50 Unique Journal and Diary Apps

For those of you who are serial diarists or are always toting around a notebook in which to scribble all your genius ideas, memories or musings, why not combine your love of writing with your love for your iPhone?

Here are 50 journal and diary apps, all of them as unique as the people who will inevitably use them. Most of these apps are designed to let you document your innermost thoughts, but we’ve thrown in some scheduling apps for business that help you manage your day-to-day working life as well.

Now whether that’s through text, photos, videos, audio recordings, music or sketches, well, that’s up to you. And up to which app you choose. Hit the jump now to find the perfect one.

My Daily Journal

My Daily Journal keeps your daily thoughts under password protection and makes journaling simple and beautiful, with auto-save, the option for multiple entries per day, sharing of entries available via email and the ability to export your entire journal as a PDF.
Price: $1.99
Developer: JI Software Company
Download: iTunes


This Penzu app doesn’t cost a cent, but is perfect for writing down your diary entries or journaling. It can sync your entries to Penzu.com, where you’ll always have access to your content, and you can lock your app with a PIN. The ability to insert images into entries is pretty cool, too.
Price: Free
Developer: Penzu Inc.
Download: iTunes


Planning day-to-day working activities is easy with NimbleSchedule. The app helps you put the right person, in the right place, at the right time. It allows employees to clock in and out from their iPhone, so business owners and managers can track their team daily.
Price: Free app + subscription
Developer: Nimble Software Systems
Download: iTunes

Day One

Day One is a stunning app that makes it very easy for you to quickly log your thoughts and then retrieve them from the cloud later just as simply. Notes are password-protected, and the app features a Dropbox sync to the Day One desktop application and your other devices.
Price: $4.99
Developer: Bloom Built, LLC
Download: iTunes

iDo Notepad

With iDo Notepad you can add as many journal entries as you want, and even assign different icons to different events in your notes. Content is password-protected and searchable, and notes can be added to any date.
Price: Free
Developer: Neil Thomas
Download: iTunes


Momento is a Starbucks’ “Pick of the Week,” and is gorgeous plus simple to use. It can connect to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Foursquare, Gowalla, YouTube, Vimeo, Digg and Last.fm to collect and display your online activity as part of your diary.
Price: $0.99
Developer: d3i Ltd
Download: iTunes

Acuity Scheduling

If you run a service-based business then the chances are you find fitting all your clients into a daily schedule to be a bit of a bind. With Acuity Scheduling you can effectively manage your calendars, schedules and client appointments, avoiding embarrassing mix-ups.
Price: Subscription-based (14-day free trial available)
Developer: Acuity
Download: iPhone version

iDiary Pro

iDiary Pro looks extremely lean at first glance, but still packs all the most important features, including landscape capability, password protection, full-text search, editable entries and others.
Price: $0.99
Developer: Jony Cree – mt
Download: iTunes


Manage all your thoughts with iDiary, capable of storing journal entries, photos and voice memos. To keep you further organized, the app includes full text search, backup and restore, color and time tags, encryption, customizable fonts, customizable background image and more.
Price: $6.99
Developer: Triple Creeks Studio
Download: iTunes

The Journal

This app will appeal to younger users or those who really loved filling up their school notebooks with doodles and random thoughts. The Journal app can be password-protected, and its theme can be customized. Users also have the ability to email content directly from the app.
Price: $0.99
Developer: Rhobota LLC
Download: iTunes

Actual for WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax is designed to help you log your day-to-day working activities, taking care of everything from tracking jobs and managing timesheet, to sending invoices and purchase order requests.
Price: $2.99 + subscription to WorkflowMax
Developer: WorkflowMax
Download: iTunes

My Diary

The My Diary app includes features such as password protection, sharing via email, landscape mode, backup, restore, color tagging, erase via wiping and font size changes via “pinching” the screen.
Price: $0.99
Developer: My Diary, Inc.
Download: iTunes

Secret Diary

Keep your diary entries safe with this password-protected app, featuring autosave, backup, AirPrint (so that you can print your content wirelessly), built-in text templates, labels you can assign to entries, full text search capability, and integration of images, maps and more.
Price: $0.99
Developer: Pavel Trafimuk
Download: iTunes


Use Flava as a journal, a date book, scrapbook, or photo album with the many options this app provides. Save photos with stickers, save songs with album art images, keep track of quotes from books, make lists, or just simply take the time to write out your thoughts. The app also offers tags, text color choices, Dropbox backup and restoration, the ability to sync with Evernote and more.
Price: Free
Developer: Greenmonster, Inc.
Download: iTunes


If you work in Field Service Management then you probably find that keeping track of day-to-day activities is a bit of a hassle (to say the least!) With GeoOp you can take charge of your business, allowing you to centralize the management of field staff, doing away with spreadsheets, calendar apps, and invoicing systems.
Price: Free (requires GeoOp subscription)
Developer: GeoOp
Download: iTunes


The MyTymz developers describe the app as a way to “capture your life in the moment” using text, photos, voice recordings, video and geographic location, making for a truly multimedia journaling experience. The app is protected with a PIN and also features to-do lists and task alerts, as well as a cool visual that maps your entries to show you where you’ve been.
Price: Free
Developer: Taponix, Inc.
Download: iTunes


If you’re a business owner with employees out in the field, Wintac makes for a great tool to help them be more informed and independent while working. The app allows users to view, edit, and update their own daily schedules in real time.
Price: Free (requires Wintac subscription)
Developer: Wintac
Download: iTunes


Choose from 13 different themes in the eJournal app (including even more as in-app purchases), plus enjoy a user-friendly interface, secure password protection, the ability to include photos and images in your journal entries, searchability, font choices and sharing capability via email.
Price: $2.99
Developer: Piccadilly Journals, Gifts and Stationery
Download: iTunes

Journal Diary

Not only does the Journal Diary app allow users to record memories and thoughts with ease (using more than just text), but you can also include emoticons, as well as a background picture for each day.
Price: $1.99
Developer: Sulaba Inc
Download: iTunes


Raconteur actually reminds you of entries you still need to write, plus allows you to track your favorite memories and perform full text searches using the date, favorite status, picture or any combination of the above — meaning you can find entries fast! It also supports TextExpander and landscape mode.
Price: $2.99
Developer: Too Much Tea
Download: iTunes

Quick Diary

Quick Diary allows users to write down notes or thoughts quickly and then edit or delete them later, plus search by text or date and share content. It is what it says it is: quick.
Price: Free
Developer: TopOfStack
Download: iTunes

Save Your Moment

Save Your Moment can lock up your entries to keep them private, or the app makes it possible to share your moments via Twitter, Facebook and email. Plus, you can easily insert photos and tag your moments to keep them organized.
Price: $0.99
Developer: Yapp
Download: iTunes

Memory Book

The Memory Book developers describe their app as a “revolutionary approach to diary writing.” Add photos, tag people or places and categorize your memories in this app, then have it all automatically synced to any number of your devices so that your content is always accessible.
Price: $0.99
Developer: WhiteLime
Download: iTunes


The Storie app is all about recording your thoughts and memories and then sharing those stories with the world via Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, or your blogs and websites. You can also import photos from your photo album, Facebook albums or Instagram account.
Price: Free
Developer: Shnap
Download: iTunes

Wonderful Days

This is a very pretty app that allows for lots of customization when it comes to your journal entries, including choosing your themes, photo frames, fonts and icons.
Price: $2.99
Developer: HandyPadSoft
Download: iTunes


This is a good free app for keeping track of, well, practically anything, simply and quickly. Features include backup, restore, export capabilities, picture support and choice of background color.
Price: Free
Developer: Utagoe Inc.
Download: iTunes


The iJournal developers claim their app is intuitive, with features that include customizable text styles and backgrounds for each journal entry, a customizable home screen, entries that can be sorted, edited or deleted, and password protection.
Price: $1.99
Developer: Fishington Studios
Download: iTunes

Amazing Diary

This beautiful, well-organized app is easy to use. Write notes, take pictures, make audio recordings, and then add them to your diary entries. The app can be viewed in calendar mode, and the font color and background image can be changed. Don’t forget to use the backup features in case you need to use the restore option!
Price: $0.99
Developer: Roland Yau
Download: iTunes

Diary Mobile

Parts planner, task manager and journal, Diary Mobile is secure and can sync all your notes and content to Diary.com so that you never have to worry about losing your data — even though it still works offline, too. The app also makes use of diary alerts and daily and weekly agenda email alerts.
Price: Free
Developer: Diary.com Ltd
Download: iTunes

Daily Diary

In this app, enjoy password protection, search capability, option for multiple entries per day, sharing via email, landscape mode, customizable fonts and font sizes, editable date and time for entries, and more.
Price: $1.99
Developer: We4Mobile
Download: iTunes


With a very pink and precious design, Moments! offers plenty of customization options, plus the ability to insert photos, tag entries and even add weather and mood icons.
Price: $1.99
Developer: Vita Stone Ltd.
Download: iTunes

Scribe Notes

This multimedia journal enables you to create thoughts and notes using photos, videos, maps, sketches and geotags (according to wherever you are when you compose the entry). One of the many great features is the ability to create different notebooks for categorizing your entries.
Price: Free
Developer: Boost Academics
Download: iTunes


Use songs, pictures and text to create content that’s all about you! The app is password-protected so you can keep things all to yourself, or you can post your thoughts to Facebook or Twitter with the simple click of a button.
Price: Free
Developer: Lunchbox
Download: iTunes


Within this app find two separate and completely customizable journals, as well as a spell-checker, three security levels to choose from, a search function, a color-coded calendar of your entries and a share-via-email option.
Price: $1.99
Developer: Beacon Consulting, LLC
Download: iTunes

Diary Journal Pro

A little pricier than most of the other journaling apps in this collection, Diary Journal Pro aims to impress by combining all the best bells and whistles into a single app. The functionality looks great, even if the design of the interface does need a tiny bit more work.
Price: $2.99
Developer: Sulaba Inc.
Download: iTunes

My Life Journal

Aesthetically simple yet well thought out, the My Life Journal app is secure and can accommodate an unlimited number of entries per day. Use photos, videos and multiple tags — people, places, events, and custom options — to help create your memories. View your entries according to a day, list or calendar view, and share your entries via Facebook if you want.
Price: $0.99
Developer: Echelon Studios
Download: iTunes

MyDiary 2

This beautiful app includes such features as wireless syncing, backup, restore, password protection, paging according to months, sharing via email, landscape mode, customizable font size, color tagging and others.
Price: $1.99
Developer: MyDiary Inc.
Download: iTunes


Chronicle features landscape editing, photo integration, customizable fonts and background colors, the ability to upload to Google Docs, password protection, autosave, and the option to back-date posts.
Price: $1.99
Developer: Steven Romej
Download: iTunes

My Days

With My Days you can add multiple entries per day, as well as make entries for past or future dates. All content is autosaved as you type, and you can choose a passcode to ensure you never lose your info to a tech failure or prying eyes. Landscape mode and multiple fonts are supported, and different skins offer options for further customization. Share via Twitter, Facebook or email, and enjoy backup and restore via Dropbox, Wi-Fi and iTunes file sharing.
Price: $1.99
Developer: Vineing
Download: iTunes

Daily Log

As the name indicates, this app is best used for brief diary or journal entries. Capture moments, information or thoughts with ease using the home page, from which users can select from text, snapshot, camera roll or quick entries. Then later export filtered entries to Dropbox as html or text.
Price: $1.99
Developer: TaHelpYa
Download: iTunes

Seretech Chronicler

A truly unique app made by developers who have thought outside the box, the Seretech Chronicler journaling app includes an interface that enables the user to quickly view individual entries (automatically timestamped and geo-tagged), or all entries in a day, month or year.
Price: $2.99
Developer: Serene IT
Download: iTunes


Named after the phrase meaning “Keep Me Balanced,” the Kemba app features lots of cheery purple and was designed to allow you to record special moments while also relating each one to your most important life roles. For example, you might tag an entry with “wife,” “best friend,” or “sister” and so on. At a glance you can now see how “balanced” your life is, according to the roles that matter most to you.
Price: Free
Developer: Mobickus, LLC
Download: iTunes


This diary is secret! Shake your iPhone to enter the passcode for your hidden diary and gain access to all your entries, which can be written in customized fonts and colors and can include pictures, voice recordings, emoticons and more. Lock all your entries, or just some of them. And don’t forget to back up the content via Wi-Fi or email.
Price: Free
Developer: mob-era.com
Download: iTunes


The developer describes Memoirs as “a place you can store all your thoughts and memories in a fast, fun and easy-to-use app.” Type out thoughts or ideas, or insert a photo from your library into this secure app. Although some necessary updates are on the horizon, Memoirs is a very attractive app.
Price: $1.99
Developer: SimonsApps
Download: iTunes

Lifejournal Pro

Lifejournal is a journal that keeps track of your life’s events in a simple, convenient manner and makes it simple and easy to share them with your friends and family. Add tags or a picture, share your entries on Twitter, Facebook, or by email, and view visual representations (timelines) of your life as it’s progressed.
Price: $1.99
Developer: Down-Shift Inc.
Download: iTunes

Journal ABW

Journal ABW is an elegant app that autodates entries and uses simple formatting with a big, bold font and different-colored backgrounds. You can also easily export your content to Text documents.
Price: $4.99
Developer: Noor Eldeeb
Download: iTunes

Thought Book

Thought Book helps you keep all your most meaningful memories and thoughts in one place. Type out your entries and add music or photos, and then save them for yourself, or share them via Twitter and Facebook integration.
Price: $0.99
Developer: Paul Pilone
Download: iTunes

The Good Life Journal

The developers of The Good Life Journal app say this app is “designed to give you a flexible and free platform for recording your life events, moods and details of your day. Use this app to remember how you felt, pictures of the day, record extended journals and remember big and little events.” Sounds like the good life, indeed.
Price: Free
Developer: Under Pressure Development
Download: iTunes

Any Day Journal

With a very simple and easy to understand interface, Any Day Journal allows users to incorporate notes, pictures, video, sounds and even sketches into their entries. The app takes its name and concept from the famous quote: “Any day is a good day to start a journal.”
Price: $2.99
Developer: Lobitos Creek
Download: iTunes


The gorgeous Dayflip app separates your life into notebooks, based on the idea that your life is like a big book. Entries are organized by day (Day 1, Day 2, …), but the entries don’t have to be made on consecutive dates. Enjoy integration with Facebook and Twitter, as well as nine different notebook colors, the option to add photos to entries, the ability to lock the app, and more.
Price: $0.99
Developer: Y-Tech
Download: iTunes

Wrap Up

Did you find one you like? Do you already have a journal app that you’re in love with but we didn’t include it? Comment to let us know your thoughts.

Update: This post was originally published on November 30th 2011. It was updated on June 29th 2015.

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  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dailybook-journal-diary/id440750190?mt=8&ls=1 Podcaster

    Dailybook (Journal/Diary) is also available in iTunes…

  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dailybook-journal-diary/id440750190?mt=8&ls=1 Podcaster

    Sorry, the URL did not show…

    Dailybook (Journal/Diary)

    • D

      nice app but it’s for ipad only – the above list is for iphone

      • Podcaster

        The iPhone version has been released a few weeks ago.

  • http://www.ianmayman.com/ Ian

    I use Penzu but there are two others I recommend, one Momentu which uses selected content from Twitter and Facebook as well as the usual text entry, and also my favourite which is not in this list, it’s on my iPhone dock and it is Plott, found at plott.co – I’m not affiliated with them, I just like it. Plott is like Twitter for diary writing, short regular entries with the option of marking key entries as milestones, and it syncs with their website.

    I’ll be looking at several of the others from this list soon.

  • D

    Thanks for the great list! It really helped me to quickly narrow my choices. Even though this article is dated recently, the Flava app is free and Wonderful Days is on sale for 0.99 in the Canadian store.

  • http://motodiaryapp.com/ Adam Thorsen

    I made a super easy to use diary app for iPad called MotoDiary. You can check it out here: http://motodiaryapp.com/.

  • Nicole

    Thanks so much for putting this list together. I was looking for FREE apps to record daily symptoms mostly and many of these will work just fine. Thanks a bunch!

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  • Damian

    I used an Android diary that can be exported as Google docs.
    What IPhone diary that can import that file to my IPhone ?

  • dorit

    THANKS for a great list!!
    am using maxjournal..
    have loved it but it HAS problems w.backing up.
    my biggest fear –like every journal writer’s –LOSING it all..
    which of the 50 recommendations is the safest and works also offline on ipad ??
    thank you…..

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  • http://remembary.com ajlburke

    Another diary app you might find interesting is Remembary (http://remembary.com) – it was iPad-only for a while but now it’s for iPhone as well.

    Remembary is a bit like Momento in that it pulls in Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds – but it also automatically checks your photo library and shows you all the pictures (or videos) you took each day. Any items with location information (Facebook checkins, pictures taken with GPS) also show up on a map. It has 14 retina-grade themes, password protection, data export and import with DropBox support, and a whole lot more.

  • http://www.safediary.net avvotek

    I would also add Safe Diary App (http://www.safediary.net), that allows you to add an crop images from the browser without leaving the app, keeps your thoughts safe under an encrypted passcode, and backs up over iCloud or Email by PDF’s.
    Built with a clean and realistic 3D book flipping design, people will find it clean and easy to use with it’s unique design, and feature experience.

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  • Arwen

    My Wonderful Days is also cool in it’s own way. It’s really really simple and you can set it to remind you every day to write something. It has a lite version as well. It’s password protected and you can also record the mood of the day.

  • http://www.snowtint.com Murali

    Please Check New version of Daily Diary is FREE with revamped UI and other great features….

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  • Sash

    It would be nice if there was a siri-led diary/journal that you did not have to look at the phone to make entries for vision impaired.

  • Vanessa Balogh

    I wish for an App that collects daily
    : Notes, phone calls made received, calendar entries, places you went and pictures taken into a daily diary entry. This way it records your life – it should have the option to add notes and delete photos – this way I do not need to work :-)

  • http://denisleblanc.com Denis Leblanc

    +1 for Day One. Amazing app.

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  • Clint

    What I am looking for is an application to digitally record my dad’s history. It is currently embodied in hard copy in 60 years of journals with an entry for each day. Can you recommend something that would work best for me?

  • Jacqui

    What I need. Is the Daily Diary for iphone, or a diary with all the “add photos etc” but you can also add tabs, but can’t find anything with tabs?

  • Charles Sabata

    Hi Pete… if you want a diary app which lets you enter notes with handwriting rather than using a keypad, you should try the tasp business diary that you can get free here… https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/business-diary-lite-by-tasp/id669016550?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2

  • John Sinclair

    Hi, my favorite app is “DayOne”. But there is also a cool diary called MindMoments, it has a great search and synchronisation.

  • Vector15

    I would recommend LifeCharge, which has a unique take on the journal, you add up the positives and negatives about your day, and see how they add up. http://www.vector15.com/lifecharge/

  • Casey

    Thanks for this list!! I have recently started using Today I’m… and I’m loving it! It’s pretty fun to do so I find that it’s the first time that I’m actually doing it every day! :)

  • IsMcC

    I wish I could take a few of those apps and combine them into one…… have yet to find the perfect for me notebook – journal app. :( But this is a wonderful list that help me get closer to finding what I want!! Thanks for putting this together.

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