is the social network that made significant news earlier in the year. Launching with a price to users of $50/year, critics of highlighted how price would like driver user adoption down, especially with many comparisons being drawn with Twitter.

Tapbots, in the world of iPhone apps, is probably best known for Tweebot, an immensly popular iPhone client for Twitter. Netbot is the Tapbot-developed counterpart to Tweebot, and quite possibly the best third-party client for Let’s take a look. (more…)

Note-taking apps for the iPhone are hardly scarce, with many third-party options available for a device that ships with a stock Notes app fully integrated into it’s own cloud-based sync services. While Squarespace is best known as a blogging platform, the company recently pushed out a note-taking app of their own, Squarespace Note.

Squarespace Note is a minimalist note-taking app that syncs your textual memos with a variety of services including Squarespace itself, Evernote and Dropbox. It’s advertised not as an independent note-taking app, but rather a proxy for your other subscribed services. (more…)

Developer Loren Brichter is perhaps best known for his work with Twitter. He’s the man behind Tweetie, an app that was purchased by Twitter and eventually morphed into an official offering from the social network. Brichter left Twitter and, until recently, has been teasing a new app.

That new app is not a Twitter client. It’s actually a game named Letterpress. A mixture of Scrabble, Boggle and real estate-style gameplay, Letterpress is an addictive, very competitive game. Let’s take a look after the jump. (more…)

EA’s annually-refreshed series of FIFA games are an impressive achievement for the developer. Next to Call of Duty, the year’s FIFA game is one of few products to regularly receive overnight queues and widespread sell outs, at least in the UK. And the success of the series is far from unjust with even the most minimal fans of the sport being able to have a great time in the competitive setting.

Sport games aren’t new for iOS but, to be honest, they aren’t something I’ve opted for in the past. However, when FIFA 13 happened to be a launch-optimised title for the iPhone 5, I decided to give it a go with some impressive results. Let’s take a look! (more…)

Minecraft is one of my favourite games and this love was born out of playing the Pocket Edition, a simpler, mobile version of the incredibly popular PC and Mac game.

Back in December, we took a look at Minecraft Pocket Edition but, since then, the game has received some pretty significant content update, as is the nature of Minecraft. Let’s take a look at the key additions of the game and perhaps adjust our thoughts in light of the slew of updates. (more…)

Not everyone has time in their day to spend hours at the gym, nor have the motivation to do so alone, anyway. Yet, most of the people who meet the aforementioned criteria probably understand the benefits of doing some exercise each day and that’s where Teemo comes in.

Teemo’s core concept is turning spare minutes you have throughout the day into time spent exercising, merged with an ability to do so with friends remotely and in a game-like, or fun, way. (more…)

Many people choose to head into the proverbial “Great Outdoors” and participate in the recreational activity that is camping. It can be a refreshing experience to enjoy nature outside of an urban setting, but it can also be an opportunity to cook up some great food.

Outdoor Eating comes from The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. It’s all about recipes for cooking outdoors, and provides a list of the ingredients needed plus the instructions to make it with ease. With Outdoor Eating, you can plan what you’re going to eat before you head out, guaranteeing you have the ingredients on hand. (more…)

Going on vacation is often an expensive event that includes costs from all areas. Add to that the confusion of an additional, perhaps unfamiliar currency and it might be easy for you not to take advantage of the best deal out there.

One place you can be subtly charged a quite significant fee is in currency exchange when buying from a commission-based bureau de change. Currency exchangers make a profit by adjusting exchange rates to guarantee a profit when a transaction takes place. Most of the time however, you won’t notice what is essentially their fee because it’s part of your overall exchange rate, which they take as commission. With each retailer offering a different rate, it can be difficult to deduce which one is offering the best deal with minimal commission.

Currency Exchange Fee Calculator is a very simple, straightforward app that will cross-reference a retailer’s offer with the going market rate to calculate the fee they’re adding on. Let’s find out more after the jump.  (more…)

Foursquare has always been the dominant force in the location-centric social networking game. As of April 2012, They have twenty million registered users, and an average of around three million check-ins per day, most likely coming from mobile platforms.

Recently, they released a significant redesign of it’s service, pushing out an update that transforms the iPhone app by an order of magnitude. Alongside a brand new interface, Foursquare brought a number of new features to it’s iPhone app in a completely re-imagined package. Let’s take a fresh look at Foursquare, and see what some have described as an entirely new app. (more…)

Instagram has become a phenomonom. It’s really quite rare that a service gains such a wide adoption that it becomes a household name. As someone who spends a large part of his day reading and writing about the technology industry, i’m no stranger to a lot of lesser-known apps (i.e., one’s my friends probably wouldn’t have heard of). Instagram is different; my Facebook stream is littered with Instagram shots, and I see people every day taking photos with the app.

Facebook clearly recognised the Instagram team were onto something when they bought the app for a billion dollars. A day or so ago, Facebook released Facebook Camera, a brand new app that is probably going to be the future of Instagram. (more…)

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