C. A. Beninati

As a free-time fiction writer and full-time iOS developer, I might best be described as an artistic fusion of writing fury and iOS passion. I try to keep up with some blogging (mostly iOS development and practice) and can be found regularly on Twitter .

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The world is vast, laid out as a landscape filled with the hard, straight edges of digital grass, stones, sand and trees. I continue my climb to the nearest mountain peak. This will be a good place for it. The land spreads out far below — the ocean in the distance, the hills to the left and the white fog that shows the limits of my visibility. This will be a good place to build my castle.

I start with a single, narrow path that heads straight out from the mountain — a bridge to the sky. Next, I build out a wider platform on top of which I will create the foundation of stone and wood. Arched doorways, long halls, wide sitting rooms, flickering torches, hidden passageways, deep tunnels — a spectacular monument is formed.

It’s called Minecraft, and if you haven’t heard about it yet, you’re about to.

From the Classroom to the Backyard, the Bedroom and beyond (coming soon), you must plot, scheme, build and solve your way through puzzles involving balloons, slingshots, paper airplanes, skateboards and remote-controlled trucks. How do you do it? Casey’s Contraptions.

This app rocks! The puzzles are increasingly more challenging (the first levels give you a nice, quick introduction to the key concepts of gameplay), and the themed experience feels finely perfected down to the last note of the jazzy theme song. My favorite part? Read on and I’ll tell you all about it.


Some people (apparently a great majority) get some wild enjoyment out of firing furious fowls into rudely constructed structures that protect a pile of prig-looking pigs. It’s not just iOS devices, but Android, Palm and other charts are topped with the best-selling physics-based destruction game “Angry Birds”. But we already knew that, so I’m always interested in seeing which new app will surface to the number 2 spot on the mobile gaming charts; and I’ve found a winner: “Tiny Wings”.

Tiny Wings features a bird with a problem: his wings aren’t big enough to fly. Your mission is simple, keep your bird in motion with high-and-long glides over the colorful hills of rolling digital islands. Start slow, sliding down a grassy slope, then let gravity and aerodynamic velocity take it from there.


I panted, out of breath as I chased the leprechaun through the forest.  He was quick, but I had to be quicker- for if I was, he would lead me to the pot-o’-gold at the end of the rainbow.  And then with a lunge, I caught the little man by the belt and held him down.  His green eyes showed that he knew he’d been beaten as they looked up at me from ‘neath fiery red eyebrows.  Dejected, he reached into his pouch and produced  a small note.  It was then that I realized that his was not the traditional pot-o’-gold, but rather the rainbow itself as a treasure; on the note was written a name- the secret source of the leprechaun’s rainbow.  I read it carefully and it simply said: ColorSchemer Touch.

I let the man go and he was off with a scurry.  I pulled out my iphone and immediately opened the AppStore to “ColorSchemer Touch”.  What a treasure it was!  So many colors, so many choices, and so much to do!  I could find other people’s palettes filled with greens, blues, purples and more!  I could create my own palettes from color wheels, spectrums and even photos.  And this is what I found…


It’s that time of day again, when I like to kick back on my bed and watch the latest episode of “The Big Bang Theory” on Hulu.  The only source of illumination now is the glow of the monitor sitting on my desk across the room.  It is all quite nice until the neighbor’s dog starts barking and I need to get up and out of bed, walk over to the computer and turn up the volume.

My first solution to this dilemma is the obvious one- bring my bluetooth mouse and keyboard to bed with me.  This is fine, but without a surface for the mouse it can be cumbersome to manage and the keyboard seems superfluous when all I need to control is the volume.  If only there were some way I could control the mouse, the volume, the play/pause functions and when the show ends, put my computer to sleep… What!?! TouchPad for the iPhone/iPad can do all of that and so much more!?! That’s great!


Christmas time is here again. I am reminded of the holiday’s presence by the decorated trees, sparkling lights, Christmas tunes on the radio and that huge pile of festively wrapped gifts. Oh wait! I knew I was forgetting something! It looks like yet another last-minute gift-grabbing spree for me!

But now the real challenge begins. Her favorite color was red, right? Does he worship or despise Manchester United? And after all the effort I went through to secretly sneak into the closet to find her real shirt size, I’ve already forgotten what it was. And how much was that new iPod Touch going to cost again? If only I could keep track of all of that and more. If only I had known about Gift Plan sooner!


It was more than a decade ago when I would sit in the school computer lab, building highways, managing neighborhoods and collecting taxes. It was a social gaming experience- as much as existed in its day- with a roomful of peers working on or demolishing their own cities as well.

Here we are now, in a world where computer gaming and social media have fused into recognizable names like Farm Ville and Mafia Wars. And just when online social gaming is at its height through the desktop and laptop screens around the globe, we are introduced to the iPad.


Since the beginning of iOS time, there have been a number of Twitter applications ranging from the most simple to the utterly complex. If you can do it with Twitter, then there’s probably an app that can do it too.

Then, with the release of the iPad, there came a new wave of Twitter accessing apps to fill up the larger screen with even more tweet-bling! So, if you are unsure of the Twitter clients available for iOS, are unsatisfied with your current client, or are even curious to glance at some alternatives, read on. I’ve listed 25 iOS apps that range from feature-packed to action-specific just for you!


Do you like movies? Books? Cooking? Eating? Remembering stuff? Do you hate it when you just can’t seem to remember that name or that thing you have to do. You wrote it down somewhere, but where?

If you’re not lucky enough to have a personal assistant that follows you around recording anything that mildly interests you, then you might want to check out Springpad.


Have you ever been in that place- probably the living room sofa- where you’re just in the mood for some creative appetizers but all you’ve got is an iPad and some Doritos? If only there were a way to browse through some of the latest project samples from literally thousands of creatives from across the globe.

Well, you’re in luck! Dribbbits (yes, there really are 3 b’s) is an application designed for the iPad to provide a clean, easy, and fast way to do just that. Utilizing the online Dribbble community, Dribbbits brings “120,000 pixels or less” snapshots of designer’s work directly to you with style. Note: If you’re not already familiar with Dribbbles, head on over to their “about” page for more information.