13 Notable Note Taking Apps for iPhone

The iPhone offer applications for all sorts of tasks and today we are going to take a look at a few that will help you jot down notes. Since requirements vary, we will cover simple apps that are enough for quickly taking down a song name or a simple list, but also more complex apps that meet specific needs.

Be sure to take a look at our companion roundup over at Mac.AppStorm, looking at note taking software for the Mac.




Yes, your iPhone comes with a built-in note taking application which you can use in both portrait and landscape mode. Notes can be synced via iTunes and show up in your Mail application. You can also email them right out of the mobile app.

If you have multiple notes, they are displayed in a list with their creation dates next to them. The note that has been most recently created or edited will be shown first. The user interface is simple, and the app doesn’t come with any fancy extras besides its main purpose.

all-in Notes

all-in Notes

all-in Notes

The name suggests it already: you can attach photos and voice recordings to notes and you can color code them. The colors can be used for filtering notes (for example, if all your private notes have the color red); additionally you can use the in-built search function to find a specific note if you have quite a lot of them.

Writing down the note itself is very easy due to the landscape support of the app. You can email notes right from inside all-in Notes, with the title of the note being used as the email subject – neat!

Price: free version available, full version $1.99

Safe Note

Safe Note

Safe Note

If you want to make sure no one else takes a look at your notes, consider Safe Note, which allows you to protect your notes with a self assigned password. Other than that, the app lets you favorite a note (a yellow star will appear next to the note) or declare a note urgent (the icon next to the individual note will turn from green to red). You can filter by recent and favorite notes. An integrated search function and an index helps to quickly find a certain note, even if you have dozens of them.

Two tiny drawbacks are that even though you can email notes, it requires that you leave the app itself and enter Mail. For any more note editing, you will have to return to Safe Note and start the application again. In addition, there’s no landscape support.

Price: free version available, full version $0.99

Note Taker

Note Taker

Note Taker

This app takes a very different approach in actually taking down a note: you can write on the screen of your iDevice with your finger and the app will take your scribbles down as a note. Note Taker comes with a lengthy tutorial which you should follow when you start the app for the first time to understand it fully.

The great advantage is also that you can add small sketches, for example a schematic roadmap so you won’t forget how to get to a place. If you are not feeling comfortable with the virtual keyboard, this app might help you out, but you better have really neat handwriting!

Price: free version available, full version $1.99

Mental Note

Mental Note

Mental Note

This app resembles the standard note taking application that is already included on your iPhone, albeit with an extended set of functions. You can add voice recordings and images to your notes, as well as draw directly on the note canvas.

Since Mental Note does not support landscape mode, it will not be more practical to use if you need to type a lot. If you depend on supporting your notes with photos or sketches, it is a good all rounder.

Price: free version available, full version $1.99

Stick It

Stick It

Stick It

Another app with an unusual approach is Stick It, which comes with a rich user interface and many fancy options to style your notes.

One feature stands out that makes Sticky Note really great: the ability to export your notes as a wallpaper, including a preview function so you will see if the content will be clearly visible on the lock screen. So the next time you go grocery shopping, you will have your information instantly accessible without having to start any app.

For more information, take the time to watch the introductory video at the beginning.

Price: free version available, full version $1.99




If your needs include the ability to sync your notes over the air, or if you want to enter notes from a desktop application and have them show up on your iPhone, try out Simplenote. It focuses on text only notes, while giving you the ability to include email, phone and web links.

There are a number of settings to tweak the functionality of the app with the two most noteworthy being Lock Orientation (have the app always display content in the landscape mode, for example) and web syncing. If you have TextExpander installed on your mobile device, it will play nicely with Simplenote.

Price: free, with the option to purchase premium functions

Push + Pop

Push + Pop

Push + Pop

This is the perfect note taking app for grocery lists. The user interface is very simple but appealing. To enter a note or item, just tap the designated area and enter the text. There are no nested lists or attachments which you can add, just plain text.

You can edit your list items and easily delete them by swiping your finger across them. So, if you have to take down your next shopping list and want to comfortably update it while shopping, Push + Pop is perfect for the job.

Price: Free

Smart Notes

Smart Notes

Smart Notes

Smart Notes offers more than just simple note taking features: you can create folders and projects to store notes in as well as checklists that can contain multiple items. If you have the need to organize your notes and assign people or tasks to them, then Smart Notes offers you this functionality.

Simple Notes requires some time to get to learn all the different options available and it offers more in the way of organizing notes than taking them down quickly. One nice feature is also the app badge which shows you the number of notes in your app.

Price: free version available, full version $3.99




This app allows you to not only write down notes, but also to categorize them into folders of your choosing. You can add photos right into your notes and what makes this app stand out: you can insert “Headers” into your text.

Obviously, that will only be of interest if you write a lengthy note, but it is handy to break down the text into more readable pieces with the bold headings. The background of a note can be customized and all notes can be mailed from right within the app or synced with Google Docs.

Kabuki Vision
Price: free version available, full version $3.99

Awesome Note

Awesome Note

Awesome Note

Is there anything this app can’t do? Awesome Note not only comes with a stunning user interface, it is also very easy and comfortable to use. The app starts up with a predefined set of categories, which will help you to organize your ideas, shopping, to do lists, etc quickly.

On its home screen, the application also allows for quick memos and new notes (without having to select a category first), it shows you how many notes you have in total and how many are due today (if you are using the app for task management).

Awesome Note easily has the most attractive interface with some incredible power beneath the pretty surface. Oh, and did I already mention Google Docs and Evernote integration?

Price: free version available, full version $3.99




WriteRoom is not intended for simple note taking, it’s more for actually writing on your iPhone or iPod touch. If you know the Mac desktop version, you will find that its little brother shares the same qualities: a distraction free writing environment with nothing but you and the keyboard.

So, if you have an idea for your next article or book while on the road, WriteRoom lets you focus on the content without burdening you with additional options. You can mail your texts or sync them through SimpleText.ws, giving you access to your notes whereever you are. And this app is also supported by TextExpander and you can import your notes into Scrivener.

WriteRoom for iPhone
Price: $4.99




Professional Writers, watch out! If you have ever struggled with nicely outlining a story while on the road, Manuscript might be just what you need. You can add pitch, synopsis and index cards which can hold story ideas or character descriptions.

You can also use Wikipedia from right within the app if you need to research some historical facts, persons, locations etc. And to top if off, you can export your ideas to RTF via Google Docs. There is no excuse anymore for you not writing.

Price: $7.99


Whichever app you choose will depend on your intended use, and you may find that a couple work better in different scenarios. Most of the apps mentioned here have free versions that allow you to get a feeling for the supported features and ease of use.

So, no matter what you need a note taking app for – grocery list, task management, simple reminders or mental notes – there truly is an app for that!

  • http://gazaro.com/iphone Will Robertson

    Didn’t know Simplenote had went free+, I will have to check out what all of the hype is about.. thanks.

    • http://gazaro.com/iphone Will Robertson

      Tried it out – seems pretty good.

  • http://www.chris10an.no Christian Buvik

    I think Pastebot chould be amongt these apps – I use this as my preferred note taking app.

    • http://gazaro.com/iphone Will Robertson

      I tried using it as my note taking app but found it a bit to clunky for quick notes while on the go. A great app though.

  • http://twitter.com/The_Swiftman Swiftman

    I love/can’t live without Awesome Note. You might want to look into Notebook as well though. It is a great app. The only reason I use Awesome Note over Notebook is because Awesome Note just looks so good.

  • http://www.audiofootnote.com Eric Granata

    Don’t forget Audio Footnote (http://www.audiofootnote.com) for those times you want to record a voice note while listening to podcasts or audiobooks!

  • John Bannister

    Why isn’t Evernote on that list?

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  • choise

    oh, evernote SHOULD be named

  • Olli

    I think 2doapp.COM is missing. Myfavourite

  • http://andrewpossehl.com Andrew

    Uhhhhh, Evernote?

  • http://www.campsteve.com CampSteve

    Synotes is a great note app which syncs very fast with a web app. It also supports RSS of your notes which has been really useful for getting notes automatically sent to my email. Tagging is done with iconography instead of words, which is great for the visual people (like me). The interface is beautifully polished and well executed.


    And they’ve already announced an iPad version!

  • Oliver

    Notational Velocity now syncs with Simplenotes making a deadly combo. (just noticed how awesome the design of this site is. props :)

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  • http://www.kieranbriggs.co.uk Wheelz

    Lets not forget Things. I can’t live without it

  • http://evanlovely.com Evan Lovely

    Evernote should not only be on this list it should be highlighted saying that if you tried everything else, Evernote would be the one you’d settle on, so you should just jump right to it.

  • http://agiletouch.com/wikitouch/wikitouch.html agiletouch

    You should try WikiTouch, a great personal wiki for iphone. One of the key feature is the capability to add link between your notes so that you can browse your personal content like a web site. WikiTouch also synchronize your notes automatically over the internet between your iphone and your computer, with no additional software to install.

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  • Bert Smooth

    Will anyone ever come up with a note app that lets me include video, pictures, and voice notes in my note? that would really help me out at work.

    • Jack Skellington

      Evernote, not all in the same note but you can tag everything accordingly… BTW Evernote should’ve been on the list..

    • http://www.top10stop.com Albrand

      You should try Daily Tracker, it has probably more functionality that all of the applications mentioned on this list. it has voice memo, pictures and much much more… see here: http://bit.ly/bcIPkY

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  • http://agiletouch.com agiletouch

    Using WikiTouch, you can add photos or videos from your iphone library, or use your camera and attach photos or videos directly to your notes. By syncing your notes between your iphone and your computer (using std web browser from your computer) you can even share easily those files. You can also record a voice message from your iphone, attach it to your note and share it same way.

  • http://top10stop.com Top10


    You have listed some popular note taking apps here, but I am surprised you have excluded Daily Tracker, probably the best all around iphone app for note taking.

    Here’s another article, about top iphone note taking apps, you might want to review:


  • http://www.martinvaresio.com.ar/recocido_de_metales_no_ferrosos.html Martin

    By syncing your notes between your iphone and your computer

  • http://www.andreipotorac.com Andrei Potorac
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  • http://techinch.com/ Matthew Guay

    PlainText from Hogbay Software is great … free (in-app upgrade to remove ads), integrates with Dropbox, clean interface.

  • endoftheQ

    Check out Underscore Notify. It’s brilliant!

  • Mat

    I found another fairly new iPhone app called “notes + u”, which has an interesting concept. It records all the conversations (lectures, meetings, etc) while taking down notes and even snapping pictures. Pretty cool idea I think! Check it out http://www.m2d2apps.com/notesplus.html

  • Mat
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  • emily

    it’s great list. I’m using ,,Plan”. It’s not just for notes, it’s like time manager and calendar in one. It Sync my todos on the go to Cloud. really useful.


  • http://www.pawelratajczak.pl Pawel

    Where is Moleskine and DayOne ?


  • http://www.headboysband.com HBB

    This article of noteable note-taking apps for iPhone suck. who ever wrote this don’t know anything about the apps. Where is Evernote, Notefile and Notesy for iPhone. You all better of follow me for iOS app advices in the future. LOL

  • http://www.china-clothing-manufacturer.com/ clothing manufacturer

    By syncing your notes between your iphone and your computer

  • Devon Rodgers

    Where is Evernote? I’ve used most of the apps, I remember loving AwesomeNote. But I always go back to Evernote.

  • Steve

    Just like to recommend Notesy. Dropbox and TextExpander compatible.

  • victor

    I recommend MobileNoter cause it can sync with my OneNote on the desktop. http://www.mobilenoter.com

  • Tim Hunt

    Will take a look at some of your suggestions. But as others have said, I wonder where evernote is. Also, I highly recommend Snap-A-Note. It’s a free app that allows you to take pictures of an item or a task and send them to your email or your friends email. Great for remembering things that you have to finish later on.

  • http://bit.ly/SafeNoteApp Matthew

    Safe Note v3.0 is now available and has sooo many more features too.
    It also has had the artwork re-designed so is looking a lot slicker.

    you can get the Lite version for free so try it out…. http://bit.ly/SafeNoteApp

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  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/magic-note/id511607069?ls=1&mt=8 bswhaney

    If you’re looking for an easy note taking app, you can try Magic Note.

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  • http://amand1ne.tumblr.com/ mornay mutuelle

    Pouvez-vous me suggerer un bon fournisseur d’hebergement web a un prix equitable. Votre blog charge les pages très rapidement. a bientot

  • Sara

    I recommend using NotesDeck for text notes. Notes show up on all devices instantly (iPad, Mac and iPhone). NotesDeck syncs with Evernote and Dropbox and Simplenote (!!!) so all my notes from other apps are already in it.

    So much cleaner than that yellow Notes app. Much more professional. —-> http://www.notesdeck.com

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  • Max

    Who would pay $5 for just note taking..Evernote Sucks, You cant even access you own notes without internet . Awesome note is the Best

  • Robert John

    :) Ok so this was before the days of Evernote (I checked the date, then relaxed)

    I find the CamNote notebooks work well. These are paper notepads that can be scanned using their free app.

    I find the quality of the scans very crispy. The app also automatically syncs to Evernote and Google Drive – stopping me from losing my notes, and allowing me to write.

    I’ve used a few note taking apps, but I still very much prefer taking notes on paper. Especially lists, drawings & diagrams.

    If anyone discovers a better solution, let me know – I’m always up for trying better ways – [email protected] :)

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