• http://macmylife.de Lukas

    RSS is the most important onlinetool, because its reliable, fast and easy to use. As a twitterer or on facebook you have to follow each site and you have to be online when they tweet the links, otherwise you won’t get them.
    With RSS the news come to you, on your iPhone and your desktop (Mac of course), and the news will stay there, whether you read them 5 seconds or 10 days after they arrived.

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  • Jen

    I started with the free NetNewsWire and quickly ditched it for Free RSS, which I much preferred the simple look. But alas, no instapaper or twitter, so I checked out and am still using MobileRSS which was free for a few days and is now back to 99¢. I like the layout, it’s easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. The icons are nice and it has both instapaper and twitter support (as well as readitlater/facebook/email.)

  • http://dzine-studios.com Dan

    I use Gazette- it’s simple and effective.

  • http://studio-qb.com quadzero

    Tried Newstand and Feeds, bought Byline for the offline reading/caching.

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  • David Browlowsky

    I have a google account and use NetNewsWire for Mac, I tried it’s iPhone free version but It has some performance issues. At the moment I am using smartRSS2 that has got a good performance, I can view my articles by channels, Top Articles and bookmark some of them for later reading, it supports Google Reader and syncs automatically with channels when I ADD/EDIT/Delete.
    Byline and Reeder are interesting too, I will give them a try.

    The feature that I am looking for at the moment is that when I read an article on a particular feed, I want it to be seen as “read” on my desktop NetNewsWire through the Google Reader.
    Twitter function seems necessary too.

    I would like also to mention that there is a NetNewsWire and Byline “lite” versions that are free in the Appstore.

  • http://www.twitter.com/sulcalibur Sulcalibur

    I use Newsstand and absolutely love it. I use Google Reader and this is awesome. I used to use Fever but the iPhone app sucked big time! If Fever incorporated Google Reader then I’d be as happy on my Mac as I am with Newsstand on my iPhone.

  • http://adrian-clement.com Adrian Clement

    I’ve been using Fever for the past couple of months on my Mac and I think it’s great (especially when it’s paired with Chill Pill) but I’ve been pretty disappointed by the iPhone web app. I find it really unresponsive, slow an often buggy. As a result I often take it off my phone. An actual iPhone app would be really nice, even if it’s 3rd party.

    • Valashtar

      Try Sunstroke! Native client for fever, supports Instapaper and other native iOS sharing methods! I’m loving it.

  • vballas

    I searched a lot the last week to find the right app and ended up with Reeder, by which I am very happy the first days of usage.
    I am happy to read here it is also one of the top choices!

  • http://azadcreative.com Saddam Azad

    Tried everything listed above and ended up falling in love with Reeder. Love the interface and the simplicity. The best RSS reader if you want GReader sync IMHO.

  • http://www.martinvaresio.com.ar Orfebre

    Mac problem to convert multiple files in Handbrake into iPod/iPhone suitable movie format

  • http://thinkbrief.com Mick Gill

    Google iPhone Apps are pretty Naff I think!

  • http://xanato.net maique

    are you joking with mobileRSS ?
    they just ripped reeder.


  • http://enoda.co.uk Jack Griffiths

    Forget the rest of the review and download Reeder.

  • dorian_grey

    I really like iPhone AppStorm, but mentioning MobileRSS after their huge ripoff of Reeder is an enormous fail – especially well known blogs should stand their ground when it comes to plagiarism in the AppStore and defend the initial developer. Mentioning Reeder and MobileRSS in the same round-up is something you shouldnt do. I’m very disappointed!

  • http://magnetdownloads.com/ torrent

    I use Google Reader and absolutely love it.I am happy to read here it is also one of the top choices!

  • http://smokingdesigners.com evan

    you have forgot the best one, Pulse news.

  • http://www.mobilepornwebcams.com iPhone chat

    The iPhone offers the perfect mobile platform for reading news on-the-go, and a number of different RSS apps are available – either for free, or for a small fee.