25 Fantastic To-Do List Apps for iPhone

Up until now, I have been using my iPhone’s standard calendar as a personal to-do list, since I hadn’t really found a to-do list application that I fell in love with. For tasks like picking up groceries and getting a hair-cut, this might be okay, but when it comes to planning projects for work, and other complex scenarios, the integrated calendar just won’t cut it.

For this reason, I’ve spent some time investigating the different to-do list apps available in the App Store. Twenty five are rounded up here, including some generic applications, and others suited for a specific purpose (such as planning a wedding). Hopefully you’ll find a selection of very useful pieces of software!

Looking for a free task manager or to-do app and on a budget? Check out our roundup of 100 free iPhone apps for some great productivity enhancers. You might also consider a cloud-based project management or productivity app for business, if you want to take control of your work projects and schedules.



LiquidPlanner is all about collaboration, and it’s an ideal tool to work on task lists in a team, when trying to get a project finished. You’ll need to be an existing LiquidPlanner subscriber to use the app, and it gives you access to some of the core features of the popular SaaS software. Not only can you review and update projects and tasks, but you can exchange messages within your team; and also check on estimates, schedules, and deadlines to keep you organized.

Price: Free app (requires LiquidPlanner subscription)
Developer: LiquidPlanner
Download: iTunes Store

Wrike icon




The Wrike iOS app allows you to “organize your to-do list while you have your morning coffee,” as the developer puts it. Wrike is a powerful project management and collaboration software and the app means you and your team can get visibility about what needs to be done while you’re on the move. The app lets you create tasks, assign owners to these tasks, and set due dates for these tasks all from a handy iPhone interface.

Price: Free app, requires Wrike subscription
Developer: Wrike
Download: iTunes Store

Zoho Projects


Zoho Projects

If you’re looking for a way to take command of your various work projects, Zoho Projects is worth looking into. The free companion app to the subscription-based cloud project management software gives you on-the-go access to your todo, activities, and time sheet information. You can create, edit, and close tasks through the Zoho Projects app, and even attach voice notes to tasks for quickly adding context to projects you’re working on.

Price: Free app, requires Zoho Projects subscription
Developer: Zoho
Download: iTunes Store

Projectplace + ToDo

ProjectPlace ToDo

Agile methodologies are all the rage these days, and some would say they are the new ‘todo’. If you’re serious about getting jobs done quickly, take a look at the ToDo app by Projectplace. It provides a very visual overview of your entire workflow through Kanban boards. The app allows you to create cards, manage and share files, access team members contact information, and more.

Price: Free app, requires ProjectPlace or ToDo subscription
Developer: ProjectPlace
Download: iTunes Store




This is one of the premiere to-do list themed apps in the App Store, being nominated for the Best App Ever Awards in 6… count them – 6 – categories! The design itself is colorful, yet it flows very well along with the icons they have too. Not only can you build your to-do lists, but you can also make checklists and projects, set a priority level, set Push and email alarms, and even attach images to tasks in your lists. There is also a wide range of customization that you perform from 34 different colors, sounds, pictures, and a bunch of different themes as well!

Price: Free – $6.99
Developer: Guided Ways Technologies Ltd
Download: iTunes Store




This is a nicely designed app… simplistic, yet quite effective if you need a simple checklist to work from. You are able to organize tasks and reminders into priority, folders, context and status… and with a simple checklist function just tap your event to see what the details are and tap the checkbox when it’s finished.

Price: $3.99
Developer: Toodledo
Download: iTunes Store

List Master

List Master

List Master

This list based app is pretty robust when it comes to features. I don’t particularly like the way the boxes can be colored, but that’s just me. You can create different types of lists like groceries, workout schedules, homework, and obviously to-do lists from the templates it comes with, and further customize those to fit your needs. This app works in both portrait and landscape mode, and has the checkbox function to tick off when you complete a task or grab an item (depending on what you are using it for).

Price: $9.99
Developer: List Logic Software
Download: iTunes Store

To-Do List Pro

To-Do List Pro

To-Do List Pro – Time Tracker

I am still undecided on the design of this app. From the gradients to the absolutely solid colors, it seems like it is lacking something… but not features. This app has everything you need in a list app; checkbox functionality, the ability to create phone call and email tasks, audible alerts, and you can even export out .CSV files for Excel or other database and spreadsheet programs.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Concrete Software
Download: iTunes Store

iProcrastinate Mobile

iProcrastinate Mobile

iProcrastinate Mobile

For a free app, I really like this one. It looks nice, colors flow together beautifully, and it is simplistic. Although not feature-packed, it covers most of the bases required of a simple to-do list app. It is made for homework and task management, so it basically lets you set up a bunch of different groups, subjects, or essentially lists, and then create tasks within them.

Price: Free
Developer: Craig Otis
Download: iTunes Store

Workfront View

Workfront View

If you’re a project manager for a mid-market or enterprise coorporation, Workfront is able to offer you some high level tools for managing your team’s tasks. The Workfront View app to accompany the cloud project management software gives you easy access to all the projects you want to see, allowing you to drill down to see specific details and select from charts and widgets to visualize your project data.

Price: Free app, requires Workfront View subscription
Developer: Workfront
Download: iTunes Store

Today Todo Pro

Today Todo Pro

Today Todo Pro

Yet another amazingly designed app, using the sunny sky for showing today’s to-do’s, a night sky showing yesterday’s and a purple-ish eclipse showing tomorrow’s. It makes it really easy to organize your tasks, edit them, and tick them off as they are completed. Color schemes are really nice, the artwork is fantastic, and for three bucks… not too bad.

Price: $2.99
Developer: Spielhaus
Download: iTunes Store



Yet another project management app for iPhone, ProWorkflow aims to help you manage your work more effectively. You can view upcoming projects and tasks you’ve logged in ProWorkflow, and track the time spent on these tasks. There’s also a feature that lets you create and manage contacts through the app.

Price: Free, requires ProWorkflow subscription
Developer: ProWorkflow
Download: iTunes Store

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk

Now usually I don’t like the look of flat colors on apps, but this one pulls together nicely with the orange and blue color scheme. It’s another really simple to-do app with all the basic functionality, but you actually might like to look at this one. There isn’t any fancy artwork, but it gives you the option to enter in essential information, as well as making multiple lists as well as pinning the location of where tasks need to take place.

Price: Free
Developer: Remember The Milk
Download: iTunes Store




Things has been around for a while and has been recognized by MacLife and Macworld as a fanstatically designed and easy to use app. You can sort all your tasks into different time periods, schedule exactly when they need to be done, move things around in time, and the Today section is even smart enough to update when things are due.

The icon on your home screen shows the number of tasks for the day yet to be accomplished, and when those are done, just check them off. You can also go back to look at your logbook to see when you actually checked tasks off too.

Price: $9.99
Developer: Cultured Code
Download: iTunes Store



OmniFocus 2

This is a huge app, and expensive at that. I guess when you look at the syncing capabilities, the Nearby functionalities, and the ease of use… you can kind of justify the price… but not me… sorry Omnifocus. It looks really nice, has a fantastic user interface, and has support forum and manuals to help you get the most out of syncing with your iDisk or web servers.

Price: $19.99
Developer: The Omni Group
Download: iTunes Store




Another slightly expensive option, but ten bucks less than the last, this app offers Push notifications, and the way you are able to move tasks around, reschedule and overall navigate through the app is super simple.

Price: $4.99
Developer: Appigo Inc.
Download: iTunes Store



Trello is great because it can be used as a personal to-do list manager, as well as a full-scale collaborative tool for organizing projects within a team. It has a very visual user interface which allows you to comment on tasks, apply avatars to make it easier to see who’s working on what, and attach files to tasks.

Price: Free
Developer: Trello
Download: iTunes Store

Daily Tasks (To Dos)

Daily Tasks (To Dos)

Daily Tasks (To Dos)

Another averagely designed app… different themes, different color schemes, textures and fonts give you a little personalization, but not too much. For only 99 cents you can set tasks onto certain days, have your high-priority show up that day, and you can even see how many tasks you have pending for that day on the home screen icon of your app.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Aashish Patil
Download: iTunes Store




Throw in some natural iPhone gradients and some cute clipart… and hey! You got yourself a nice little app. Let me mention this first off… this is free! So now, looking at the fact that this free app is more aesthetically pleasing on the eyes, gives you all the functionalities of the 1-3 dollar range apps, and is easy to use, this might be one of the free apps you would consider from today’s list.

Price: Free
Developer: David Mandell/Yoctoville
Download: iTunes Store



The much lauded Wunderlist offers the ability to manage to-do lists on your iPhone and access them across multiple devices through a squeaky clean, simple-to-use interface. Features of the app include the ability to share lists for collaborative editing, and attach photos, presentations, and PDFs. You can set up reminders so you never need to forget a task or an event again!

Price: Free
Developer: Wunderlist
Download: iTunes Store



Asana is designed to help you manage tasks and to-do lists on the go. The cloud-based Asana software lets you work together with colleagues on tasks and projects. The iPhone app gives you the ability to get organized by quickly adding tasks for to-dos, reminders and requests. Collaboration is pretty straightforward, and you can comment directly on tasks instead of having to email team members.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Asana
Download: iTunes Store




Wanna go green with your iPhone? Well you (kinda) can with this app that “reuses” paper by creating paper pages on the screen with your lists on them. Okay, yeah, you aren’t actually reusing paper, but at least you aren’t writing these lists in a notebook right? You can flick through multiple lists, email them out, reorder tasks and enjoy the lists in 7 different colors with flipping fluid motion.

Price: $1.99
Developer: Wadogo
Download: iTunes Store



Evernote has been around the block for a long time now and has become one of the go-to applications for anyone getting bogged down with tasks. The beauty of Evernote has always been the effortless way it syncs notes and to-do lists across devices. The app allows you to capture and store notes, audio, images, web pages, and documents and access them easily from anywhere.

Price: Free
Developer: New Gravity Ventures, Inc.
Download: iTunes Store




One of the main location-based to-do apps for the iPhone is Tasker, and it can really help you out when it comes to planning out your day or that weekend you have going on. By using location-based tasks you can plan out a series of events by hitting them one right after another in a line, saving time, and saving you sanity… as well as gas! It has a nice interface, simple icons, and an easy to use checklist system.

Price: $1.99
Developer: Scott Sykora
Download: iTunes Store

Nubi Do

Nubi Do

Nubi Do

It makes me happy when I see themes for list apps done correctly. I really like the layout of this app, the colors, gradients, icons and overall feel of how it works. You can password protect lists and tasks, tag tasks with tags and contexts for organization, look through the integrated calendar for viewing of your soon-to-be busy days, and even search through your scheduled tasks for events if you forget when they occur.

This is a very well designed app, but you still have to weigh the price of this versus some of the cheaper and equally feature-rich apps earlier in the list.

Price: $5.99
Developer: Gennubi, Inc.
Download: iTunes Store


I honestly didn’t know there were so many choices when it came to this genre of iPhone apps. We have seen some gorgeous (and some not so gorgeous) screen design, powerful features, and new technology such as location-based tasks and web server syncing.

But now it’s time for you all to tell me your favourites. Were they on our list, are there some other choices out there that haven’t been covered? Please feel free to share your personal favourites in the comments!

Update: This article was originally published on iPhone.AppStorm.net on January 19th 2010. It was updated on September 7th 2011, and due to popular demand, updated again on July 22nd 2015.

  • http://www.iKreateIt.com Julia Altermann

    I love the interface and ease of use of 2Do and that it syncs well with iCal and through it with The Hit List, my main GTD application.

    Unfortunately, while the new version of 2Do introduced projects with subtasks and lists, syncing complete projects between 2Do and THL is not possible :( For reasons of convenience, I can’t rely solely on a mobile app when managing my to do’s, so I switched with a heavy heart to Things. I bought the mobile app to give it a try. I am not 100% convinced yet, but at least I can manage projects with subtasks on both the iPhone and the Mac.

    Wish the mobile app for The Hit List was released. I’d buy it in an instant.

    • morvick

      2do is good. but syncing or backing up is a pain. Things is pretty good but expensive and features are not that impressive. The research for an best todo list app ended with ListAppy Todo. Syncs excellently with mac with no pain and issues. check out http://samurasolutions.com

      • argus

        I tried ListAppy Todo app. Syncs with iphone. Worth the time and money.


  • http://codeaplus.com/ Aleksandar

    From this list, I tried Toodledo, RTM, Done and they were too feature-full or cumbersome to use. I’m not and never was much of the GTD person, and I occasionally need to type some list quickly. Thus I created my own:


    The main reason is that I needed as fast data entry as possible, which was the main feature for Quickie. I was not aware of half of the apps here, so not sure do some of them has a similar speed list creation.
    And it must be pretty – I have an artistic background and apps must have nice to look at UI :)

    • http://twitter.com/adego adego

      Now this app is a breath of fresh air. I’m honestly tired of the GTD method, I always stray from it because of the complexity and time needed to keep it up to date and useful. Now I’m going back to simplicity where a little goes a long way and I think I just may have found it with “Quickie”. The interface is easy on the eye’s and it keeps me moving when I only have seconds to update my to do list. Fantastic app!

      • http://codeaplus.com/ Aleksandar

        Thank you for the motivating words adego :)

      • https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dont-forget-your-list/id555094181?mt=8 Tracy Friend

        I also found the other todo lists to complicated, messy and not efficient. So – I created MY own as well. But mine is different – it uses GPS to remind you of your list when you approach the location of the items on your todo list!

        Check it out. I’ve kept it simple and easy. Currently we are looking at developing for Droid and sharing capabilities next.


    • diivious

      Are you planing to offer the ability to sync with iCal? I like the look of this app, but cant depend on just the iPhone for todo entry and with out some form of Mac integration its a non-starter for me

    • stingoh

      I sent you feedback through your app’s webpage. You need categories and item bodies to make this app worth it, but you need to keep the original entry method the same, that part is great. The whole point is for item entry to be very fast and you totally nailed that. But, I often want to revisit my TODOs and append notes to them, which I can’t with quickie. You’re really close to being the perfect TODO app IMO!

      What attracted me to quickie is the same reason I use vim as my editor: efficiency!

      • http://po-com.com/tasklist PO-COM

        Exactly like the OP of this thread, I too found something lacking in the current offering of to do apps (overly complex, or overly basic), and set about to create my own. At the core of the whole experience is exactly that – efficiency! What you are asking for, stingoh, is already in taskList. And, unlike other mobile to-do apps, taskList is the only to-do app that puts the power of tags front and center in the experience.

        The free lite version was just released, so give it a go and see if it meets your needs: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id438627079?mt=8

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    • gef

      seems to be good but no sync with Mac ? only between 2 iphones ?

      I try to replace Zenbe wich server is often down during long periods.

      I can use it from my iphone and from all conected computer (datas are on the server too). no direct wifi connection needed…

  • kickbutt

    Awesome Note,

    I think you miss this gorgeous app guys
    Pretty awesome both UI and functionality

    • http://www.toe-fur.com Topher Welsh

      that app is AMAZING! how did I miss it… man….

      • http://clussman.com clussman

        Yeah, I was wondering the same thing to. ;)

        Just want to add that they have a fully functional free version with a limit of seven notes, which is a great way to try before you buy.

        Oh, and don’t feel too bad, I just discovered this app last week.

    • Mghmg

      one of the BEST apps on the iPhone

      i have been use it now for 7 months

    • Torben Ibsen

      I too cannot do without Awesome Note. Even my wife loves it, because it is so easy to sync shopping lists. And it can do all the other stuff as well. IPad version is also super.

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  • http://www.theeasymac.wordpress.com Shaun

    I like to use Jott as I am able to use it on my iphone, Macbook, and the web if need be. Being that I am all over the place, switching between my Mac at home and Windows at work, this works great for me.

  • edion86

    Yep!! SHOVEBOX (is the one I use) Works greats on the iPhone and you can sinc with your Mac!! (has shortcuts, a lovely icon on the top bar…)

    • Karen

      can Shovebox and Jott be shared between two people ie a shared to do list for work purposes?

  • Seed

    The best for me is Things. I just love it!

    • Royz

      I’m using things as well which i believe is the most compliant with GTD as tasks can be also presented in the most convenient timeline: today (for things i intend to do today or which are due), next (for the things i can potentially do already but didn’t decide i will do today), schedulled (for all the things that are waiting for something to become an action item – mainly waiting for X to revert back…) and someday
      in addition, the use of projects and multiple tags (@home, errands, phone) is convenient and the typing of a task is fairly easy.
      however, i am using PC and Things doesn’t have a PC version, so even when i am working on my laptop, i need to type the tasks in the iPad and cannot link emails to it etc…
      I would be very happy if someone would be able to recommend a software that is similar to things but working also on the PC or an application which is similar to Things but is able to receive tasks from emails i send from my PC

  • http://www.iancul.com iancu

    Everybody seems to forget / not know about Ultimate ToDos. It only costs $0.99 and it’s a lot better designed (from icon to interface) than more than half of the up-listed apps. I’ve been using it for 6 months now and it’s very good. It also syncs with Toodledo.

    It’s only downside is its lack of push notifications. I really hope they’ll include them in a future upgrade. Too bad I can’t seem to contact the developer (or at least they’re not responding as most of the iPhone developers do).

  • http://www.mauriciolongo.com Mauricio Longo

    One option that is interesting to check out is Nozbe. Nozbe is an online service with a companion iPhone App which syncs with the service.

    • gef

      Seems complete but very expensive 90 € / a year for a single user !

  • http://mozgovvert.com Mozgovvert

    Things is the best choice I think

  • http://toomanyapps.wordpress.com Chris

    Hmm, if interface is the main criteria, I would vote for Things. However, I really found that I needed a fully functional calendar replacement + task list. I need robust repeating appointments which I could quickly edit (like on my Sony Clie TH55). My vote goes to Pocket Informant (http://pocketinformant.com/products_info.php?p_id=pocketinformant_iphone). There’s a free version available if you want to try before you buy.

    I love how it:
    – looks professional yet elegant
    – syncs with a shake with Google Calendar
    -perfectly handles multiple Google calendars (say, if you have separate ones for sports, family, work, etc.)
    – how I can use the GTD system to arrange tasks
    – how I can create new categories at a whim.
    It’s well-supported too.

    Each time I am tempted by another pretty-faced, one-function app (which have their places), I always return to Pocket Informant because of its ideal blend of task/calendar functionality, multiple views, and aesthetics.

    • Rob in Madrid

      I second what Chris is saying it is a fantastic app, well worth the 7 bucks it cost. Three things I like about it. First it syncs with google so, secondly, unlike Google calendar it shows the whole day 8am to 10pm. Lastly the layout of the calendar is better,this is what google calendar should look like

  • http://toomanyapps.wordpress.com Chris

    Oh,I forgot (you can’t edit your posts here oddly): Pocket Informant syncs with Toodledo and WebISnet says they will be releasing a desktop Outlook update to Pocket Informant later this year, meaning users can sync directly to Outlook over WiFi without using a go-between like Google Sync.

  • http://www.robertfrench.ca Robert French

    Sorry to see that you didn’t give OmniFocus the attention it deserves.

    Anyone that has spent serious time trying to get a handle on tasks knows that ‘to-do- lists just don’t work, they are incomplete and this is why if/when you start cleaning house you will stumble across to-do’s that you never finished. (many of them I bet).

    Enter the GTD (Getting Things Done) Philosophy, its SIMPLE. For every piece of ‘stuff’ you have, in you desk, on your desk, in your computer, in your shirt pocket, in your wallet, purse, and (most importantly) in your head, and anywhere else… Answer these 3 simple questions.

    1. Is this (whatever it is) actionable? (Do I need to DO something with it?)
    2a. If the answer to #1 was no, you can do one of three things.
    a) Eliminate it (Throw it away or recycle it).
    b) Incubate it (I want to do something with it, but not right now).
    c) Reference it (File it in a simple alpha sorted filing system).
    2b. If the Answer to #1 is yes, what is the desired outcome of this thing? (what does it (or what it belongs to) look like finished? (if there is more then a single action its a project.
    3. What is the very next action you need to do with said thing to move it towards that outcome you framed?
    Thats it (in a nutshell). Thats GTD, and if you take the time to catch it, you will never use a useless ‘to-do’ list again, and you will have stress free productivity.

    Its actually kinda tragic, because you didn’t understand GTD, you provided a poor review of the very BEST GTD tool out there (that I have ever found). This taints my view of your opinion on productivity tools in general, and other readers should be aware that your lack of understanding that OmniFocus is a GTD tool, not a ‘to-do’ list is what framed your view.

    Had you done the research for it rather then just looking at the price point and how it wasn’t a ‘to-do’ like application, you would have done it, and yourself more justice…

    Just MHO.


    • Isaac

      Wow. What a douchebag response. Don’t be so condescending. And insulting. No one likes a smartass, especially not a rude one. The writer went through a lot of trouble to make this list so people like you get advice for free and here you are trying to discredit and defame them because they didn’t give one app out of 25 the full-bodied review YOU thought it deserved. Grow up and gain some perspective on the rest of the world.

    • charles

      I second you.. reviewer doesn’t understand GTD concepts else Toodledo would have ranked higher. You can form groups, folders, and most importantly tags there. others don’t have this You can tag tasks or created folders to sort tasks by location, time, frequency, ‘resources required to do the task’. which even high price apps lack.

    • David

      Pretty flaming, dude.
      Although on some higher level planning, you are correct in your assertions about the robust features of this app, many people do not need this kind of complexity at all.

      All these are reasonable apps, some clearly better than others in design and ease of use, but to claim YOUR idea of GTD is the correct one and the rest of us “don’t get it” is both arrogant and rude.

      For the kinds tasks you plan, Omnifocus is best. Good for you. And a more well thought out review would have led others needing a higher level of planning ability to look closely at it. As it is, likely more users have been driven away from its consideration due to the overzealous tone of your message.

      • TresK3

        I’m with David. I learned a lot about GTD from your post, but have no desire to look into OmniFocus because of your tone.

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  • http://bukia.info shalvius

    And where is Action Method?

  • http://www.zoombits.fr/carte-memoire/carte-xd buy xd

    In This video It is really a very nice.You put very nice motivated sentence in this post it is so nice I like this post it is really a very cool.

  • http://www.f1apps.com/social-networking/bump-iphone-app-%E2%80%93-a-trendy-yet-easy-way-to-share-info iphone apps

    Iphone apps to do list features will definitely give satisfaction to the user as will as to the fanatic user.

  • http://gedyrivera.com Gedy

    You forgot ActionMethod by the folks at Behance. It’s by far the BEST GTD app out there because it focuses on making sure that things are getting done.

    ActionMethod has an online Interface so your iPhone app syncs with the online Interface.

    I spent the $10 on Things and I don’t even use it anymore.

    I promise you – it’s the best!

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  • Karsten Seiferlin

    For me teh most important feature is syncing. Unfortunately, your short descriptions do not comment on syncing. I used to work with RTM but abandonded it a while ago because their lack of support for the iPhone App. I now use ToodleDo but with ToDo as the iPhone client, not the ToodleDo iPhone App. ToDo works excellent and reliable.

    I also like 2Do because of the really nice interface, but currently it sync only with a dedicated small server app on the Mac and when both are on the same WLAN, while ToDo and ToodleDo sync without any user intraction and over 3G and WIFI.

  • Steve Greenhalgh

    Being an app addict I’ve spent a small fortune on most of the apps you’ve listed plusany more. RTM and Toodledo types are nice with them syncing with a web interface – handy for those of us enlightened enough to have mac at home and iPhone, but encumbered by the office pc. This is great, but I also like the ease of adding a task on my phone rather than logging into a clunky web UI.
    A lot of the apps you’ve listed are simple to-do list/tick box generators and they work really well in this way. Not many of them are serious players though when it comes to serious task management. For this I’ve tried both Things and Omnifocus and I keep going back to Omnifocus. I used it to plan a particularly complicated Christmas with lots of relatives coming to stay and now I’m using it to plan for the birth of my first child later this year. I can assign projects and actions to these type of scenarios simply and they don’t clutter up my day to day tasks.
    They might look complicated, but I guess you get out what you put in to these apps. For a simple to-do list they’re way too complex and expensive, but to help manage your life, they’re essential.

    • Armando Orellana

      Did you try to synch Omnifocus to Outlook on a PC? Any comments?

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  • Joe

    I personally like Nubi Do and ToDo. Both are exceptional but I like the workflow and overall design of Nubi Do. They seemed to have nailed it. The only thing missing is some sort of online integration. The price you have listed though is not accurate. I bought it for $4.99.

  • Dx

    I have read your very very helpful reviews and narrowed my choices down to both 2do and either awesome note or notemaster. Would really appreciate any input on the difference in awesome note and notemaste and if awesome not with 2do covers is the same as having 2do. Thanks

  • lj

    I am looking for a GTD app that I can sync with my mac… i can not deal with finger pecking on my i phone… I need to create the lists using my Mac keyboard and then get them onto my iphone… any suggestions?
    thank you
    list dependent ad new iphone user

    • http://www.donforget.com Alberto Mota

      why don’t you try http://www.donforget.com

      it’s fully web based, so your tasks will be available anywhere u are. And they have specific interfaces for Safari and iphone, so u have the best of bothe worlds…

  • Rick Colosimo

    What I’m in need of is a tool that starts with recognizing that I have a metric butt load of tasks in Outlook where they are primarily managed (and added). FTW, some bit of Basecamp integration would easily put me in the $20 range no questions asked.

    I wonder if that second feature isn’t the key to resolution: start with base camp/outlook sync and then just use Basecamp (web version on iPad and app on i4.

    • Mike Agranoff

      You and me both, brother. Did you ever find an app that synchs to Outlook? I got close, with ToDo, but the thing requires synching via Wi-Fi. (Why on earth did they do that when not everyone has wi-fi, and everyone has a USB cable?)

    • Grizzly Gregg

      I’m with you too! I’m spending a FULL metric tonne of time researching and testing these apps, and while I really don’t have any particular personal preferrance for Outlook, my job dictates that I use it and thus it is syncing with it is a MUST HAVE pre-requisite for any org type app to get my vote. Managing half of my life in Outlook and the rest somewhere else just seems counter-productive to me. Have any luck finding this ideal app yet?

    • Reggie Hammond

      Ditto to all of ya’ll. DITTO!

  • Mike Agranoff

    I am sort of bemused by this list’s focus on the look of the app while placing secondary importance on its functionality. I think it’s more important to know whether an app can synch to Outlook than the feng shui of its color schemes.

    • Grizzly Gregg


  • http://www.martinvaresio.com.ar/alicia-varesio-esmaltadora.html martin

    Did you ever find an app that synchs to Outlook? I got close!!!

  • Pingback: iPhone cloud PIM Setup (Push Mail, Contacts, Calendar, ToDo) | Adriel Blog()

  • Chris Schroeder

    Todew is a simple, quick todo list. One of the key features is the ability to click and drag to re-prioritize. I find the others too complicated to sort. Todew lacks projects, but I suspect that might come in the next version they claim is coming soon. It may not suit someone that wants a lot of functionality, but it best suits a rapidly changing list.

  • http://www.donforget.com Alberto Mota

    Checkout our new app for to-do, donForget.com.
    It’s a “foursquare for tasks”, with a full badge system implemented to help you get motivated into getting things done.

    It’s a private beta, go to http://www.donforget.com to join in.


  • Isaac

    Calvetica, all the way. Fastest, best designed calendar app. Not any more features than the calendar app Apple gives but iPhones come with a very good, very robust calendar app. Calvetica just doea everything in half the time – at most! It’s actually fun to add events in Calvetica because it’s so intuitive.

  • Pingback: iPhone cloud PIM Setup (Push Mail, Contacts, Calendar, ToDo) | Adriel Blog()

  • eden

    eh, i am frustrated already… can anyone give an opinion?

    i am looking for a simple todo app for my iphone, which will sync with my mac. i dont need any super-features, but only usual stuff for university, like “physics – 15.11″ and stuff like that.
    i tried tens of apps. i have shovebox and many but i cant really daily-use it.

    Really appreciate your help.


  • Jose H

    Though you have made a special post dedicated to Teux Deux, I think it should be listed here too.

  • Mike

    Some more nice to-do apps are NotifyMe 2, Daily Deeds and TellMeLater.

  • Sarah

    You forgot the best one, “Reminders!” it’s a supper simple and powerful app.
    this is the iTunes link http://itunes.apple.com/app/reminders-simple-todo-alerts/id389611206

  • Samuel

    I use Todoist, which is a web based app on my desktop and then use Todoist Wall on my iPhone.


  • Michael

    Nice list. After reading through it, and looking for further info on at the App store, I am not sure I see one that either:

    1. syncs with the to do calendar inerrant on iCal

    2. if it does not sync with iCal then is there one that has a desktop interface as well as the phone app. It is so much easier to enter info on the desktop than the iPhone (imho)

    Thanks for the future input

    • chris

      I agree, there is a work around, see below. Notes should link to Ical.

  • Greg

    Location Based To-Do’s

    I also really find Things to be a great to todo manager. Yet, I was also looking for a way to store todo’s based on location and have my phone remind me when I arrive.

    I did not like what was available at the time and built my own. It is called LocationMinder and is available on the iTunes App Store. Here is a link to check it out. http://bit.ly/90HZ4U

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ben

      I just purchased your app, but it is not compatible with my 3GS. Any idea if there is another app out there that does? I really like the concept of the location/reminder feature.

  • Pingback: What is the best productive (GTD) app for iPhone? - Quora()

  • G369

    Hello guys,
    I love all the app that you have posted, looks very nice and useful!
    But I was searching something that could let me stop writing to-do on tiny piece of paper that often I going to lost.
    I had find one app that can do that.
    Yes, I know that isn’t amazing designed like the others, but it is simple to use and give a good impact on the view.. like a block notes’s page! Plus it let you sync all your to-do with a nice, comfortable (and FREE) app for mac!

    Just give a look: http://www.simpletaskapp.com/home.html

  • Tinuviel

    You missed Epic Win (http://www.rexbox.co.uk/epicwin/). It doesn’t have all the features I’d like to see (such as creating sub-lists or the ability to sync with another iPhone), but from an entertainment and motivational point of view it is unbeatable.

    I does allow you to move your tasks onto different days, will display the overdue tasks as a little bubble on the icon, allows you to set priorities, has push notifications and can sync with a calendar (although I have never used that feature). It also gives you XP for your completed tasks and you level while you go along. For any geek out there who enjoys a bit of roleplay I find it very recommendable. Also it is the first and only list app (or list of any kind for that matter) that convinced my boyfriend to actually use it and stick with it!

    • Jeff

      Is there another todo app out there that does the same things as EpicWin, but with an easier ‘complete’ metric? I really love how it works, aside from the long ‘checking’ time… and having ‘completed’ all the characters, I want to move to something a bit more mainstream…

  • http://www.mobilissimo.com Peter

    Thank you for this excellent list.
    There are a few other great apps that have been released since this article:

    Facetasks – a contact-centric task manager. Simple and neat.
    You keep track of your own todos but also your contact’s
    (friends, family, colleagues, etc.). For iPhone and iPad.


  • http://i-get.com.my Arren

    Very nice list of iphone apps.

  • Chris

    Just hack Apple Notes: Open Mail, create a To do anywhere, set timer, copy and paste into any note. ( Perfect syncing with Iphone via Itunes ). Downside: may have some odd spacing behaviour. ( I wish Apple would make this automatic )

  • LeProf

    Great review for thoroughness of App coverage, not so much of uniformity of coverage within the minireviews, or accuracy therein. Cover awards? Cover awards given all, if only in fairness. Say one is too costly? See if there is something that one does that’s far beyond the others to which it’s being compared. Thanks for a starting point. Reqs are to make you a “last word” source.

  • David Sanchez

    If all you want to do is create simple lists quickly, check out Droplist. It syncs through Dropbox plaintext which is hugely valuable to me.

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  • Lilli Colven

    To-Do for free is totally amazing. Try this excellent app review for it!


  • Pingback: {list} to do and make for this week()

  • http://www.twitter.com/steveatwal Steve Atwal

    This is a great FREE (for iPhone/iPad) app based on the GTD methods. Best of all, it synches between iPhone/iPad:


  • Ajar

    Learn how to create iPhone/iPad App or Game with no programming skills and hit pay dirt with it in the App Store!


  • Pingback: zaarly()

  • Marc

    It’s 2011, check out Wunderlist: http://www.wunderlist.com

    • tim

      Needed a good to-do list app. Found and liked the article above. Reviewed the comments, liked the 2011 part Marc’s and checked it out. Simple, powerful… Wunderlist gets my vote.

    • Chris Mathews

      I was shocked Wunderlist wasn’t mentioned. It is my favorite todo list app. Looking forward to trying out the todo list built into iOS 5 though.

    • Dom

      I have been using this for a few months now – it’s perfect for making lists, looks beautiful and easy to use.

      It is also great for sharing the same list between people which syncs instantly between iphones, mac, PC and web.

      BUT I wouldn’t recommend for office working and project management – it needs a better prioritisation system and for tasks to move from the previous day to the next day automatically and also to integrate with outlook.

      I would check if this is included by the time you’re reading this post because once that’s sorted this is a really powerful app.

  • Evelina

    This article is great.I would like to add one more – ,,Plan” app.
    This app saved my life :) Finally I remember everything, all my info is always with me. From meetings agendas to birthday partys :)
    I can also track it on web – google calendar.


  • Sharon K

    I think cctodo to do list manager is also an excellent one. Atthough new but it has many nice features accompanies with easy to follow interface and sync capabilities. Its a must try.

  • Blich

    Howdy – great list.

    Can anyone recommend a to do list app for me that allows me to easily sync my iPhone, iPad 2 and girl friends iPhone over the air? I am currently using grocery gadget and would like something very similar to that app (but with with more categories aside from groceries) with the ability to push updates to other iOS devices automatically or at least as easy as grocery gadget. I heard that Zenbe list requires you to send emails?


  • angrest

    Well, a feature I’ve always been looking for is a reminder which is bound to a specific place rather than a date. I stumpled upon a nice little app “proxiMe” which exactly does what I needed: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/proxime/id418182964?mt=8&ls=1

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  • http://apps.gwiz.biz Anastacia Gutierrez

    If you’re looking for a task manager that handles the daily stuff (organizes and prioritizes by day) then check out 2do BY day. It’s really simply functionality but it’s nicely designed and easy to use.

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  • dbecks

    Give HiFutureSelf a try. It’s a wonderful “to-do” app that tackles alerts and reminders in a very elegant way. http://hifutureself.com (free)

  • http://2kulmedia.com Ian Kuliasha

    I cannot believe Wunderlist didn’t make it on here. That has to be the best app out there. Period.

  • Ricky

    none of these beat WUNDERLIST (iPhone, iPad, Mac)

  • http://www.appleumbrella.com Apple Umbrella

    really helping apps, some of these we should recommend to our office colleagues also. thanks for sharing

  • Dan

    I’m surprised I don’t see TeuxDeux or Wunderlist. Both great apps.

    • http://iPhone.AppStorm.net Kevin Whipps

      To all who commented about Wunderlist: This is a reposted roundup, which is mentioned in the first paragraph. It was originally posted in January 2010, so I have no idea if Wunderlist was around then. Sorry for the confusion!

      • http://fairheadcreative.com Adam Fairhead

        The team behind Wunderlist was founded in August 2010, so there’s no way it could have been included :)

  • Alexandra

    Has anybody tried to make their own app using a web service? i am not a developer, and i tried http://snappii.com to make an app. was great!

  • http://lazymakers.com/minds_lite.html Lazymakers

    Hi everybody!

    I’m the designer from Lazymakers developer of Minds (GTD+Notes App). As I see here people want To Do which functions as a real GTD app. We also encountered with that problem and decided to develop our own app. We wanted to make app where user could make GPS based location notifications, reminder to plan every minutes, especially I encountered with this problem when I every time forgot to take my medicines on time, make quick notes with voice memo when I don’t have time to type, take pictures or record a video, take Notes which are also sometime intersects with To Do lists, plan not only Today, but a whole week or month etc, make confidential area protected with password because some notes can be very personal to be seen somebody when he/she looks your iphone, also I wanted task to be listed automatically on top if its priority is higher so we put a slider with percentage indicator of priority to given task and at the end with intuitive user friendly interface which is done due to Human Interface Guideline provided by Apple.

    We wanted Minds to be seen by app reviewers, unfortunately there are hundreds of messy To Do apps on App Store. So we decided to give promo codes for Minds to iPhone.AppStorm visitors for free, here they are:


    Please contacts us to request other 20 promo codes if you are late for p. codes given above.

    You can find us on:


    BTW (Whisper): We are going to make app for iPad, desktop (with icloud suppport) with the same price and cloud based web app for free. All apps will have unique fun interface in near future.

  • http://iraq zico
  • Pingback: When using an iPhone over wifi does your history save anywhere besides the iPhone? IPHONE 5 NEWS | IPHONE 5 FEATURES()

  • http://tayait.com/apps/mlist Hend

    You can also try mlist app, its a FREE reminder, simple task manager and todo list app.
    With a very new & creative design with actionable reminders. check it.


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  • http://www.mybignetwork.uk.com Michelle

    I love the sound of 2do and I will probably purchase this one but I just love the name of “remember the milk” it’s just perfect :-)

  • http://norbert.hartl.name Norbert Hartl

    I like to add another app to the mix. It is called TaskForUs. It is designed to be really simple. No non-working sorting and such stuff. It is focussed on sharing lists between individuals. Most of the work has been spend to make this a reliable feature. It syncs for real and does not overwrite simultanous modifications. That’s what we consider essential for task management.

    Check out: http://taskfor.us

  • Monty

    Do any of these apps offer and desktop interface (windows) that syncs with its IPhone counterpart?

  • Monty

    Do any of these apps offer A desktop interface (windows) that syncs with its IPhone counterpart?

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  • Adam

    You didn’t include the “Forgetful” app! Why not, this is by far the best to list / reminders app I’ve come accross and I’ve tried out a lot of them

  • http://www.facebook.com/youcandoitapp You Can Do It

    Do you think these task managers are important when you can perform most of these activities on a simple smart mobile calendar?

  • http://lazymakers.com Lazymakers

    limited FREE give away of Minds:


  • http://iqdit.com jake

    You should check out http://iqdit.com
    Although it is not an app it is bound to be one soon and I think much better for getting things done.

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  • Laura Barnes

    Good list! But i would be great if a To-do with multitasking ability would appeared in this list, i heard htttp://www.myBantu.com iPhone works similar to Siri, Doin all reminder work + shopping, local search and for Movie ticket booking.

  • Laura Barnes

    Good list! But i would be great if a To-do with multitasking ability would appeared in this list, i heard http://www.myBantu.com iPhone works similar to Siri, Doin all reminder work + shopping, local search and for Movie ticket booking.

  • Alyssa Steve

    Hey Laura i have used http://www.mybantu.com it has pretty neat to-do and other alluring feature. Matches Siri features with additional benefit of socializing(FB,Twitter) feature, m jus loving it :)

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  • http://www.pocketlistsapp.com Vladimir V. Tuporshin

    Checkout Pocket Lists app that we released recently.


    The app features all necessary checklist & to-do features plus power stuff such as OCR, collaboration via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, sync with Calendar, Google Tasks, Toodledo, and more.

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  • http://AnysuccessortoPalm'soldtodolist Eric Baiz

    My old Palm Centro had a most simple, flexible to do list. I miss it every day. You created a project category. Then you added tasks. But here it diverged from current apps. Each task you could categorize a priority level from 1 to 6. All the 1’s appeared on top, followed by 2’s etc. I would reprioritize items based on my feeling of both urgency and importance. A slick feature was to go above the level of a project category to the “all” level; there you cold see all items from every category merged together, but ranked in priority levels. I found this to be wonderfully flexible. And, I could add a Due Date, when necessary, but I rarely needed to use that feature. The beauty was you could easily review the status of a couple hundred tasks in a couple of seconds. I find the new apps hard to rank tasks and overly fixated on due dates and impossible to see a quick, broad overview.

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  • alberto


  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/checklist./id470495029 Robin

    I have tried “Things” App, It is awesome and has more stuff as per my exceptions.

  • http://www.goalsontrack.com/blog Harry Che

    Great list.

    You may also check out a goal achievement oriented todo list app called GoalsOnTrack, at http://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/goalsontrack/id494953613?mt=8

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  • Dave

    I currently use Wunderlist which I like as I have a PC and can sync between my iPhone. What I’m after though is something similar where you can make notes under the list heading but I wanted to be able to make these notes by the day. ie they can be vewed as notes under the list heading but also in a calender view where the notes entered on a particular day for all lists headings are visible. So I can look back at a particular day and see the notes made for all task headings (Make sense???)
    Does anyone know of such a feature??

  • Bernardo Gomel

    Check this one out! Recommended by cnet’s show the apple byte, my favorite :)

    Clear ($1,99): http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/clear/id493136154?mt=8

    • DogBark

      I didn’t like Clear. I usually have multiple on-going lists so sometimes I just need to do one thing from that list today. So Clear forces me to spent a lot of time looking through lists.

      Taskcat allows you to navigate between lists with a swipe. Also let’s you assign tasks to their shared page. So I just stay focused on what I want to do today not all the other things I need to do over a few weeks.


  • Clotilde

    Good selection of todo application. I have a new one to suggest “Beesy”
    Beesy is an note taking and management app ToDo. You can take notes efficiently and manage your ToDo

    I love shortcuts of Beesy’s icons in order to use it quicky and easily add notes. Also, the advantage is to submit easily by email minutes about my different meeting
    If yu are interested yu can google “Beesy” or go to the website http://www.beesapps.com


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  • Ferante

    Omnifocus is the only one approved by GTD and David Allen. It is on a totally different level. It can map out your entire life, and prioritize everything, and create balance between your different life areas – something a ToDo list can’t do. To me, this is the only way.

  • http://www.appfluence.com/priority_matrix_iphone_detailed Riviera

    Priority Matrix deserves to be in this list. Unlike many other apps here, Priority Matrix syncs across devices (Apple ones, and Windows), and it’s far more powerful than most of them.

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  • Tim

    Listomatic is a wonderful free to-do list app.

  • http://www.listborough.com Chaz

    Check out ListBorough. Group shared lists and todos, and it’s free. It just launched.

  • Jonathan

    CheckList++ is another choice for what we need. It’s really convenient application.

    iTune Link:

    Developer Site:

  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shopchecklist/id479765778?mt=8 Ajay

    You may want to try Shop checklist designed for Maintaing shopping checklist by Store.

    iTune link : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shopchecklist/id479765778?mt=8

  • Morag

    Which app would recommend? I want to schedule a mainly daily, task / to do list with repeatable events. For example, add Exercise as a daily task. When done attach a note to it such as swimming, gym, walk etc. then tag it as done. At the end of the week I’d like to be able to see which days I completed the exercise task & what type of exercise I actually took. Struggling to find an app where I can add notes & view progress.

    • Tim Jones

      I think Accomplist
      http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/accomplist/id530169066?mt=8 should suit your needs perfectly. You can easily customise repeat schedules and even end up creating a repeat schedule like ‘ repeat on the first monday , 3rd wednesday and Last Friday of every month’ which i haent found any other app allowing.

  • Tim Jones

    I have tried out several to-do list apps , and i really like what they have done. Its a very cleverly done app with very sophisticated features like tags , filters and something called “Smart Tags” which i think is absolutely brilliant. Do check it out :
    http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/accomplist/id530169066?mt=8 . I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get more organised ( especially if you wish to implement GTD , DIT ,FV etc)

  • http://www.listborough.com/ Robert Jones

    Great app recommendations! One app my family prefers for sharing lists is “Listborough”. It has a neat function of sharing lists with people you specify and lets them edit them them too. It’s really useful when going shopping and also has a check off function when you finish a task. I’d highly recommend this app to my friends (or anyone) who wants a simple list sharing app.

    Itunes Link:

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  • Richard

    List looks pretty good. Also Orderly looks awesome!

    • dale

      Yep! it looks easy to use

  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocket-lists-free-checklist/id550086695?mt=8 vofka

    Pocket Lists Free: the best free checklist app for iPhone/iPod touch


  • Brian Miller

    I have been using this app “Orderly” for 2 weeks now. It has a mind blowing UI and visual appeal. You should take a look.

  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/alfabetikon/id549849474?ls=1&mt=8 Andreas Warp

    Alfabetikon.com – The Next Seasons Community!

    – We have the best Deals & Coupons online! Word.

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    – To use E-Money we recommend you to open a new PayPal account, if you don’t have one.

    – Albums, Articles, Blogs, Classifieds, Chat, Coupons, Deals, Events, Forum, Groups, News, Tv, Weather.

    – The Sky is the Limit! Have a nice day!

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  • david

    Hey I would like to add one more app that is future scheduler app (productivity)
    Does exactly what it says! Great app!
    App Download URL:

  • http://www.iphoneunlockingsim.co.uk iphone unlock

    I wonder how succesful this iphone 4s unlocking be?

  • Donna

    I’m looking for a new List app. I currently have a great one for my iPhone, iPad, and PC computer; however, it does not work with my new Mac Pro. I sync my lists from my iPhone to my laptop.

    I love my “To Do” lists, “Shopping” lists, “Checklist” lists, etc. Is there an app that allows all of these lists and that work with iPhone, Mac Pro, etc.?


  • http://www.todogenius.com Greg

    Take a look at ToDoGenius, 80% reviews with 4 & 5 stars

  • Yosi Tsitsu

    Great list – thanks!
    Does any of this allow to play a song from the music library as a reminder?
    Say I want to set my favorite song to play at the desired time.
    Yosi Tsitsu

  • dave

    todo by appegio now costs a staggering 20.00 PREMIUM on top of the 5 dollar purchase price. They call it “pro.”

    We call it rip-off !!

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  • George

    Hey guys has anyone looked into this app maker yet?
    Looks promising, any feedback would be appreciated

  • Carolingk

    If you want to try a new task manager, clear & simply to use, you’ll have the chance. EverDo.it will be available on the market later this year. This tool will not only enable full synchronization with personalized content of Evernote, but will also allow the user to create personal tasks and to do list independently.

  • http://www.jugggla.com Ella Silby

    This app does away with the complexities that other apps sometimes add to your already complex list of tasks! worth trying for anyone who wants a clean, intuitive and simple to use task manager!

  • Ella Silby

    oops, forgot to mention name of app on my comment above – just shows that i really DO need a to do list in my life…

    Try jugggla


  • http://www.buddybirdtodo,com matt76

    You could check out the new app Buddy Bird Todo – the first talking todo app for iPhone. Love the app as it reads out your tasks in a very natural human voice..

  • https://itunes.apple.com/ch/app/beenya/id583906339?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 markus
  • Karen

    I am looking for a fairly simple todo list app that my boss and I can share and upload using iphone and/or iPad and/or be able to access and add things on pc also. I use a pc boss uses a mac. help?? someone mentioned about astrid?

  • Sterneled Jr.

    A really good app is Any.DO. Very simple and efficient

    • derrick

      If you like Any.DO, you will LOVE Q (kyoo). Similar interface but adds a gesture based interface (like Clear), subtasks, the ability to rearrange tasks AND groups with just a long press gesture and you can share tasks by email. It’s like Any.DO, but better!

  • Jeff

    I would like to recommend “Must Do Today”. It’s a useful productivity app.

  • Marie Lafour


    Thanks for this article that summarize very well the apps of productivity. I have been using Things during few weeks, it was very useful especially for his facility to write notes and his design but now i use my iPad at work for every meetings and it was not complete enough. Since Evernote, i discover Beesy, I love it because i can automatically manage my tasks, projects and teams from my meetings notes. I also use it for my private life because you can put a part on private mode, thanks what i have a all-in-one application. http://de.beesapps.com/gestalten-sie-ihre-zeiterfassung-ipad/notizen-machen-to-do-app-ipad/

  • http://about.me/annakaliska Kala

    What do you think about the SmartGTD app – for me a great thing! Its devs say that syncronizes with Evernote account and can make really great things with task, notes and projects management. It’s going to be launched in a couple of days and I really can’t wait to see it! I found this one on a list of participants of Evernote Devcup’13 and it seems the best from all other apps for me, nicely designed and I hope the most functional. Actually, I’ve been using many other task managers but any of them haven’t met my expectations. And I went back again to using paper calendar which is slowly making me sick again :)

  • Betiga Labs

    Try free and full features Reminders app. http://bejaapp.com/appstore.

  • Janet

    Hello. I’m looking for a to-do app for iPhone that can be used on other devices too (my iMac). I would like to make a list under today’s date, and whatever I don’t complete, automatically moves to tomorrow. Any suggestions?

  • http://appsicum.com/ Appsicum

    Location Alerts – Automate the recurring events and tasks right on your mobile
    phone. Schedule a Phone Call, Text Message or reminder for a date/time/location
    and simply get rid of organizers and diaries.

  • derrick

    Try Q (kyoo). Hands-down my favourite. Beautiful, minimalist user interface but will full-featured functionality. My new fav!

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