Todo Movies is an app that keeps track of the movies you want to watch and notifies you when new movies come out. This app has only one function unlike other movie apps on the app store like Flixter which does showtimes, movie and actor bios, and many other features including keeping track of those movies you’ve been itching to see.

If all you want is a “Todo” manager for movies you want to see, Todo Movies is definitely the best option. For all movie lovers who never again want to obsess over a movie months before and then totally forget about it when it actually comes out or just want to make a list of old movies they have been thinking about watching, Todo Movies is your best bet.

There are countless reasons that one might need to convert from one unit to another. Maybe you are an mechanical engineer who needs to convert your water pressure from inches of mercury to kilopascals. Or maybe you are just a high school student who wants to convert square feet to square meters for a geometry problem. Convex is an app that converts a variety of measurements between different units and does so with a simple, intuitive and beautiful package.

There are lots of apps out there that convert between units of measurement on the app store and claim to be the best, the easiest or the most powerful. An example of a great measurement conversion app is Convertbot, by Tapbots. Clearly, these two apps are similar, from the wheel of units that the app is based around to the clever ways that each of the different measurements are displayed. But how does Convex stack up? (more…)