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It’s Game Week here at iPhone.AppStorm, and all this week we’re going to have tons of reviews, giveaways and other good stuff, all centered around the gaming world!

World of Goo HD is a strange game. Normally when I buy something from the App Store (or any store for that matter) I have a pretty good idea of what it is I’m actually buying before I buy it. When game shopping in the iOS App Store, whether we’re looking for a a puzzle game, action game, multiplayer game or something completely different, people normally flick through the available screenshots and read game descriptions to get an idea of what the game is about before dropping the cash. We’re sensible like that.

Enter, World of Goo: The game you never knew you needed.


Gaming on the desktop computer has always been a big deal for the seasoned gamers, yet a royal headache for normal human beings. “W” is forward, you say? And “D” is right? What was “reload” again? Where’s the jump button?

Luckily for you, one company heard your cries. They also noticed that you have an iPhone. Their name is Hazelmade, and their solution is to turn your iPhone into a game controller using Joypad.


The world of content management systems has come a long way in the last couple years. As the online world steadily becomes more mobile, these systems have sported some fantastic apps that make the management process as seamless on the go as it is at the desk.

While those worlds of WordPress, Squarespace and other popular content management systems go mobile, there’s one ecosystem that’s been left out of the party: Drupal. Thankfully, the talented fellows at decided enough was enough and created the gem we’ve all been waiting for. Introducing Drupad: bringing Drupal on the Go.