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Love to bake but tired of the same old recipes? Looking for something fun and new to take to your office Christmas party? The iconic London cupcake shop, Primrose Bakery has just re-launched its recipe app by Random House, Primrose Bakery Cupcake and Cake Recipes for iOS 7. They’ve added 10 new recipes and the U.S. app now has U.S. measurements instead of metric. At a price of $3.99, is this app worth it?

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The overlapping of Thanksgiving and Chanukah this year resulted in a brand new holiday: Thanksgivukah! It has created a foodie sensation and brought kosher into the limelight. I’m not Jewish, nor am I an expert in kashrut, but I’ve done a bit of research into the subject and I realized there’s a whole world of kosher apps out there. It’s a good thing, because keeping kosher takes a bit of planning (no mixing meat and dairy), which can be especially difficult to manage during the holiday season.

The Manischewitz Company, a leading manufacturer of kosher food products, released The Manischewitz Recipe & Holiday Guide earlier this year. The app advertises hundreds of kosher recipes for daily cooking and every Jewish holiday throughout the year. Whether you’ve recently adopted a kosher lifestyle or you grew up following the laws of kashrut, new recipe ideas will always come in handy.

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This week I’ve got another wine app review for you. Looking for a go-to app for wine lovers this holiday season, I recently reviewed Wine Enthusiast. Like many wine apps it excelled in one area (providing access to thousands of reviews from wine pros) but flopped in the area of user reviews (cumbersome data entry). I have yet to discover a wine app that can do it all, providing a good user experience for remembering favorite wines, access to professional reviews, interaction with a community of wine lovers plus a complete database of wines. Delectable Wine promises the complete package, plus the ability to purchase wines and have them delivered to your doorstep.

I’ve been let down before, though, so I’m cautiously optimistic. The technology is there, the data is there — why have so many wine apps failed to provide the complete experience?

Keep reading to find out if I’ve finally found the Holy Grail of wine apps.


Since it was mentioned on the Today Show in October, Yummly has been in the spotlight as an app to watch. I’m always skeptical about crowd-sourced recipe apps, but this one got my attention with its smart search capabilities. Yummly connects users with a vast amount of recipes from sites across the web, but what’s more, the app learns your tastes as you use it, providing you with more personalized search results over time.

Is Yummly the most powerful recipe app on the planet, or just another average recipe app? Keep reading to find out.


Wine Enthusiast Tasting Guide: Thousands of Wines, Beers and Spirits at Your Fingertips

The holiday season is a time for stocking your cellar and brushing up on your wine stats for ordering off restaurant wine lists. This is the Olympics for wine lovers. Experts need an app to keep track of good vintages, while novices need a cheat sheet to give them a competitive edge. I’m a big fan of wine apps — it’s just so useful to have varietal information and wine reviews at your fingertips when you’re in the wine shop wading through bottles for your next party. When I think of Wine Enthusiast, I think of their encyclopedic website. They do it all: distribute wine, sell all the accessories like glassware and storage, as well as publishing Wine Enthusiast Magazine. I’ve always appreciated how, unlike Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast puts a ton of wine education articles on their website for free. Could the free Wine Enthusiast Tasting Guide be your new go-to resource for all things wine?

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PEOPLE CelebFood: Red Carpet Hit or Foodie Faux Pas?

When I first came across a new app PEOPLE CelebFood by Time Inc., the publishers of PEOPLE magazine, I was skeptical. This magazine is famous for paparazzi photos of celebrities and red carpet faux pas. If I want to know what’s happening with Brangelina, I consult PEOPLE. If I need an update on Kanye and Kim’s baby, I consult PEOPLE. If I’m looking for cooking inspiration, I consult PEOPLE?

I’m not a regular reader of the magazine, more of a closet reader — I’ll peruse the celebrity news during a pedicure or waiting in the doctor’s office. PEOPLE magazine is a guilty pleasure, just like a decadent slice of chocolate cake or cream laden fettuccine Alfredo. Maybe I judged too soon, maybe PEOPLE magazine and food are the perfect combination?

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Foodie Tuesday: Share Your Recipes with Nonapkin

A month ago I announced Cookbooth, the app for creating step-by-step photo recipes, was going to revolutionize recipe sharing. You may remember that I was excited — actually head over heels gaga for this little app. You see, I had become jaded, and nothing in the App Store was doing it for me. The iPhone app market seemed stagnant; lacking innovation. Now I realize it was just the calm before the storm.

As Yoda said to Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, “There is another.” Nonapkin, released in September on the heels of Cookbooth, is another social app for creating step-by-step photo recipes. Now I believe we’re looking at a new trend. Developers have jumped on the next big leap for recipe apps, and I think we’ll be seeing more players in this arena going into 2014. As with any new platform, the cream rises to the top. In time, we will see which apps offer the best user experience, functionality and social interaction.

After my glowing review of Cookbooth, Nonapkin has a lot to live up to. How does this app measure up to the current standard? Keep reading to find out.


Foodie Tuesday: Chefs Feed

There are two types of chefs in this world: TV chefs and those who actually work the line, sweating over the salamander and carefully plating works of art for your eight course tasting menu. This means there are also two types of foodies in this world: those who watch Food Network and those who watch Top Chef. The Top Chef foodies hate to be called foodies, thrive on knowing the best place to get ramen at midnight and save a week’s wages to make the pilgrimage to mecca restaurants like The French Laundry.

Do you live to be on top of the latest food innovations before they become trends? Do you keep a bucket list of restaurants to experience before you die? Do you put your money where your mouth is and actually seek out hole in the wall eateries, waiting in line at places that don’t take reservations? If the answer is yes then meet your new best friend, Chefs Feed, the app that lets you follow your favorite chefs across the world and see where they love to eat.

Don’t waste any more time missing out on the hidden gems you’re favorite chefs frequent, keep reading to learn more about this app for serious food lovers.


The Food Network is a big operation: celebrity chefs, reality TV and shows featuring a large variety of cooking styles. Their app, Food Network in the Kitchen, has been listed in the App Store Hall of Fame. All of this adds up to big expectations for an app that will deliver tons of recipes plus great functionality. People will generally fall into one of two camps: those who still watch the Food Network on TV and those who used to watch Food Network TV back in the day (me). For those of us with a nostalgic connection to Food Network, the app could be a wonderful trip down memory lane. Alternatively, it could be a complete waste of time and money.

Can Food Network in the Kitchen live up to these high expectations or will it only appeal to Food Network foodies? Keep reading to find out.


As summer fades into autumn, so begins another wedding season. I had an autumn-themed October wedding, and getting married on a budget meant a lot of DIY to make the event special and stay within budget. DIY weddings have become very popular. Couples want a celebration that’s unique and deeply personal, a day guests will remember. Whether your wedding is this winter or next spring, you’ve still got time to add a little DIY flair. Betterbooks is dedicated to bringing you the best how-to guides from experts, and the Make Your Wedding edition features 30 DIY projects, plus menus and signature cocktails to add personality to your wedding day.

Keep reading to find out more about this guide to your DIY wedding, with projects for everything from the table decor to the guest book to the party favors. (more…)

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