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Some people (apparently a great majority) get some wild enjoyment out of firing furious fowls into rudely constructed structures that protect a pile of prig-looking pigs. It’s not just iOS devices, but Android, Palm and other charts are topped with the best-selling physics-based destruction game “Angry Birds”. But we already knew that, so I’m always interested in seeing which new app will surface to the number 2 spot on the mobile gaming charts; and I’ve found a winner: “Tiny Wings”.

Tiny Wings features a bird with a problem: his wings aren’t big enough to fly. Your mission is simple, keep your bird in motion with high-and-long glides over the colorful hills of rolling digital islands. Start slow, sliding down a grassy slope, then let gravity and aerodynamic velocity take it from there.


For fans of mock sleuthing and good-natured detective work, the folks over at MacHeist have been running clever “games” for years in an effort to offer Mac users a more engaging way to take advantage of software bundle deals, discounts, etc. These challenges are not easy, but there are always generous rewards awaiting those wily folks who make it through.

After all this time, it should come as no surprise that they’ve turned some of their attention over to the mobile world, and their first venture is hardly a modest experiment: The Heist is a thoroughly entertaining and well-polished puzzle game with a prize at the end. Read on to unlock our (spoiler-free) review!


Besides ushering in a new era of interface design and raising the bar for smartphone functionality, the iPhone’s tactile interaction has helped spark a revival of one of the oldest and most respected gaming genres in history: the point & click adventure game. One of the happy consequences of this revival has been a game called City of Secrets, from Aidem Media.

Right from the unusual opening, the game’s polished presentation and engaging story draw you deeper (literally) into a hidden city beneath the ground where the plot unfolds. The game’s popularity has prompted the release of iPad and Mac versions, but today we take a look at the iPhone version to see what makes this a city you’ll want to visit.


Some weeks there are so many fun games coming out that it seems like there aren’t enough lunch breaks and commutes to enjoy them in. Lucky for you, we’re on the job to collect the finest of the recent releases and help you prioritize your weekly dose of app entertainment!

This week is no different, and as always we encourage you to get in touch if you’d like your game featured!


iPhone Game Friday: New Releases

The flood of 8-bit revival games continues this week with some fresh entries, and if they’re any indication, then this trend just keeps getting better and better. Plus, with the Game Center coming to life and services like OpenFeint collecting results, the long-lost art of arcade-era high score chasing is coming back too.

Here are a few fun new titles we’ve been enjoying this week from the App Store. Want your game featured? Just drop us a line!


This week’s Game Friday once again brings a roundup of the some of the best new games for the iPhone. We will be taking a look at a couple of retro-inspired time killers as well as some impressive modern games.
Like always, if you have a game you want reviewed, please let us know!


It’s been a big week for iPhone lovers, with more details released about the upcoming Game Center for iOS devices. Game Center is going to be a great platform for multiplayer gaming, and connecting with your friends.

While you wait for the official launch next month, we’ve collected five of the latest and greatest game releases on the App Store! Like always, if you have a game you want reviewed, please let us know!


Over the past few months, we’ve run a regularly weekly series entitled “Game Friday“. Each week, we take a look at five of the best new iPhone game releases, or five particularly great games in a certain category. With so many games available for the iPhone, it can be incredibly difficult to wade through all the sub-par apps. We’re here to help!

Today, we’re offering a one-stop shop for all your iPhone gaming needs. We’ll be looking back at the different games we’ve featured over the past few months, and selecting 100 of our favourites. That should be enough inspiration to keep you playing for weeks to come!


Game Friday this week takes a retro twist, looking back at some of the fantastic classic games that have been rejuvenated through a port to the iPhone. Some of these games will probably bring back memories of years gone by, when you spent hours in-front of the TV or Computer playing some of the most revolutionary games of all time. We take a look a classic FPS DOOM and the incredibly addictive WORMS, among others.

If you have developed a game that you want including in a future Game Friday then please let us know!


Another week passes and, for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, we get further into the summer months. A number of you are probably off on holiday over the next couple of weeks and taking your iPhone with you will help to pass the time on those long journeys.

This week’s Game Friday brings you a number of Card Games, including some great multiplayer ones, that you can take with you on your holiday. We take a look at the flawless McSolitaire, the fantastic UNO and, for something completely different, Sword & Poker 2.

If you have any comments, or an app that you want reviewed, get in touch!


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