use your finger or a capacitive pen. Very cool.

  • http://www.madhornets.com mble

    Going through the post I have clearly realized why people of all walks of life have taken the web as the best source of information and knowledge. Really it’s a ver helpful piece of writing. Thanks! Mad Hornets

  • http://www.casebuddy.com.au Thomas

    Jamie Oliver one is clean.

  • http://www.casebuddy.com.au Case Buddy

    Ghost kinda of cute. from the guys at http://www,casebuddy.com.au

  • Aussiebastard

    I think i just puked in my mouth a little

  • http://agenciasoloedecanes.com/ Daniel Quijano

    Wow, amazing list!, thanks a lot

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  • http://www.seanhurley.com Sean Hurley

    How do you find a designer that specializes in apple icon design?

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  • Ira

    Wow. It looks so simple and it looks amazing! Thank you!
    And one more from me
    It looks like expensive watches :)

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  • Kash

    Hey Guys,

    Have you checked this app “Contacts Guard Pro”? Very nice layout and awesome features. Check here


  • http://www.cigarettespub.net/ OnlineCigs

    Dictionary.com app is free, and doesn’t need Wi-Fi for all of you iPod touch users. It includes Dictionary.com’s entire word repertoire with dated etymologies plus a pretty good thesaurus (that’s right, the word dinosaur), a history of the words you’ve searched for easy reference and a randomly selected word of the day. All-in-all I end up using this one every day.

  • http://iosappicons.tumblr.com/ Nenad

    You should do an update :)

  • Suzanne

    Fabulous post! Can’t wait to check these apps. By the way, you might want to learn more about ClipClock, a brilliant iPhone app for sharing videos. Learn more about it at this download link – http://www.clipclock.com/download/20063.

  • http://www.manwithavanhire.com/ ManWithVan

    Air Mouse if cool app. It is a must have.


  • Viv Richards
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