50+ (Really) Beautiful iPad Wallpapers

If you’re lucky enough to have one of Apple’s latest gadgets, you’ll know that it doesn’t feel quite complete without with a gorgeous iPad wallpaper. Despite the fact that the iPad has only been available for a few weeks, a huge range of wonderful wallpapers are already available.

Today we’ll be showcasing over 50 examples of beautiful wallpaper design – each ready and waiting to be copied straight across to your iPad!

Interested in finding even more gorgeous iPhone wallpapers? Be sure to read our roundups of 40 New iPhone Wallpapers, 50 Gorgeous Wallpapers for iOS & iPhone 4, and 50 iPhone Wallpapers for Design Lovers.

Now For Something Different!

These three wallpapers from Gizmodo are particlarly fascinating and, though not the most “beautiful”, may make your friends stop and stare!

Our Other Wallpaper Posts

Interested in finding even more gorgeous iPhone wallpapers? Be sure to read our other roundups that can help to beautify your iPhone and iPad!

Share Your Favourites

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of wonderful design and photography. I’d love to hear your favourites as well, so please share any links to other wallpapers you’ve found in the comments!

  • Sam

    “Aurora” on the ipad is like an April fools joke. It might be just me, but I typically associate “Aurora” theme to Windows 7, not the iPad.

    • http://cargocollective.com/ericfernandez Eric

      I agree Sam. I would never use that one. lol

      A bunch of great selections here.

  • http://thelukejohnson.com Luke

    I posted a few of my favs here – http://bit.ly/9XN2kZ – For the record I got most of these from interfacelift.com and then re-cropped them.

  • RealUnimportant

    “Despite the fact that the iPad has only been available for a few weeks, a huge range of wonderful wallpapers are already available.”

    No, really? How amazing that a device with a 15 year-old display size can be catered for so swiftly by the pro design community. I hear Adobe had to push a special update for PhotoShop so that it could crop something to the correct ratio…

    Sarcasm aside, these are lovely pics. There’s nothing special about them though, a lot of them are well known already (especially by visitors to MacThemes) and some are even defaults in other operating system installs from Apple or MS.

  • http://blog.cameronlaird.com Cam

    I was thinking these might be the best collection of iPad wallpapers I had seen UNTIL I checked the sizes. I couldn’t find one that was sized to the native resolution of the iPad, a bunch were square and most were way under the native iPad resolution.
    Great pics but NOT a great collection of iPad wallpapers…

    • http://www.labusdesign.com Bill Labus

      Actually, all of these wallpapers are at the correct resolution- 1024×1024. The wallpapers need to be square so that they fill the iPad screen when it’s turned both portrait and landscape. In other words, these images are always cropped in some way, either the with the top and bottom cut off (landscape) or left and right cut off (portrait). So essentially, the ‘safe’ area that’s always visible is the 768×768 area in the center of the image.

      • http://1024x.net/ iPad Lover

        Indeed, the wallpaper 1024×1024 px looks perfect on my iPad.
        Personally, I download wallpaper from the site http://1024x.net/ – a beautiful collection, and the site is well optimized for the tablet!


  • http://www.ablepear.com Kevin Bomberry

    Every Friday on our blog ( http://blog.ablepear.com ) we publish iPhone, iPod touch and now recently iPad wallpapers (at the devices native resolution) for all to enjoy. I think some are quite nice and others are better for the home screen as they are a litle to busy for a backgro und wallpaper.

    Take a look and I hope you enjoy them. Cheers!

    Able Pear Software

  • http://www.ipadwalls.net iPad Wallpapers

    Thanks for sharing them. I have posted a few of them at my site http://www.ipadwalls.net

    @kevin i will make sure that i visit your site often as i recently got an ipad.

  • http://iphoneipadwallpapers.com Mike

    Wow.. Very good collection. Good to see all wallpapers are optimized with 1024×1024 pixel resolution.

  • http://ipadwallpapersbybay.com Martin Bay

    Thanks for the walls.

    I have made a page that will be updated weekly with photo wallpapers for the iPad (and iPhone) in native iPad resolution.

    Here it is: http://ipadwallpapersbybay.com

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  • Andrew Kajak

    That’s some cool selection! Have you guys saw this collection?


    It’s truly amazing, love the details there! and you can get a poster for free :]

  • http://graphicdesignjunction.com Graphic Design Junction

    WAHOOO! awesome really amazing… collection.. thanks for sharing

  • http://inspirationfeed.com inspirationfeed

    Great collection, although most are really plain. Check out my collection

  • Beautiful

    I have seen way better.


    The link above will change the way you look at your IPAD forever. As they have more than 400 of the world’s most beautiful creatives custom creating wallpapers. These wallpapers are nothing like you’ve ever seen- guaranteed!

  • a
  • a


  • http://theojo.com Anthony
  • http://www.gavristiberiu.com tibby

    beautiful 1024×1024 iPad wallpapers: http://www.coolipadwallpapers.com. enjoy them!

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  • http://www.theappsplanet.com tangologix

    nice collection. i got 3 of them for myself. cool man, thanks for uploading. keep it up…

  • http://iphone-wallpapers.org Adrian Lazariuc

    Great showcase. I already used some of these wallpapers to fill my ipad screen. I also found a nice ipad wallpapers gallery that has thousands of free 1024×1024 optimized ipad wallpapers: http://ipadwallpapers.eu

  • Dale C.

    I’ve been using http://ipadwallpapergallery.com/ . They got pretty great selection and more added often.

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  • Al

    And here is awsome collection for heavy wine-drinkers:

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  • http://www.ifullscreen.com OP

    Right now http://www.ifullscreen.com holds the most ipad wallpapers and they are all properly cropped to 1024 x 1024.

  • Karoly Kiralyfalvi
  • http://www.ipadwallpaperapp.com PMP

    Some great limited edition images for the ipad here….and you can own them too.

  • http://ipad.iwalls.org MyWalls

    1000+ of the best iPad wallpaper designs – http://ipad.iwalls.org
    Hope you like it!

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  • http://www.appleumbrella.com Apple Umbrella

    stunning ipad wallpapers you sharing. thanks

  • http://eroglamour.com/ipad Taevs

    That’s some cool selection!


    It’s truly amazing!

  • http://mister-gan.com Mister Gan

    This article is so amazing!

    60+ Colourful HD Wallpapers for iPhone

  • http://techresortz.blogspot.com Imran Shakir

    Got a couple of cool wallpapers from here, thanks man. Do you have have HD wallpapers for iPhone? give me the link i need for my iPhone. thanks.

  • http://microexpertz.blogspot.com zeshan

    awesome, i got wallpapers for my ipad from here, hey man what about ipad 2, can we use the same on ipad 2. i found wallpapers for iphone http://microexpertz.blogspot.com/2011/03/hot-bollywood-actresses-wallpapers-for.html

  • http://www.tech6i.com Jimmi

    Very lovely collection of wallpapers, i’ve picked a couple for my iPad from here. Man do you have iPhone wallpapers, i’ve iphone 4 where from i can get games for iphone 4 and wallpapers.

  • http://mobiresortz.blogspot.com Tabassum

    Got a couple of cool wallpapers from here for my ipad, yes mate i’m the luckiest one to have the apple ipad and yes i’ve iphone aswell. thanks man for providing some cool stuff here.

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  • http://www.china-clothing-manufacturer.com/ clothing factory

    thanks man. Do you have have HD wallpapers for iPhone? give me the link i need for my iPhone. thanks.

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  • http://redlogix.blogspot.com Imran

    Nice collection man, go a couple for my new iPad, Awesome. hey do you have any collection fro iPhone 4, do let me know. Thanks for this.

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  • http://ipadwallpaper.net Thomas

    Great list thanks, useful to start with something :)

  • http://microexpertz.blogspot.com zeshan aslam

    nice wallpapers.looks really beautifull on desktops

  • http://tangologex.blogspot.com Shakir

    Nice collection man, thanks. Got some of these for my iPad, hey man what about iPad 2 and iPhone 4 Wallpapers? Do you have any or goin to post?


  • Thewper

    guy, there are some great ones here and looks like they are adding more


  • http://www.secondhand.org.uk/ipad Second Hand iPad

    Fantastic selection perfect for anyones iPad! I like the dark wood effect.

  • http://hdive.com photography

    is a special collection of background pictures for ipod, continues to post

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  • eydesign

    Hi, nice collections, really love them, I can also share one nice ipad wallpaper site I just found recetly : http://www.ipadwallpapers.me enjoy~!

  • HIren Panara

    The Best Quality Wallpaper.

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  • http://www.9to5wallpapers.com/ 9to5wallpapers

    awesome quality and collection. thanks mate… 😉

  • Gill

    Very interesting and fun article. I have really enjoyed reading this awesome information

  • Andy

    Wow, amazing weblog format! How long have you been blogging for

  • http://comparatifmutuelle.educatewiki.com/ en savoir plus ici

    Magique de trouver un blog avec des idées créatives sur ce sujet. a bientot :-)

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