40 Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts

There are lots of things that you can do with your iPhone, sure, but we’re willing to be that there are a few more that you either don’t know about or haven’t used before, particularly with all of the additions in iOS 5. Did you know you can put in typing shortcuts similar to Text Expander? Or that you can make custom vibrations for each person? If you didn’t — or just want to brush up on your iOS trivia — hit the jump and find 40 top secret, ultra-cool tips for the iPhone.

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Camera & Pictures

Want to get the most out of the iPhone’s camera and photos? Follow along as we guide you show you some well known (and not so well known) features of iOS 5 and the iPhone.

1. Use Your + Volume Button as a Shutter on Your iPhone…

Taking a picture by holding your iPhone with just one hand is an easy way to get out of focus images. Fix it by holding your iPhone with two hands horizontally, and then push down the + button usually reserved for raising the volume. Now you’ve got a stable picture!

2. … and Your Headphones, Too


The same trick above works for the volume button on your headphones, too. This comes in particularly handy if you have a Glif or similar tripod mount for your iPhone. If you couldn’t already guess, this works for Bluetooth headphones as well.

3. Add a New Photo Album

If you find that your photo album selection lacks a little pizzaz, feel free to add more using this simple trick. Go to the Photos app, click Edit in the top right corner and then click the Add button that shows up in the upper left side of the screen. Now just title the album whatever you want and you’re golden.

4. Quick Look for Pictures You Just Took

Want to look at the most recent image you shot? Open up the camera app and slide the screen from left to right. It’ll show the last picture taken, and you’ll be good to go.

5. Take a Picture With a Double Tap

Stuck on the lock screen but want to take a picture? Double click the home button and look just to the right of your Unlock slider where you’ll find a little camera icon. Touch it, and away you go to taking pictures.

6. Edit Your Photos

Man, those red eyes in that shot look horrible, right? If only you had some kind of way to tweak your shots so that they looked perfect. Turns out you do, all baked into iOS. Just hit Edit on any image, and you’ll be presented with your tools along the bottom row. They’re not super extensive, but it’ll get the job done in a pinch.

Text & Email Functions

Everyone has to type things out on their iPhone, whether it’s text messages or just responding back to an email. Why not make your life a little bit easier? Here are a few tips that will help you out when you’re working behind the keyboard.

7. Text Expansion

Do you find yourself typing the same thing a million times a day? Go to Settings > General > Keyboard and look for Shortcuts after you scroll down just a bit. Then just enter the phrase and appropriate shortcut, and the next time you type that shortcut the phrase will appear. This is particularly handy for things like BRB or your email address.

8. Go Emoji

If you love using emoticons, add the Emoji keyboard to your setup. Just go to Settings > General > Keyboard, then add the Emoji keyboard. This also works if you want to use keyboard in other languages.

9. Use Extra Characters

Want to make sure the accent mark in Montréal is correct? Just hold down the letter you need to accent, and all of the extra characters will appear. Just pick what you need and go from there.

10. Turn On Caps Lock

If you’re really mad and want someone to get the point, or you just like typing in all caps, turn on caps lock by double tapping the shift key. Now you can type with fury!

11. Look Up a Word in the Dictionary

Stumped on what that word in your favorite novel in iBooks means? Wondering why your friend used such a complex word in a text? Look it up using the iOS dictionary. Just hold down on the word that’s got you befuddled, and then touch Define. Now you know the answer and can respond appropriately.

12. Flag an Email

If you’re one of those people who flags every email that comes through, make your OCD happy with iOS 5’s new flag an email feature. To do so, go to your Inbox, hit Edit then select the email(s) you want to flag. Select the Mark tag in the bottom right corner and then select Flag, and you’re good to go.

13. RTF Emails

For those that prefer their email fancy, RTF is now available. Just highlight the word or words you want to accentuate per your usual steps, then select the arrow and then the BIU button to pick between bold, italics or underline.

14. Read Receipts in iMessage

IOS 5 brought us iMessage, and with it the ability to get receipts when other people read your messages. It’s an opt-in deal though, so to turn it on, go to Settings > Messages and turn on Send Read Receipts.

Siri Only

Siri changed the way we communicate with our iPhones, and is one of the big features for the iPhone 4S. If you’ve got one, here are a few tweaks that should help you out along the way.

15. Tweet With Siri

Wouldn’t it be great if Siri allowed you to dictate your tweets? Turns out you can, but it’s a bit of a workaround. First, read up on sending your tweets via SMS, which is available on Twitter’s site. Once that’s all squared away, just add Twitter as a contact in your Contacts, and then treat the service just like it was any other person that you want to send a message. (By the way, if Siri cramps up on you because you used the word Twitter, change it to something different that you’ll remember and it’ll be fine.) You can do this with Facebook too, The Next Web has a great writeup.

16. Get Siri by Holding Your iPhone Up To Your Ear

Not everyone knows about this one, but there’s another way to call up Siri that doesn’t require holding down the home button. Go to Settings > General > Siri, and then select Raise to Speak. Now the light sensor on the iPhone will detect when you’ve got the phone up to your ear, and Siri will pick up. It’s a handy way to use Siri in public without looking like a jerk.


One of the best things about the iPhone when it first came out was that it provided a really good web experience, where viewers could see full pages, not just mobile-optimized garbage. If you want to get the most out of your web browsing experience, here’s a few tips to make things go a little smoother.

17. Private Browsing

Want to make sure that your information isn’t getting sent out to the Internet via Safari? There’s a quick way to fix that: Go to Settings > Safari and then click the tab for Private Browsing. Now all of your activity on the web is top secret, so proceed at your own discretion.

18. Make a Reading List

If you don’t use services like Read It Later or Instapaper, but still want to read a webpage without advertisements, just check out Reader, built into Safari. Just click on the little Reader button next to the URL and your article will come up stripped of all distractions and in easy-to-read text.

19. Tap to the Top

Doesn’t it suck to scroll through a long webpage and then flip back up to show the Address bar again? Just tap the top of the screen by the clock and Safari will zip back up and reveal the address bar, no problem.

20. Saving Images

If you found an image on a website that you want to save for yourself like a wallpaper or icon, just hold down your finger on the picture for a second or two. A menu will slide in from the bottom of the screen giving you the option to Save Image or Copy it to the clipboard. Once it’s saved it’s in your Photo Library, ready for whatever you want.


There’s a lot you can do in iOS just by playing around with a few settings. Don’t believe us? Let’s show you, then.

21. Update Your OS

One of the nice benefits in iOS 5 is over the air updates, and if you want to find out if you’re eligible, it’s as easy as cracking open the Settings app. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and you can find out if you’re in the clear, or needing to update.

22. Adjust Your Notifications

You’ve probably already played around with your notifications, but there are tons of different ways to manipulate your apps and how they alert you, making it just about perfect to make each app function properly. To get there, it’s Settings > Notifications, and there you can adjust what’s in the Notification Center, and then get even more specific and tell the OS how you want each app to notify you. Everything is clearly described, so you know what you’re getting into beforehand.

23. Custom Vibrations

One often forgotten customization available in iOS 5 is setting your own custom vibrations. To do that, first go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on Custom Vibrations under Hearing. Then, go to Settings > Sounds. Scroll to the bottom, and there’s Vibration Patterns. Tap it, and now you can make your own custom vibration on the bottom of the screen. Just tap on the glass the pattern you want, holding down your finger for longer notes. Then you can assign these vibrations to a contact, or use them system wide.

24. Set Your Camera Flash For Alerts

That LED in the back of your iPhone isn’t handy for just taking pictures in the dark, it can also be used for a notifying beacon, similar to the LED on most BlackBerry phones. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on the slider for LED Flash for Alerts, and the next time something comes in, the LED will flash accordingly.

25. Customize Your Alert Sounds

Who wants their iPhone to sound like everyone else’s? Not us, so we customize our alert tones using this simple trick. Go to Settings > Sounds, and now everything from your Calendar notifications to Ringtones can be customized, just pick what you want and there you go.

26. Automatic Downloads

If you have multiple iOS devices, or you purchase things on your computer as well, one option for keeping things in sync is to allow Automatic Downloads of your Music, Apps and Books. To get there, go to Settings > Store and check off whichever of the three you want. Now all of your stuff will work in harmony. How very zen.

27. Fun With AirPlay

If you have an iPhone 4S, iOS 5 brought mirroring to the table, making it possible for you to display your iPhone’s display on your AppleTV. To do so, double tap the home button to bring up the multitasking bar, then swipe to the right twice. Tap the AirPlay button and select what AppleTV you want to deliver to, then check off Mirroring. Now what’s on your iPhone will be on your AppleTV at the same time.

28. Change Your Default Alert Times

If you use your Calendar app, then you know that there are default alerts built into the system, but did you know how to change them? Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts & Calendar > Default Alert Times (which is close to the bottom) and adjust your times accordingly.

29. Change Your iCloud Storage Size

If you find yourself always bumping into the size limit on your iCloud account, you can up the storage levels right on your iPhone. Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Buy More Storage and select what level you want to use. You can also downgrade sizing if you think you have too much, too.

30. Tweet It

Twitter is now integrated into iOS 5, so if you ever feel the need to send that pic of Grandma drinking a bit too much wine off to the Internet, now’s your chance. First, setup your Twitter account by downloading the official Twitter app, then go to Settings > Twitter and enter your username and password (if you have more than one Twitter account, no worries, it’s all supported). Now whenever you take a picture, you’ve got the option to send it to Twitter without ever opening the official app.

31. Dissect Your Storage

We’ve got lots of apps that all vie for space on our iPhone’s flash drive, but what if you could find out who was using what? Go to Settings > General > Usage and there’s a list of all of your apps, and how much space they’re taking up. This way, if you find yourself low on space you can delete the offending apps entirely, or just preen them down using the app itself.

The Stuff That Doesn’t Fit Anywhere Else

There are lots of other good tips floating around in iOS, but not all of them are big enough to denote their own category. That’s why we’ve created this one; it’s a general grab bag for whatever other secrets don’t fit somewhere else. Get it? Good. Here you go.

32. Get Week View By Turning Over Your iPhone

It’s new in iOS 5, and it’s fancy. If you want to check a rolling week view of your calendar, just turn it over to a horizontal orientation. Then you can scroll up and down to see hours, or left and right to move through weeks. It’s pretty handy to have when you just want to see what’s coming up in your week.

33. Get Hourly Weather Reports

This one is easy. Pull up the Weather app to get your weekly weather report. Tap anywhere in the week and the current day will expand to reveal the hourly forecast for the rest of the day. It doesn’t work days in advance, but then again, neither does the local weather guy.

34. See Street View in Maps

Pull up Maps and search for something — anything — and you can usually see a little orange dude that shows up on the left side of the destination. Touch that and you go to street view where you can rotate 360 degrees. But what if you don’t have a search destination or just want to see a random area on street view? Just drop a pin. Usually that orange dude will show up again and you can scope out the area before you head down.

35. Take a Screenshot

All these pictures up above? They were all taken using this little trick. Press the home button and the lock button simultaneously and the screen will flash white. As an added bonus, if you have Photo Stream via iCloud, all those images go right into your stream (which is great if your business is posting screenshots like ours is).

36. Location Based Reminders

One of the big selling points with Siri was integration into the new Reminders app, but there’s some cool GPS features built in, too. Make a reminder, and then select to remind you At a Location. You’ll be presented with your current location and the options When I Leave or When I Arrive, or you can just make a custom spot up of your choosing. Just know that this can eat up your battery life because the GPS will be on all the time.

37. Add Twitter Handles to your Contacts

There are two ways to handle this one (see what we did there?). If you start at Settings > Twitter, you can click on Update Contacts and all of your current contacts in your address book will be trolled and connected to their appropriate Twitter accounts. If you want to do it manually (or Twitter can’t find it for you), then go into the contact, hit Edit and then Add Field. Scroll down and you’ll get to Twitter, and then you can manually enter the info.

38. Perform a Hard Reset

Sometimes nothing seems to work on your iPhone, and apps are giving you problems. The answer is a hard reset, which shuts the iPhone off completely — even mid task — and then restarts it. To do this, hold down the lock and home buttons simultaneously for at least 5 seconds, or until the Apple logo appears. When it boots back up, it should be good to go.

39. Give Your Contacts Nicknames

We’ve all got friends that we call by their nicknames, whether it’s KJ, Little T or Jackstands, and sometimes we can’t remember their actual name. To fix that, you can add their nickname into Contacts pretty easily. Go to the contact, hit Edit, then Add Field. Right there at the bottom of the first box is Nickname. Once you get back to the main Edit screen, just add in their nickname and now Siri will recognize it, as will Voice Command.

40. Customize Your Music Controls

There’s only so much room on an iPhone screen, and that’s problematic with the Music app. Some people prefer to search by Artist, others by Playlists, and some don’t even listen to music and just focus on Audiobooks and Podcasts. To customize your Music app, just open it up, hit More then Edit. You’ll see a whole grouping of icons, and then you can drag them to their new location on the bottom of the screen. Fancy.

Got Any Other Good Tips?

If we forgot one here, or didn’t include one of your favorites, feel free to leave us a comment below! The more secret tips we can amass here, the better it is for all iPhone users, right?

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        If you want to talk about people being rude – perhaps have a little chit-chat with miss “douche-canoe/anger-management”… He’s a douche because he already knew all of this stuff? Cool, I guess I am too… sorry for paying attention to me phone. Guess I better head to my anger management classes now….


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      • MeMeME!

        Agreed. I don’t even own an iPhone and I knew most of this because Android is fairly similar. I came here hoping to find something new that might apply to Android, but found nothing but the same old, same old here… I think the main problem is that this is titled “40 SECRET iPhone features and shortcuts”, these are NOT secrets, they’re quite obvious and if you didn’t know about them, cool, but you can’t claim they’re secrets… =S

    • Tim

      I’ve had my iPhone for almost 2 years and I don’t know half this stuff so I appreciate it. Does it feel real good to put someone down who has worked hard at presenting this information? If it’s so lame, why aren’t you writing the supposed correct and valid article? I’ve had to put up with you Apple know-it-all snots for 25 years now. My God, get a life!

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    • Stephanie

      I completely agree with her. Only number 24 I didn’t know..if you pay attention to your phone, like you’re supposed to, and maybe read the quick tips they send with you in your iPhone package, you’d KNOW these tips. They’re also ALL OVER the commercials. Jesus.

    • Cecilia

      Just because you know it, doesn’t mean others do. Plus, it’s handy to see it all placed out, some people just are too lazy or busy to have time to mess around on their phone, so this helps. I agree with what you are saying.. for the most part, but the “lame” isn’t cool.

      • kyra

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    • jb

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  • Jelleke

    I’m familiar with most of these shortcuts and tricks, but thanks for pointing them all out again. I knew I forgot some of them along the road.

    About the Emoji keyboard, do you actually have to have an Emoji app to make that work?

    • Kerrie

      No, you don’t have to have the app. I don’t even know why they made one.

    • Jennifer

      To download the Emoji app go to the app store & type in Emoji free & it will give you the directions on how to follow thru. It’s not just as simple as downloading the app. There are a few more steps than that.

    • stenro

      Actually, iOS 5 has emoji baked in. You do not need a separate app. They are around because before iOS 5 you did need to install one.

      • http://www.trishalyn.com Trisha Lyn Fawver

        Now this was a useful tip as I didn’t know it was included now – thanks for mentioning it and saving me wasted space with the emoji app I don’t even need anymore!

    • abbey

      no you dont

    • expert

      no, it should already be in the system in alphabetical order.

  • http://about.me/docziandras András Dóczi

    Thanks for this compilation even though I was familiar with most of these features.

    There’s one thing though which is not correct in my opinion. Namely, there’s no need to download the official Twitter app to set up the integrated tweeting in iOS 5. It’s enough to enter your credentials in Settings > Twitter and you’re good to go and tweet from the supported apps. And you’re free to use the Twitter app of your choice for everything else.

    • http://about.me/docziandras András Dóczi

      By the way, the Street View trick was a real eye-opener for me, never thought the orange dude was clickable! Now I’m amazed by it and by the animation of entering and exiting Street View.

      • TLK

        I don’t have the little orange dude on my map page…. Any ideas why not?

      • Al

        I think the little orange dude doesn’t show up if the Google truck with the rotating 360 camera didn’t drive down that street and record the views. That address is off-grid for the time being.

      • sve

        My orange dude is grayed out no matter what I do. Any ideas why?

  • tallulah

    I’m pretty sure I did something while in MAPS that enabled a Tomtom-like view of my itinerary! But I couldn’t repeat the trick – it was unexpected!! Anyone know of a way to do it??

    • Kerena

      Click on the page thingie on the bottom right corner. From there, click on List. That will give you a turn by turn list of directions.

  • http://daslive.blogspot.com daslive


  • JChidester

    To capitalize a letter, drag from the CAPS button to the letter.

    • Randee

      new to me!

    • SJ

      That’s a great one for all the acronyms!

    • Jesse

      Cool I didn’t know that one! Thanks!

    • Witteney

      Great hint!

    • Diane

      OOOhhh thanks for this one!!

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  • Bree

    Thanks for these tips, I only knew some of them so it was a great article to read for some new useful shortcuts. I never knew the orange guy on Google Maps was clickable either, or that private browsing is possible in Safari or that tapping the time bar took me back to the top of the screen which is super handy for apps like Tumblr or reading blogs. Thanks again!

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  • http://www.goldfries.com goldfries

    Very nice article but the title is horribly misleading.

    Those aren’t even secrets. They’re just settings or functions that people are often not aware of.

    Secret = UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT X Y A B 😛 Those aren’t.

  • nick

    thanks VERY much !!!! a couple of right gems there i knew nothing about ! as for the rest of you moaning, be gracious when someone makes and effort to make things better for everyone !

    thanks op

  • Jim

    Thanks! I knew some, some didn’t seem to apply on my upgraded 3GS, but quite a few were new and several I knew about but couldn’t discovered on my own. Even if I found only 1 it was worth it!

  • JC

    This is the first “tip” I discovered when I got my iPhone 4S after Siri completely butchered the pronunciation of my last name.

    It might not be such a secret, unknown tip, and is probably in the manual, but I found it incredibly useful nonetheless…

    It can be challenging for even the most intelligent virtual assistant to correctly pronounce some names, especially ethnic ones. You can set the phonetic pronunciation of first and last names in contacts. Select a Contact in your Address book, select edit. Scroll to the bottom and select ‘add a field’. Select ‘Phonetic First Name’ or ‘Phonetic Last Name’. Try your best to spell the name as it would sound.

    Another way to change pronunciation is to just ask nicely. Activate Siri by holding the home button. Say “Call me ____” you can correctly pronounce your name, or ask Siri to call you something else entirely… like “Your Highness.”

  • http://Thankyou.IwishthiswaswrittenwhenIpurchasedmynewiPhone4s Darryl Evans

    Thank you. I learned a few things tonight. I saved this article because I will forget and will need it for notes to remind me in the future. Please write again if you learn anymore new tricks. I’m sure there are more that we don’t know about yet.

    I wonder if anybody have written a list of commands to ask Siri. For example, Please wake me up in an hour. Siri is able to set my alarm on my phone to go off in an hour. Neat! I read this in an article on the website. I would like to know of anymore commands. I’m learning Siri as I go along. Sometime she understand and sometime not.

    • KDub

      I recently learned how to figure out the things Siri can do by asking her. Siri, what can you do? Attached to each topic is a series of related examples.

    • Sandy

      When you summon Siri, you’ll notice a very small italic ‘i’ to the right of her text asking how can she help you. If you touch that ‘i’ a series of sample questions appear. If you touch those samples, you’ll get more examples of ways to ask Siri questions.

  • frank

    all are good, except the hard reset.
    it doesn’t do anything more than powering it off, and should only be used if the sleep/wake button is not responsive

    • Keith

      My understanding is that it is considered a hard boot and it clears the cache too.

      • Beth Major

        A “hard reset” completely clears the phone of its data….. This little “trick” is a “soft reset” or a “virtual battery pull”…. Much like taking a battery out of any other device….. It does not clear the cache…. It’s simply a reboot.

    • SJ

      It does work. Works similarly to the old “control-alt-delete” on a computer. If your phone seems hung up and can’t get out of where it’s at, the reset will get it back on track.

    • Jess

      It absolutely works. The next time your phone is lagging, even after closing all of the applications that were opened, try it. I am not quite sure what you thought it was supposed to do though – maybe it really doesn’t do what you expected. It’s really just re-booting your phone. Just as you would with a computer.

  • Lee

    Thanks for some very helpful information. On the Custom Vibrations – I was able to record one but cannot figure out how to assign it to a contact. Can you give me a little more info on that process. Thanks again.

    • Nadine

      When I customized my vibration I just clicked the home button and went into my contacts. Then you can select the contact and select edit contact. On that screen you should see a ringtone selection and vibration selections. Click on the vibration selection and it should be under custom vibrations.

  • hueytheg

    TIP – Getting to you text messages faster

    When you have an alert window pop up you can slide the icon across (example – a text message will have a green icon to the left of the message) and it will take you right in to that application.

    I use it mainly for text alerts and facebook alerts that pop up on screen. It takes me right there ready to reply immediately.

    Good post. Not everybody is a know it all :-) Thanks for sharing.

    • Keith

      I just discovered this by accident today in fact.

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  • Andie

    I found this very usefull!!! Can u email ur followers any more tips???

  • JRS

    Go to your contact and click edit, then scroll down, you should find what your looking for.

  • Rez

    Great compilation, I learned about some nice features I didn’t know existed, so thank you!

    It’s a shame there’s always some spotty faced oik who has to wade in with a childish remark… and yes ‘Jules’, I’m talking about YOU!

  • Bill

    Thank you for the article. I knew some tips, forgot some and will pass the article on to many of my senior friends. My only concern is I don’t seem to have the little orange guy
    on my Maps app. I have a 4S and the iOS is up to date. Please help!

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  • Yptcn

    When you look up an address , on the map , there is a pin , that’s where you’ll find the little orange guy 😉
    I also wanted to say a big thank you for all these tips…some I knew , others not .

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  • JB

    I love the keyboard tip! But no one else seems to be able to read my emoticons. Does the recipient have to have an iPhone, or this keyboard enabled in order to see them?

    • K

      The recipient must also have an iPhone to see the emoticons.

    • stenro

      Do you mean emoticons or emoji? Emoticons you type with characters, emoji are the picture icons. Emoji can only be seen on other iOS devices, Mac OSX or some other devices and IM’s that have it enabled.

    • KDub

      If the recipient has Android instead of iPhone, they can download a free app to see your emojis.

  • matt

    None of these are new to me. The camera option on lock screen was announced to everyone because it was an integral part to the new iOS5 release that coincided with the new 4gs.

    And a note for everyone…while the typing shortcuts are cool…what they don’t tell you is that when you use the abbr. in the middle of the sentence, it’ll still write itself out.

    Ex. *Your intended text* …yeah I’m almost done here, omw soon.
    * What it’ll look like* … yeah I’m almost done here. On My Way! soon.

    E.g. Pain in the ass.

    • Daisy

      I had to work around that too because it can be annoying. If you make “omw” expand to “On my way” it works. Sometimes we’ve got to be smarter than the smart phone.

    • SJ

      Well yes. That’s generally how shortcuts work. You typed the shortcut and the phone filled it in. If you find it to be annoying to you, delete it.

  • http://www.appsmenow.com iphone app list

    great shortcuts and very usefull

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  • http://sergey-oganesyan.ru/ Sergey Ognaesyan

    big thanks, super, for my phone!

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  • Becky

    Thanks! Very helpful.
    I did have to look elsewhere for help with screenshots, though, and found I need to hold down the lock key and then DOUBLE tap my home key to make it work on my new iPhone 4s

    • Rona

      I found BOTH ways work with my 4s….You just have to be very quick if you press the lock and home buttons at the same time

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  • Liz

    I’m a fairly new iphone user and appreciate any and all tips for this phone. I am constantly amazed at I can do with it. Thanks so much

  • John Doe

    Heres another tip which I believe was left unmentioned… Go to settings hit general, accessibility and you can invert the colors turn on voiceover or zoom. You can also change it so that you click the home button three times to view these options. Simple but still worth mentioning.

  • SnoopyNut

    Thank you for all your work in putting this list together. Some I knew, but many are going to be very helpful. BTW, found you on Pinterest! :)

  • Paula

    thanks so much I always wondered how to create albums in my photos!!

  • cissy mims

    i have an icon on my screen that is a lock with a circle around it in the right hand corner i know it something about the camera could you help????????????

    • Joann

      that indicates if you have locked it so that it doesn’t rotate when you turn your phone sideways.

    • Adam

      Hi the little lock and circle you see is the notifaction that your iphone rotational feature is locked in the current position(when you turn your phone on its side the screen rotates) to unlock it double tap your home button and then swipe from left to right in the app bar that pops up and you will see a button on the far left that will unlock the rotation lock

      • Tammie

        OMG thank you! I locked it some time ago, but couldn’t remember how I did it or how to undo it.

  • Rhonda

    I knew several but not all. Thanks for so many tips. I have spent some time exploring! Only thing I am still frustrated with is navigation. Loved it on my Droid… any tips on using the nav. on the iphone. It’s hard to drive and keep having to forward to the next direction. Is just user error?

    • Melissa L.

      Click the little page icon on the bottom right hand corner, then click list… it will give the directions all at once.

    • Tanya

      Download the app Waze. It’s a free turn by turn direction app and it will speak the directions to you as well! I love it!

      • Ettiene

        WAZE is awesome!!

    • lauren

      Download Mapquest (Free). It is just like a GPS; voice navigation, turn by turn directions, has many other options as well and is WAY better than Maps.

  • amanda

    If you turn your phone on its side when you have the calculator open, you get a scientific calculator (no need to download an app).

    • Liz

      This is amazing. I didn’t know it did that and I find this very helpful as I am always forgeting my calculator and I need it because I am taking advance calc.

    • Heidi

      oohh…thanks for this one. I don’t need trig functions, but I missed having the silly percent key!

      • http://camisetaspersonalizadas.overblog.com/ camisetas

        We will use it in the next app! Thanks for sharing ; )

    • Bo

      Great to know- Thanks

  • Carolyn

    Thank you…. C’=

  • brenda

    Thank you for the tips!
    Two more questions:

    1). Is there an easy way to arrange the icons on my home screens? The current way~ trying to slide icons from page to page~ drives me nuts.
    2).How do I change the tone of the alarm?

    • Keith

      You can do this much easier in iTunes while the phone is plugged in and after it is done syncing. Click on the phone icon on the left and it will bring up the iPhone screen. Click on the Apps tab at the top and you will see your screens as they are laid out. Just move the buttons around as you need them.

    • stenro

      A little tip I use to make it a little easier on the phone:
      move one of your task tray icons to the last page of your apps. Then create a new group of apps you want to move and move that group into the task tray. As you get to the screen you want, slide the app out of the group onto the screen and repeat. When done, move the original app back to the task tray.

      • Charlie

        Can you tell us what you mean by a “task tray”?

  • Kristin

    Having the same frustration with navigation. That is the only thing that was betteron my droid. It is very hard to drive and arrow over for the directions. Isn’t there a feature somewhere where the drictions are voiced to you as you approach the direction? Thanks for the tips, I’m new to iPhone, but love it so far!

    • Rily

      MapQuest has a free app that does voice navigation. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t do voice nav through Google Maps.

    • Tanya

      Download the app Waze. It’s a free turn by turn direction app and it will speak the directions to you as well! I love it!

    • stef

      Is there a way to change your default navigation search to show traffic and choose the shortest time? Mine always selects for major highways by default, which during rush hour tend to be the longest time

  • Marci

    Thanks for this I learned a few more things, but bc I use my phone for personal & business use I would like to know if there is a way to create groups in my Contacts/Phone book?

    • Liz

      There isn’t, unless you use an app that is designed for that. There are a few that do this. One is mailshot (i have it and am in no way involved with it or benefit from it). I also know that the admins at my worksite have created server groups (not in contacts) that I can use on my iphone. It is a distribution list that is stored on the server. I don’t know how they set it up, however.

    • Sam

      If you log in to iCloud on your desktop, it will give you the ability to sort your contacts into groups. You then just need to make sure your iPhone’s cloud settings have the contact option turned on.

  • BeAzer

    Not sure if everyone knows this one either, i didnt. if your phone is acting “slow” or lagging, all ur apps stay open when u close out of them. if you double click the home bottom it will bring up a bubble at the bottom of the screen and if you tap and hold the icons and hit the minus in the left corner it will totally close out of the app and quicken ur phone back up.. i had like 30 apps open and was complaining about my phone being slow when my brother told me this!! i close all my apps this way evrey night!! :o)

    • Amanda

      That actually isn’t true :/ those are just recent apps you have used…if you click on your photos, that icon will be there too. Doesn’t mean it’s ‘running’, the photo icon doesn’t ‘run’. Just letting you know, sorry.

      • Jenn

        Amanda, not sure where your got your info but you’re incorrect. Yeah the apps do still run in the background after you use them & they also eat your batt life up faster so yes it’s best to double click & click their minus signs to make them stop runnin in the background.

      • stenro

        Jenn- not true. After a while they do not run and do not eat the battery (or memory.) Apple has them time out after a certian time of inactivity. They also enforce this as a feature that a developer has to put into the app. Apple specifically did this to avoid battery and memory issues- they talked about it during the launch of iOS 5.

      • Jess

        Actually, it’s 100% true. Just doing it should be proof enough. And if that’s not, maybe ask someone who works for Apple (I’m not talking about a retail salesperson, I mean a person who KNOWS Apple). And for Stenro – “after a while”… so, admittedly, for a “while”, they do drain the battery. I have iOS 5, and unless the “after a while” is after 24+ hrs of inactivity, my phone is a “dud”.

        Just sayin’ :-)

      • TC

        Amanda is correct. They are just shortcuts–not running apps. Why would Apple make it so that your apps run FOREVER? That would be senseless. Deleting the recently used apps from that menu is an exercise in futility. Search the web and you will find countless, technologically, scholarly articles addressing this very debate–you’ll find none that support the “running in the background” theory.

    • maggs

      oh yes i was told this to by an apple rep

      • maggs

        how do i add these tips to my pinterest

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  • Julia

    Thanks for this list there were like 5 I didn’t know about. Especially thanks for the caps lock! I figured you could do all caps but I couldn’t figure it out on my own. Sure I could of asked my nerdy for apple husband but I just knew I would figure it out. :)

  • http://mamazenblog.com Jen@mamaZEN

    I really like this. I love technology, but have little patience for sitting around messing with settings. Unless I am pointed to something or do it by accident, I miss stuff. I think this was really great!

  • Meghan

    I had a best buy tell me to be deleting all ur open apps in the bottom by double clicking when ur on ur main page… Press and hold them and delete them once a day! Cause they take up alot of battery!

    • No

      Leave it to a Best Buy rep to get it wrong. No need to close all of the apps, they hibernate on their own and do not chew the battery.

      • Amy Smith

        Why is there a way to shut them down then?

  • avpamo

    This was extremely eye-opening for me. Thanks for compiling it all.

  • Jamie

    Thank you so much for the tips, now how did you get it where responses come like you have it here? Please keep me updated!

  • jayna

    thought I knew everything about my new iphone, turns out I don’t know squat! Thank you so much for this, found this on pinterest:)

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  • Chris

    #5 – display the camera icon on the lock screen … no longer requires a double-tap of the home button once you upgrade to iOS 5.1 … it’s now a built-in always-on feature.

    • Sarah

      My camera access from the lock screen doesn’t seem to work. Where I used to be able to double tap previously on the lock screen to open the camera, now the icon is now there but when I tap it, the lock screen “bounces” to show me the camera screen below and then the lock screen falls back down in place and I still have to unlock and click on the camera app to access it.

      How do I make the camera work again in this fashion? I used to use it a ton on the go!

      • kc

        You just have to slide the camera icon upwards; no more double tapping.

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  • Lynn

    Thanks for taking the time to put all of this together! Some I knew and some I didn’t, but it was nice refresher for things forgotten due to lack of use. I didn’t know abut the Safari “Privacy” setting – now its seems like a no-brainer. Thanks again!

  • Werewolf

    Thanks a lot for sharing the above info, I’ve just bought 4S and these info were very helpful.
    I just wants to add another tip:

    on your headphones remote, there is a button in between + & – it can very useful if you are listening to music.
    single click: pause/play
    double click: next track
    triple click: previous track


    • Andrei

      I’ll add to that,

      -single click then hold: talk to siri / voice command
      -double click then hold the the second click: fast forward
      -triple click then hold the third click: rewind

  • Christina

    Thanks! I learned a few new tricks. I would add the option for Shortcut creations in the Keyboard settings. I hadn’t heard of it, but it’s very helpful. I use it to send texts while driving (I type in “dri” and it types “I’m driving. I’ll answer when I park.”).

  • Thomas

    Just thought I’d warn you ‘private browsing’ doesn’t work how you think. All it does is make sure you history and form entries and cache/cookies/sessions aren’t saved. To the Internet, you are just the same from a security standpoint with private browsing on, only difference is it doesn’t remember anything you did.

  • Wendy

    Thank you very much. For us who don’t know it all, this is greatly appreciated! Found on pinterest.

  • ShortyBeth

    I found everything very helpful.

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  • Tiny leaks

    Blackberry convert here, new to iPhone as my office was kitted out with them on Friday. I was the BB guru, now on Monday I will be the IP Guru! Blind leading the blind but thanks for the tips. Its like opening a present and I want to know what other secrets are still to find now.

  • Tiny Leaks

    Ha, my phone now calls me “your highness”!

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  • JordansMom

    Thanks~~I didn’t know about some of these!!!

  • Bontac

    Thanks so much!!! Is there a way to use ringtones that I have purchased? I can not figure this out.

    • sara

      You can’t download ringtones directly to your iPhone. You have to hook it up to iTunes, put the ringtones into iTunes and then load them onto your phone like you would with music. There should be a separate ringtones folder in your iTunes.

      • sam

        ummm… iTunes has a ringtones section. like search “ringtones”

  • Shine

    Beleive it or not, there is always someone out here like me… a complete newb to the the Iphone (Apple in general) and these tips have been very helpful to someone who is just learning. Pay no mind to the unfortunate sarcasm of others, this has been extremely helpful and very much appreciated. Thank you! :-) :-) :-)

  • Silvia

    Is there anyway I can find my I phone just with the serial number? It got stollen in Cancun, I’m still living here and it would be so awsome to find my phone that I miss immensely, you just don’t know how I miss my Iphone. Do you think it is a way to find it like in the movies where you can trace where that i phone goes or is or should I just be miserable and forget about it…LOL

    • Tanya

      Yes! There is a way to locate it! There is a “Find my iPhone” tool and app. If your phone is still on… Go to icloud.com/find and type in your apple id and password and you can try to locate it! I had my iPhone stolen a few months ago though and somehow the person who stole it knew how to either keep it off or make it untraceable. But was able to see where it was for the first hour or so! Good luck!!!

  • Rachel

    Great advice thank you! 😀

  • beka

    Here’s good one my DH told me about. When the phone is active and a call comes in you can accept or decline but when you haven’t been using it and a call comes, there is only an accept button. If you want to decline the call double push on the power button and it goes straight to voicemail!

    • KDub

      Thank you!! I missed that feature from my previous crappy droid phone!

    • MySnowowl

      You can also use the volume down button to send unwanted calls to voice mail

  • Pamela

    Here’s a clever one…. if the home button no longer works (it happens), go to Settings, General, Accessibility, then turn Assistive Touch to ‘ON’. This will place a moveable home button on the screen.

    • Nick

      Wow! that is a great tip!! My friend was just telling me her home button didn’t work, and that she had to power her phone off and back on every time she switched apps. She is now in heaven!

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  • lizwiz

    One of the things I often use that a few friends did not know about even after having the phone for months is double-tapping the home button to visit recent apps. Besides this, if you double-tap, then slide the apps that pop up to the right you will see a Portrait Orientation Lock (super handy for when you’re reading in iBooks or looking at sideways pictures), and some Music control settings like pause/play, skip, and the title of what you are listening to.

  • Marilyn

    Being a non-techy new iphone user I really appreciate having some one give hints on how things work. My grand kids will be impressed with what I’ve learned. Don’t let the negative comments of a few get to you. Some people are not happy unless they are putting others down. Says more about them than you.

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  • Lisa

    upgraded software, i have everything but siri?? Any help?

    • Shane

      Siri by default is turned off on phones sold in Canada (not sure where you are from) and if you press and hold the home button you’ll just get the Voice Control system. By going into “Settings -> General -> Siri” you can turn her on. Then when you hold down the home button you’ll find a MUCH better Voice Control system available! Be sure to tell Siri she looks great!

    • InvisibleChaCha

      Also, make sure you have a iPhone 4S. iPhone 4 does not have Siri. Not does any other iPhones besides 4S

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  • KillaKillaMuffins

    I tried to wade through all the useful/hateful comments and couldn’t bring myself to read them all but, when it comes to your home screen, grouping like-apps is as simple as stacking them on-top of one another. This will create a folder-like storage and keeps your screen clean! But keep in mind, It will only hold 12 apps per grouping! It makes it easier to navigate your phone if you have tons of apps!

  • Ashley

    if you double click the circle (home button) it shows you all the programs running in the background and if you hold a program it will start to shake and you can close it so it doesnt drain your battery

    also after you double click if you slide to the right you can lock the screen in portriot or landscape

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  • Amy Chouinard

    Thank you SO much for your ideas….not all of us have time to find these tips and I wish those with negative comments would keep them to themselves…..really. I for one appreciate your time and effort!!!!

  • http://adrianscrazylife.com Adrian

    I kind of suck at texting and it gets frustrating. Is there an app or a feature that lets you do verbal text messages? That is the only thing I miss about my droid is the slide-out QWERTY keyboard. My texts were a lot more legible!

    • Rachelle

      YES! Whenever you have the keyboard up, click on the little mic pic on the left of the space key, and speak clearly and slowly. It works practically anytime you have clicked on a text box to add text (messages, email, Facebook, websites, etc.).

      • sve

        That’s only if you have the iPhone 4S

    • Ladyjade

      Get yourself on play.com or eBay and search iphone4 cases. There are several different keyboard cases, which have qwerty keypads that either slide out of the bottom or side of your phone (depending on which orientation you prefer to use) and connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth. They’re genius! Also many apps on AppStore with different keypads (I prefer blackberry’s keyboard so I have used many of these also). Hope this helps!

    • chris

      if you turn your phone sideways while texting (‘landscape’ orientation as opposed to “portrait”), it will give you a wider QWERTY keyboard to work with

  • susan

    does anybody has a solution for this case:
    while talking on the phone (sounds are not muted with hardkey!) – how can i prevent the sound of an incoming sms going directely into my head??

    • Tiffani

      turn your phone on silent and then you wont hear the sounds while you are on the phone! :)

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  • alice

    lots of new information here for me, and i appreciate it! thanks

  • Kat

    While going thru the tips last night, I somehow found a way to change the font size on my text/email messages. This morning I discovered the text is way too big. But, I can’t find my way back to where I changed it! Help!! Thanks for all the tips. Very helpful.

    • sve

      Did you accidentally zoom your screen? With 3 fingers tap the screen twice and it will go back to normal.

  • Lucas

    Thanks so much for the info. It is a big help to me. I appreciate your time…..

  • Donna

    Thanks, I found this to be very useful. There were a lot of these tips I did not know.

  • Rachelle

    The one thing that I wish the iPhone had, like on my HTC Hero, was a scroll ball. When I type/speak incorrectly, and I tap the screen and it never gets to the spot I need to make corrections, I can’t unless I delete all the letters/words that came after where I needed to be and the closest I get to the error. I.e.: I type in “And then I went to the spa.” But is auto corrects to “And they I went to the spa.” I can tap the screen (while the copy/paste option keeps coming up on the wrong word, like on “the,”) till my fingers turn blue, but I can’t get the cursor to end up right before the word “they,” only after the “the.” So, then I have to delete EVERYTHING in between “they” & “the” and retype it. On my android, I just rolled the cursor to the exact spot, even in the middle of a word, and delete exactly what I needed to delete; not any more. I can’t seem to find anywhere where I can move the cursor letter by letter. Any advise on that?

    • Kacie

      If you press and hold where you want your correction (don’t just tap) it will place the cursor specifically where you want. Try it :)

    • Jess

      This happens to me ALL the time, but if you tap three fingers on the screen (twice I believe, phone isn’t beside me to verify lol), it will zoom in. You should be able to have much better luck getting the cursor to exactly where you need it to make your correction. Then, tap again (same way) and your screen will be back to normal.

    • jaimi

      also if you hold down your finger on the text a magnifying glass will appear allowing you to place the curser exactly where you need it! very usful i had the same problem before I learned this trick!! hope this helped :)

  • JessicA

    This was very helpful as I am a new iphone user Thanks :)

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  • name

    To take a screen shot press the power button at the top and tap the home screen square button.

    • sv

      Or just hold both buttons at the same time (power and home).

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  • Dave

    Great stuff, keep it coming

  • Angela

    Do you know how to disable taking screenshots? Thanks for the great tips!

  • gma becky

    How do you set a ring tone someone has sent you in a text? or save it?

  • Jess

    How do you get multiple colors on the calendar app?? Been trying to figure that out forever!

  • Moosh

    For those of you who have a hard time seeing the Facebook app since it doesn’t allow you the usual pinch and expand option to zoom…. go to accessibility in Settings and choose Zoom mode. Now a tap with three fingers will zoom any screen, not just Facebook!

  • Bonnie Finstad

    Thank you for sharing the 40 secrets!! I’ve shared your link to some of my family & friends that are new to the iphone!

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  • Vikki

    How do I mass delete emails instead of having to delete one at a time?

    • Noob

      To Vikki,
      On your screen where you see your emails, click on edit button on the top right of the screen. A circle appears to the left of each email. Click each one you want to delete and hit the delete button on the bottom left of the screen. poof, they are gone.

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  • Laura Belle

    is there anyway to turn autocorrect off… i really hate it and it can go straight to he’ll

    • jb

      Yes–I hated it, too, and was so glad to be able to stop it. Settings–General–Keyboard. Turn Auto-Correction to Off. Can also be used with auto-capitalization, check spelling, enable caps lock, and “.” shortcut.

      I always learn something new when I troll through my iPhone settings. I also always forget features if I don’t get used to them, so sites like this really help!

  • Cyd

    Since upgrading to 5.0 I can’t edit some of my reoccurring calendar events, no edit button appears on the top right corner. Any ideas?

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  • Sarah carroll

    Not sure this is the best forum to ask this, but everyone seems very knowledgable re: the iPhone, so I thought I would give it a shot. I would like to be able to READ my voicemail when I am not in a position to listen to it. I dint suppose that is a feature of the iPhone4? Any suggestions on apps that do that?

    • Lynn

      Google Voice is a free app and it will text you and email you your voice messages. It isn’t perfect, but you can usually figure out what the message is about. For example, mine always starts out as “Hi Man” when they are saying “Hi Lynn”. I LOVE my google voice! And the best is, for work, I just save the message in the file with the emails. That way if I ever need to go back to the particular message I am not scrolling through iPhone voicemails trying to find just the one I need. And if the person is a soft talker and the text isn’t available, there is the “play message” button of course, and you can listen.

  • Rwheeler

    Thank you! I found quite a few of these tips useful!

  • Shawn Romero

    Wow how incredibly helpful and so easy to follow. Now I know so much more about my new phone! Thank you so much!!

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  • Really!

    I got some great ideas from this post. Thanks!!

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  • Elizabeth

    When writing a text message, if you want to delete what you’ve written quickly, shake your phone and a screen will pop up asking if you want to delete your text.

    • Bookworm mommy

      That’s awesome!!!

  • Erica

    Thanks for all the tips! I was especially frustrated that I couldn’t view the calendar in week view – I had no idea it was as simple as switching the screen orientation.

    Here’s 2 more tips:

    If one of your apps is frozen and you don’t want to totally restart your phone, you can kill the app by holding down the power button until the “Slide to power off” screen comes up. Then, hold down the home button for several seconds until the app closes. I have to do this alot with Draw Something and IM+ (both of which seem to be pretty buggy).

    I love the “remind me at a location” feature, but it’s even better to use it through Siri. Simply pull up Siri, and tell her “Remind me to put the laundry in the dryer when I get home,” or “Remind me to take my lunch when I leave home,” and she’ll set up the reminder for you. It makes it super quick to set up a location reminder. (Keep in mind that you have to have “Home,” or “Work,” or wherever you want to be reminded pre-established in your phone to use it this way).

  • Carolyn

    Thanks for the info, us older people need all the help we can get. I will tell all my friends about your site. Thanks again.

  • Chelle

    I have a question..I have an iPhone4 S and I can’t seem to get my email banners to show up and sound an alert when I get an email. I have deleted the email from my phone and have added it back-nothing seems to work–could someone tell me the correct settings to use to have this work for me?

    btw–thanks for the info. having fun with the Emoji keyboard which is also available on the 3G!

  • Angela

    Thanks for a lot of the interesting little shortcuts that you displayed in your article. I noticed you forgot to mention the one that as you pulled down from the top screen, it gives you your immediate notifications that you might of messed as well as the stock quotes, the weather in your location, etc. Also if you turn your flashlight app on you can set it so that you have an actual full-time flashlight using the LED light. Also there’s talk to text. Thanks again!

  • ks

    thanks for the tips & tricks! useful stuff!!

  • tommy

    One tip I found was turning off apps that were always running, and running down your battery..Double push the circle button at the bottom of the phone.Apps will pop up at the bottom..Press and hold the first one..They will start to wiggle and a minus button appears on the app..Minus the app and it shuts off the app and saves battery life, which as we know, SUCKS on the iphone..If someone already posted this, im sorry

  • Michelle

    Thanks….I didnt know most of the tricks…New to Iphone land….so I appreciate your putting them out there….Now I know more than I did 30 minutes ago!!

  • Hannah

    If you are on the lock screen and receive a notification you can slide your finger across the notification it’s self and it will bring up that specific task. Without having to search through your screen.

  • Melissa

    I found these very useful and I just got my iPhone but even with exploring it a little it was a little confusing so thank you :) also does anyone know how to make meemees the pictures with the words on them?

  • Aem

    Here’s a vital tip that almost all my iPhone user friends didn’t know and makes a world of difference using the iPhone/iPad: when you double click the home button it brings up a list of all the open apps currently running, and you can switch back and forth between all of them- here’s the tip though- touch any one of the apps and hold your finger there until little minus signs appears in the corners of the open apps, you can then click on all the minus signs and force close each of the apps. This saves your batt life significantly and also keeps your phone running smoothly and not bogged down. It doesn’t delete anything, just closes the app.

  • Michelle

    I found several of your tips helpful as after having an iphone for 3 years before 4s I didn’t take the time to read the manual! The one thing I can’t figure out is the street view..I don’t get the “little orange dude”! Can you please help me figure out what I’m doing wrong?

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  • Lisa

    The tip about the ‘read message’ receipt is wrong. If you read the text, it says that turning it on allows read receipts to be sent to other people when YOU read THEIR messages, not the other way around.

  • Katie

    Wow! Most of those were new to me! So glad I read this post! Thanks!

  • Pat Lukes

    Thanks for the tips. I did not know about most of them. Got this off Pinterest and shared it.

  • Cindy

    How do you delete photo albums off your iPhones

    • Ali

      Thx for the tips. I would also like to know how to delete albums off of iphone4

  • Shawn

    Thanks for listing this stuff. Just got the iphone 4 and wasn’t sure on a few things.

  • Katie Lemos

    Thank you!!! I’m one of those people who won’t take five minutes to learn my phone because I have too much stuff to do. This was great!

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  • Kim

    Is there anyway to dictate messages for Yahoo Messenger through Siri???

  • Nini Perry

    You can check how much data you have used
    >att services
    >view my data and msg

  • Kimzy

    Make text messages larger ( for people who wear readers)
    Go to settings> general> accessibility choose large text!
    So many people don’t know about this and it’s so easy!
    No more squinting or holding the phone at odd distances to read!!

    • Mary

      Thanks, I was just wondering how to do this.

  • http://www.iphonebulletins.com/ iphone bulletins

    I don’t know what to say to many things without answer…

    • Ali

      I agree!

  • Pat

    Well I just got my iphone & this site helped me tremendously. Thanks so much.

  • BEV

    How can I copy this to my computer to use for the future things I will forget? Please let me know.

  • kaytee

    What losers for being so rude!! I have had my phone for a while I didn’t know a lot of this! BUT then again. I spend my nights with people other than Siri! No wonder they already know how to change the vibrations 😉

  • girl ninja

    i didn’t read all of the responses, but as an Apple engineer, number 38 is a HUGE no-no. it is an unclean shut down, can corrupt your OS and land you in recovery mode. this is only a last ditched attempt if the phone is completely unresponsive. if just an app is unresponsive, hold down the sleep/wake button until the slide to power off option appears and hit cancel. this will kill the app. hard reset does not clear the cache.

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  • Sandy

    In settings, tap General, then Keyboard. You’ll have the option to turn Auto-correct off.

  • jaimi

    i know one trick that was not on this list, maybe common but i just learned it, you can delete specific things from and list for example instead of going to edit delete in your mail of text messages or even your songs you swipe your finger across what you want to delete and and delete icon will appear. Works with some apps too pretty neat. Hope those of you who did not know about it will enjoy learning about it as much as i did. :)

  • lovelly

    This was great! I just got an iphone and now I know all of the shortcuts.


  • marie duprie

    Thank you for taking the time to write this up and organizing it. With work and other commitments, it’s not easy to find the time to sit there all day “tooling” with the phone. Great job!

  • ShaDAZEY

    If you double tap the home button a row of your previously visited apps pops up. If you scroll to the right to left to see what was to the left. You can control music or lock the screen so when you turn the iPhone it won’t turn the view of the screen itself. And if you scroll right to left it shows you more recently visited apps

  • Liz

    when you “call” *DATA# for AT&T it sends you the amount of texts you’ve sent & amount of data you’ve used in that pay period.

  • Hillary

    I want a different ringtone for FB. I don’t use twitter, yet I can’t change the ringtone for fb. Does anyone know how?

    Please and thank you!

  • J

    Stumbled on your site searching for “iPhone secret button”. Curious if the screen interface has a secret button set up like an AMX control panel can for hidden access.
    New to iPhone and truly appreciate all of the data you compiled to help others. Comments from viewers is an extra benefit.
    Any chance you might consolidate a second list of reader’s tips? That way postings that are redundant regarding double click home and closing open apps can be one paragraph as opposed to multiple postings and disagreements.
    ? Is there a way to improve the vocabulary/dictionary of your iPhone?
    ? How can one get a cursor in between letters to insert a space and make corrections? Currently, I am forced to delete the full string of letters back go where I need to make the change.
    ? Can photos in your film roll be moved into albums? If so, how do you create an album to move the images to?
    Sincerest thanks.

    • Samantha

      Answer to the cursor issue – touch the screen and hold where it is that you want the cursor to be. If you hold it for about 1 second a magnifying glass will pop up (keep continuing to hold -if you let off the screen it will go away) and you can see in the magnifying glass your cursor move around. This is so you can tell exactly where you are moving the cursor since your finger will be in the way.

  • Kris

    Ok #24 didn’t work for me i was really wanting it to flash when a call or text comes in . am i doing something wrong? i followedthe direction and even did it 3 times?

    • Jayme

      I too cannot make this work!! Can someone tell us how it works??

  • IPhone Slacker

    Can anyone tell me how to update my software without removing all data, songs, pics, etc? I must admit that I have Not ever read the manual or even used the phone to its full capability. I have the Iphone 4 and have not updated the software since purchasing because I don’t want to loose my music and pics. I know that all of you are experts so please don’t judge me 😉

    • jb

      No problem. Don’t worry–an update won’t remove what’s on your phone. Just like a computer software update, it puts the new features and bug fixes, etc. on your phone. It will take a LONG time to update and sync if you haven’t done it in awhile, but is much faster than it used to be. Go ahead and do it. There’s often a pleasant change in store!

  • Morgan

    I really like that they give you the option to have your phone go to landscape or not. If you have no need for landscape mode, simply unlock your phone, double click the home button and slide all the way to the right! There is a button that shows an arrow going 360 clockwise. Click that, and you’re done. It is also right next to a shortcut to your music! (:

  • Matt

    Great stuff. One correction, the “Hard Reset” method described above isn’t actually a real “hard reset”. To obtain a *true* hard reset, which can clear up many, many issues, is obtained in almost the same way described. The only difference, and this is a MAJOR difference, is after your Apple logo appears, CONTINUE HOLDING BOTH LOCK AND HOME. The Apple logo will disappear. Only after it’s gone and the phone is left in an OFF state, has the hard reset actually been performed. This has cleared up so many issues for me that a normal reset, even as described above, did not fix. Don’t be scared to do this to your phones, you will not likely be left in recovery mode. I have owned all of the iPhone models since the 3G and have performed HUNDREDS of true hard resets with NOT ONE problem. Just my $.02 and yes, I am an IT professional with years of experience with supporting Apple products.

    • girl ninja

      have you once considered that the reason you are doing a (false and incorrect) reset is that you keep doing this to your phone and corrupting your OS? i’m sure your diags are fun to read.

      i’m not an software engineer for phones or anything. /sarcasm

      just my .01.

  • Samantha

    Couple additional facts:

    Sometimes when I receive a text and I swipe the “Slide to unlock” it will take me to the last page I was on instead of the actual message. But if you swipe the actual message from your lock screen (yes, you can do this) it will take you directly to the message no matter what.

    Also, ever noticed how sometimes you are viewing pictures and wish you could lock the screen to keep from changing to vertical/horizontal every time you turn your phone just a little? Then go to your home screen, double click the round button (to where your open apps pop up) and swipe it to the right. This brings up a shortcut to your iPod, as well as the nice little screen lock option on the left. =)

    Happy iHunting!

  • megan

    Thanks, these are awesome. I only knew a few of them. I also accidentally found out you can reverse the colors on your iphone (make them negative) by going to settings>general>accessibility>white on black. makes it look sorta cool.

  • Kate K

    AHH! How did I not know about all this?? THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  • Ashleigh

    If you are in a text and would rather just call you can tap at the top where the time is located and it goes back up to the top of the message where you have a call button and FaceTime button. Saves time rather than scrolling up or going to the phone app.

  • Shawn

    if you double click the home button before you slide to unlock it will bring up itunes player. New to iphone so thanks for all the help. you can also tell siri who your husband, sister, brother, best friend, etc. is and she will remember.

  • Candace

    Double tap the home button to see all open apps. Press and hold till they wiggle and you’ll see little red minuses in the corner of each one. Touch it to close the apps you’re not using and save your battery

  • Susanne

    I’m not sure what I did to make all the contents on my screen so large (the swipe key, the icons, etc.). I can’t even text because I am not able to see all of the letters. I tried everything to bring things back to normal size, but nothing works. Any suggestions?

  • Sadie

    Very cool! Learned a few things. One I found by accident was when you have your calculator on, if you turn your iPhone sideways it turns to a scientific calculator. Maybe this is known, don’t know….I thought it was cool. Thanks!

  • Brooksy

    Ypu might already know about this but from the lock screen when updates show, you cAn touch the icon and swipe to the right and the phone will unlock and take you straight to that update.

  • devydoo

    If you double click the home button then the screen will come up and reveal all the apps you have used. If you hold one of the apps, a red and white circle will appear and allow you to delete them off your app history. This will save your battery life.

  • Chan

    I still can’t get my caps to stay on!!

    • manetta

      you can see the button change when you touch the caps lock key to use it….you have to double tap it quick and it will change to blue. once it is blue it means anything you type will be in caps. to take it off…just touch the caps lock once.

      • sharon

        I couldn’t get it to work at first either. Go into settings:general:keyboard:enable caps lock.

  • Netta

    just came across this…thank you so much for taking the time to type it out for us. I knew where to look for new stuff on my phone but was afraid “to mess up something” so I just avoided making any changes. thank you again!

  • Laura

    Here’s a question: I’m using gmail as my default Mail.
    I want to send multiple pictures in a single email.
    At first I thought it was impossible but after many tries I did it. I just can’t remember how!! :'(
    I know for sure that I started off by selecting one picture from my album and performing the “send to email” and them doing something else from within the mail app.
    Can you help me..?

    • ash;ey

      open up the albulm
      tap the “arrow” at the top right
      this enables you to select more than one pic
      select what you want
      tap “share”

  • Gilly

    Go into photos- camera roll. Click the send icon (upper right), select your photos and click share (bottom left). Gives you option to email, text or print.

    • Laura

      Thank youuuuuuu!!! <3

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  • Nikki

    you can use voice dialling by holding your home button for 5 seconds.

  • Meowsers

    I knew some of them but a lot I never knew before, only had my phone a few months, so thank you!!! Not everyone’s an authomatic iPhone wizard especially if you’re used to other phones :)

  • Em

    I think these are helpful for anyone. Who wouldn’t want the top 40 things at their fingertips…I sure didn’t mind looking through them even though I knew about most of them. It’s also nice for people who are either challenged with technology a bit, or nice for kids who don’t want to have to spend an hour with their parents doing a tutorial on their new phone. Thanks for the tips! Negativity only breeds further negativity. Still think if you don’t have something constructive to say, please keep it to yourself :-)

  • Datrain

    Good tips, but is there a way when you add an even on your iphone 4s to add it to all calendars on your phone. I have 2 calendars, exchange and personal. When I add an event to one of them, it only shows up on one. I don’t want to use iTunes, is there a way to check both calendars in the add event?

  • Josh

    Assistive touch is pretty useful if your home button or power button doesn’t work.

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  • Hollywood

    When I plug my iPhone 4 up to my computer how can I STOP my computer photos from transferring to my phone. It is taking up all my storage and I don’t have a choice to delete them help please

  • Len

    Press the menu button and then press the on/off button really quick.

  • Mandy

    How can you print pics from your phone if you dont have a computer?

  • Savana

    If u double tap the home button, u see all ur open apps. Hold an app down and press the minus button to close them. This way, u can save a lot of battery power :-)

    • mahesh vyas

      I am very thank full to the person who gave this much time for helping the other people whosoever having iphone and facing trouble in it’s use.
      I am very gradefull to him/her..
      Thanks alot dear……
      helping is the best policy…..
      keep it up…..

  • Kam

    You might add the option to put your home button on the screen! Although most people just replace the phone when the home button only works part of the time, I am waiting for my upgrade. This button on the screen allowed me to still use my phone like normal

  • Ali

    This is an iPad tip, so I don’t think it works on iPhones, but just in case there are any iPad users on here. I’ve discovered that if you place your fingertipS (note the plural of fingers, more than one) vertically along the side and slide them, you can slide from each of your open apps without going back to the home screen. Makes things much faster!

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  • http://www.flowersbythelake.com hopicolleen

    Very Interesting and some new useful things!! Thanks!!

  • jess

    i dont care what everyone else says, i have a two year old and a full time job, i have not had time to explore my iphone much and i really think these are helpful! thank you so much for posting them, there were a lot i didnt know thank you

  • LL

    Just figured out how to zoom in, while looking at your other ones I did not know how to use. This will change my life.

  • Jesusislight4u

    Thanks!!! It has been very helpful.

  • Rocio

    It helped me out…..I’m a first time user so little more tips never hurts= )

  • Lauren

    How about double clicking the home button to see what apps are running… And then touch and hold as if you were going to delete or move an app… And if you click the red dot it stops the app from running and saves battery life!

  • Simone

    Can you tell me how to link contact birthdays saved in contacts to notifications so I can get reminders on the day. I forgot my mothers birthday. Whoops.

  • Wildmon

    If you get frustrated when your phone screen changes from vertical to horizontal with the slightest tilt, push the round button (or home button) at the bottom of your phone twice and your most recent apps pop up. Slide the apps to the right, tap on the lock button (on the far left side). To unlock, repeat the same steps! =)

  • Carla

    This question is in regards to group/mass texting. I’ve noticed that I can’t always tell when i get a picture that I was part of a mass text. Then I start getting texts from unfamiliar numbers responding to the picture, which means that responses to those texts are sent to the entire group whether you realize it or not. Anyway to tell if you’re part of a mass text so you can avoid sending too personal of a response?

  • Tashanna

    New iphone user needing help here! I have just recently switched from a blackberry to the iphone 4s and I am still learning about it. The concern I have is the battery life. Before on my blackberry when I noticed my battery was draining fast it was usually due to me not correctly closing out an app when I am done with it. If I did not select the menu option on my blackberry and select close then it would continue to run in the background and drain the battery. I am wondering if this is the same issue I am having with my new iphone. My battery seems to only last around 4 hours before I have to recharge. That is just with texting and checking my facebook occasionally and possibly one or two short phone calls. I do not see an option to actually close an app instead of just hitting the home key. Does that actually “close” the app or do they all continue to run in the background and could that be my battery issue? Does anyone else have any ideas as to why my battery is not lasting? I have only had my iphone for a week.

    • Tashanna

      NEVER MINE! I guess if I would have read a little further I would have gotten my answer. Thanks for all of these tips!!!

    • gran-olah

      I had athe same question, my daughter told me how to close them. just click the home button twice and all the icons for open apps will show up n the bottom of the screen. they will have little red dots on the upper left corner, just tap the dots and the app will close.

  • Debbie

    Thanks for the tips and advice. I found a lot of stuff I didn’t already know about my 4S.

  • gran-olah

    I only want to know how to send a photo from my phone albums to facebook. I think I did it before, but have forgotten how.

    • Kimmy

      Me too! I would like to know how to send a photo to Facebook. I have the email, Twitter, etc. option,,,but not Facebook!

  • haley

    i know a secret. its kinda cool. go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Triple-click Home >Toggle White on Black then click the home circle button 3 times fast and the color changes and to go back click 3 times again

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  • Anna

    If you double tap your home button and slide to the left, you’ll have extra options, most impressively the one to quickly and conveniently turn the portrait orientation feature on and off without having to exit the current app and return to the home screen.

  • Laura Murchison

    Thanks so much for this! The greatest was the orange man in maps; I had no idea! Just checked out our hotel and the beach before we’ve even gone! Incredibly useful! Thanks again!

  • Laura Murchison

    Thanks so much for this! The greatest was the orange man in maps; I had no idea! Just checked out our hotel and the beach before we’ve even gone! Incredibly useful! Thanks again!

  • sam

    thanks for all the tips!! im always being asked by friends different tips and tricks for their phones, now i can just refer them to this!! thanks!!
    one other thing, that may be well known to others (but i have shown a few that didnt know) is the calculator….. when the phone is turned to the side it shows so many other functions. (percentage etc etc)
    hope this help others!!

  • Tanya

    Thank you very much for these very useful tips. You are so wonderful to share your knowledge with others. ALL THE BEST TO YOU!

  • Bree

    Hello–i LOVED your tips–they are the BEST for someone still learning the iphone (which i already love!).

    My husband and I both have iphones and update on the same computers. I keep getting his contact list and then mine doubles, then triples, then i end up with sometimes 10 of the same contact! What can i do to STOP this?!?!? :) HELP me, please!
    Thank you! :)

  • nene

    when you have a new message/call or notification. slide the bubble,phone or app icon instead of the normal slide to lock buton to quick reply or call someone back!

  • Duangjai Sivanantakul

    Very useful

  • Lauren Alexis

    I didn’t take the time to read through all of the comments, so I dunno if this is up there, BUUUT, if you’re at the home screen, double click the home button, slide the ribbon to the RIGHT and click the round lock arrow to lock the screen from turning when texting while laying down, looking at pictures, etc.. Also on the same ribbon brought up by double clicking, if you hold one of the apps, you can exit out of them completely; this makes your phone run faster since it has fewer programs running.
    Sorry if this was redundant. I’m too lazy to read all of that(:

  • Billie Jean

    These tips are great and all, if I didn’t already know about every single one of them. The best way to get to understand your I device is to go through absolutely everything and figure out what feature does what. I was under the impression that these were secret tips similar to the splitting a keyboard on an iPad. But apparently I was wrong. Secret tips would be like telling someone how to change the carrier name to your name if you want. Obviously it requires a jailbreak, but there’s plenty of secret stuff to do once your phone is jail broken. And no. This can not turn your phone into a brick.it is a possibility it can freeze up. But a simple reset and plug into iTunes and it’s back to normal. My phone has been jail broken since I took it out of the box and I hate a normal factory iPhone just because you can’t customize it to how you really want. But I’m not being rude, just saying you can find a lot of these “top 40 secret tips” in the manual.

  • :D

    Tap the capitolizing button twice, aaannnnnnddd: caps lock!!! 😀

  • birdiemaster


  • Madison

    how do u makethe vibrations to a spacific contact ??

  • christina

    is there a way for my notifications to have different volumes? like my messaging to be lower than the volume for my phone calls?

  • madip

    Everytime my iphone autocorrects, it speacks the word out loud. how can i fix that?

  • Julie

    Settings – messages – group messages OFF

    Now when ur friend sends out a text to a group of people & you respond, everyone else wont get it too. When I first got my iphone I couldnt figure out why all these strangers were texting asking who ” I ” was. Hello, you texted me. Lol

    • Debbie

      Thank you Julie for this TIP!!! I needed it, (-:

  • Sheila

    My flash is wayyyyy too bright, I’ve tried it ‘on’ and on auto! Is there a way to fix that or is phone goofy? Any pic taken with flash turns out white.

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  • Sean

    Thank you very much. I learned a lot.

  • Joe

    Great tips for those of us still learning! Is there a way of making sub folders in the email accounts?. Can’t seem to figure that out. Also how to copy a song and send it as an attachment. At the risk of being lame!

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  • Jessica

    There is that one where if ur already in an App, double click the home button for recently used apps

  • Lynn

    Is there a way to delete multiple contacts? Or do you have to pull up each one, scroll down, and hit the big red delete? I have 100s I want to delete from years of having my iphone.

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  • Kathleen

    Thanks for tips some people charge u for this and not all of us r considered brain dead because we don’t know all the tricks as the youngsters think. Do u know how to bring up .com .org . Gov shortcut I had it on my 3G is it not on the 4s please email me if u know thanks again for ur FREE advice well appreciated u r now bookmarked on homepage. Kathleen

    • Pat

      On the 4S Safari keyboard there is a “.com” key in the bottom row – if you hold your finger on it, the other suffixes will show up. Slide over to the one you want and release. There are lots of similar options on the other keyboards, too.

  • Michelle

    You may want to clarify that some of this is for iPhone 4 and 4s, no matter if you’re running the newest iOS or not. I tried to edit a picture on my 3GS that just happened to be a saved photo from a text and it shut my phone down. Not cool.

  • heather

    someone else may have already asked this question….honestly i didnt want to take the time to read through all of the comments, but #21…i do not have a “software update” option under “general” …is that just for the 4s version????

    • a.s.

      thats for ios 5.and up so I think you’re still on ios 4. If you upgrade via itunes to a higher ios then you’ll see that button.

  • Joel

    Press the home button 3 times and it makes everything neon even if you are in a app

  • mdd

    Thank you! I found a link to your page on Pinterest! What a great help.

  • Ebb

    Is there a way to ‘get back’ pictures that I have deleted by accident? I sure hope so!!! :(

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  • Lisa

    Well, from someone who is just getting their first ‘smart’ device, I thank you. It is helpful for those of us like me :)

  • Lucy

    Some good tips, thanks. I have one that a lot of people don’t know …
    If or when you are typing a text of any sort, you can remove the text easily by shaking your IPhone or iPad a bit from left to right. Tried it?

  • sandyjtt

    I would like to just say thank you. I have had an Iphone for a while but hadn’t learned all the hidden features and was glad to real glad to read some of them. I did know a few of them but i’m not sure why some like to make others feel like they are smarter or what….but i’m glad for you to write this…just saying!!!

  • Ruby Dale Chicken

    Obviously you who already knew this stuff are kids, It was very helpful for me. I am just a Grandma trying to step into this age of technology.

  • Pmacd

    Here is one that didn’t appear on your list. If you double click the home button while your phone is open, your recent apps will appear along the bottom in a horizontal row. Press and hold down one of the apps on that row (same as when you want to delete an app on a regular page). A minus sign will appear on each of your apps. Pressing each one closes the apps that would otherwise stay in pause mode until you returned to it. Trust me…this doesn’t delete anything…it just helps with battery life and performance. I try to do this every couple of days. Saves having to do a complete shutdown if things start freezing up for you. Hope this made sense! CHEERS

  • Kal

    Thanks for your time explaining all of this. Very helpful!

  • Sponchystuff

    The new iOS6 has a new feature called guided access. Triple click your home button and tap “Guided Access” it allows you to have only 1 app open. It requires a passcode to unfreeze. It’s perfect for letting children play games, showing pics to friends etc.

  • http://www.melissaculver.blogspot.com/ Melissa

    While viewing the list of emails (on my iPad) I can slide my finger over the snapshot and reveal a DELETE button. I do not have to view each message to delete each one. I can simply delete unnecessary emails while looking at the list.

    When I hit the home button twice (on my iPad) while listening to music it will reveal the controls for said music app while in lock. I can advance to the next song, pause, or adjust the volume.

    Categorizing apps into “sub folders” you probably already know about.

    Thanks for the list.

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  • Ellis Traub

    Just today, I discovered the ability to group icons into groups by dragging one onto another you wish to put in the same group, and then modifying the title of the group. You can then add other apps to the same group by simply dragging them on top of it.

    With a large number of apps, it makes organizing them much easier and accessing them more intuitive, once you get used to the locations of the groups. I have now condensed five pages of apps into a single page, all easy to locate and access.

  • Lauren

    You can double click the home button and hold down the app to close them out and to save the battery. Or if the app isnt loading. ALso by double clicking the home button and swiping from left to right, you can tap the button on the left to keep your screen from turning horizonaltally. You can also play your music/skip to the next song from this.

  • KW

    I have the iphone 5 iOS6…I want to customize my vibrations, but I don’t have the options you directed me to go to (Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on Custom Vibrations under Hearing.)…Its just not there.:-( Help???

  • Pingback: Iphone Shortcuts | DisasterJuice()

  • Tammy

    Can somebody please tell me how do you make certain pictures go into a different assigned album without it also staying in the main album? it just ends up being in two albums and if I delete the picture out of the main album it deletes out of both albums.

    • Andrea Pinkston

      Do,you have an answer yet I would also love to know how to do this?

      • Naza

        In the Camera Roll, click Edit (top right), select the photos you want to move (by touching them), choose Add To (at the bottom) then either Add to Existing Album (and select it from the list) or if you want to create a new one: Add to New Album (and type in the name of the new album).

        For iPhone 5

  • nerdlindy

    When I take a photo the pictures show up in Camera Roll. Will they stay there indefinitely or must I put them in a folder?

  • Ap`

    My iPhone is up to date but I was trying to figure out how to do the custom vibrations.. It says go to General> Accessibilty> turn on custom vibrations under hearing. I do not have the option to turn on custom vibrations? Any ideas?

    • Krista

      On the 4s, if you go to Settings>Sounds and scroll down to sounds and vibration patterns. Choose the item you want to change. If you go to the top of that page you will have a vibration selection above the ringtone selection.

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      Amazing and complete list!!

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  • Trackmom

    AWESOME! Thank you so much! I sent on to my kids too! Really appreciate the links and help!

  • Jacks

    Thanks, definitely a few things I didn’t know! Here’s one more- if you hit the home button three times fast it changes all the colors to negative on your device! You can change it back the same way.

  • anku

    a must check feature is assistive touch.. It helps tremendously to save your home button and power button..

    Go to general – Settings – Accessibility – Switch on assistive touch. A small round icon appears and once you click it, you can select to go home or lock the screen and other options are there as well..

  • Melonie

    Help, after the new update to the iPhone I can no longer put pictures in albums. My photo stream is now so unorganized! Any suggestions?

  • Sara

    NEW Vibration is your front advertisement for your pin and my most interested, and they are incorrect instructions. Atleast for the latest iOS 6

    Settings>Sounds> Ringtone> Vibration

  • A B

    If your lock screen button is broken, you can access a setting on your phone that helps you with things that you can’t do with it being broken. Go to Settings> General> Accessibility > Scroll down to Physical & Motor> Assistive Touch -ON

  • Aryan

    Wow, Thanks a lot man, god bless you!
    I had a problem with my iOS 6 map that it wouldn’t show anything except grids but it just fixed by doing hard reset, thank you man, I’m so happy now!

    P.S: i searched for it everywhere and didn’t found any solution and by reading this wonderful article just could fix it!

  • http://www.anonym-phone.de/bestellen.html Handykarte

    Hi, Neat post. There’s an issue with your web site in web explorer, would check this? IE nonetheless is the marketplace leader and a big component of folks will miss your magnificent writing due to this problem.

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  • Dawn

    Is there a way to keep your iMessages from coming thru the lock screen? There are many times that the phone is laying down somewhere and I would rather not others see my texts. Thanks bunches!

    • Peggy

      I don’t know if you ever got an answer to your question, but if you go into “Settings”, then “Messages”, then scroll down to “Show Subject Field”, make sure it is OFF, then it will simply say “iMessage from *whoever* on your lock screen, no part of the message will be there. Hope this helps!

  • lex

    What happens when you try and connect to imessaging and it wont connect and a message pops up saying imessage activation could no sign in. please check network connection and try again. however my apple id is correct and my network is working just fine. how can u fix it

  • Dave Stearns

    Any tips on how to ADD alert times? Like, say, 2 weeks or 2 months?

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  • mscobb3

    Thank You for the time and effort you put into this web page. It was very informative. For those who criticize, maybe you should make your own web page and further educate us.

  • Naery

    Here are a few additional tips:
    I prefer to see how much battery I have left expressed as a percentage; that little picture doesn’t satisfy my need for specificity. Go to Settings > General > Usage to turn on this feature.
    If you have Bluetooth turned on, then there is an icon at the top of your screen indicating it is on. When the icon is grey, it means that Bluetooth is on, but not connected to anything. When the icon is blue, it means that it is on and connected to a device. This is helpful because I don’t always know if my Bluetooth headset is connected to my phone.
    If you listen to music from your phone through the Apple earbuds, then you probably already know that pushing the button once will play/stop the music. Pushing the button twice, though, will go to the next song. Pushing the button twice and holding the second push will fast forward through the current song. Pushing the button three times will go to the previous song. Pushing it three times and holding the third push will reverse through the current song.
    I’m actually not sure if this is the actual name of the thing or not, but a lot of people seem unaware that it exists. From any of your home screens (i.e. NOT in an app, though it works in some apps, too), if you slide your finger down from the top edge of your screen, you’ll see your notifications. Tap one to go to it.

    I hope these help! I know the music ones were a great help when I learned of ’em. Good luck and enjoy your phone!

  • Jbutts

    You can invert the colors on you screen by triple clicking the home button. This feature is for people with certain vision disabilities, but its also pretty cool just to be able to do it :)
    **settings/accessability/triple click/invert colors/have fun c:

  • http://dja27wod837gd873/g83r9wet387rt78wtrgfh8937cnt78347tcn834 hola

    this is SO COOL i have never seen so many things i can do with my iphone, ACTUALLY I KNEW ALL OF THISSSSSSSDFHSDFHJDSKHFDLS SO YEP PEACE

  • Brandon

    If you tap your clock you will scroll all the way back to the top of the page.

  • Ray

    Another is if you lock or home button doesn’t work you can go Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive touch On and there’s a little circle on your screen that can act as these buttons and do anything from multitasking or screenshots!

  • Rosalyn Gros

    #23.. Do you have to have IOS 5.0 because i am trying to look for it and I have IOS 6. And I can not find it where you too me to look?? So is it a different place to look or IOS 6??
    Can you help??

    But, thanks for all the tips I didn’t know many if them!

  • Rosalyn Gros


  • Lilly

    General > Accessibility > White on Black…. turn it on and see what happens! It’s crazy looking!

  • neal

    is there a way to stop people from answering your phone when you are not there?

  • dee

    I applaud u, they are alot of senior citizens out here as Im one of them and u have so helped me, I wish u could just hold a meeting free and help alot of older people who are not tech savy like ur age. learn about the phones. The phone co just sell them and do not explain and no manuals to read. I would be glad to hold a meeting at my home f you, you should look into this and you will be rewarded greatly.

    Thank U so much.

  • Rachel

    I’ve had the iPhone4 for 2 yrs & just got the iPhone5 today, I’m so glad I fiumd this as I didn’t know about the Suri options & some other setting changes u suggested! Thank u for this post!!

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  • Slow Learner


  • Miranda

    One thing that has saved me and my iPods life is assitive touch. It can turn off your device, function as a home button, take screen shots, all while your other buttons that usually do these things might not work. There are also additional gestures you can program in such as swiping different directions or zooming in and out. If you go to settings then general and assistance (or something like that) then turn on the feature of assistive touch. WELCOME! <3

  • Misty

    Question for email users – Is there a way to ‘not’ see all the emails I have viewed without deleting them? If I pull my emails up on my computer, I can not see the viewed emails but have the option to search for them. But on my iPhone, I have to scroll through already seen emails, that I did not want to necessarily delete, to find emails that have not been viewed.

  • Astrid

    How do you delete photo albums??

  • rt86

    If you have the option to put your comments, people will put them so stop telling readers off for putting negative comments, it will help you write better articles in the future – so take it on board! I thought this article was poorly written due to the fact it described some features which are by no means secret at all. Apple has made them quite clearly public! So just be careful with your title.

  • Tracy

    Thank you…I found some things I didn’t know. Ignore the rude people comments, they’re just miserable people.

  • Josh

    I am 11 and I know all this stuff and I’m not a nerd. Can you put on something we don’t know

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  • Heather

    Thank you kindly for the post about the tips for the iphone. I have emojis now without the help of my teenager and I feel quite proud. I found plenty of useful information and I enjoyed the help.Thank you for taking the time to write this article.

  • staci allen

    on your camera you can zoom in. put two fingers int eh screen and pull them away fr each other like you do in safari or in pictures to get a better look.
    your welcome!

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  • Pedro R

    is it possible to pre program / Save sms mesages ?

  • sara

    wow it actually mentions my cousins invention. go chechk him out hes pretty awesome. his invention is the glif if you guys didnt see that before

  • Julie

    thanks for the post. I learned some new tips with my phone. I especially like the tip about increasing font size – the old eyes just aren’t as good as they used to be.

  • Ashley

    Great article. I’m a normal smart person who’s not obsessed with apple. I have an iPhone and knew some of these functions, but most were new and helpful. What did these haters think the secrets were going to be? Warp world flute instructions?

    Anyway, one useful tool that I didn’t notice listed was the ” accessibility ” function in the general tab. It’s great if you’ve had a mishap with your phone and need an alternate way to access the home button ( which wore out on my last iPhone due to some water interaction), or access the volume and other features. It was made for those with motor skill disabilities, which a good friend of mine finds quite helpful, but I can see a use for it regardless of one’s dexterity.

  • Mary Wright

    Thank you so much, this coming from a 62-year old technologically challenged first-time iPhone user. It really helped me get started.

  • Kym

    Thanks. There were a few here I didn’t know & some I’d forgotten. I’m sharing this.

  • Shae

    I knew basically all of these the first day I got my iPhone . It’s no secret when the whole world already knows about them basically .

  • Julie

    double tap the home button when on the home screen and then hold your finger down on one of the icons until they wiggle and the red circle appears, touch the – sign and that quits the app from working, saves battery and makes phone & iPad
    work faster.

  • Maddy

    Double-click the home button and slide to the left once to get music and lock screen. Or slide twice to get volume.

  • Lacey

    I thought this was great! Totally didn’t know how to take a picture with my volume + button before now! I will definitely be sharing this!

  • Angela

    Home button and lock button pushed at the same time will take a screen shot! This is MY FAVORITE thing about my phone and why I continue to keep iPhones at upgrades :)

  • Judith

    Just saying, glad I don’t have an iphone.

  • KC

    Someone took the time and effort to post this helpful info and the very first comment was negative one. So sad!

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  • ibra

    you can tap the status bar and the page will up to the top

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVLDhZY4mtA iphone

    Magnificent beat ! I would like to apprentice while you amend your website, how could i subscribe for a blog website? The account helped me a appropriate deal. I were tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided vibrant clear idea

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  • Skylar

    Double tap space bar when in a text and you will get a period

  • Bob Bitchin

    Here’s one I hadn’t heard before. When the phone makes a noise like it’s ringing, slide the little green thing down at the bottom of the screen over to the right, pick up the phone and put it up to your ear. Start talking. The person on the other end can hear you, and they can talk to you too! I knew it had a clock and could play games and stuff, but a telephone? Wow!

  • Kim

    I have wanted to customize my Contacts. I would love to have a separate Contact/group for work. I have the 4.

  • SoMeOnE

    If you don’t know this stuff already… that’s sad.

    • antwon

      dude if all you can do is judge people on if they know that or not then you are a pathetic mother fucker go suck a dick you asshole

    • Matthew Boyd

      There was a time when you knew none of these things. And honestly that’s really sad

  • Candie

    Great information…old and young can always learn something new or remember something forgotten.
    I have a question about data. I would like to upgrade my iphone 4 but Verizon has said that if/when I upgrade I must go on a “data plan”. I now have unlimited. Does anyone have some information/comments as to why they will no longer allow unlimited plans?
    Should I try to buy my own equipment (on ebay) so I can keep my unlimited plan?

    • Robbie

      They should not force you into a new plan. Ask to speak to a manager and see if you can be “grandfathered” in to your old data plan. That is what AT&T has done for me since they did away with the unlimited plan.

    • sara

      verizon is no longer offering the unlimited plans because thats where they are making there money so when you up grade or change your plan they are taking it away …..as for buying out right …. it really depends on how much data you are using most people with the unlimited data dont use enought to make it really useful and switching to a 2gb plan would be cheaper

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  • Donna

    Hey I learnt a lot from this thanks?!

  • Me

    OK I knew all of these and most people do! Duh you only need to be in the Settings for five minutes and even a money could figure it out! You must think you me a fucking genus! Well sorry to say but your not!

  • Angelica

    Im not sure if this tip is new or not.. but I found that when you have your phone locked press the square button for like 5 secs and you can call the song or name of person you want to call and it will connect you immediately

  • Kallyz

    Thank you for taking the time to create such a clear tutorial, with information and pictures. I have recently switched from Black Berry to an iphone 5, and although I have explored my phone, I was not aware of many of the tricks and tips that you laid out. Thanks for the concise and informative layout. You are book marked on my phone and computer. I also pinned you so that others, like me can access your site! Keep up the good work!

  • balls in yourmouth

    dude i like huge penis in my mouth go eat a dick you mutha fuckas

  • Jen

    Also new to iPhone and don’t have much time to play with things so appreciate any assistance. Have added some to my repetoire. Some aren’t useful for me and knew the rest. Great that there are people out there finding these things… :)) Ta muchly

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  • rose

    Thank you so much as a first time user of iphone i really learned so much from your information.

  • chgodonnie

    Thank you so much for all these “secrets.” I am 65 and trying to keep up with all things iphone and kindle. I have 2 questions that I am trying to resolve . My gf also has the same 4s as I do but under the Calendar> Alerts> times to be alerted, she has about 10 choices and I have only 4. How can I get all the others???

    Second question, similarly related. Three of my four available alerts times list (9AM). Can this be changed??? I would so much prefer (9PM) so that I might actually hear it or feel it vibrate.

    I will definetly use the customize vibrations (lengthen them) you provided, again in the hopes that I might actually then be able to feel it.

    Am hoping to see more of these “Secrets” in the future. Thanks so much 4 these!!!!:)

  • karens

    I can’t find any information on how to stop directions or navgation on Suri once she starts?? I have been all over the web. There no words in English that works!! believe me I have tried them all. This is really frustrating???

  • Carole Garnett

    I’m thrilled with these tips ! I’m a new I phone user so all of this helps …..but I’m still baffled as to what I need to do to send my photos to my sister in UK from here in South Africa…..I’m really struggling …….any suggestions would be appreciated …. Tks Carole

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  • Elle

    Can u guys add the invert color trick? Its easy just go to settings -> pick general -> pick accesibility -> and then turn the switch on for invert colors. I know its an easy trick but not a lot of people know how to do it and i personally think its super cool :) so yea

  • Rosa

    I have the iPhone4 and when I go into Maps the option for street view is not there. I have tried clicking on the little pin and going into options. Any advice?

    • AppleGeek

      Google and Apple got into an argument for something about the Galaxy coping Apple, Google told Apple if you are going to sew Galaxy then Google wouldn’t be supporting Apple. Apple still sewed Galaxy, taking YouTube and Google Maps with them. So in order to get the street view, you have to download Google Maps onto your phone, because Apple Maps does not have that feature.

  • christie

    one of my most useful tips is if you have a button/buttons on your phone that don’t work (lock button, home button, sound buttons), just turn on “assistive touch” (settings>general>accessibility), and you will be able to access those features from any screen!

  • kat

    Does anyone know why the little blue dot beside my new e-mail does not stay there till I open the email? new mail comes in with the blue notification dot , stays about few seconds the goes away before i open it..so I don’t know which mail i have opened. Any ideas? I have two emil addresses the other account, works fine stays till I open the mail. ?? thanks

  • Mar

    This was great!! Thank you!! There were so many I didn’t know!

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    Aceste servicii web pe langa crearea propriu-zisa a site-ului se refera si la faptul ca trebuie ca acesta sa aiba parte de promovare web si de optimizare Seo, pentru ca acesta sa se bucure de succesul dorit de dumneavoastra. Aceste servicii web sunt foarte importante pentru ca serviciile oferite de firma dumneavoastra sa se adreseze unui public mai larg, sis a fie vizibile unui numar mai mare de potentiali client.

  • Veegish24

    Thanks for the emoji keyboard

  • Bonnie

    Increase Font size for text message, calendar & email by going to
    Settings>General>Accessibility> In the Vision Section choose Large Text and choose the Font Size you need. iPhone 4S. If you are on limited text messaging the larger the font size, texts are sent as multiple texts so use caution.

  • frank

    Can i get Siri for I-phone 4

    • AppleGeek

      Sort of… but it doesn’t reply to you. If you hold down the home button a voice control will appear, if that’s what you are looking for. But personally I don’t like it.

    • anonymous

      yes, in cydia market

  • Robbie

    Something I have worked hard to teach my sons: If you cannot say something nice, do not say anything at all.

    I appreciate that someone took time the time to teach a few tricks that not everyone has discovered for themselves. yet.

    Thank you

  • NJ

    Thanks for the great tips…regardless of all those who had nothing better to do than to type rude stuff in your comments, isn’t there rooms on forums or AOL Chat for those characters who have nothing better to do.

    I found several helpful items and clarification on others. I perused both the iPhone and iPad sections and forwarded the Android section to a friend.

    Great work…I will be sure to pass the link on!

  • Maria

    Wow where have you been hiding? (In my phone obviously!) haha




  • Zed

    Wow! The comments section was much larger than the article itself.
    Oh be right back, off to get some pop-corns 😀

    By the way, it was sort of misleading but helpful nonetheless :)
    Excellent guide for iOS newbies.

  • Hydvhigfe

    If you slide the green message icon across a message then it takes you directly to the message. You know like on the lock screen where it shows you the message you just got, if you have more than one it’s helpful. it works with the alerts for like snap chat, Facebook, etc…

    • Sandy Nibbelink Ahearn

      I agree! I discovered this trick when I nearly dropped my phone and my finger happened to slide across the text message alert – BAM – I discovered my favorite iPhone trick and best of all I didn’t break my phone by dropping it. It takes you right into the text you want to read so you aren’t responding to the wrong one (done that a few times!)

      You can also drag across an email in the email list and delete it (or archive depending on your email settings)

  • k stacy

    I knew some but not all but thanks for the info. And by commenting about the rude comments is giving them the attention they wanted!!

  • Thankful

    Thanks so much! The only one I couldn’t get to work was the vibrations.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=571299029 Phia Crenshaw

    How can I personalize to a silent ringtone for certain numbers in my phonebook?

    • AppleGeek

      Silent as in Vibration..? If it is then go to Settings>Sounds>Ringtone>Vibration (Create your own vibration, and save) then go from there.

  • Howard Kaplan

    Does anyone know how to stop the iPhone music from starting automatically when I plug my iPhone 5 into the ISB port of my car and/or turn on Bluetooth or iPod audio to hear voice navigation prompts. Quite annoying to have to pull over and turn off the Music App.

  • deanna

    Is there a way to be able to press a button that will send the same text to the same person daily when I tell it to? Not the same time everyday but the same text and the same contact. For example “OMW” sent to my secretary.

    • AppleGeek

      Copy and Paste?

  • Guest

    Thank you very much, it was 100% helpful.

  • Katie

    When you type anything in the calculator, you can slide from left to right over the numbers you just typed to use as a “backspace” fuction

  • Audrey Perry

    I miss swiping my emails. Does anyone know how I can do this on my iPhone 5?

  • Kim

    My top button (the power button) broke and I thought I couldn’t screen shot. Then I found ASSISTED TOUCH in my general settings. Its this bubble that stays on your screen that helps you do something if you don’t have your buttons, like lock screen, volume, mute and best of all SCREEN SHOT!

  • Sherry

    Thank you so very much for your info. I learned a lot, from you as well as people’s comments.
    1. Camera: access in LOCK mode (posted as double click) learned hold & swish up myself
    thumb & finger swish to zoom in BEFORE taking pic (always had to take then edit)
    2. Calculator: turn sidewise gives more options
    3. Use of lots of setting & options didn’t realize I needed until this article THANKS!
    Learned from friends & family (1 & 3 year olds – funny but true)
    1. Battery level
    2. Larger font (Settings > General > Accessibility > Large Text
    3. Emotions (love to use)
    4. Unlocked, double press bottom “on” button > open items show up @ bottom > hold bottom
    right > icons shake (press button to stop) & red circle with minus sign shows in upper left >
    press CIRCLE clears that item & gives phone faster usage battery longer life
    Again…..Thank you so much for your time in posting this info. I am saving AND sending to lots of people.
    The Georgia Peach

  • Marilou Johns

    Guided access is the best trick on iphone. You should highlight it here for moms with little children. It is a great feature and fortunately a friend showed it to me.

  • Rina

    I have an iPhone 4s…. I can do all of these things as well… sorry.

  • borf

    the İphone Dev SECRETS…

    from the lınk:


  • William

    Is there a way to block a certain caller or specific incoming calls on the 5?

  • kathleen mahoney

    Is it possible to teach Siri to spell my children’s names correctly? She spells it wrong about 98% of the time

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